Kameron Taylor(Pecsi VSK-Veolia) I Continue To Improve As A Player No Matter What League I Play In

is a 24 year old 198cm guard from Hyattsville, Maryland that is playing his third professional season and first with Pecsi VSK-Veolia (Hungary-A Division) currently averaging 18,3ppg, 7,8rpg, 3,6apg and 2,4spg. Last season he played in Germany with the Dragons Rhondorf and tore up the Pro B averaging 23,4ppg, 7,9rpg and 5,6apg, and 2,6spg. As a rookie he played with Team Ehingen Urspring (Germany-ProA) playing 29 games averaging 10.8ppg, 3.9rpg, 2.3apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 43.9%, FT: 80.2%. He started his basketball career at DeMatha Catholic and in 2012-2013 started his career at Seton Hill (NCAA2) and as a freshman played 28 games averaging 7.8ppg, 4.8rpg, 2.0apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 40.6%, 3PT: 27.3%, FT: 70.0%. In his second season at Seton Hill (NCAA2) he played 27 games averaging 12.6ppg, 6.3rpg, 2.6apg, 2.0spg, 1.2bpg, FGP: 43.5%, 3PT: 35.3%, FT: 77.9%. In his junior season at Seton Hill (NCAA2) he played 16 games averaging 13.1ppg, 4.8rpg, 2.1apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 43.3%, 3PT: 39.6%, FT: 70.6%. In his senior year at Seton Hill (NCAA2) he played 27 games averaging 20.8ppg, 8.7rpg, 4.1apg, 2.2spg, 1.0bpg, FGP: 49.6%, 3PT: 36.1%, FT: 76.8%. He spoke to germanhoops.com recently about his new experiences in Hungary.

Kameron thanks for talking to germanhoops.com Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life at the moment for you?

I’m in Hungary playing my third professional season. Doing what I love, so no complaints.

Your playing your third professional season and first with Pecsi VSK-Veolia (Hungary-A Division). After playing your first two seasons in Germany in the Pro A, Pro B and BBL, you are now in the Hungarian first division. What kind of experience has this been for you?

The experience has been great so far. I am still trying to affect the game in all facets at a high level while winning in the process.

Has the Hungarian culture been an adjustment for you considering everything is pretty much Americanized in Germany?

Personally I love getting to know and embracing new cultures. It’s one of the advantages playing overseas. I get to make new friends and create new relationships while getting hands on experience with new traditions. So for me no, the adjustment was pretty quick.

Pecsi VSK-Veolia (Hungary-A Division) is in the middle of the pack and fighting to reach the playoffs. 

Yes. The league is very competitive. One or two games can decide if you are top of the league or bottom of the league.

The club started off very well winning six of seven games, but since then have a 3-9 record. What do you feel have been the main reasons for the club not being able to have more consistency?

I think we got away from what we were doing in the beginning of the year and that was playing basketball without thinking so much. We are at our best when we just make what we feel is the right play along with tough defense. I think we will end the season the way we started.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Kam Taylor in the 2017-2018 season when he played in Germany for the Dragons Rhondorf

You lost two games by one point. Do you feel loses like that could mentally hurt the team more than it might ever realize?

Those losses are the worst feeling because one less mistake from anyone could determine the game a different way. But dwelling on a loss doesn’t help, so we focus on the next opponent and focus on getting the next win.

How confident are you that Pecsi VSK-Veolia (Hungary-A Division) has the talent and desire to reach the playoffs?

We will reach playoffs. No question.

Let’s talk about your teammates. How important was the pick up of Canadian Ryan Wright?. How key is his experience and what kind of an effect has he had on you since his arrival?

Ryan has played all around the world and played with some pretty big names in college as well. Him bringing that type of experience, along with his willingness to do anything to help us win has been great for the team.

What has it been like playing along side 38 year old Andrija Ciric who has played in many countries and won titles in four countries. What have you learned to appreciate most about his game this season?

His Longevity is amazing. For him to be at that age and still to be playing on a high level is crazy. What I appreciate most from his game is his competitiveness. He hates losing and you can see through the way he plays.

Let’s talk about your game. Last season you ended the season in the German easyCredit BBL with Wurzburg and demonstrated that you could play and hold your own in that league. Having offers in Germany why didn’t you stay in Germany and why did you opt to go to Hungary?

Hungary was the next step in my career. I’m always anxious to see my next step.

You have played in three leagues in Germany. Where would you rate the Hungarian A Division in comparison to the German leagues? Could one say it is somewhere between Pro A and Pro B in skill?

I think more in between BBL and Pro A, but regardless of league, if you can play basketball high level coaches/scouts will always be able to recognize it. I feel last year, the only thing different for me in Pro B and BBL was my role.

Last season with Rhondorf you were one of the oldest players on the team and now your one of the younger ones again. How does it feel being the team’s top scorer while being one of the younger guys on the team?

My coach brought me to the team because he knows I can score with the best. I do anything to win whether it be on the youngest team or the oldest team.

Last season you were the top Pro B player in Germany and was the main go to guy with Rhondorf. Do you have a similar role this season or do you feel like it is a bit different?

My role is pretty similar, the only difference is I have older players that have already been through what I have been through adding new moves and giving me advice/experience on what to improve.

Last season with Rhondorf you produced two triple doubles. This season you were very close once?. After getting triple doubles does one think about it during certain times of a game when one is producing all over the court?

Triple doubles are nice but has not really been important to me. The way I play does make it simple to get one but I’m not striving for a triple double I’m striving to win every game.

After you strong season last year where you went from the Pro B to the BBL, how did you go into this season in terms of where you wanted to take your game? Was it a tough adjustment not seeing the BBL type of skill level in Hungary this season?

I’m the type of guy that motivates himself. I never needed a big name on the other side of the court to give me motivation or raise my game. I continue to improve as a player no matter what league I play in. The league doesn’t make me a better player. My constant hard work and working to improve my weaknesses make me a better player every year.

Two things that you were working on at the end of last season in the BBL was the three dribbles and disrupting the other team’s offense without being overly aggressive. How did last season’s experiences in Germany make you a better player?

Playing with Coach Bauermann last year was a great experience. He wanted to get the most out of me and the team every single day and just experiencing that allowed me to know the level of basketball had to expect from myself.

On what things are you working on most this season in your quest of continuing to improve your game and bring it to the next level?

This year I have been playing a lot of back up point guard because one our guards got injured earlier this year. So being able to bring up the ball, read defenses, and getting my teammates involved have been more important this year

You had two successful seasons in Germany. What things on and off the court have you missed the most?

There are some German foods I miss but most of all just my teammates and friends that I have made over the two years. The fans were also so great and I miss them as well.

What are your feelings of your ex team’s Ehingen and Rhondorf? Ehingen is surprisingly playing a very strong season while Rhondorf is in danger of moving down. How do you think they will end their season’s?

Ehingen can hopefully do really well in the playoffs, they gave me my first shot so they will always be special for me. And Rhondorf I’m really hoping they don’t move down because I have been a part of the hard work on and off the court by the fans, players, coaches, and organization. So I really hope they can stay in the league.

Please name your five all-time best teammates in college and pro’s

1. Victor Frankl Maus – I’ve been told multiple times we were the best duo in Pro B. We definitely wouldn’t have had the record we had without him or any of my other teammates on the Rhondorf team. 2. Damjan Sredanovic – he was a Montenegrin on my college team and was really pushing me on and off the court to be the player I am today. And now one of my best friends. 3. Devon Moore – He was the best teammate in pushing and challenging me to be better. My first year playing against him I knew I could improve on so many things just because he made everything look so easy. And we both had a competitive fire to win. 4. Cliff Hammonds- he just knew everything and had everything in his arsenal. I really am not sure what his weakness is. He was always very professional when it came to the job. With him it was always a team first mentality. 5. Miles Cartwright- though I only played with him for one game, he was the type of guy that always motivated you. In Wuerzburg we were always practicing with each other. If he is playing 40 minutes or 5 minutes he remains the same guy and continues to give the team energy. He was also one of those players that just made the team better by just being on the court.

It’s still so early, but when all is said and done could Luka Doncic be one of the greatest Europeans that ever played in the NBA? 

Easily everything is up to him he just has to keep playing at a high level.

What was your reaction when you heard that Lebron James named himself the greatest of all-time? 

Lebron is one of those special players not only on the court but off the court as well. If I was him I think I would call myself the GOAT too.

Charles Barkley recently proclaimed that Tom Brady Is more of a GOAT than Michael Jordan. Do you share his opinion?

Hard to compare sports…Championships in any sport are extremely hard, and they both are in top of GOAT talk.

Tom Brady won sixth Super Bowl. Where will he be if he wins a seventh next season?

He’s already the greatest of all time he’s just extending his legacy if he gets 7

What was the last movie that you saw? 

Last movie I saw was Green Book.

Thanks Kam for the chat.

