The Dyamic Duo Of Stanley Whittaker And Cameron Hunt Prove Day In And Day Out That Former NAIA Players Are For Real

It was that time again during a hard fought game where certain players strive and live for called crunch-time. A moment where back in the days a Michael Jordan had fans dumb founded with his alien like plays or now adays where a perfect basketball specimen like Luka Doncic will convert plays where a Steve Urkel would refrain from ‘did I do that’ and say ‘Did he do that’?. There was 4,05 minutes to play in a very exciting back and forth duel between home team s.Oliver Wurzburg and new easyCredit team Rostock Seawolves that had engulfed basketball Germany into their hearts after starting the season in amazing 4-0 form. The Rostock Seawolves seemed to be in control in crunch-time and had the momentum leading 83-79. There was no Jordan or Doncic in the house that would decide the game and it wasn’t going to be a guy with an immaculate NCAA resume, but rather an NAIA player named Cameron Hunt and his side kick another NAIA player Stanley Whittaker (183-PG-1994, college: Keiser) who isn’t shocked that Spain is #1 in the Fiba World rankings over USA, because when the playing starts he likes our chances also named the dynamic duo. Those 2 studs took control propelling s.Oliver Wurzburg on a magical 18-4 run to seal the victory and lift the Tectake arena into ecstasy. Hunt and Whittaker combined for 13 points in that span as Hunt had 9 points including 7 free throws and Whittaker had 4 points in the paint. They had grabbed the opportunity and the responsibility and led the team to the win. Hunt reached the easyCredit BBL via the Pro B and is now in his third BBL season and continues to be a solid player while Whittaker is a BBL rookie after paying his dues in Austria and German Pro A. What these 2 guys display on the court proves you can never doubt the skill level of NAIA players, because they are for real. ‘As I stated last year, being able to share the floor with former teammates of mine, Leo Behrend, Trevion Crews, who also played at NAIA programs, it’s a great feeling. We’ve been written off because we went to NAIA schools, which is quite unfortunate. So for Cam, myself and the others guys that’s playing professionally and played college basketball at the NAIA level, I’m rooting for us all. I hope we all can stay healthy and do well. Most importantly, we can be the examples to the ones coming behind us, and to also show people that count us out that NAIA guys can perform and play at a high level’, warned Stanley Whittaker. The win over the Rostock Seawolves was more than needed. ‘Man we needed a home win Miles. Feels good to win at home for the first time, our fans come out and support us very passionately! So it feels good to deliver for them. We’ve been in some close ones at home, but this was good for our group’, stressed Stanley Whittaker.

Cameron Hunt scoring 28 points in Frankfurt in 2020 in a Pro b game.

The Rostock Seawolves came into the game riding a 2 game losing streak as did s.Oliver Wurzburg, but both clubs came to play off the bat as it was a roller coaster game with no team allowing the other to get away. Whittaker and co had massive difficulty with experienced and ex Virginia Commonwealth University (NCAA) point guard Jequan Lewis who had his playmaking down to an art and finished with13 dimes. ‘He’s a good player, his usage rate is high as he’s their main playmaker. He does a good job at creating and he has guys around him that can put the ball in the basket’, said Stanley Whittaker. In the second quarter s.Oliver Wurzburg were able to free themselves a bit to lead 52-46 at the break. One guy that was vital in Wurzburg being able to keep the lead was ex North Carolina State forward CJ Bryce who came up with huge plays. ‘CJ is instrumental to our group. He gets after it! Hard working, blue collared guy, he helps our team in many different areas, both offensively and defensively. I’m glad he’s with us! A great teammate’, added Stanley Whittaker. But Rostock fought back and the game began to go back and forth again until Cameron Hunt took over in crunch-time. ‘As a whole, we lean on Cam due to his success and experience in the BBL. Cam is poised, very patient and he has a high competitive spirit. He made the right plays down the stretch and was able to draw fouls and knock down the free throws! I find inspiration through Cam, as well as each of my teammates because each of them have an inspiring quality about who they are as professionals’, stated Stanley Whittaker. Rostock have had incredible efforts in the first 4 games, but in crunch-time in Wurzburg, the will of Wurzburg seemed to be higher. ‘We haven’t closed out games well, so it was pivotal that we put them away and finish the game. Through our previous experiences, we are learning and working to improve the way we finish ball games and this game we showed the discipline and determination to close the game out’, expressed Stanley Whittaker. Rostock continue to lose games after a great start. Have they lost their steam? ‘I wouldn’t know if they lost steam or not because this my first time competing against them in league play. They’re playing good basketball, they have a good team, and do some good things on offense. They were missing two key players from their group today, I’m just glad we were able to get the job done’, commented Stanley Whittaker.

The Philadelphia native who began to pay his dues at Franklin Philips (JUCO) College and is a fan of the brand of basketball that the Boston Celtics play and their 2 grenades Tatum and Brown and believe they are for real had a solid game in the victory pouring in 16 points, dishing out 8 assists and hauling down 3 boards, but of course his 4 turnovers had a bitter taste. ‘I was okay today. I didn’t enjoy turning the basketball over which is frustrating. But we got the needed win which matters most. I’ll get back to the work and find ways where I can be better’, stressed Stanley Whittaker. Coming from a league lower and not only withstanding the challenge of the competitive BBL, but actually being a very good player is refreshing and he cherishes every day where he can show everyone his unique skills. ‘It’s a challenge but just the game in general is a challenge. I embrace the opportunity. The BBL is full of good teams so it’s good to get out there each week, compete and give your best to try and get the win’, warned Stanley Whittaker. Currently he is averaging very solid 18/2/5/1 stats. There is no secret to his success, but just being himself and doing what he has always done for helping him get from the JUCO to the easyCredit BBL. ‘For me the game is the game. I credit my preparation though. I try to remain myself through it all, no matter how it goes, just always trust the work I’ve put in and be confident! There’s no secrets really’, said Stanley Whittaker. The guard isn’t only a prolific scorer something he has done consistently since coming overseas, but he also has flourished with his shot selection and defense. ‘Shot selection is important at any level, whether it’s the BBL and or Pro A. Teams strive to get a good shot every-time down the floor. So for me, valuing possessions is key. The guard play is high in the BBL so I have my work cut out for me on defense week in and week out. I’m still figuring it all out though, but I look forward to the guard play’, stated Stanley Whittaker The season is still very long, so being able to be consistent and give his team the best chances to win every game will be more beneficial if he continues to improve his game step by step, day by day. ‘I’m working on all areas of my game. That’s part of being a professional, everything can use more work, I understand that. I’ll continue to work the way I know how to work, and just hope I can remain productive and consistent’, warned Stanley Whittaker. The real test for the ex NAIA greats Hunt and Whittaker will come next weekend as they face off against top team FC Bayern Munich. Hunt has a 1-3 record against them, but who will forget last season’s masterful 90-70 upset where he scored 14 points. In his first season he hit Munich for 19 points in a loss. Hunt knows what to expect, but what about Whittaker? It will be his first game against them. He surely will be ready for the battle. Just another day at the office for them and another opportunity to prove on a massive stage that NAIA players are for real.

The Team is The Superstar Among Superstars As The EPG Baskets Koblenz Destroy Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg 107-51

Sometimes when basketball life is going well and your winning, you just want to keep playing, but sometimes that isn’t possible as the Fiba Window has become a part of the world basketball schedule. It is moreover the team that are losing and have banged up bodies that take the Fiba break with open arms. Even if the EPG Baskets Koblenz are the best and hottest club in the pro B, the organization didn’t take any time off, but actually made their roster even stronger with the addition of German Leon Frederici who came from easyCredit BBL team MLP Academics Heidelberg. While the 1-5 Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg team took the Fiba Break with open arms as they had to digest the last 81-80 nail bitter loss to Speyer and find new energy for the next games. It definitely didn’t get any easier as they had to travel to the unbeaten living room of the EPG Baskets Koblenz and after 40 minutes, the guests went home having to digest a brutal 107-51 loss. The EPG Baskets Koblenz dominated on offense and defense for 40 minutes and with only a few lapses demonstrated that they live for consistency. ‘We played so well together today. We communicated blindly on defense and had all our match ups and switches were good. We had so nice ball movement. It was just beautiful basketball. I had to scream a few times on the court, because our play was so good. For anybody that couldn’t witness the game in the arena definitely missed something’, stressed EPG Baskets Koblenz forward Moritz Huebner. Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg had to fight an uphill battle from the start as they couldn’t match the intensity and physicality at both ends of the court and were rapidly in the hole. ‘There were 4-5 gears of difference in the level of play of both teams. It was actually fun to watch them. They have a very well known coach and great team. We weren’t ready to compete. We were too young and just need time’, stated Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg head coach Khee Rhee Young.

