Ethan Niedermeyer (Erdgas Ehingen): Mario Blessing And Kevin Bright Were Huge For The Team This Year

Ethan Niedermeyer is a 23 year old 198cm forward that plays in the German PRO B for Erdgas Ehingen. He was born in Portland, Oregon, but grew up in Lafayette, California. He played at Portland (NCAA) from 2006-2010.In his senior year, he played 32 games: 6.7ppg, 3.1rpg, FGP: 37.7%, 3PT: 34.9%, FT: 74.1%. He reached the WCC Tournament Semifinals -09, 10. This season in the PRO B he is averaging 4,9ppg and 1,9rpg while averaging 13 minutes per game. He spoke to German Hoops following the 59-47 win against NBC where Erdgas Ehingen clinched the ticket to the PRO A.

Congrats on the 59-47 win against NBC and moving up to the PRO A. Being a rookie, did you feel much nervousness or were you able to shut it down with the NCAA experience that you had had at Portland?

Everyone always has some nervousness before big time games. That being said, playing at the University of Portland gave me a lot of opportunities to know and embrace that feeling.

Describe the scene in the Ehingen gym after the final buzzer sounded? How much pandemonium was there?

It was amazing; the reaction from our fans matched our own feelings. It was chaos in the best form.

The series already had had a very defensive style. Were you sure before the game started that it would be another defensive game?

It was a very physical series as well, both teams played hard. In a win or die game, winning has a lot to do with how well you play defensively, so we expected it to be defensive. Defense is also a great strength of our team.

Erdgas Ehingen got off to a quick start and never looked back. NBC seemed to be more nervous which is hard to understand since they have more experienced players. Did that surprise you?

I’m not sure how nervous they were, but it was the fourth game and I think some of their players may have started to wear down.

Erdgas Ehingen held NBC to 21% shooting. NBC missed some easy lay ups as well. Was this the best defensive showing of the year for your team?

I joined the team in January, and it was the best I have seen by our team since I have been here. In a number of games we had great defensive quarters or halves, but our last game we kept it up for the entire time.

NBC tried to come back, but was unable to. What was key in the second half to maintaining the lead and getting the win?

NBC had made a few runs late in the game during this series by pressuring full court. It was key for us to take care of the ball late in the game and I think Mario, and Virgil handled their pressure with great poise. Our bigs also helped by being pressure releases for our guards.

Mario Blessing led Erdgas Ehingen with 11 points and NBC was led by Corneilius Adler and Dominik Schneider. All players are German. How rare is too have the game scoring dominated by Germans?

I am not sure how often it happens, but all three are very good players. Adler in particular is capable of scoring in bunches, and made big shots through the series.

What has been your overall impression of the German level in the PRO B this season?

Pro B is a very strong league. NBC in particular stood out as a particularly difficult team to play against.

What made the team Erdgas Ehingen such a success this season?

I think a lot of the success of our team should be credited to our head Coach Ralph Junge. In addition to Coach the play of Mario Blessing and Kevin Bright were huge for the team this year.

How do you see your future? Will you return next season?

I have been accepted to law school for next fall. I may decide to defer my acceptance and continue to play. Nothing beats playing basketball.

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard has stated that he wont change the way he acts on the court despite getting suspensions. Is this the right attitude? Do you think its good for the league to have more of these types of players just to spruce up the league like Dennis Rodman did in the 90s?

I think Dwight decided this year to be more serious while playing and I applaud him for that, but we all play basketball because when it comes down to it we have fun doing it. I have no problem with him showing that he is having fun like he did in past seasons. People criticized him for it and he changed things this year.

Does Dwight Howard have any chance of winning the 2011 NBA MVP award?

I think there is a chance but, Derrick Rose has really put himself apart from the pack this year.

The Miami Heat have said that they wont sign Eddie Curry for the post season. Would he fit into the Heat system?

Eddie Curry is a great player, but with him you always need to deal with other factors, like is he in shape?

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Ninja Assassin, good action film

Thanks Ethan for the chat.

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