The Fraport Skyliners Kratzer And Clark Show Smother Brose Bamberg 86-79

One of the biggest draws of the season for the Fraport Skyliners since the 2003-2004 season where the clubs battled back to back for the BBL title splitting has been Brose Bamberg. Even if FC Bayern Munich may still be the biggest fan gatherer, there is no other BBL team that has the prestige that Bamberg bring each season simply for the memories of three fierce final series where Bamberg have the upper hand 2-1. However on April 18th, 2019 Brose Bamberg which had amazing players like x NBA player Elias Harris, Greek legend Nikolaos Zisis or ex Euroleague players Tyrese Rice and Ricky Hickmann actually took a back seat with the popcorn and coke to the Fraport Skyliners newest signing Andrej “the bachelor” Mangold. After not having played a professional game since 2017 with s.Oliver Wurzburg and having spent the last months entertaining exotic women on the sandy beaches of Mexico, his life has slowly settled down a bit and he decided to give professional basketball a go again. Even if Mangold´s life is calming down, the 2004 BBL champion Fraport Skyliners desire to make the most of this signing coup and quickly proclaimed the game against Bamberg “Ladies Night” in the hopes of attracting more spectators into the Fraport arena preferably  young women who could raise the decibels a bit more. Mangold has had a solid BBL career where he spent the most of his time with the Telekom Baskets Bonn where he played 171 BBL games, but nasty injuries derailed his career in 2016 until the Bachelor came calling in December 2018. Mangold was back and donning a fancy Fraport Skyliners jersey and with many ladies cheering him on, but his appearance in a Skyliner jersey had to wait as he wasn´t inserted. He got some cheers with his pre game introduction that sounded mixed in with teenage screams, but more subdued then some may have expected. Head coach Gordon Herbert stated that he would have to work hard in practice to deserve minutes. Mangold was all smiles after the big 86-79 win over Brose Bamberg, but smiling for all occasions is something he has learned the last months while his teammates commented on his not playing more reserved. “It was coaches decision for not getting him in. He is still getting in game rhythm. He is still finding his way, but once he gets in the rotation, he will do good things”, warned Jason Clark.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Jason Clark who was instrumental in the FRankfurt fourth quarter charge finshed with 22 points in the win

                The Fraport Skyliners entered the game with as about minimal chances of making the playoffs as it is for the Los Angeles Clippers have of getting by the Golden State Warriors in seven games even if they tied the seris 1-1. The 2000 BBL cup winner pretty much had to win every game of having any realistic chance of playing in the promised land in mid May as well as getting help form other teams. Going into the usually meaningful game against Bamberg, they were dumpling around in 13th place four wins away from the eighth and last playoff spot and had had a 3-3 record in the last six games and lost three of the last four games. Meanwhile Brose Bamberg have had a very satisfying season despite all the troubles in the current past, had regrouped and won the 2019 BBL cup, reached the Basketball Champions League final 4 and were sitting in fifth place of the BBL standings with a 19-8 record. Bamberg legends like Chris Fleming and Casey Jacobsen could be happy with their ex team as they have been the other big surprise of the season next to Rasta Vechta. But the Fraport Skyliners came out surprisingly focused and energized as this season that hasn´t always been the case and played a very solid game for 40 minutes as the Kratzer and Clark show smothered Brose Bamberg. After the huge victory, ex Georgetown(NCAA) guard Jason Clark was thrilled about the teams performance. “We came out aggressive which is what we wanted to do on offense and defense. We played very well together. Kratzer came out and was an inside presence which helped open up everything else. We stayed together late in the game. Rice is a hell of a player and made tough shots, but we never got rattled and executed on offense and stuck together on defense”, stressed Jason Clark. Brose Bamberg didn´t play their best game and didn´t start well, which carried over for the whole game as they were trailing for the most part of the game and inserted a lot of energy and just couldn´t get consistent stops on defense. “We didn´t start well and gave them confidence right away. We knew that it would be an intensive game, but we were never able to stop their inside game as we were always a step behind. Our communication wasn´t good and Frankfurt wanted it more. We played better in the third quarter, but when Frankfurt is game tough, then they are hard to beat especially in their place”, stressed Brose Bamberg guard Maurice Stuckey. Clark just smiled when he heard the name Kratzer and Clark show. “Kratzer dominated and you can see he has developed. You can see he has the confidence that he can dominate. He rebounded well and never hesitated when he got the ball down low. When he dominated it opens up the game for everyone else”, stated Jason Clark.

                Only 3,300 fans wanted to witness another interesting duel between the Fraport Skyliners and Brose Bamberg including the German bachelor Andrej Mangold, but there were also some other factors that led to the les than satisfactory turn out. Football team Eintracht Frankfurt was playing an international quarterfinal do or die game at home against Benfica Lisabon, Ice Hockey team Eisbaeren had a game, it was the first beautiful spring day of 2019 and the Easter holidays were underway. But at least the Fraport Skyliners came out on fire taking command from the jump ball and controlled the game rapidly. Frankfurt got huge production from ex Bamberg center Leon Kratzer who came out reborn against his old team scoring 8 points quickly as nobody could stop him. The German big man finished with 26 points on potent 13/17 shooting from the field and had to make the rounds at the end with many interviews and knew what was key for his success, but he wasn´t a man playing among boys. “It wasn´t that easy. It was good to play against my old team and see many of my ex teammates. I think I have developed well in Frankfurt. It took some time, but when you work hard and take it step by step, good results happen”, smiled Leon Kratzer. Frankfurt was defending with passion forcing turnovers and even making blocks helping get a comfortable 18-8 lead. Tyler Larson scored 5 points as he remained aggressive early, as Jason Clark added two three´s to help keep the comfortable 23-12 advantage after 10 minutes. “Key in the first quarter was defense. Niklas Kiel rebounded very well and good defensive stops ended in big rebounds”, added Jason Clark.

Miles Schmidt-Scheube rinterviewing Euroleague champion Tyrese Rice after he dropped 18 points in the losing cause

                Brose Bamberg upped their game in the second quarter cutting down the Frankfurt lead, but still couldn´t get over the hump as the Fraport Skyliners had the slim 40-35 advantage at the break. Bamberg began with free throws from ex Gonzaga(NCAA) standout Elias Harris and Jonas Wolfarth-Bottermann who played only 11,26 minutes due to Leon Kratzer´s big game made a tap in for the 25-14 lead. However basketball will always be a game of runs as Brose Bamberg proved that going on a 8-0 run as suddenly Frankfurt´s lead was shaved down to 25-22. In the run Bamberg got two mid distance jumpers from ex Tuebingen forward Augustine Rubit and a trey from Maurice Stuckey. Bamberg was playing calmer and more controlled being patient and looking for better shots while executing while the Fraport Skyliners couldn´t muster any offense in that short phase. The Fraport Skyliners stayed calm and relied on what was working best and went back inside keeping the lead. Kratzer continued to be a menace scoring twice while being aggressive on the offensive boards while long time injured German Niklas Kiel also was aggressive on the offensive boards getting two buckets to keep the 33-26 advantage. Bambrgr had no solution to keep Frankfurt out of the paint in the stretch run as Kratzer and Kiel(reverse lay up) connected again, but Bamberg did a good job not getting irritated. Brose Bamberg continued to execute getting a 20 footer from Greek legend Nikolaos Zisis, a beautiful alley-op slam dunk from ex Portland Trailblazer Cliff Alexander and a three pointer from ex Boston College Eagle Patrick Heckmann, but Frankfurt led 40-35. “We got away from what we were doing well getting the ball inside, but they defended well. But we managed to go inside again and hold the lead”, added Jason Clark. The Fraport Skyliners shot 55% from the field and 40% from outside and had 15 rebounds and 4 turnovers while Brose Bamberg shot 50% from the field and 29% from outside and had 14 rebounds and 6 turnovers.

                In the third quarter Brose Bamberg got big time production from Elias Harris, Augustine Rubit and Tyrese Rice who combined for 22 of the 27 third quarter points reeling in the lead again 62-59. The Fraport Skyliners continued to do what they did best all game long and hammer the ball inside as they were rewarded with three more Kratzer buckets. He finished with two two handed dunks and a tap in to keep the valuable 46-39 advantage. But Brose Bamberg never gave up, but continued to chip away at the Frankfurt lead and got a clutch 6-2 run all scored by ex Los Angeles Laker Ellias Harris to cut the Frankfurt lead to 48-45. Harris showed just how versatile he is hitting a 20 footer, connecting on a lay in on transition and making a two handed dunk on the pick and roll play with Tyrese Rice. Frankfurt was holding on to a thread as Brose Bamberg continued to threaten on offense, but just couldn´t get over the hump quite yet. Brose Bambergr played to their offensive strengths as Rubit nailed three deep mid distance jumpers while Frankfurt got contribution from ex Alba Berlin guard Akeem Vargas who drained a trey and Tyler Larson hit a floater as Frankfurt led 55-54. Bamberg simply had too many weapons as now it was time for the uprising play of Tyrese Rice who closed out the third quarter with 8 points with two massive three´s and a fade away jumper while Jason Clark hit a deep trey over Alexander, but Brose Bamberg led 62-59. “Bamberg has a lot of offensive weapons. Guys like Harris and Rubit are very athletic and hit tough shots. We weren´t playing bad defense, but when everything is rolling for them, it is hard to stop them. But we handled the situation well and didn´t get rattled”, stressed Jason Clark. “We had more intensity and were quicker on offense and defense”, stressed Maurice Stuckey.