Alani Moore at the FT line

The guests arrived with a slim 9 man rotation which would have massive difficulty keeping their intensity up in the second half. Both teams came out ready as the contest was deadlocked early at 5-5. Huebner and Eddy Edigin had traded three’s, but then the EPG Baskets Koblenz just ran away and never stopped. The home team went on a massive 14-3 run to lead 19-8 and then it was apparent to witness that the guests would have a hard trek up the mountain to reach the peak. In the run they used their physical advantages and scored much in the paint area. German center Moses Poelking scored twice as did undersized big Brian Butler. Koblenz also got sufficient support from their guard play from Moore and Heckel who combined for 7 points. Butler also unleashed a pretty no look pass to woo the fans. ‘Not only is his passing underrated, but also his dribbling’, stated EPG Baskets Koblenz manager Thomas Klein. The physical Koblenz defense didn’t allow a fluid ball movement to develop which made Ludwigsburg opt for more 1-1 plays which they couldn’t execute on a consistent rate. When the guests did get 1-1 baskets, then from ex Rhondorf guard Esli Edigin who nailed a trey and lay in as Koblenz led 23-14. But the EPG Baskets Koblenz closed out the first quarter well going on a rapid 9-2 run to lead 32-16 after 10 minutes. In the run, Koblenz let it rain 2 three’s from ex easyCredit BBL player Dominque Johnson and American Alani Moore. New Koblenz player Leon Friederici (190-SG-1995) also added free throws. ‘We were dominant on offense and defense against a pretty good team. We had no lapses on the floor and when we subbed new players in. We played great team basketball’, added Thomas Klein.

Leonardo Kratzer from the corner

The EPG Baskets Koblenz kept up their dominant play in the second quarter and led by as much as 28 points. What fans saw in the first 4 minutes of the second quarter was a masterpiece of incredible play by Leon Friederici who came in and scored 9 unanswered points and 12 points in less than 4 minutes. ‘We await Leon to give us energy as well as giving us three point shooting quality as well as driving to the basket’, warned Thomas Klein. In that early second quarter display of excellence he showed more than that. He began with an incredible two handed dunk. ‘I knew he was athletic. But when you see him, you wouldn’t think he was athletic, but he has so much power’, expressed Thomas Klein. He then showcased his offensive play with clever inside out play with 2 lay ins and two threes as the EPG Baskets Koblenz led 47-19. ‘Leon was integrated very well. He only had a few practices, but in the game it seemed like he had been here since pre season. He had a great game. I like how flexible his game is. He isn’t just a slasher, but a team player’, warned Moritz Huebner. The experienced German finished with a smooth 18 points and 5 assists in 15 minutes. ‘I felt good. I know more than half of the team so it’s easier to get adjusted quickly. I’m more than just a shooter and defender. I’m not a bad passer either’, smiled Leon Friederici. Koblenz kept executing well, but the guests had their best span of the game notching 3 three’s from Edigin, ex BBL player Aenas Jung and young talented 17 year old Abdulhay Komurkara. Moritz Huebner led the team into the break with a spark making a hard two handed dunk as Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg trailed 55-30. ‘We lost some intensity at the end, but still played at a high tempo. We drove more in the first quarter, but began to hit more three’s in the second quarter. Our read and react strength showed the quality of players that we have’, warned Thomas Klein.

Brina Butler with pull up jumper

The EPG Baskets Koblenz continued to be aggressive at both ends in the third quarter and the guests began to lose energy as the 9 man rotation began to prove as being to thin. Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg executed well in the first minutes as Komurkara began to make good plays as he showed his sniper qualities from outside as he connected twice and Dutch forward Emmanuel Ugbo scored on a lay in traffic. But the guests couldn’t make any ground as Koblenz continued to run their plays on offense and score with ease. Heckel scored twice, Butler and Leo Saffer dunked and Friederici made a lay in as they led 67-38. When you have a deep roster and are subbing in frequently, you will always have a good chance of keeping the intensity up especially when you have so many offensive weapons. The guests were often a step to slow as their energy level was waning as 4 turnovers in a row suggested. The EPG Baskets closed out the third quarter strong with a 13-3 run to lead 80-41 after 30 minutes. In the run, the club received support from their bench as German Niclas Sperber added 7 points including a trey and dunk and Moore hit a three pointer as the Koblenz ball movement was rolling. ‘I thought our defense was a tic better than in the first half. We played very hard nosed. Our transition play was also very good. We continued to keep a good balance as every player contributed’, expressed Thomas Klein.

Emmanuel Ugbo at the FT line

Nothing changed in the fourth quarter as it was almost identical to the third quarter in terms of points and points given up. The EPG Baskets Koblenz led by as much as 58 points. The contest was already decided in the third quarter, but the EPG Baskets Koblenz just continued to have passion and began with a brutal 12-2 run to lead 92-43. In the run the ambitious team continued to have great output form many players as Moore made a lay in. That was followed by Yasin Turan free throws and a Poelking lay in. Heckel then added a three pointer and Hubner a dunk. After a Ugbo lay in, Koblenz got lay in’s from Heckel and Johnson to lead 96-43. The EPG Baskets Koblenz just didn’t lose their consistency. ‘Teams that are mentally strong and have a great team chemistry won’t have many let downs’, said Thomas Klein. After Jung nailed a three pointer, the EPG Baskets Koblenz closed out the game in top fashion going on a 11-3 run to win the game. In the run, Koblenz got 2 buckets from Johnson, lay in’s from Butler and Turan and free throws from young German kid Oluwadamilola Ade-Eri. ‘This was the best win of the season. Everybody fought hard. I’m overjoyed’, stressed Thomas Klein. ‘We kept a good level for 40 minutes, but you can’t forget that we played against a last placed team. We have to do that against better teams. Even when your near perfect, you do notice the small holes in the play’, stressed Moritz Huebner. The EPG Baskets Koblenz were led by Alani Moore and Leon Friederici with 18 points a piece while Marvin Heckle added 15 points and Moritz Huebner 14 points while Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg were led by Esli Edigin while Abdulhay Komurkara added 16 points. The EPG Baskets Koblenz shot 63% from the field and 50% from outside and had 38 rebounds and 8 turnovers while Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg shot 29% from the field and 32% from outside27 rebounds and 22 turnovers.


Nico Santana Mojica(Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg) Is So Thankful That John Patrick Saw Potential In Him

Nico Santana Mojica (196-SF-2002) is a 20 year old 196cm guard that began his basketball career with ESV Rot Weiss Stuttgart. He joined the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg organization in 2018 and since ha splayed games for the EasyCredit BBL team, Regionalliga team called BSG Basket Ludwigsburg (Regionalliga), Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg and it’s U-19 team. Last season for the Regionalliga team he played 23 games averaging 13.6ppg, 4.0rpg, 3.0apg, 2.5spg, FGP: 46.9%, 3PT: 30.3%, FT: 59.4%. He ha splayed 7 easyCredit BBL games and 2 Basketball Champions League Games. He spoke to before a Pro B game against the EPG Baskets Koblenz.

Thanks Nico for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

I’m in Ludwigsburg right now and basketball life is treating me well.

As an ambitious 20 year old player, how was your schedule during the Fiba window break? Did you do anything special in the gym or was it business as usual?

We had a few days off. It helped guys that play many minutes. It was good for recovery and be able to put up our feet for a while. I did put up shots. It was nothing out of the ordinary.

Porsche BBA Ludwigsburg have gotten off to a very slow start at 1-5 and this weekend play on the road against unbeaten Koblenz. Is this the perfect place to turn the season around?

It will be a tough game in Koblenz. We know that they are a tough team and have very good 1-1 players, but if we can play our game for 40 minutes, I feel that we will have a chance. We are a young team and the underdog but maybe we can surprise them with our quickness and physicality

The team is very young. How much of a factor is that in the results. The team has talent to score, but aren’t and are giving up too many points on defense?

It is known that Ludwigsburg defends hard in the BBL, but we haven’t had good results yet. But we have had new guys come in as well as injured players come back. Plus we have anew coach. We still have to find each other and come together. We have to focus on getting better step by step.

Young head coach Kee Rhee has a real challenge at the moment getting every one on the same page. Despite the start, what have you appreciated most about his coaching?

I feel like he has been direct and truthful since the start. I respect that a lot. If you have a coach like that then players will play hard for him. He is a young coach and if he continues to develop then I feel like he has a lot of potential. It isn’t always easy for him to coach many young guys and a full chaotic guys, but he is doing a good job so far.

The team has no player older than 20. What do you believe is the biggest advantage of having so many young players. Is the competitive level at a special level?

We know that when all 12 players are on the court, no matter if you get 1 minute or 30 minutes, we will work hard. It is a very positive thing in the Ludwigsburg program that they allow young players to get minutes and have the chance to develop. It is a shame though that we don’t have some older guys on the team.

You’re a 196cm guard/forward. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the bill?

I would say Royce O’Neal who once played in Ludwigsburg. He has a consistent shot like me and can guard many positions.

Talk a little about your game. Your a tweener that has an all around game. What is your biggest strength?

I feel that my defense is my biggest strength. I can guard the positions 1-3 and sometimes the 4 as well. I think that if I can get better as a defender will help me reach a higher level in the future. I’m working on getting better day by day.