Another game another meeting with Bryce Taylor as Miles Schmidt-Scheuber has been covering Bryce Taylor since his arrival in Germany in 2009

                In the fourth quarter, it looked like Brose Bamberg had figured out the Fraport Skyliners taking a six point lead early, but the Kratzer and Clark show with a touch of unsung hero Tra Holder wouldn´t disappoint as they turned around the game leading Frankfurt to the well deserved win. Despite getting struck by two flagrant fouls early, it didn´t faze Brose Bamberg as Frankfurt couldn´t capitalize. Brose Bamberg got clutch three´s from Euroleague champion Ricky Hickman and German youth national player Louis Olinde. But like in so many times in the game, the Fraport Skyliners didn´t get rattled as they struck back as Jason Clark hit Brose Bamberg with 6 points dead locking the game at 68-68. “We had good ball movement and I just took what the defense gave me. Larson did a good job drawing the defense as did Robertson and Shawn Huff with drive and kick. Once we are rolling and find our spots, I get open shots. I knocked down these shots because of my teammates”, warned Jason Clark. After a Alexander put back, it was Holder who made a pretty runner bank shot to tie the game at 70-70. He made some big plays in a few minutes time keeping Bamberg at bay. Frankfurt didn´t crack under pressure, but got consistent production from Kratzer who scored two more times, but each time Bamberg matched Frankfurt with a Harris lay up and Rice floater to cut the lead to 76-74. Clark then hit a huge three to give Frankfurt the 79-74 lead, but Rice struck back with another trey cutting Frankfurt´s advantage to 79-76. Bamberg had their chances, but couldn´t execute. Zisis missed an open three from the corner which led to a Larson pull up jumper for the 81-76 lead. With 39 seconds to play. Rice then missed two shots which sealed the win for Frankfurt after Larson free throws for the 84-76 lead. A late three by Hickman and lay in by Huff ended the game. “Our defense was key at the end. We knew that Rice wanted the ball. Kiel switched and did a good job forcing him to take a tough shot”, stressed Jason Clark. “It was the small things like loose balls that cost us the game at the end”, stressed Maurice Stuckey. The Fraport Skyliners were led by Leon Kratzer with 26 points. Jason Clark added 22 points and Tyler Larson had 14 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists while Brose Bamberg were led by Tyrese Rice with 18 points. Augustine Rubit added 15 points and Elias Harris had 12 points. The Fraport Skyliners shot 54% from the field and 44% from outside and had 33 rebounds and 11 turnovers while Brose Bamberg shot 53% from the field and 35% from outside and had 28 rebounds and 11 turnovers.

Anell Alexis(wiha Panthers) Has Stayed Clear Of His Dad´s Legacy And Learned To Stay Emotionally Even To Be Successful

On a very balmy and beautiful early spring day in April the wiha Panthers entered the Ost Halle gym for their third playoff do or die game against Giessen and had solid support from their two stars Rasheed Moore and Bill Borekambi, but there was also that third player with Anell Alexis who stepped up in a huge way scoring 19 points and hitting 5/6 three´s the most in his career and had the game of his life even if he didn´t think so. “I don’t feel like it was to be honest with you. I try to treat every game in the same even-keel manner, so the fact that it was a win or go home Game 3 really didn’t make much of a difference to me mentally”, warned Anell Alexis. He won´t go into the next playoff game in Munster with special added confidence because of his 5 three´s in Giessen either. “I’ll have the same confidence that I always have going into the games that come because I understand that game happened because of the work I put in”, warned Anell Alexis. The American/Panamanian who has that memorable hair where some could say he came straight from the 70´s Disco era hasn´t always looked like that, but perhaps he got some valuable tips from his dad Wendell who was a teenager in the late 70´s and surely was sporting something to that nature. At closer inspection the name Alexis probably didn´t ring a bell for twenty somethings in the Ost halle gym as the only names that might ring a bell for them that played at Syracuse are current NBA players Carmelo Anthony, Dion Waiters or a Wesley Johnson, but 33 years ago there was Wendell Alexis who was doing his magic with memorable players like Pearl Washington, Sherman Douglas, Rafael Addison and Rony Seikaly there. For those people of the older generation in the 40´s, the name Wendell Alexis will surely bring back the golden age of Alba Berlin in the late 90´s when they were dominating the BBL winning 7 titles in a row and the elder Alexis led the team as he chipped in with 8 titles and at age 39 in 2004 averaged 18,1ppg in the BBL and helped lead the Mitteldeutscher BC to the Fiba Europe Cup title. Current BBL Dino´s like Mcelroy, Allen and Jenkins were young pups and probably didn´t recognize it, but now are  following in his steps trying to outlast him and play into their 40´s. Obviously it is never easy for a son of a famous father to come to terms with the legacy, but for him the secret has been knowing the difference between him and his dad on the court and not letting a bad game ever affect him mentally or physically. “The main thing I really learned from my father and took with me is that is to stay even emotionally. Whether I have a game where I score 30 points or have a game where I score 3 points, as long you put the work in everything will even itself out over time. And for me it wasn’t really hard being his son as it wasn’t something I paid a whole lot of attention too. He and I have two different games. He was more of a stretch power forward while I mainly play the shooting guard/small forward position”, stressed Anell Alexis. Some ex players remain in Germany and find a new life as a head coach or other job, but Wendell Alexis returned back to New Jersey after he retired and that allowed Anell to grow up in the States which in a way was an advantage, but also had it´s negatives as being an Orange man from Syracuse will always leave memories with people. “I’m happy that I left Germany at the age that I did because I feel the transition would have been more difficult if I had left when I was any older. It wasn’t any easier in the sense of people recognizing my father because a lot of people knew him from having played at Syracuse when he was in college”, added Anell Alexis. All in all Anell Alexis has learned to block out his father´s legacy and learned to stay emotionally even to have a successful career.


            Alexis was born on February 28, 1990 in Hillsborough, New Jersey. He had quite the globe trotter life as a child going everywhere where his dad was which included countries like Italy, Spain, Israel, and France. Then he found a home in Germany´s capital as his dad was 32 years old and would rack up numerous titles in the next 6 years and make himself immortal in Alba Berlin history. Son Anell was infected by the basketball bug and played with the Alba Berlin youth teams and saw the early development of current Alba guard Joshiko Saibou. In the time that he was growing up in Berlin and witnessing his father win title after title the way a Jordan did in the 90´s with the Chicago Bulls, he didn´t seem affected by the hoopla of his dad´s achievements or feel any pressure. “At that age most people didn’t make too big of a deal of it. It wasn’t until I got around the age of 11 and 12 that I noticed it, but for me personally I didn’t pay much attention to it. I was just having fun playing and winning”, said Anell Alexis. While his dad closed out his professional playing career in Greece and Germany in 2004 winning the Fiba Europe Cup, He went to the states in 2002 and wouldn´t return back to Germany until 2015 when he got his first playing gig with Bremerhaven. In his first years back in the States, he went to St. Benedict’s Preparatory School from 2002-2008 and then stuck on an extra year at prep school St. Thomas More School.


            He then attended Marist(NCAA) from 2009-2013 which is around the corner from Hartford and the school that brought Germany Mr pass Jared Jordan. He played a total of 78 NCAA games and didn´t have much success there, but he played against some top basketball schools and big time players and remembers those years and what this experience taught him. “Those years were tough because we weren’t very successful as a team. The biggest thing I learned over the course of those four years were to believe in yourself even when it seems all odds are against you and to never stop putting the extra work in because it will pay off”, stressed Anell Alexis. Even if he never averaged more than 14 minutes in a season and his minutes were shaved down each season, he did have some memorable games like his 14/11outburst in the 71-67 victory over St Peters and his 22 points that he scored on his birthday to beat Siena. But one game he will never forget is a game that he lost by 50 points, but it was against powerhouse Kentucky where he scored 3 points and had 4 boards and battled against future NBA players like Lamb, Gilchrist, Miller, Teague, Jones and Anthony Davis came from the bench. He remembers that game like it was yesterday. “I just remember thinking that all of the stuff that we could normally get away with against other teams and players were not working that day. I also remember it being a four point game at halftime and they came out in the second half and blew the game open. Davis was doing things that I had never seen someone his size or his age be able to do. He was able to cover so much ground and cover for so many of his teammates’ mistakes that I knew he would be really good as he got older”, expressed Anell Alexis. After his four years at Marist, he was able to play an additional year and opted for Norfolk State where he was teammates with current BG Goettingen guard Pendarvis “Penny Williams and  played 34 games averaging 7.3ppg, 3.4rpg, FGP: 50.4%, 3PT: 35.1%, FT: 78.3%. He helped the school reach the 2014 MEAC Tournament Semifinals. He was thankful for getting another opportunity to show his abilities and to develop further before embarking on a professional basketball career. “It was very important for me to leave and experience a different culture in college after Marist. I had gotten hurt my freshman year at Marist and was granted a medical redshirt which was what allowed me to leave to go to Norfolk State. I didn’t have too many thoughts as to what would have happened had I stayed at Marist for my graduate year”, stated Anell Alexis. Even if he took a step back to play in the NCAA 2, it was a vital choice for his game and he could gather last important ingredients for his game from head coach Robert Jones before he set off on a professional basketball career. “Coach jones is my guy. Honestley he taught me how to win again because at that point it had been 3 years of consistent losing.. and he also got me back playing in a freer and more instinctive manner which I had gotten away from playing in a rigid system at my old school”, stressed Anell Alexis.

Anell Alexis and head coach Alen Velcic


            The American/Panamanian started his professional basketball career in 2015 in Panama with whom he also was a part of the national team in 2012. He played his rookie season with Caballos de Cocle Aguadulce (LPB) playing 9 games and averaging 17.2ppg, 5.0rpg, 1.8apg, 1.2spg, FGP-3(58.0%), 3PT: 28.0%, FT: 66.7%. The game style and lifestyle fit him perfectly and he remained another season with Caballos de Cocle Aguadulce (Panama-LPB) playing 17 games: Score-5(16.6ppg), 4.5rpg, 3.8apg, FGP-2(59.9%), 3PT: 25.4%, FT: 76.7%. Three was a charm as he finally won the Panamanian title in 2018 with Universitarios (Panama-LPB) playing 15 games averaging 9.0ppg, 5.4rpg, 3.5apg, FGP: 48.1%, 3PT: 20.4%, FT: 70.6%. He will always have his time in Panama in his heart. “Winning that championship is a memory that I will never forget because it wasn’t something that anyone expected us to do. Life is more relaxed out in Panama compared to Germany, as well as there being a lot more sunshine and hot weather throughout the year”, smiled Anell Alexis. After his rookie season with Panama, he got his first gig in Germany with BSG Bremerhaven (Germany-Regionalliga) playing 13 games averaging 22.7ppg, 8.6rpg, 1.6apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 53.1%, 3PT: 27.5%, FT: 83.7%. He had an exceptional first season in Germany and one would have thought that this would have been the stepping stone to possibly starting his Pro B career a few years earlier, but he had other ideas and options. “I had the opportunity to play with a team in Panama that was going to play in the Ligas Las Americas, which is the South American equivalent of the Euroleague, and I wanted to test myself at the highest level possible”, warned Anell Alexis. He also won´t forget his first head coach Jan Lipke who was the first coach in Germany to believe in his abilities. “I’ll always appreciate coach Jan because he was the first coach to give me an opportunity to play professionally in Germany. He helped me a lot because he gave me a lot of insight from a coaches’ perspective on how things worked here and how to best approach things as a player, as he also played at a high level during his career”, stressed Anell Alexis. Last season he played his first full season in the Pro B with BBC Coburg playing 25 games averaging 6.3ppg, 3.4rpg, FGP: 49.0%, 3PT: 28.0%, FT: 85.7%. He scored in double figures in 7 games and had his moments drilling home 18 points in the 92-89 win against the Bayer Giants Leverkusen and added 16 points in the victories against Schwelm and Wurzburg. He needed very little adjustment period coming from the Panamanian league. “At first it was the speed of the league for the first game or two, but once I got used to that there was not a huge adjustment that needed to be made”, said Anell Alexis.


                The American had tasted big time success in Panama and returned back to Germany to face a new challenge with the new Pro B team wiha Panthers Schwenningen and came at the end of November and it didn´t take him long to discover that he was playing with a very special organization. “The entire organization is very tightly knit. Players wives and girlfriends help out throughout the organization, the women’s team always supports us at our games, and we even have assistant coaches who coach youth teams. Everyone is helping one another in different ways”, warned Anell Alexis. He also understood quickly that a winning team need the right mix of players, but nothing is complete without the right coach that holds everything together and is able to construct a chemistry that will bring success. “Coach Velcic is a very hard-driving coach but I can appreciate playing for someone like that because there are days throughout the season were the team may not be giving it’s best effort, but he won’t allow us to give anything but that. He is a great motivator and helps everyone fight and give their best”, stated Anell Alexis. Alexis who lists Scotty Hopson as the toughest player he battled in the NCAA knows that the success of the wiha Panthers Schwenningen has been a combination of Velcic and his teammates and is thankful of being able to share the ball on a daily basis with it´s two best players Rasheed Moore and Bill Borekambi. “With the numbers Rasheed puts up on a consistent basis he has to be up for MVP consideration. He’s fun to play with because he’s still young so you can see him growing and maturing as a player with every game that we play. The most amazing play Bill has made since I have been here would be that last layup against Giessen. His body was parallel to the floor and he was still able to make it. He makes really difficult shots on an everyday basis so I can’t even say I’m surprised anymore when I see him make them”, stressed Anell Alexis. He also has the utmost respect for the guards Abaker and Karamatskos who so often change the game with big plays on offense and defense. “Abdul made a key steal when we were down four points with a minute to go against Giessen as well as the two free throws that followed. Kostas’ injury may have been a blessing in disguise because that allowed Abu to develop as a point guard uninhibited during that time. Kostas is actually a big joker but you would never know that unless you saw him outside of a game environment. At the same time, he keeps the team locked in and focused on the task that we have at hand, whatever that may be at that given time”, warned Anell Alexis.

                The wiha Panthers Schwenningen have had an overwhelming exciting playoff series having beat SC Rist Wedel in three games and doing the same against Giessen and surviving three do or die games. There is the famous Gary Lineker quote and in the end the German football team always wins. In the last games the wiha Panthers Schwenningen haven´t only had a lot of luck, but been able to always win at the end like Germany once did. “I wish it was that easy but we really lock in and focus in these do or die games. None of them have been easy but we make all the plays that we need to make in order to win the game”, expressed Anell Alexis. Giessen gave it a great fight, but so did Wedel, but in the end it was that special heart and fight that have helped carry the wiha Panthers Schwenningen to so many wins this season. “Game three against Giessen was not decided until the literal last possession of the game. We were down double digits for most of the second half but we never gave up and that’s what helped us pull the game out at the end”, stressed Anell Alexis. Now head coach Alen Velcic and his players are ready for  a new challenge against the energetic and feisty Munster team who like Schwenningen moved up to the Pro B after many years of being  a top Regionalliga team, but always came up short winning the title. It will be the third series in a row where the wiha Panthers Schwenningen won´t have home court advantage again, but their playoff track record at 2-0 is perfect, but they will have to be very aware of one of Munster´s big strengths at home. “I feel like it will be a series of the team who can best impose their will on the game will have the best chance of winning the series. I like our chances in this series, but we have to be focused and locked in because Munster is a team that shoots the ball well, especially at home”, warned Anell Alexis. 


                Alexis came from Panama which is a league where defense isn´t necessarily on the basketball menu, but he knew that he would really have to be awake on defense playing under Alen Velcic. “I really didn’t have much choice to develop it if I wanted to play. I always prided myself on playing defense but playing with Coach Alen made me be a lot more physical and aggressive while playing it. I always liked to use my length to bother people on defense whereas he wants me to pressure players full court and never give them room to breathe”, warned Anell Alexis. He compares his game to a Brandon Roy and since coming to the Panthers has played 18 games averaging 6,1ppg and 3,3rpg while shooting 32% from outside. Even if he has scored in double figures in only 4 games including a 15 point effort against Wurzburg and 11 points against his ex team Coburg, he does a lot of things on the court besides score and his abilities are appreciated by his teammates. ““Anell is giving us some needed depth. He is a good player that has got a good jump shot is tall and helps us with our rebounding struggles”, added Bill Borekambi. He brings versatility to the court, but also knows that he will have his moments shooting the three and that is a part of his game that he will continue to tweak in the basketball lab. “I always feel like you can work on a daily basis even when you’re shooting the ball well. Your shot is what ages the best throughout the years so it will always be something that I work on consistently”, warned Anell Alexis. He didn´t have it easy at first as he was inconsistent and had his lapses on the defensive end, but with time he has gotten used to the Panthers style, teammates and head coach Velcic. Velcic may get on his back and be hard on him, but he knows it´s not personal. “He doesn’t let up. That’s what I appreciate the most. At the same time, you know he’s doing it with your best interests at heart. That always makes it easier to absorb the message he’s saying and not the way he’s delivering the message”, warned Anell Alexis.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber meeting Alba Berlin legend and Anell dad Wendell Alexis in Frankfurt in 2005


            Before he thinks about his future, there is still the current season to play and the way their luck has gone in the playoffs, the wiha Panthers might be able to make another huge surprise against Munster and keep their season going. There has been that myth that 29 year old Anell Alexis is already looking past basketball and preparing for a life after the game he loves. He has a business degree and has thoughts about going that route perhaps a bit earlier and hasn´t had that total seriousness about basketball, but that is totally incorrect. “I plan on playing as long as my body allows me too.  I have my masters degree but the part about basketball not being the biggest focus of my life isn’t true. I just want to put myself in a position where I am prepared for life after my playing career is done”, warned Anell Alexis. For now Panthers fans can have fun watching Alexis continue to woo them with hopefully continued three point accuracy along with his versatile game while some of the older fans will still have his dad in their memories as he isn´t ready yet to hang them up quite yet. He might not be the same player that his dad was, but maybe he has that playing longevity in his genes that will allow him to play and enjoy the game for many more years the way his dad did

Ronald Moore(Openjobmetis Varese) Making Tough Passes In Traffic Are Some Of My Favorite Assists

Ronald Moore is a 30 year old 183cm point guard from Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania that is playing his ninth professional season and first with Openjobmetis Varese (Italy-Serie A). He has gained much European professional experience having played in countries like Slovakia, Poland, Hungry, Ukraine and Italy. He was among the league leaders in assists in every country he played in. Last season he led the Italian Serie A in assists with The Flexx Pistoia (Italy-Serie A) playing 30 games averaging 11.0ppg, 3.8rpg, Assists-1 (5.8apg), FGP: 39.5%, 3PT: 36.8%, FT: 76.6%. He played at Siena from 2006-2010 playing a total of 135 NCAA games and as a senior played 34 games averaging 7.0ppg, 3.4rpg, 7.7apg, 1.9spg, FGP: 31.8%, 3PT: 21.8%, FT: 64.1%. He spoke to germanhoops.com before the Fiba Europe Cup Final 4 when he played against German team s.Oliver Wurzburg.

Ronald thanks for talking to germanhoops.com Early in your career you played a Eurocup game with PGE Turow against Alba Berlin in Berlin. What memories do you have of that game?

I remember being excited to be playing in Eurocup playing against great competition. Alba had a great atmosphere in a great arena which are the type environments i love as a player.