You’re a player that hasn’t found your speciality yet. What do you believe could become your speciality?

I can be that point guard type of player that plays the position 3. I like to make plays for others and for myself. I want to be a good all around player that is a 3 and D player that likes to defend. I also like to play the position 1.

On what areas of your game are you working on most now so you can continue to climb the basketball ladder?

At the moment, I’m trying to change the form of my shot. But overall I’m working on everything. I’m also working on all the different types of shots like a floater or pull up jumper.

How much of a challenge is it finding a suitable role in a young and hungry team where every player can be an impact player?

Every day is a battle in practice. You are competing against 15 talented guys. On the one hand you love your teammates, but on the other hand you need to go your own way. Everybody is young and hungry and wants a successful career. Everyone is competing daily for their career, but doing it in a respectful way.

You played NBBL ball with the Patrick brothers already 4 years ago. Have you been surprised how quickly their basketball development has come in the last 3 years?

It has surprised me. They put a lot of effort and time in becoming the players they are today and they were rewarded. I know how much hard work they put in. It wasn’t always easy for them, but they fought very hard to get to where they are now. They have deserved it. I have a good relationship with both of them.

The year 20-21 is a year that will always be in the mind of many young players. The NBBL and Regionalliga seasons was cancelled. Despite you being with the BBL squad, how much do you feel did your development suffer that season?

I don’t feel it did. I was with the easyCredit BBL team for 10 months before my injury. I had to guard really good and physical players that were fast on a daily basis. It would have been nice to have played Regionalliga games and compete against men, but being able to train with BBL guys was no comparison. This wasn’t a step back, but my best year in my development so far.

How thankful are you for John Patrick giving you a chance during 20-22? He is known as being a very demanding coach. How did he help you most?

He was always open and truthful with me. If you worked hard and used your chance, he would reward you. Sometimes he would surprise you and put you in early. I remember coming into my first game against Braunschweig in the first seconds of the third quarter and had to guard Tookie Brown. I came into the game in the second quarter against Alba Berlin. He was a very demanding coach, but so are all coaches. Otherwise it would be boring. I’m so thankful that John Patrick saw potential in me.

You have played 7 BBL games and a few basketball Champions League games. What do you feel is still missing for a BBL career?

I need to work on my body and gain some kilos and become more physical. I also want to continue to work hard each day. Having the right attitude to work hard will be key. I think in 2-3 years, I will know where I will stand.

You played your first BBL game against Braunschweig scoring 5 points in 7 minutes. What do you remember from your debut most?

It was a great feeling coming in and seeing how connected our team was. I played with a 37 year old Tremmel Darden who had played with Real Madrid and won the Euroleague other guys that had 300 plus BBL games. These guys who have seen it all were so happy for me. I really could see how tight the team was. I would never have thought 5 years earlier that I would play in the BBL.

You also lost a nail bitter to Alba Berlin and beat FC Bayern Munich. Any memories that stuck most from those games?

I was on the court with top players like Vladimir Lucic who has been a Euroleague player for so long as well as Luke Sikma. I can’t describe the feeling being able to share the court at age 19 with guys like that.

What is your biggest wish for this season in the development of your game?

I want to have a good standing in the Pro B and maybe get into some BBL games. That could be good for my mental state. I want to continue to go step by step in my development.

Who wins a 1-1 in practice you or Mikey De Sousa?

I win.

Who was the toughest player that you have battled so far in your career?

I had to defend Nils Giffey 1-1. That wasn’t easy.

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

Jonah Radebaugh, Nick Weiler-Babb, Tremmel Darden, Yorman Polas, Isaiah Whitehead

Please name your personal NBA Mount Rushmore?

Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Lebron James, Luka Doncic, Joel Embild

Jordan, Lebron or Kobe? Who is the goat?


What was last movie that you saw?

King Richard

Thanks Nico for the chat.


Ali Sow(RheinStars) Remembers Phil Scrubb Being The First NBA Caliber Player Watching Up Close At Home

Ali Sow (185-PG-1998, college: Laurier) is a 23 year old 185cm guard playing his rookie season for German pro B team RheinStras Cologne. He is leading the German Pro B in scoring with 26,7ppg, 5,5rpg, 2,8apg and 2,0spg. He got his first taste of pro experience playing with the Saskatchewan Rattlers (CEBL) in the summer of 2022. He began his basketball career with Merivale high school and also played with Ottawa Next Level. He then had a illustrious career at Laurier University (CIS) where he never averaged less than 17,0ppg in a season. In his other 3 seasons he twice averaged 24,0ppg and once 27,0ppg. He spoke to about basketball.

Thanks Ali for talking to Congrats on signing with German Pro B team RheinStars Cologne. What do you know in general about the country Germany and basketball? In the last 10 years more and more Canadians have played in German leagues.

Thank you! I feel as though the basketball game in Canada is very similar to the pace that is played in Germany as well, similar skill sets and play styles. Looking forward to learning more about the city and the people!

What was your first impression of Stephan Baeck in your talks? Did you do some research on him and learn that he won the 1993 European Championships with Germany a feat Dirk Nowitzki never did.

I’ve learned that he’s had a great career and had more than a few championships, so I believe he knows what it takes to win at a very high level.

You’re a guy that surely will make the jump from college ball to the pro’s overseas. What is your biggest goal with your game that you hope to be able to accomplish with Cologne?

I’m very new to the pro level overseas so I try not to have too many expectations, but my goal is to compete and grow my game, try to make myself and my teammates better everyday, and I think it will translate to winning.

You must of heard of your predecessor Vincent Golson who dominated the league. Do you feel some pressure having to fill his shoes?

Of course! I saw what he was able to accomplish here, he’s a great player. I think he’s set the standard and example for how to be a great player and scorer for this team and the league.

You recently got your first professional experience with the Saskatchewan Rattlers (CEBL). What kind of experience was it getting that first pro experience? What did you gain from it?

Experience is always the best teacher, playing with and against really talented players and teams tests you and you can only get better being around that kind of talent and experience.

How beneficial was it seeing how it’s done from veteran Tony Carr who has played at high levels in Europe. Did you have some meaningful chats with him?

Yea, Tony is super skilled, it was cool to get to know him and he’s a guy you can learn from on and off the court. He knows how to win and you just get better being around him.

Let’s talk a little about your game. You’re a 185cm guard that showed explosive scoring qualities in school. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description?

I think my game is most comparable to Lillard, Garland, guards who play quicker.

You’re a player that can fill the stat sheet without problems. How big is versatility a strength in your game?

Being versatile helps winning, and helped me be better in different situations with different players. I like being able to find success in different systems and situations.

You made a jump in rebounding and assists in your last season at Laurier. How advanced is your court vision and do you believe that you can make the next step as a playmaker?

My goal was to not only be a scorer, but be able to impact the game in different ways, defensively, rebounding and in creating and co-existing with others. I think it has pushed me to be a more complete player and continue to grow my knowledge.

How much is your three pointer still a work in progress? You have shot the ball Ok from outside the last years in Canada, but not great. What do you feel is still the biggest problem with your shot and is it just reps or shot selection or something else?

I have a lot of confidence in my shooting ability, however the stats may be. Shot selection and IQ always grows with experience and picking better spots and times to take certain shots.

You’re a very quick and agile defender What kind of a defender are you now and where do you want to be as a defender in the next years?

I believe I’ve made big strides in my defensive effort, I think this summer was a good test and you learn where to be, how to guard better, faster players. With experience, I hope to be able to be a great two-way player, guarding scorers and being versatile in my position.

On what area’s of your game are you working on most now so you can continue to climb the basketball ladder?

Working on my body, working on being poised and being able to score and create from multiple positions on the court.

You played at Laurier (CIS) from 2017-2022. As a guy that played in Canada, what stories have you heard of Phil Scrubb who played at Carleton a few years before you began play?

I’ve heard a lot of stories of winning of Phil, I used to go summer camps at Carleton being from Ottawa, so I heard and saw how dedicated they were to winning. He’s the first NBA-caliber point guard I was able to watch up close at home.

You reached the OUA semi-finals twice. What was your fondest moment at Laurier?

My fondest memory is to be honest is playing with my brother in pre-season games last year, I know it was short but that really was a dream come true for me.

You had quite a few 40 plus games and many 30 plus point games. Which was your most memorable game at Laurier?

I think my most memorable game, a game people still bring up is our semi-final loss at Western which was a thriller and very fun, but still not a game I like to reminisce about.

How did head coach Justin Serresse groom and prepare you best for a professional career?

Justin has always challenged me as a person and player every year I’ve known him. He’s put me in different positions and challenged me to grow and play and think in different ways that translate to the next level.

Who won a 1-1 in practice you or Ismael Sow?

He will never, ever beat me one-on-one. Love him to death though.

You played twice against Germany at the University games in 2019 splitting. What memories do you have of Germany and how they played?