Do you remember an extremely quick point guard by the name of Dashaun Wood who played at Wright State? I’m sure that you guys had some interesting duels on that night?

Yes, he was a good player. I always love going against great competition because it pushes me to be better.

Now you will be returning for a second time in the Fiba Europe Cup semi-finals against s.Oliver Wurzburg. Wurzburg is the place where Dirk Nowitski made a name for himself in the late 90’s before reaching the NBA. What will it mean for you being able to play in the gym where he played once?

It will be another great experience added to my career. I hope to embrace the moment and go out there and play at the level I know I’m capable of. 

What do you know in general about the country Germany and it’s basketball? Have you had friends or ex teammates playing here in the past?

I don’t know much history about Germany, but I do know it is a great country to live and play in. I have had many friends who have played there and always wanted to play there before my career was over.

It has been seven years since you last played in international club play. You have helped Openjobmetis reach the semifinals. How special has it been for you being able to compete in the Fiba Europe Cup this season? You had two close wins over Prishtina and Oostende. Which win was bigger?

Playing in Fiba Europe Cup was one of the main reasons I came to Varese. I have not played in international club play and wanted to do so if I had the opportunity this season. I think the game in Prishtina was the bigger win because it was a tough environment to play in there.

What kind of series can we await against s.Oliver Wurzburg? They have a very talented squad and have guard terror with Cameron Wells, Jordan Hulls, Skyler Bowlin and Brad Losing always making life uncomfortable for opponents. How excited are you for the series?

I think it will be a hard fought series. They are a good team and we are looking forward to the matchup.

Your playing your fifth season in Italy and first with Openjobmetis Varese (Italy-Serie A). Has Italy become like a second home for you over the years and could you imagine finishing your career there?

Italy has become like a second home for me over the years and i do like my time I have spent here. I don’t know if I will finish my career here, it is possible. But I would like to experience playing in other countries if it presents itself. 

You won your only two professional titles in Hungary. How challenging is it playing in the Italian Serie A and how has your game gotten better in this league?

It is hard to win championships no matter where you are. In Hungary we had a special team that allowed us to be that successful. Italy is definitely a tougher country from top to bottom and has a lot of talented players ever year.

Openjobmetis V is having a very strong season fighting for the playoffs. What has been special about playing for this organization in comparison to the other Italian ones you have played for?

Varese has a rich history in the Italian league, it has been nice to become a part of that history. 

How vital has Canadian Thomas Scrubb been for the success of the club? What have you appreciated most about his play on the court?

Tommy I think it one of the most valuable pieces we have on this team. He effects the team both offensively & defensively each and every game. We would not be as successful as we have been without Tommy.

Let’s talk about your game. You weren’t much of a scorer at Siena (NCAA), but a great playmaker. You became more of a scorer as a professional. Did you always have that scoring ability and just didn’t need to show it at Siena?

I always loved being a pass first point guard, but with the ability to score. In college I didn’t need to score much because of the great players around me. At the professional level I quickly learned the clubs appreciate more point guards that score so I did just that while also balancing passing the ball.

You had to pay your dues in your first seasons as a professional in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and the Ukraine. Why do you feel did it take so long for a higher league like Italy to notice your play?

I think a lot of good players sometimes have to take a tougher route to get to some of the top leagues. There are a lot factors that may cause that, but I am happy about my journey because it taught me a lot and helped me grow. 

It doesn’t matter where you have played as a professional, you have always been in the top 5 in assists. You led Slovakia and Italy in assists and was second in Hungary and the Ukraine. What is your secret to making an assist?

I just have been blessed with the talent of passing the ball. I always try to get the ball to my teammates in the best scoring position. I have to thank all of my teammates for finishing off the plays by scoring the ball. 

You have made numerous assists in your career, but what was your favorite that was important in a game and what was your most spectacular and acrobatic pass that you have made?

That is a tough question. I can’t think of just one right now but making tough passes in the traffic of defense are some of my favorite assists. 

Now at age 30 on what parts of your game are you working on most to continue to be a consistent player and continue to improve?

I want to be more consistent with my 3point shot. I think as I get older and keep slowing down a little my 3 point shot has to be more consistent and that is something I work on.

Your cousin is ex NBA player John Salmons. What kind of an influence has he been on your career? Was he a guy that had an impact on you becoming the player you are today?

Yes of course, he passed on a lot of knowledge to me about the game of basketball. When you have somebody in your family make it that far, it only motivates you to go as far as you can.

You played the last 3 years for The Flexx Pistoia (Italy-Serie A). How important were the last three years in terms of how your game was able to develop playing in one of Europe’s top leagues?

I think it was very important. I was able to make a real name for myself in this league. I was a captain and learned how to lead a team in this league and take them to the playoff two years in a row. 

How important was a guy like guard Jamon Gordon? What were you able to soak up from his vast experience?

Jamon taught me a lot in a short time. He was an experienced euroleague player and taught me a few things about being a leader as well as making plays. I was fortunate to have him as a teammate and still being able to speak to him even after he left the team

You played parts of two seasons for JuveCaserta (Italy-SerieA) and was teammates with ex NBA player Sam Young. What memories do you have of him? How did his experience help you in Italy as you continuing to make a name there?

Sam was a good guy. I also was fortunate to learn some things from him as well not only about basketball but about planning for life after basketball. 

In your third professional season you played with Albacomp-UPC Szekesfehervar (Hungary-A Division) playing 45 games averaging 11.5ppg, 3.8rpg, Assists-2 (6.3apg), Steals-4 (2.3spg), FGP: 46.4%, 3PT: 32.3%, FT: 72.5%. You won two titles. You had some big playoff battles. What made this team so special that season?

We had a lot of weapons on that team and we played together. We liked playing together on the court as well and hanging out off the court. I think this is important and that special bond makes a team really good when they work together towards a goal.

In your second season you played with PGE Turow Zgorzelec (Poland-PLK). I covered German Konrad Wysocki for a season in Frankfurt. What do you remember about the intelligence of the Princeton graduate?

Konrad was my guy. He was a great captain and taught me a lot in my young career at that time. He was a stand up guy and I enjoyed playing alongside of him.

As a rookie you played with BK SPU Nitra (Slovakia-Extraliga) playing 48 games averaging 16.9ppg, 5.0rpg, Assists-1 (6.9apg), Steals-2 (2.4spg), FGP: 38.8%, 3PT: 32.3%, FT: 71.6%. What was your wake up call to being a rookie in Slovakia where you knew that you were very far away from home?

My first year was really tough being in Slovakia. I actually thought about leaving and going home. It was such a cultural shock for me, but I was lucky to have good American teammates along with family members who helped me get through that season. 

How important was it having a guy like J J Montgomery around as a rookie? What do you remember being his most important piece of advice about basketball overseas?

JJ was one of the Americans that helped me get through my first season. He helped me understand that business side of basketball and going out each and every day to do your job. It made me grow up quick in that sense. 

You played at Siena (NCAA) from 2006-2010 winning the MAAC tournament in 2008,2009 and 2010. Which title was the sweetest for you?

I believe the sweetest one was the 2009 title. We had such a special group of guys and we knew we were a dangerous team. We had got a taste of what is was like our first year and we just wanted more. That drove us all season in 2009 with playing against some of the best teams in the country. Siena years were a time I will never forget.

Recount your game winner against Ohio State in the NCAA tournament. Is this one of those videos you like watching from time to time?

It is definitely one of the greatest moments in my basketball career. People from Siena until this day still bring it up and it is a great feeling watching that video from time to time. 

How important was a guy like Kenny Hasbrouck for you. He was a year older, but accompanied you in your first three seasons. Have you followed his professional path?

Kenny is one of my best friends. He was like an older brother at school and took me under his wing and helped me along the way. I follow him for sure through his professional career and we support one another. 

How did head coach Fran Mccaffery groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career?

Coach McCafferry is one of the best coaches I ever played for. He just gave me the confidence to be a leader as well as the confidence to compete against anybody. That little intangible has helped me along my entire career.

Who won a one on one in practice you or Kenny Hasbrouck?

Haha, I will give it to Kenny only because he ability to score in so many different ways. We both are real competitors so it wouldn’t be an easy game for either person.

Who was the toughest player that you battled in the NCAA that is in the NBA now?

I would have to say Derrick Rose. His speed and athleticism at the guard position was unmatched in college. He was a tough cover as well as a great defender to score on. 

If you had to pick your personal favorite starting five of teammates over the years which players would you chose?

Thats is a tough question. Not including myself I would have to say Kenny Hasbrouck, Brandon Wood, Terran Pettway, Jeff Brooks, Alex Kirk. There are many more, I played with a lot of talented guys.

If you had to construct your very own NBA mount Rushmore which 4 heads would you pick?

Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Shaq

What is your personal opinion about the never ending debate of who is the greatest between Michael Jordan and Lebron James?

I think Michael Jordan will always be the standard. I am a huge Lebron James fan and because he is my era of basketball I tend to choose him as the greatest.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last movie I saw was Captain Marvel. 

Thanks Ronald for the chat.

The Dragons Rhondorf Close Their Pro B Chapter For Now Ousting The RheinStars 89-75

Just a few weeks ago there was still hope in Rhondorf that the Dragons might be able to be saved and stay in the Pro B, but on the last playdown game day of the season, the ex Pro A team that won only two games in that league in the 2015-2016 season were playing for pride as they had no chance to stay in as Wurzburg had secured the last spot. The Dragons Rhondorf knew coming into the playdowns that they needed many wins and help from other teams, but that didn´t happen. Their 3-2 playdown record was ok, but not good enough and they didn´t get help from the other teams as Wurzburg did what they had to do keep winning and not to allow Rhondorf any chance of overtaking them. On the last game day of the season, it was a rather cool spring day as it felt more like a warm winter day in mid April as fans came to watch the last Pro B game for a while. Fans were able to see the amazing Zgimantas Riauka for one last time as he had been an absolute delight to watch and with the poor team season, his amazing stats of 17,2ppg and 12,4rpg were lost a bit in the agony of all the loses, but he will definitely be a player that will be remembered as his fierce never die attitude classy style and top character that was a role model for so many kids won´t go unnoticed. The Dragons Rhondorf entered the game not only wanting to close down their season with a win, but had a lot of revenge on their minds as they had had a poor and unsatisfying 1-2 record against the RheinStars Cologne. Especially their last loss was a nasty reflection of how their season went as their two best players Riauka and Waller carried the team with 59 points combined, but the rest managed only 9 points. They shot horribly from outside netting only three three´s, lost the rebound battle and had only one positive stat coughing up the ball only 5 times. The winner of the game would kick the other into the final standings cellar spot and the Dragons Rhondorf got revenge from their last loss in Cologne and closed out the season in fine fashion winning 89-75. After the big win, Zygimantas Riauka seemed like he was top of the world as he was smiling and totally thrilled about the win. “This was a total team effort. Every one showed up to play tonight. Everybody fought, everybody was unselfish and we played as a team”, stressed Lithuanian big man Zygimantas Riauka. The RheinStars raced to their faithful fans after the buzzer sounded after 40 minutes and then American Tucker Haymond reflected on the loss. “We definitely have played better, but I give a lot of credit to Rhondorf. They had more energy and outplayed us in every aspect of the game. It wasn´t my best game and since my team relies on me a lot to produce, there was a lot of pressure on them. It was just one of those days”, stressed Tucker Haymond.

                The first quarter had ups and downs for both teams and saw five lead changes, but after 10 minutes the Dragons Rhondorf had the slim 20-18 advantage. After German Benedikt Van Laack who had a whole fan club at the game and Riauka traded baskets, both teams traded leads. After American Kwan Waller gave Rhondorf the 4-3 lead with a pull up jumper, the RheinStars escaped out on a lethal 11-2 run to extend their lead to 14-6. In the run it was ex Dragons forward Thomas Michel who has 3 BBL games with Bonn on his resume led the charge with three three´s. With every new three, the more confident he got and the more aggressive he got. His hot shooting came in handy as top Pro B scoring leader Tucker Haymond was coughing up the ball more than he was scoring.  The Dragons Rhondorf had no real offensive rhythm and were turning the ball over too much. Rhondorf then led a come back and let their defense spark their offense cutting the Cologne lead to 16-14. The Dragons controlled the boards and upped their defensive intensity which led to a Lotola Otshumbe offensive rebound and hook shot basket, a Waller Floater and Riauka lay in off an offensive rebound. The Dragons Rhondorf traded a few leads at the end, but kept the lead due to continued hot execution from Riauka who netted two buckets for the 20-18 lead after 10 minutes. “We had a few jitters at the start, but came back strong. Michel played some years here and had something to prove and it showed with his three´s”, stressed Zygimantas Riauka. The Dragons Rhondorf shot 50% form the field and 20% from outside and had 9 rebounds and 6 turnovers while the RheinStars shot 47% from the field and 50% from outside and had 9 rebounds and 8 turnovers.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber post game interview with Zygimantas Riauka who finished the season with 18/12 stats

                The first few minutes were tight in the second quarter, but the Dragons Rhondorf then got away from Cologne, but they fought back only to see the opponents lead rise again. Thomas Michel continued to stay aggressive and have the hot hand as he dropped two baskets to give Cologne the 22-20 advantage. But the Dragons Rhondorf answered rapidly scorching the RheinStars with a swift 5-0 run as 36 year old Anish “the fountain of youth” Sharda nailed a trey and German Karl Dia scored inside for the 25-22 advantage. An interesting stat coming into the game for Sharda was that he led the team in three point shooting at 33%, but was the worst from the field at 18,2%. Young German Tim Van Der Velde scored on transition and 31 year old German Veteran Max Dohmen hit a free throw to dead lock the game 25-25. The Dragons Rhondorf then hit the RheinStars with a 10-4 run to lead 35-29. In the run, the club got valuable support from German big Man Alex Moeller who scored twice including a nice spin move around Dohmen on the baseline. After going 1/5 from outside in the first quarter, the Dragons started to hit their three´s better as Sharda connected again and captain Joe Koschade also dropped a trey. The RheinStars had a lack of concentration leading to turn overs and bad decisions on offense. A big difference in the game in comparison to the whole season for the Dragons Rhondorf was that whenever the opponent threatened to come closer, they had consistent answers ready. Another clutch three from Michel cut the Rhondorf lead to 35-32, but Rhondorf had offensive answers with a Sharda basket and Julian Jasinski who has 26 BBL games on his resume with a lay in and three from Waller quickly giving them the comfortable 43-34 lead. Rhondorf kept the lead despite three points from 29 year old German Jan Zimmermann thanks to a Bo Meister lay in and hard Kwan Waller one hand dunk. Haymond finally scored again cutting the Rhondorf lead to 47-39, but his halftime stat line read 5 points and 5 turnovers. “We made more shots and everybody put their bodies on the line”, added Zygimantas Riauka. The Dragons Rhondorf shot 51% from the field and 36% from the three point line and had 21 rebounds and 9 turnovers while the RheinStars shot 48% from the field and 45% from the three point line and had 15 rebounds and 13 turnovers.

                In the third quarter the Dragons Rhondorf continued to control the game and lead by as much as 15 points never allowing the RheinStars to get over the hump and get below 10 points. The Dragons Rhondorf got off to a terrific start breaking out on a 7-0 to run to have their biggest lead of the game at 54-39. They upped their defensive energy stopping the RheinStars on their first five possessions which led to a Waller floater, Riauka steal and two handed dunk and the second trey from Koschade. The RheinStars finally achieved their first field goal of the third quarter as Michel hit a fade away jumper and then scored again cutting the Rhondorf lead to 54-44. In the past the Dragons Rhondorf would have wilted and fell apart, but they had enough support from many players that continued to keep the lead in double figures. Waller connected on another trey and then came vital added support from the bench as German David Falkenstein who has 2 BBL games on his resume scored on the set offense taking advantage of failed communication from Cologne and then scored on transition giving Rhondorf the 63-50 lead. The RheinStars continued to get little offensive support from Pro B top scorer Haymond, but got offensive aid from 31 year old Max Dohmen who got to the free throw line and made a fade away jumper. However the Dragons Rhondorf continued to execute at ease and shared the ball well and had many options. Riauka made a hook shot, Sharda a pull up jumper and Falkenstein a pretty alley-op tap in on the perfect feed from Sharda as the Dragons Rhondorf led 69-56 after 30 minutes. “We had a good start getting the momentum, but also got a bit sloppy making too many mistakes, but we fought through it and kept the lead”, stressed Zygimantas Riauka. “We couldn´t get stops and just traded baskets. We didn´t give ourselves a chance to string together buckets and stops. We couldn´t match their intensity”, stated Tucker Haymond The Dragons Rhondorf shot 53% from the field and 41% from the parking lot and had 30 rebounds and 15 turnovers while the RheinStars shot 43% form the field and 38% from the parking lot and had 22 rebounds and 17 turnovers.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing RheinStars guard Tucker Haymond after finishing the season with 11 points

                The Dragons Rhondorf continued to control the fourth quarter and never allowed the RheinStars to cut the lead below double figures except for the first 34 seconds, but after that it was all Dragons Rhondorf. The RheinStars had a lightening start going on a quick 5-0 run in 34 seconds. Angolian Silvio Mendes-Mateus drilled home a trey and German Tim Van De Velde made a steal at center court and scored cutting the Dragons Rhondorf lead to 69-61. The last quarter would prove to be a game of runs as Rhondorf mustered three defensive stops and went on a crushing 7-0 run to extend their lead to 76-61. In the run they got big support from Sharda that hit a tough contested trey from the corner, Moeller made a 20 footer from the baseline and Sharda made free throws. Then it was time for the RheinStars to come back going on a 5-0 run to cut the Rhondorf lead to 76-66. Haymond was able to score in bunches something he did all season long, but couldn´t do in the first three quarters as he made a pretty floater over Moeller and then dropped a trey. The RheinStars couldn´t get the needed stops while they still executed ok, but couldn´t get over the double digit hump. Rhondorf got a vital offensive rebound and put back by ex Speyer forward Yannik Kneesch. A technical foul by Jan Zimmermann didn´t help Cologne´s cause which led to a Jasinski free throw and Riauka jumper and 84-70 Rhondorf lead. In the last minute Waller helped spice up his stat line with a trey and hard one handed dunk, while Cologne got some free throws from young German Sebastian Pritz who was inserted for garbage minutes closing out the game. “Our offense wasn´t working as we got sloppy and just tried to do too much. Our defense got us the win as we didn´t let them get over the hump”, stressed Zygimantas Riauka. “We were right there to get over the hump, but couldn´t. They continued to execute well down the stretch. Riauka was tough at the end. Nobody can stop him”, added Tucker Haymond. The Dragons Rhondorf were led by Kwan Waller with 19 points. Zygimantas Riauka had 18 points and 12 rebounds and Anish Sharda had 15 points while the RheinStars were led by Thomas Michel with 24 points. Max Dohmen added 12 points and Tucker Haymond 11 points. The Dragons Rhondorf shot 525 from the field and 38% from outside and had 40 rebounds and 20 turnovers while the RheinStars shot 42% form the field and 33% from outside and had 33 rebounds and 21 turnovers.