I remember Germany being a big-size team, having above average height at each position, efficient, physical brand of basketball. It was good to experience that kind of play style early.

Who is the toughest player that you ever faced on the floor so far in your career that reached the NBA?

The toughest are probably Jamal Murray or Nickeil from younger tournaments.

Please name your five best teammates of all-time?

Five best teammates is tough.. Ntore Habimana, Adnan Begovic, Chuder Teny, Vladimir Matovic, Joseph Fo. Gotta add Kemel Archer too.

Please name your NBA Mount Rushmore

MJ, Kobe, Magic, LeBron.

What is your opinion of the neverending debate of who is the greatest of all time Jordan or Lebron?

I used to say LeBron, but Jordan is the greatest player of all time. LeBron is a more complete player in my opinion, Jordan was just greater.

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

It’s just like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to me. Some classics just need to be admired forever.

Thanks Ali for the chat.


Versatility Is A Big Reason Why James Murray-Boyles(Norrkoping Dolphins) Has Gotten So Far In His Basketball Career

James Murray-Boyles (201-F-1997, college: UNCP, agency: Players Group) is a 25 year old 201cm forward from Columbia, South Carolina playing his fourth professional season and first with the Norrkoping Dolphins (Sweden-Basketligan). Last season he played with the BK IMMOunited Dukes Klosterneuburg (Austria-BSL) averaging 15.6ppg, 6.2rpg, 1.6apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 48.8%, 3PT: 30.7%, FT: 79.5%. He played his first two professional seasons with BKM Lucenec (Slovakia-SBL) averaging 9.8ppg, 5.0rpg, 1.1apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 52.6%, 3PT: 35.8%, FT: 83.3% in his rookie season and in his second season averaged 13.4ppg, 6.2rpg, 1.5apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 54.9%, 3PT: 33.6%, FT: 78.8%. He began his career at AC Flora high school and then played 121 NCAA 2 games for the University Of North Carolina at Pembroke improving his points and rebound average per season. In his senior year he averaged 14.8ppg, 5.5rpg, 1.1apg, FGP: 44.7%, 3PT: 36.8%, FT: 79.6%. He spoke to about basketball.

Thanks James for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you at the moment?

Hello! I’m in Norrkoping, Sweden right now and I really am enjoying the basketball life.

How happy are you to be playing the game you love? You have been grinding since school and continue to move up the basketball ladder. What has been your biggest challenge just having to deal with the basketball process daily?

It’s a blessing to be able to play the game at this level. Everyone doesn’t get the opportunity. My biggest challenge I would have to say is balancing my family life while playing in different countries!

Your playing you first season with the Norrkoping Dolphins. What kind of an experience has it been playing for this organization? What have you appreciated most about the experience?

It has been a great experience playing with the Dolphins so far! They are really professional and we’re obviously competing European competition which is always great!

Your playing your first international club competition with the Fiba Europe Cup and playing very solid needing no adjustment period. What do you feel has been key in you being able to adapt so well?

I think that just being confident in the work I have put in over the years. I’ve always had people telling me I had the ability to play on this level and also higher so I just always believed when I got the opportunity I would be able to perform. Also I give a lot of credit to my coaches and teammates for believing in me.

Let’s talk a bit about your game. You’re a 201cm forward. If you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would best fit the description?

I wouldn’t really compare myself to anyone in the league. But I do try to take from a lot of different players like Brandon Ingram, Kawhi Leonard, Carmelo Anthony, Paul George, players like that

You’re a guy that can fill out the stat sheet with ease. How much is versatility of a strength in your game?

Versatility has always been a strength in my game for as long as I can remember. I think it is a reason I have gotten this far in the game of basketball.

You always have been a solid free throw shooter, but last season in Austria you were #1 at 94%. Did you take extra shots in the summer of 2021 or what do you credit your success to?

Yes I’ve always been a solid free throw shooter but I definitely shot a lot more in the summer in order to improve.

On what areas of your game are you working on most now so that you can keep climbing up the basketball ladder?

I definitely am trying to improve on my 3 point percentage and just be as efficient as possible on the court overall. Also to show I can rebound at a high level.

Last season you played with BK IMMOunited Dukes Klosterneuburg (Austria-BSL9 avergaing 15.6ppg, 6.2rpg, 1.6apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 48.8%, 3PT: 30.7%, FT: 79.5%. After playing 2 seasons in Slovakia how do you feel did your game take another step in your third pro season?

I felt like it take a huge step because I had more responsibility on myself. I was able to have the ball in my hands a little more and expand my game more on the perimeter while still maintaining my core strengths.

You had Arkadia’s number scoring 32 and 31 points, but I can imagine you won’t forget the 97-95 loss?

Yes that was a tough game for me to lose. I felt like I played almost perfect but we still couldn’t come away with the win. And it was against one of my best friends from high school, Karl Gamble. So he has bragging rights over me from that game.

You played your first 2 pro seasons with BKM Lucenec (Slovakia-SBL) averaging 9.8ppg, 5.0rpg, 1.1apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 52.6%, 3PT: 35.8%, FT: 83.3% as a rookie and 13.4ppg, 6.2rpg, 1.5apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 54.9%, 3PT: 33.6%, FT: 78.8% in your second season. What do you remember being your wake up call to being a rookie overseas where you knew that you were far away from home?

My wake up call was as soon as I landed and went to the grocery store. I had never been to Europe before and didn’t have much knowledge of what it was like. So everything was new to me. But once I got on the court everything got better and I realized I could really compete.

What memories do you have of Covid. You seemed to get through it ok playing the whole 20-21 season. There were other guys that weren’t as fortunate.

I remember when covid first hit my rookie year. We had to cut our season short when we were about to make a playoff run. And every year except for this year, covid has had a major effect on my career. Having little to no fans sometimes. Also have to take multiple tesst per week. It has been a crazy time. Luckily I have never gotten it.

What memories do you have of teammate Dominique Hawkins who played at Kentucky. He hasn’t played since the 20-21 season. Was he a victim of Covid in terms of not getting a job? What did you appreciate the most about him?

I loved playing with Dom. He was a great teammate and player. I definitely think he has been a victim of covid as it has been tough for a lot of people after the pandemic hit.

You played at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke (NCAA2) from 2015-2019. What memories do you have of these 4 years. What was it like playing in the state of North Carolina and having so many great schools around like NC, NC State or Duke, but playing in the NCAA 2?

I loved my decision to go to my school. It was great. I was able to really showcase my skills from my freshman year and I think if I would have gone to a bigger school it would maybe have been harder to really show what I could do. I always feel like everything happens for a reason.

You were able to improve your scoring and rebound scoring each season in school. What kind of a player were you in 2015 and what kind were you in 2019 when you left?

I definitely improved every single year in school. I’m very proud of that. My coaches and teammates worked with me every year to improve my game and I was way more skilled in 2019 compared to 2015.

You won 2 Peach belt titles in 2017 and 2018. Which one was sweeter?

Both are equally as good for me because it took a lot to get there both years. The journey was different both times.

In the 2018 title over Queens you battled talented Todd Withers. What memories do you have of his game. He is a guy that could still go very far up the basketball ladder.

Queens definitely got the best of us that game. They were a great team and Todd was a great player. That game was definitely motivation for me to become better.

How did head coach Ben Miller groom and prepare you best for a professional career?

He groomed me a lot by always pushing me to be the best I could be. He saw the potential in me from high school and he never let me slack off.

Who won a 1-1 battle in practice you or Akia Pruitt?

Akia is a great player and he came in a year after me. Since the day he came he was a great player to go against in practice. We always used to go back and forth beating each other.

Who was the toughest player that you ever faced in the NCAA 2 or anywhere else that reached the NBA?

For sure PJ Dozier.

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

Mike Caffey, Melsahn Basabe, Akia Pruitt, Daniel Mullings, Pj Dozier

Please name your personal NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present heads?

LeBron, Jordan, Curry, Kobe

What is your personal opinion of the neverending debate of who is the greatest of all-time Jordan or Lebron?

I always go back and forth on this but I will have to judge when LeBron is officially done playing.

Did you see the sequel to the classic Coming To America? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

No I didn’t see it.

Thanks James for the chat.


Donte Nicholas(BSW Sixers) Is Always Good For A Triple Double Even At Age 35

Pic credit BSW Sixers

It was February 2021 as Covid was in full swing and one had to wear masks at sporting events. I was in Giessen watching a Pro B clash between the Depant Giessen 46ers and easyCredit BBL team Ratiopharm Ulm farm team Orange Academy. It was an exciting game, but in crunch-time Giessen buckled down on defense getting 5 stops in a row to clinch the win. A vital factor in the win was mr triple double Donte Nicholas (196-G/F-1987, college: FPU) who contributed a rare, but also unconventional triple double with 17/12/12 stats. But the last number weren’t assists, but turnovers. Ok so the triple double wasn’t glamorous, but at the end of the day a triple double is a triple double. You have to live with it. One would think a spectacular triple double like that would stay in your head forever. ‘ Not really because I already forgot about it’, smiled Donte Nicholas in 2022. 5.5 weeks later he achieved another triple double against Koblenz. It was his sixth triple double in his 8th professional season. Triple doubles in Europe aren’t as usual as most guys will never get one, while other guys might get 1 or 2. Guys like Kameron Taylor, Curtis Hollis, Luke Sikma and Rashid Mahalbasic have proved in the last years in Germany. After playing a season in Luxemburg, the Virginia native returned back to Germany this season and is playing in the former East Germany for the BSW Sixers. In his third game, he was ripe again for a triple double as he was instrumental in his team defeating Vechta 2 90-85 scoring 18 points, hauling down 13 boards and dishing out 10 dimes. Triple doubles seem to be in his blood as he is always good for a triple double.

Even if Vechta 2 is a new team in the Pro B north after moving up from the Regionaliga, head coach Hendrik Gruhn has carved together another competitive squad as they welcomed the BSW Sixers with a 3-1 record. But like in Giessen back in 2021, Nicholas who played at Fresno Pacific University (NAIA) and believes that Steph Curry is currently a top 5 point guard of all-time and his team were able to prevail in crunch-time and pull out the victory. It seems to be the standard answer I get from triple double guys after an extraordinary feat in that he had no idea he had achieved the triple double until a teammate had informed him and he checked the stat sheet. A common occurrence in German basketball after a player scores the 100th point in a game, he usually has to buy a case of beer for the team, but in the case of the American, it is actually handled differently after a triple double. ‘ Yea right, all that work I put in my teammates have to lol. Luckily for them though, I don’t drink beer, maybe some wine’, laughed Donte Nicholas.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Donte Nicholas in Frankfurt in 2017

In tennis a Boris Becker can still remember what kind of a winner he shot at 4-3 in the fifth set of a crucial match at Wimbeldon and in basketball, it isn’t any different as players can remember exactly what happened at a certain moment of a game. But sometimes guys miscalculate their own feats even if some are rarer and less to have to remember. When it comes to knowing how many triple doubles he has accomplished in his career, he was wrong in his estimation. ‘ No idea, but I would hope at least double digits’, said Donte Nicholas. Since 2015 he has exhibited 7 triple doubles. He had 3 in the UK and has had 4 in Germany against Bernau, Ulm, Koblenz and Vechta 2. There is one that is still dancing around in his mind. ‘ I don’t remember them all but one that stands out was the Bernau one because I believe it was in a crucial playoff game if I’m not mistaken. I think I also had one in the UK which was close to a quadruple double with steals as well’, stated Donte Nicholas. Even if he can’t remember all his triple doubles, each had a place in his heart as they happened. ‘ Triple doubles are pretty special because they are one of the toughest things to accomplish out on the floor. I think they signify a player having a bigger imprint on the game than scoring a bunch of points for instance’, added Donte Nicholas. One might think that as one gets older, it has to be more special and difficult to get a triple double, because a player’s skills aren’t necessarily getting better, but rather declining. ‘ I wouldn’t say they’re more special for me because I know what I’m capable of doing but I know others would be surprised for the reason you listed’, expressed Donte Nicholas. Some players are just more destined to get triple doubles, because that special versatility doesn’t live in every player. Sometimes having limited resources for personal can help a guy achieve triple doubles, but in the case of the ex Metropolitan State University of Denver (NCAA2) forward, he has been able to be that triple double man on account of his game and not what kind of personal the team had. ‘ I think regardless of personal or whatever, I’ve always been this type of player. That’s why I can continue to perform like this different years and different locations. This is the type of player I enjoy being and wouldn’t want to be any other type because this is the most fulfilling to me’, warned Donte Nicholas.

The stat filler who has played more than 200 professional games and isn’t surprised by the horrible start by the Los Angeles Lakers because they are simply a bad team that just isn’t built to be competitive played last season with BBC US Heffingen (Luxembourg-LBBL) having another incredible season stat wise averaging 17.3ppg, 10.5rpg, Assists-3 (4.7apg), Steals-4 (2.3spg), FGP: 52.5%, 3PT: 31.2%, FT: 74.8%. He played in a very small country where often young Americans like to play right out of school to have great stats and then make the next step. He has played many years in the German pro B and knows exactly what league is more cut throat. ‘ I think Germany is a little more competitive across the board, because for the most part everyone is playing with a goal to play at a higher level. In Luxembourg, some have that goal but definitely a smaller percentage’, stressed Donte Nicholas. Last season he scored in double figures in 20 of 22 games and registered 12 double doubles. He even cracked the incredible 20 rebound mark having 19 points and 21 boards against Contern. ‘Last season was an interesting season, we didn’t have the most talent but I definitely think we overachieved. We surprised a lot of people in that league by performing how we did, that’s probably what I’ll cherish the most’, remembered Donte Nicholas.

The ex Montgomery College (JUCO) player who saw the sequel to the classic Coming To America and believes the classic should have been left alone has began hot with his new Sixers team and currently are 4-1 as they welcome another hot club the Dragons Rhondorf this weekend. The club may even have been 5-0 now had he been able to compete in the first game. ‘Unfortunately I didn’t play the first game but I think I could’ve helped and giving us a better chance to win. There is no secret to success but we have found our identity a little better and we’re trying to stick to it. Take care of the ball and play good defense and we have a chance to win games, simple as that’, commented Donte Nicholas. In comparison to other years, this season he is on a very young team that has an average age of 21 years. He is almost 20 years older than the clubs youngest youth player Armin Duracovic. He obviously has a special leadership role. ‘ It’s been fun, similar to the season I was in Giessen. I like working with the young players and helping them figure some things out. There is a lot of young talent here and I think the earlier they can learn the game the better and I do my part to help with that. This team is very young so naturally I fall into a leadership role but I think to be a successful leader you need to put others in position to lead as well. That way we all share responsibility and accountability so everyone feels the same motivation’, expressed Donte Nicholas. Currently he is averaging insane stats of 16/12/7 and is averaging the most assists in his career since his second season in Plymouth and currently is third in the Pro B. Not bad for a guy that isn’t a point guard. But as usual his humbleness shows that he sees his success as a product of what he has around him. ‘ Like I said earlier the assists are heavily reliant on the talent around you and we have a lot of talent here. The other stats are pretty consistent from what I’ve been doing my whole career’, warned Donte Nicholas. He will be turning 36 in March 2022 and the question is how much longer does he still want to be grinding on a daily basis for the game he loves. But 40 may be a reach for him. ‘I always said I want to ‘get out while the gettin’ is good’. Basically, I don’t have a set timeframe but definitely sooner rather than later but you never know’, stressed Donte Nicholas. One thing is for sure, I will definitely be able to see him play at least one more time. I have marked my calendar for the day February 18, 2023, because then I will see him ball again in Rhondorf. Maybe he will produce a triple double for me? And in terms of playing until he is 40, I could give him Derrick Allen’s number for motivation.


Joel Cwik Is A Swiss Army Knife That Is Just Enjoying The Game At Age 16

The 2021-2022 Ratiopharm Ulm U-16 team was a very special team that won their first title in May 2022 in Frankfurt. I was lucky to have witnessed their fantastic run that was crowned with the final win over Rostock. The club played as a team and just played beautiful basketball for kids 16 and under. There were 3 guys that really stood out and stayed in my memory even months later and they were the flashy scorer Jordan Mueller, the versatile big man Eric Reibe who had a nice soft touch and was a rim protector and then Joel Cwik, an overwhelming athletic player that I just remembered him being literally all over the court. A guy that could score and could defend the positions 1-4. It didn’t surprise anyone that he was named the 2022 JBBL (U-16) defender of the year. Almost 6 months later, I was overjoyed that I could possibly not only observe him again, but also his teammates Reibe and Mueller in a Regionalliga game in Limburg. Even though I would probably see them again soon in Frankfurt in a Pro B or youth game, I was still excited to see these talented players again and see how much better they were now then back in Frankfurt in late May. When I arrived to the Gym in Limburg, I scooted up to the scorers table and checked the BBU01 Ulm roster. Ok my heart sank a bit. Only 1 player of the 3 made the trip to Limburg. I thought at least one was there and it was Joel Cwik. A few hours later and after a hard fought 40 minute game, Joel Cwik left the gym as Ulm’s top scorer with 22 points and made 2 clutch money shots in crunch-time to seal the win. After the win, he spoke with ease in the post game interview as if he were a 10 year pro veteran.’ I have to make shots in important moments. Even though I had missed shots, my teammates still had faith in me and just told me to keep shooting’, expressed Joel Cwik. Even if his shot propelled the team to the win, it is that ability that is still his biggest weakness in his game. Other than that, he is simply a Swiss army knife that is just enjoying the game at age 16.