Josh Young(Rasta Vechta) I’ve Had To Become A Much More Cerebral Player This Season In Order To Be Successful

Josh Young is a 30 year old 185cm guard playing his ninth professional season and third with SC Rasta Vechta (Germany-BBL). Last season he played Rasta Vechta (Germany-ProA playing 38 games averaging 9.2ppg, 2.6rpg, 2.7apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 56.5%, 3PT: 46.6%, FT: 69.6%. H ehas had a solid professional career and played three seasons in the easyCredit BBL with the Tigers Tuebinbgen and also sampled Pro A experience with Vechta and Nurnberg. As a rookie he played with the Bayer Giants Leverkusen (Germany-ProB). Before turning professional, he played with Drake (NCAA) from 2006-201 playing a total of 126 NCAA games. germanhoops.com spoke to him recently about the successful Vechta season.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber has been covering Josh Young since his rookie season in Leverkusen and has interviewed him on many occassions

Josh thanks for talking to germanhoops.com Where are you at the moment and how good is basketball life for you at the moment?

At the moment, I’m in Vechta and life is pretty good. I can’t complain. 

You played the last four years in the Pro A. How do you feel has the easyCredit league changed in the last years on the court?

The league has grown tremendously. With all the games being shown on Magenta Sport, all the social media coverage, the level of the teams in the league, the BBL is making its mark as a top European basketball league.

If someone had told you in September of 2018 that Vechta would be in third place at the end of January 2019 what would you have thought?

I would have thought that’s a crazy prediction. When I looked at all the teams before the season, I didn’t think negatively about our chances, but I knew there were some great teams we would be competing with this year. 

Congrats on the great season your having. Does it feel like a real Cinderella story or do you feel like as competitors you would be selling yourself short knowing the potential the team had. 

Thank you. I’m not sure that anyone expected much from our group at the beginning of the season. Coming from the second league, usually means a middle to bottom of the pack season. But with this group, even from preseason we were always working for more. 

The club began slowly losing it’s first three games, but since then have rattled off 12 wins in 14 games. Was a reason for the turn around just the normal bla bla of the team having to find each other in the early going or were the reasons for the turn around a lot deeper?

We were able to turn our season around through consistency. We merely just became better at the things that we were already doing, working on. With each win, our confidence grew. Now we are at a place where we are creating winning habits so that hopefully it can translate to the game. 

You have found ways of wining in so many ways if it was through defensive battles, scoring shootouts or close wins which occurred three times. Half way through the season what do you feel is the teams biggest strength?

Our biggest strength at this point is that we are mentally all on the same page. We work hard in the week and when it’s gameday, all 11 of our guys are ready to go to war. It’s special. 

You have celebrated some memorable wins in your career, but please explain where the victory against Alba Berlin ranks? How special was this day for the team? 

That was a big day for the entire organization. We know that Alba plays at another level than we do but we also know that we have the opportunity to compete against great teams like that. I don’t know that anyone gave us a chance to win before the game. Not only was it special, it was shocking. And that’s a great feeling, to be able to prove people wrong when they doubt. 

Years ago winning in Bamberg would have been unheard of, but even now it’s no easy task. What did it feel like winning in Freak City? How big was this win for the team? 

That was a big turning point for us. It wasn’t that we won there but more so how we did it (tough defense, sharing the ball, playing smart). Bamberg is a good team so to be able to go there and steal one in their house felt great. 

How huge in general was the win against Alba Berlin for the team mentality and self confidence? Do you feel like that win proved to the team that it can beat anyone?

The win against Alba was early in the season. We knew from the beginning of the season that if we commit to playing harder than other teams that we would have a chance to be in most games, but winning creates confidence. That game definitely catapulted our thinking to another level. 

You have played against many talented kids and have seen Philipp Herkenhof and Luc Van Slooten develop, but just how raw is Franz Wagner at age 17? He didn’t do much against Vechta, but he has had some other really good games and even started games. Is this guy NBA material like his brother Moritz? 

Franz is extremely talented. Alba does a great job developing their young talent and so I think he’s in great hands to push the boundaries of his potential. For sure he is a high level player when it’s all said and done. 

Vechta averages 83 points per game and allows only 77 points per game which is third best. What has been the secret to the success on the defensive end? 

Our secret to defensive success has been hard work. We work on our defense practically every day. And the way people see us play defense in games, is the exact same way we play it when nobody is there watching. We are creatures of habit. And Pedro has developed very strict defensive habits within our group. 

How vital has head coach coach of the year candidate Pedro Calles been? How has he developed this season as a BBL head coach?

Pedro has been the biggest reason for the success of this club. From his ability to capture his players, to his coaching philosophy, to the way he approaches the game, he is the ultimate professional. Our guys love playing for him and as you can see, we play extremely hard under his leadership. It’s been cool to watch him grow as a head coach this season. I’m glad we are able to be apart it with him. 

Let’s talk about your teammates. TJ Bray brought experience and a special fire that really capitulated his game to another level. He was always a solid professional player, but he really made the next step with Vechta. What do you believe has been the biggest reason for his success? 

TJ is extremely intelligent and knows the game well. I think the combo of his skill set and our coaching staff putting him in situations to be successful attribute to how well he’s playing. He is an amazing passer, pick and roll player as well as shooter. He’s the engine of the team. 

Even if there no super stars, American Austin Hollins has been that type of go to guy that has carried the team in his own way. How important has his leadership qualities been?

Austin is our scorer. That’s what he is great at and does with the best of them. We look for him to make plays for us and he continues to deliver this season. Also his length on the defensive end gives us a lot of steals. We aren’t the same team without him. 

How important has the stellar play been of Seth Hinrichs this season? What has been his most important quality that has made the club better?

Seth is our all arounder. He can do a little bit of everything well and he has a high motor that we feed off of. He has come up big many times for us this season and is proving himself in the league. 

How important was the pick up of Max DiLeo for the Vechta defense? How has he made an impact on the defensive end most that has helped the team most?

Max is our defensive leader. We take our cues from his hustle, intensity and aggressiveness. When you see how he is able to impact games through his defense, it’s quite impressive. 

How cool is it being reunited with Tyrone Nash again. You guys were teammates from 2011-2014 early in your careers with Tuebingen. How has his game developed further in the last years?

I’ve known Ty for years, we are good friends off the court and also have a good chemistry when we play. It’s nice to see how his understanding of the game has expanded so much since the first time we played together. He plays well on both sides of the ball. 

Let’s talk about your game. Your stats are up from last season, playing more minutes and have improved your free throw percentage. How content have you been with your play this season?

My play is a direct reflection of the amazing teammates I have as well as the system of Coach Calles. Anytime I can go out and help my team be successful, I’m content. And I have been able to do that this season. 

You stated in our last interview that your constantly breaking down your own game film. Those things have helped you to become a better player over the years. What has been the most challenging thing on the court as your back in the BBL again after years in the Pro A?

The BBL is another level in terms of physicality and mental approach. I’ve had to become a much more cerebral player this season in order to be successful on the court.

In our last interview you stated saying that you saw your role being similar to last season in that you would be a leader on the court. What do you feel has been your most important input that you have given that has helped the team be so successful?

I tried to make sure that our guys understood from the beginning of the season that nothing would be given to us and if we were willing to go to war to gain our respect, we would do just that. 

Your are aging like fine wine. Your 30 years old. When you see the Jena legends Allen, Mcelroy, and Jenkins or other legends like Quantez Robertson or Rickey Paulding, do they motivate you further to want to strive to play a long career?

I’ve been seeing those guys play at a high level for a long time. It’s definitely inspiring and motivating to me to continue playing as long as I have the ability, just as they are doing. 

It’s still so early, but when all is said and done could Luka Doncic be one of the greatest Europeans that ever played in the NBA? 

Absolutely. What he is doing already in his rookie season indicates that he is on the path to greatness. 

What was your reaction when you heard that Lebron James named himself the greatest of all-time? 

I think when you are the greatest, you don’t have to tell the world, the world will tell you. 

Charles Barkley recently proclaimed that Tom Brady Is more of a GOAT than Michael Jordan. Do you share his opinion?

I think that Tom Brady is the goat in his sport just like Michael Jordan is in basketball. It’s difficult to compare the two. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. 

What was the last movie that you saw?

Green Book 

Thanks Josh for the chat.

Mike Nwabuzor(BG Dorsten) You Have To Fall In Love With The Process So That When You Do Reap The Benefits You Don’t Take Them For Granted

Mike Nwabuzor is a 188cm guard from Lakewood, California playing his rookie season in Germany for Regionalliga team BG Dorsten putting up massive stats averaging 22,2ppg, 8,2rpg, 5,6apg and 2,5spg. He has scored 20 points or more 19 times and had an incredible 43 points against Hagen-Haspe. He also produced a triple double against Dortmund with 27 points, 12 boards and 10 assists. He played at three schools with Cent.Arizona JC (JUCO)UTRGV (NCAA) and finished at N.Mexico Highlands (NCAA2) playing 28 games averaging 12.7ppg, 4.4rpg, 3.5apg, FGP: 45.2%, 3PT: 39.3%, FT: 80.3%. He spoke to germanhoops.com recently about his basketball career.