Joel Cwik all thumbs up after scoring a team high 22 points in the Ulm win in Limburg

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber conducting a post game interview with Joel Cwik After the win in Limburg

Joel Cwik was born on April 10, 2006. He grew up in the beautiful town Schwabische Alb and had very ambitious parents who would drive him the 40 minutes to Ulm so he could practice. Now he lives in Ulm and doesn’t have to commute anymore. He has played his whole life for the ratiopharm Ulm organization and was already seen as a massive talent early in his career. He was always a player that played one level higher than the age he was. One person who has been on his side since years is ratiopharm Ulm JBBL (U-16) coach Jochen Lotz who is in his sixth season at the helm. He is a school teacher and on the side basketball teacher that is very disciplined and emotional during his work. He was twice U-14 German finalist and won the U-16 cup once. He is a coach that has seen many very talented players over the years and with Joel Cwik has possibly one if not the most talented player ever. When you ask him about the 16 year old, you can hear that immense joy in his voice when talking about him. The first thing thought that Lotz has when he hears the name Joel Cwik isn’t his abilities, but something different. ‘He is a great guy’, said Jochen Lotz.

Having a good character is so vital now adays especially in professional sports for building good team chemistry, but obviously having game is the other part. His U-16 national team college Ivan Kharchenkov has practiced many times with him and battled against him various times as an opponent and has seen his game change in the last year. One thing is for sure that Lotz and Kharchenkov agree on some similar things concerning Cwik. ‘In the past he was more of a slasher and lock down defender, but he has improved his shot and now I see him going more in the direction of a 3 and D player’, stressed FC Bayern Munich guard player Ivan Kharchenkov. But his coach sees him as being much more than just a 3 and D player ‘He can do everything. He has game intelligence, is athletic, can go to the hoop, use both hands and can make deciding shots. He was a slasher once, but now he can find good solutions and is like a Swish army knife Plus he is the best defender on the wing for his age. He just needs to improve his shot’, stated Jochen Lotz. ‘He just needs to work on his shot. He has everything else’, warned Ivan Kharchenkov. I asked Ivan Kharchenkov to which German player he would compare the game of Cwik to and the answer was very chilling. ‘He reminds me of Scottie Pippen (202-G/F-1965, college: Cent Arkansas). He is an annoying defender that always sticks on you like a tick’, stated Ivan Kharchenkov. I tell Jochen Lotz this comparison and there is a short pause and chuckle. ‘I can’t really think of a German player, but I honestly have to agree with Ivan that he is a Scottie Pippen type of player. He does a lot of things you don’t see on the stat sheet. It reminds me of when a Jordan wasn’t there, Pippen proved he could take over a game. Well there actually is a German player that he reminds me of and that is Isaac Bonga. A player that can defend many positions’, warned Jochen Lotz

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Joel Cwik head coach Jochen Lotz at the 2022 JBBL final in Frankfurt

Last season in the JBBL (U-16) league he averaged 22,9ppg, 5,0rpg and had 2,5spg. He had 11 games with 3 or more steals and was always in double figures in efficiency. He continued to also play at a higher level than his age and already made strides in the NBBL (U-19) league playing 13 games averaging 8.3ppg, 2.1rpg, 1.4apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 69.1%, 3PT: 24.0%, FT: 66.7%. ‘He developed well in the JBBL and already practiced a lot with the NBBL team and played games. He showed that he could carry the team emotionally and with his game in critical phases. He grew into a great leader’, stated Jochen Lotz. His development continues to rise this season as he has the opportunity to play 3 levels with NBBL, Pro B (third division) with Orange Academy and in the fourth league Regionalliga with BBU 01 Ulm. He played 1 NBBL game scoring 12 points against Wurzburg, is averaging 16,3ppg, 2,8rpg, 1,2apg and 1,5spg while shooting 39% from outside in the Regionalliga while logging 25 minutes while in the Pro B is averaging 6,5ppg in 17 minutes time and shooting 40%. He is a big leader in the Regionalliga at age 16 where there are many grown men while in the Pro B is fighting for minutes against guys 2-3 years older than him who are further in their development. Lotz has a good explanation about his play at both levels. ‘Joel was always mature. He was already the second top scorer with the JBBL team when he was still a U-14 player. He understands the game well and has a good IQ. He is able to play against more physical players at the Regionalliga. He is a leader in the Regionalliga while in the Pro B needs to find a role. But he has competed hard and played well in practice against the older players Tobias Jenson and Max Langenfeld’, expressed Jochen Lotz. He can score at a high rate, but how good of a passer can he still become and possibly fill the stat sheet more and how will he continue to develop as a defender? ‘I think he can up his passing skills. He sees the holes well, but at the moment scoring is so easy for him that he doesn’t need to pass as much, but he definitely has the tools to be a good passer. To make the next step as a defender, he needs to get used to the higher tempo and get bigger. He is athletic, but in comparison to Ivan needs to get stronger. He also needs to get used to the speed. But he definitely can guard guards and bigger forwards on the wing’, stated Jochen Lotz.

There is something that Ivan Kharchenkov and Joel Cwik share and it isn’t mass. But when it comes to winning, they both have that special killer instinct. ‘Joel always wants to win. He likes to trash talk, but does it in a positive way. He always pushes everyone else. He can also get frustrated when something doesn’t work, but it is important to have an attitude like this’, warned Jochen Lotz. So where will the journey go for Joel Cwik? ‘If he continues to develop well as a young man and work hard on his game, he could be a easyCredit BBL player. But anything can happen. I think he could have the potential to be a Euroleague player’, warned Jochen Lotz. Lotz has worked countless hours with his student and has had many beautiful moments, but none better than this. ‘I can remember how happy he was when he made his first alley oop dunk after it hadn’t worked the first few times. His laugh was so authentic. It was so positive and refreshing. He grew 10 centimeters in this moment’, laughed Jochen Lotz. But also Ivan Kharchenkov has seen a side of Joel Cwik that entertained the whole gang during a youth national team practice. ‘We had a 5-5 training session. Before the drill there was a huddle and nobody wanted to defend me. Then Joel agreed to defend me. He jokingly said, I’m shaking at the knees, but Ok I’ll do it. Then everyone burst out laughing’, remembered Ivan Kharchenkov. Joel Cwik is only 16 and has already experienced a lot in his young career and is on a positive way up the basketball ladder, but the most important thing is that he is having fun. That is so invigorating.


The Miles Vs Chris Miller Weekly Basketball Conversation Volume 7

Christopher Miller (192-G-1993, college: Salem) is a 29 year old 193cm guard from Brooklyn, New York who is playing his eighth professional season and first with GoldCoast Wallabies NLB (2nd League). He played 3 seasons with the Giessen Pointers (Germany-Regionalliga) and last season averaged 17.4ppg, 5.6rpg, 3.2apg, 2.0spg, FGP: 50.5%, 3PT: 17.5%, FT: 78.6%. This season for Bensheim he averaged 19,5ppg, 3,8rpg, 2,0apg and 1,5spg. He has had experience in countries like El Salvador and Bosnia. He recently played for the South Shore Monarchs (TBL) playing 8 games averaging 22.4ppg, 5.6rpg, 4.3apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 50.8%, 3PT: 35.0%, FT: 83.3%. He began his basketball career at Clinton Community College and also played two years at Salem University (NCAA2). This season he teams up with Miles Schmidt-Scheuber with weekly chats about his basketball season.

You are now in Switzerland playing for Wallabies. How is autumn in your new country?

This Fall isn’t bad at all. It’s a bit warmer here. I’m enjoying the last bit of good weather before winter.

After a win the team lost against Akad Fribourg 74-65. Talk a little about the 40 minutes. Was this game decided in crunch-time?

This game was a up and down game which I felt we let slip away in the second half. We had things under control and then let it slip away and the opposing team gained confidence and momentum.

You came to a team that is struggling. What is your overall impression of the team? How is the team chemistry?

I believe this team is better than what the record shows. I think the chemistry is growing . I think it just takes a team a while to adjust to changes like this midway through the season. I believe we will turn it around.

Both teams struggled shooting from outside. But your team grabbed 18 offensive rebounds. Is this team generally a good rebounding team?

We are a good rebounding team. We have a lot of athletes who are capable of getting on the boards.

You had your second game with 20 plus points. How does the second Swiss league compare with the German Regionalliga?

I think the Swiss league has overall a bit more talent than Germany. Germany is more physical for sure. Still adjusting to the physicality here.

Has there been any adjustment that you have had to do with your game?

I just have to play a bit faster here some moves that worked in Germany don’t work here at the same speed . I like that this league keeps me on my toes. It’s a new situation.

You had 10 steals in the first 2 games. How do you explain that incredible rise in steals?

I came in to this team focusing more on my defense again and getting that step back to be able to reach those passing lane steals. I hope to continue this and showcase my defense on this level.

Is the scouting for opponents different than how you were accustomed in Germany in the Regionalliga?

It’s a new league I am still getting used to the style of play here and good players but my coaches are doing a great job at scouting and having us prepared for the opponents.

The Lakers are 2-10. Are you surprised by the start and will they rebound?

I think any team with Lebron James will be fine it’s a long season I believe the will be a playoff team and in the playoffs everyone has a chance.

Thanks Chris for the chat.


Joel Cwik´s Money Shots In Crunch-Time Power BBU 01 Ulm Past The Bona Baskets Limburg 98-89

That it isn’t easy to scout BBU Ulm is nothing new for Bona Baskets Limburg head coach Danny Stallbohm as the roster of the Regionalliga team consists of 22 highly talented young boys shuffling between the Regio-Pro B and NBBL teams. The Ulm squad came to Limburg sporting a 5-3 record and sitting in 5th place. Their big strength is their defense which allows only 65 points per game. The Bona Baskets Limburg came into the season off the wrong side of the bed as the loss of work horse KJ Sherril massively hurt their inside game resulting in 4 loses. But the team then somehow displayed will and heart won 3 games in a row where their defense came of age against Kronberg and Tuebingen and in the overtime thrill er in Giessen saw a career high 52 points by their point guard Matej Kljaic. After a tough loss in Saarlouis last weekend where their defense lost their footing allowing 99 points, Limburg wanted to get back on the winning track and tame the Ulm team that has an average age of only 18 years, but they couldn’t master crunch-time as Ulm guard Joel Cwik hit 2 big money shots to propel the guests to the 98-89 victory. ‘We began the game really well with team play, but we lost intensity in the second quarter. We came back again in the second half with team basketball and kept pushing each other. This was a real team win. Playing fast and having good ball movement was big in us getting the win’, stressed 2022 JBBL champion Joel Cwik. The Bona Baskets Limburg played great for long junctures of the game, but the game has 40 minutes and they just couldn’t finish it as their defense continued to haunt them. ‘We played a good first half pressing well on defense, but in the second half we gave them too many open tree’s. Our lack of communication on defense was a big problem. We also got beat to often on 1-1 plays’, stressed Limburg center Brandon Cataldo.

Finn Lehner from outside

The first quarter was a wild back and forth tug of war grudge match as there were 10 lead changes, but in the wanning minutes BBU 01 Ulm broke free posting a 12-2 run to lead comfortably 29-20. The Bona Baskets did a good job early on moving the ball around and getting many involved as Matej Kljaic, Brandon Cataldo and Swede Hugo Florestedt scored while the guests did the same getting big baskets form Cwick, diminutive 175cm point guard Marko Rosic (175-PG-2005) and Thomas Gaus as they had the 10-8 advantage. The lead changes kept going back and forth and Cataldo who was a monster and couldn’t be stopped scored twice. As soon as the Oregon native good good position to the basket, it’s good night for the opponent. BBU 01 Ulm continued to execute getting another trey from Guas, a put back by Cwik and a jumper from Rosic. Kljaic also continued to be a force always finding the small hole and squirting through for easy baskets as Limburg led 18-17 after the 10th lead change. But suddenly the Bona Baskets Limburg couldn’t hold up with Ulm and gave up the 12-2 run to end the first quarter. A big difference and game changer was the Ulm bench which would produce 30 points while the Limburg bench countered only with 4 points over 40 minutes. In the run the guests got huge production from Czech Republic forward Benjamin Koeppke who contributed 5 points while Bulgarian youngster Stefan Mihaylov scored as did Rosic with his pretty floater. ‘Allowing 29 points in the first quarter isn’t a good way to begin a game. We weren’t always organized on defense and gave up too many easy baskets. We have the potential to be a good defensive team, but we have to learn to paly together and be consistent’, stated Brandon Cataldo.

Hugo Florestedt at the FT line

In the second quarter the Bona Baskets Limburg produced 2 big runs to first get back into the game and then take the lead into the break. With BBU 01 Ulm leading comfortably 34-24, the Bona Baskets Limburg escaped out on a massive 14-2 run to retake the lead at 38-36. In the run, Limburg got huge production from Hugo Florestedt who produced 10 points. He played with huge intensity that Ulm couldn’t match as he scored two lay ins, got to the free throw line twice and also hit a jumper. Cataldo kept being a beast inside and German Norman Klima who is in his sixth season with Limburg also gave them bench points. Cataldo showed that whenever he was on the floor, everything worked with Limburg, but when he was off the floor, lapse would arise. Ulm also got sloppy in their offensive sets. But that wouldn’t last long as Ulm would steal the lead back 44-40 as they continued to get good support form the bench as Mihaylov added 5 points and Simeon Dimitrov also scored. But the contest showed again how often basketball is a game of runs as Ulm lost their rhythm again which Limburg took full advantage of and drove into half-time with the 53-47 lead. In the run Cataldo was unstoppable again scoring 6 points while Kljaic was always in attack mode getting to the free throw line twice while Jari Beckmann made a runner. Florestedt saved his best for last as he escaped on transition and scoring with a lay up at the buzzer. ‘Getting buckets on transition is Florested’s game. It all started with getting good press stops that led to easy baskets. We worked hard on our zone. That is a big part of our game’, stated Brandon Cataldo.

Thomas Gaus at the FT line

The third quarter continued to be a tight affair as the Bona Baskets Limburg held the lead, but they just couldn’t slam the door early on Ulm. The first few minutes was the Guas and Cataldo show as they traded baskets twice, but Limburg still led 58-52. Both teams then also had a good, but short phase hitting three’s as Ulm got two from their small and quick guards Rosic and Stoll while Limburg got one form Beckmann, but Limburg still had the upper-hand with the 63-58 advantage. BBU 01 then had a positive phase again going on a 10-2 run to grab the 68-65 lead back. The guests continued to demonstrate good team basketball where all ego’s were put on the back burner as German Sebastian Pachucki scored twice, Cwik made an off balance shot and Dimitrov scored in the paint. But the Bona Baskets closed out the third quarter in style with a brutal 9-0 run to lead 74-68 after 30 minutes. Limburg picked up their defensive intensity and forced Ulm to tough shots and also made them rush decisions. On offense Limburg got a huge spark from Beckmann getting 7 points off a trey and 4 free throws. Cataldo added an offensive rebound and putback. ‘We played more aggressive and together and stuck to the game plan better’, added Brandon Cataldo. ‘We had problems containing Cataldo and gave up too many easy baskets’, stated Joel Cwik.

Matej Kljaic from the corner

In the fourth quarter BBU 01 Ulm fought back and regained the lead, but did allow Limburg one more lead, but quickly stole the lead back and then would never look back again. The Bona Baskets Limburg started the fourth quarter nonchalantly and not focused and were scolded with a smack in the face and 9-0 run by the guests as they led 77-74. In the run Ulm received got brutal production from Cwik with 7 points. He delivered with a trey, lay in and hard dunk while Gaus made an off balance lay in. The guests would keep the narrow lead and got a clutch three from Finn Lehner from the bench but Kljaic also continued to be a force. He showed that he was excellent knowing when to score and when to dish as he showed with 15 assists. With crunch-time around the corner he scored back to back buckets with a floater and lay in as Limburg led 84-83. But then came the turning point of the game as BBU01 Ulm closed out the contest with a ruthless 14-3 run to win the ball game. Dimitrov began with a lay in which was followed by a Rosic 15 footer. Gaus had a lay in and Cwik then put the nail on the lid with 2 three’s as the guests led 95-86 with less than 2 minutes to play. Cwik finished with a team high 22 points. ‘Rosic found me and got me open shots. When I have the chance in a big moment, I have to make the shot. I had had a bad phase missing some shots, but my teammates continued to have confidence in me and told me to keep shooting’, stressed Joel Cwik. The guests still had energy left and just stepped up their intensity as Limburg couldn’t get easy baskets. Beckmann did hit a late three, but it wasn’t enough. ‘We ran out of gas and didn’t communicate enough. I have to be more vocal in a situation like that’, said Brandon Cataldo. ‘We ran the whole game and still had energy at the end. Key was that we had a deeper bench and just outran them’, expressed Joel Cwik. BBU 01 Ulm was led by Joel Cwik with 22 points. Marko Rosic added 18 points and Thomas Gaus 17 points while the Bona Baskets Limburg were led by Brandon Cataldo with 24 points and 15 boards while Matej Kjaic had 23 points and 15 dimes and Hugo Florestedt had 21 points and 11 rebounds. BBU 01 Ulm shot 55% from the two point range and 44% form outside and had 33 rebounds and 16 turnovers while the Bona Baskets Limburg shot 50% from the two point range and 15% from outside and had 40 rebounds and 17 turnovers

That Isn´t Shaq In Limburg But 290 Pound Brandon Cataldo(Bona Baskets Limburg) Wrecking Havoc On The Court

Brandon Cataldo (213-C-1991, college: Portland St.) is a 30 year old 213cm center from Oregon that is playing with German Regionalliga team Bona Baskets Limburg. He turned professional in 2015 with the Westfalen Mustangs. He played 3 seasons in Italy with teams Lorenz CMS Certaldo (Italy-Serie C Gold), Sutor BK 1955 Montegranaro (Italy-Serie C) and APD OR. SA. Barcellona (Italy-Serie C). He also gained further experience with teams : Barcelona Sporting Club (Ecuador-National League), Ungmennafelagio Snaefell (Iceland-D1) and KFUM Kalmar (Sweden-Superettan. He played at Portland State from 2011-2015 playing a total of 83 NCAA games. He spoke to germanhoops.comabout basketball.