Mike thanks for talking to germanhoops.com Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

I am currently at home, relaxing getting ready for my game tomorrow. The basketball life has been treating me great. I am truly blessed to be able to do what I love on a daily basis.

You experienced a lot in school playing at three different schools in three different leagues. Has your rookie season in Germany been a little less stressful concerning being able to concentrate on your rookie season and not having to worry from year to year where you would play and learn?

Yes, the biggest part that made it less stressful is not having to deal with schoolwork on the daily basis and being able to focus strictly on basketball. That time that I used to spend on studying and doing homework is now spent on studying the game and perfecting my craft. 

After having a solid senior season at New Mexico Highlands (NCAA2) how did you experience your first summer looking for that first professional job? 

Honestly, it was very stressful because I train multiple times in summer days, every day and there were for sure days where I didn’t believe I would ever get a contract or anybody would take a chance on me. Major shout out to my agency (Powerside Agency) and also my club BG Dorsten. This club was my only offer and it has been working out for the best so I am forever grateful for that. 

You know what it is like playing at different college levels, but was it tough for your ego having to start in the Regionalliga in Germany? How big is the chip on your shoulder? 

Personaly for me, I’ve always been a type that had to start at the bottom and work my way up with basketball so it was just another stepping stone in my journey. I know soon I will be at the top, it just takes time. You have to fall in love with the process so that when you do reap the benefits, you don’t take them for granted. Plus it was my only offer and in that case, you can’t have an ego. 

Was it a big adjustment for you coming to Germany? What have you learned to appreciate most about the country Germany?

The adjustment wasn’t too drastic because I have been to multiple states for college but it is my first time out of the country so I had to get adjusted to a different style of living. In Germany , I appreciate how professional things are here. Everything is on time and situated.

What kind of experience has it been for you being the only American and playing with very many Germans? 

It has been a very good experience. It has taught me to play basketball in a different type of way that I haven’t been used to. I’ve tapped into certain elements in my game that I didn’t know that I even possessed. Yes, as a point guard of a team, you should always be the leader no matter what the circumstances so I just live by that.

How important has very experienced guard Nederim Pelaj been for your rookie season. What has been most helpful from him that has helped you adjust best in Germany as a rookie? 

This has been very important. More important than people may know or what shows up on the stat sheet. I also like to play shooting guard so he relieves me of on-ball duties a lot and lets me be able to float around the court. This is what leads to many of my plays I make off of the ball. He also has given me good tips of never to force and let the game come to me which has helped immensely with my efficiency.

Let’s talk about your game. You’re a 188cm guard that can score with ease. If you had to describe your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description? 

I would like to compare my self to Russell Westbrook or De’aaron Fox. Both are fast and athletic guards like myself. I study both of their games a lot because I see characteristics in them that I possess in myself. 

Your averaging almost twice as much as last season with New Mexico Highlands (NCAA2). Has it been adjustment for having more of that central scoring role?

I think the biggest contributor to that is taking more shots and making more threes. I’ve been blessed with a coach in Coach Franjo Lukenda who believed I was a scoring guard even when I didn’t believe it. The best thing a coach can do is give a player confidence and that is what he has done to me all season. 

Your scoring and rebounding really stand out, but what other parts of your game do you feel is always important for the success of the team?

I feel that I am really good at shooting gaps and getting steals off the ball and I am also an underrated passer. Coming up, I was always the 2nd or 3rd best player on my teams which caused me to be a pass first player and also helped me to learn how to get guys the ball in their spots where they excel at. 

Your highest scoring game this season was netting 43 points against Hagen-Haspe. Did you know early on that you would be in the zone? 

The game started the same way every other game did but I knew something was different when I hit back to back threes in the 3rd quarter. That’s when it clicked in my head that I just might be doing something. From that point on I just continued to play my game and things went smoothly. 

You had a triple double against Dortmund. Was that your first triple double in your career and how important is it for you filling the stat sheet on a nightly basis?

In junior college at Central Arizona, I had a total of 6 triple doubles on the year so it was not something new for me. I just play hard and play the game the right way and the stats come. My intentions are to win on a nightly basis, if the stats come with it then so be it. 

Your are an amazing rebounder leading the team with 9 a game. Were you always a good rebounder or did you continually improve that in the last years?

I have always been a good rebounder because of my athleticism but rebounding is also about mentality and will. My junior college assistant coach Rich McCray instilled that mentality into me one game and I got 16 rebounds that game. Since that game and on, I come with that same mindset to rebound the ball. 

Your three point shooting continues to be a work in progress. What is your biggest challenge as you continue to improve your shooting? 

My biggest challenge would have to be confidence. I put the work in on a daily basis but the work is one thing and confidence means even more when it comes to shooting. My shot will continue to improve with in-game reps and summer days of getting shots up. 

How do you feel has your game progressed as a professional this season? On what things do you continue to work on most as you mature as a professional?

The thing that has progressed the most in my opinion is my pace. The game has slowed down and it is slower than ever for me right now. Nobody can speed me up or take me out of my groove and that’s very important at the point guard position. I would like to continue to work on taking care of the ball. As I mature , I understand more and more how important possessions are and how important taking care of the ball is. 

You began your basketball career at Cent.Arizona JC (JUCO) in 2014 playing two seasons and 59 games. How important were these two years for you getting your foot into the door at the college level?

The most important of my life to be honest , Central Arizona was my only scholarship offer coming out of high school so from there everything began. My true work ethic , my athleticism, everything got exploited when I was there in those two years and it helped put people on notice. 

You then played a season with UTRGV (NCAA) playing 29 games averaging 2.0ppg, 1.4rpg. You averaged 9,3 minutes per game, but didn’t get a real chance. How tough was this time and what did you learn about yourself as a player having to watch more than actually playing? 

This was a very tough and low point in my basketball career. It was a point where I always believed I was good enough but got minimal opportunity. I had no confidence in myself at the time also but it was a blessing in disguise because it brought the dog out of me that I didn’t know was in me. It made me work harder than ever and let me know to never take playing the game for granted because you can easily be at the end of any bench, no matter how good you are. I learned that I am persistent because many would have folded in my position and given up. 

There you played together with Xavier Mcdaniel, the son of the famous NBA player. What kind of relationship did you guys have and was there a touch of an NBA flair around? 

Xavier was a freshman in my one year there so we did not hang out that much off the court but I would say he definitely possess his father’s superior athleticism. 

You played your senior season with N.Mexico Highlands (NCAA2) playing 28 games averaging 12.7ppg, 4.4rpg, 3.5apg, FGP: 45.2%, 3PT: 39.3%, FT: 80.3%. You made big strides especially with your shot. Do you feel like your senior season play has carried over to your rookie season?

I do feel that way completely because at New Mexico Highlands , I gained a new born confidence in my shot. I also have that same confidence in the way that I played the game and that stayed with me during summer in pick up sessions and now over here playing professionally. 

Did you know that Robert Franklin who played at N.Mexico Highlands (NCAA 2) is still a professional at age 38 and playing in Germany with the Basketball Lowen in the Pro B. Do you remember hearing stories of him when you were there?

I was only at New Mexico Highlands for one year so I didn’t get a chance to dive deep into the school history but I do remember seeing and hearing his name multiple times. 

You had many good games there, but would you count your two games against W New Mexico as some of your most fondest? 

Those are my highest scoring games while I was there but I wouldn’t count them as my most fondest because scoring wasn’t my best attribute that I brought to the table at the time. 

How did head coach Craig Snow give you that last needed push to groom and prepare you best for a professional career? 

Coach Snow gave me a chance to showcase my talent and I am appreciative of that. If I wasn’t able to play and play through mistakes , I wouldn’t be where I am at right now. 

Who won a one on one in practice you or Jacob Holland?

Even if he did win , I wouldn’t tell you. But I definitely won, I shoot the ball better than him haha. 

Do you ever wonder where you might be today or how you might have developed had you visited only one school instead of three?

Yes, I think about that all the time. I am grateful for my journey because it is all God’s plan. Going to three schools built me up to be able to go to any state, country, or basketball system and learn how to thrive in a couple months time span. I wouldn’t change my story one bit. 

Lakewood is a big community, but have you ever had dealings with ex NBA player Josh Childress or seen him around in the gym? 

It’s funny you ask that because Josh is actually like a big brother to me. He is also one of the biggest reasons I am playing professional basketball. Since I got out of high school, every summer, I train with Josh. That is where I learned how to play, train and act like a professional basketball player. He also sponsored our high school team while I played at Mayfair High School so we’ve had a solid relationship since I was about 16. 

Who was the toughest player that you battled in the NCAA that is in the NBA now?

The toughest I would say would be Rob Gray from the University of Houston. He was a bucket.

If you had to pick your personal favorite starting five of teammates over the years which players would you chose?

In the backcourt I’m going with me, Nick Dixon and Trace Dimeff. My two bigs I would have to go with Dillion Reise at the 4 and Chris Lewis at the 5. I like to play small ball. 

If you had to construct your very own NBA mount Rushmore which 4 heads would you pick?

Michael Jordan LeBron James Shaquille O’Neal Magic Johnson

What is your personal opinion about the never ending debate of who is the greatest between Michael Jordan and Lebron James?

My favorite player is Lebron James , he inspired me to start playing basketball but..best player of all time is Michael Jordan and there is no debate. 

What was the last movie that you saw?

Last movie I saw was Creed II

Thanks Michael for the chat.