Thanks Brandon for talking to Where are you at the moment and how is basketball life treating you?

Hello thanks for having me I’m very honored to be chosen for an interview by you and look forward to meeting you this weekend I’ve heard some good things about you. Life is great honestly being back in Limburg! I have been wanting to come back since I left but things just didn’t work out and due to covid I chose to play in France NM2 last season for Horrsariou which was an overall amazing experience also!

Your back in Limburg playing basketball. You were here before. You must have a special relationship with head coach Danny Stallbohm.

Coach Danny has been somewhat of a godsend for me because I was cut from my team in France this season in the first month due to not arriving in great shape however it wasn’t a good fit system for me there in Agen NM3.

You came during the 3 game winning streak. How crazy was coming in and playing that crazy game in Giessen where your teammate Matej Kljaic had 52 points.

That game against Giessen was really fun despite fouling out before the end of regulation it felt good to know my team could get it done and Matej is a special player for sure! I have had some good teammates before but Matej has vision unlike a lot of them and I almost immediately felt a connection with him on the court in the first practice 3 weeks ago

You were welcomed back to the Regionalliga by Terry Winn who had 33 points and 14 rebounds. What was it like battling him?

Terry Winn is a big time talent I noticed right away and it was cool to play against him. I look forward to the next time I get to play against him! It felt like I was back at the level I belong in and it’s really motivating to me to play against good players like this!

Even if Limburg did lose a tough game in Saarlouis, it has been playing better despite a short rotation and work horse KJ Sherril out. Has the team been playing on adrenaline and has it understood that it has to do everything possible in order to win?

This team has been figuring out our identity on the defensive end of the game due to the short rotation but we are definitely a talented group, we just have to figure out how to play together and move the ball more and we will compete with even the top teams. I was looking forward to playing with KJ but he got hurt right before I came.

What exactly is your role? I can imagine you are there to control the paint and score

My role on this team is currently to give Limburg an inside presence on defense and offense scoring easy buckets inside and also stretching the floor a little bit. Physically I am difficult to stop when I get the ball close to the basket so I have to really just do my best to set good solid screens and roll to the basket and our guards have done a great job at giving me the ball.

You played little in the NCAA and had limited roles in other countries but you proved in Iceland that you can be a double double man. Currently your averaging 14/12 stats. Do you feel that your game has been underestimated in some places?

My game has definitely been underestimated and this has led me to getting more limited roles but I know inside that I am very capable and having a coach like Danny who believes in me is just what I have needed!

You are teammates again with Justin Stallbohm. What do you enjoy most about his game and how infectious is his smile?

Justin is a knockdown shooter who is currently going through a small slump however I am confident he will get back into his rhythm and get back to normal soon. His smile is very infectious and I’m really are fortunate to get to play with a guy like him

An important addition has been Swedish forward Hugo Florestedt. How would you describe his game and is he a sort of glue guy for the team?

I would describe Hugo Florestedt as an all around gifted offensive player who can knock down shots and run the floor for easy baskets in transition so it has been great being his teammate and I think we will definitely continue to be effective together!

Last season you played with KFUM Kalmar (Sweden-Superettan) playing 6 games averaging 3.2ppg, 3.7rpg. You were there only a month. What positives could you take in your short time there?

I was actually in Kalmar for 9 months but I came in February of 2021 in the midst of covid all across the world and stayed there to get back into shape and get back into my game. It was a good experience and now they are in top league Sweden so I wish nothing but the best for them! I was playing behind an absolute beast Tobias Sjoeberg, so everyday at practice was a battle! I would say that they helped me get back into shape because they worked really hard in practice and preseason especially!

You didn’t play in the 20-21 season. I can imagine that Covid played a role. Were you back at home in the States and could you still be involved with basketball?

In the 20-21 season I was somewhat lost in terms of where to go but I always wanted to come back to play in Limburg! I have remained in contact with Coach Danny but it just didn’t work out for either party.

You played the 19-20 season with Ungmennafelagio Snaefell (Iceland-D1) playing18 games averaging 18.6ppg, Reb-5 (12.3rpg), 1.8apg, FGP: 53.4%, 3PT: 27.3%, FT: 60.0%. Despite losing many games, it must have been an incredible experience living in Iceland. What do you remember being the coolest thing you saw in the country during your stay there?

Playing for Snaefell was really a fun experience, despite losing almost every game the time in Iceland was something I’ll forever cherish because they took very good care of me there and I got to see one of the most beautiful countries in the world! I would say the coolest part of Iceland was Blue Lagoon and also Reykjavik in the downtown area. The Golden circle was also very beautiful!

You had 2 games with 22 and 21 rebounds. Not many bigs can say they have hauled down 20 or more rebounds. Did it sometimes feel like you were a man among boys in the paint?

The games I had over 20 rebounds I was being very active on the boards and due to my size that tends to make it easy to get those type of numbers for rebounds. I would say I’m a man among boys almost everytime I touch the floor it just comes down to being smart and not picking up silly fouls and that’s something I’ve always struggled with due to being bigger and stronger than most of my opponents.

You played 3 years in Italy with Lorenz CMS Certaldo (Italy-Serie C Gold), Sutor BK 1955 Montegranaro (Italy-Serie C) and APD OR. SA. Barcellona (Italy-Serie). What kind of an experience and how do you rate the competitive level and skill level of players in general in the C-Gold?

Italy is like my second home away from home i would say out of all my experiences my time in Serie C is a time I really appreciated the most due to the culture of Italy and the competition is much better than I originally anticipated!

Often you were the lone import among Italian players. What did you learn to appreciate about Italian players in general?

I mostly was by myself as a lone import but they always tended to help me out and I picked up the language in Italy in my time there due to the language barrier. I have always loved Latin based languages I speak fluent Spanish and Italian now due to the experiences I’ve had abroad and my studies at Portland state and High school. I appreciated mostly the comradary of the Italian players those guys all became my life long brothers!

You played your rookie season with the Westfalen Mustangs (Germany-2.Regionalliga). What a team to start your rookie season with. The organization didn’t pay it’s players. How did you survive this season?

I played for Westfalen my first month of overseas basketball in 2015 and ended up going to play in Serie D Italy and won a championship with San Vincenzo Basket. That was a season that I really loved because it was my first taste of overseas basketball. Despite it being a really low level I enjoyed every moment and winning a championship is special anywhere you go!

What do you remember being your wake up call to being a rookie overseas where you knew that you were far away from home?

I remember my first morning in Westfalen we had been moved out of one apartment into another haha it happened 3 times but I was very jet lagged and was just taking it all in we played in a tournament I remember and we ended up winning every game there that I played but I had 2 American teammates that really were veterans that both ended up leaving after a couple months I left after the first month. I just want to say one thing about all my experiences and that is this. I have been all around the world literally, Italy Germany Mongolia Iceland Ecuador Sweden France and Germany has been the best fit for me and my game so far from what I can see

Were you able to bond with some players that season? I remember Kris Douse was on that team. He had played previously in Limburg.

Almost every team I’ve played on I have a few good close teammates who I stay in touch with daily almost such as Ben Kil, I run a consultation service to help connect players with teams overseas I’m not sure if you knew that but I ended up getting Ben a player coach job in Iceland he was the first Korean American import in Europe so that’s one Stat I want to highlight also I’ve made connections with a lot of other teammates but I really want you to know how special of a bond I have with this one player we have been in the middle of Iceland together but we met first in Mongolia playing for the “Lakers of mongolia” “SBL” they had like 4 or 5 national team players including sanchir and Tommy Bilgens I think I spelt his name correct but I had 3 American teammates in Mongolia that short season after I played in Limburg last in 2019 that team in Mongolia brought me in to help win playoffs but I ended up playing against Ex NBA Player CJ Giles and losing in game 7 of the championship series. Another amazing experience out there in Mongolia. I really have a lot to say about all my experiences but I want to highlight bringing in Ben Kil. To Iceland for the first Asian American import in European basketball history in my own consultation service

You were at Portland State from 2011-2015. What kind of an experience was it playing there? You never averaged more than 10 minutes a game?

My time there was amazing I had my family at every single home game and I got to go travel mostly all of the united states, coming from a small town in Oregon “Rainier, Oregon”
I hope you don’t forget I was ranked number 10 in the nation in my class at my position in the 2010 class and I had Over 35 division 1 offers but I chose Portland state because it was close to home and I fractured my tibia my senior year In high school. I chose Portland state and I’m very blessed to have gone this path despite very little production on the stat sheet. I have so much to talk about I’m trying to just be limited in my answers to answer everything you’re asking and more. Portland state was a great experience but I think I stayed 5 years in the wrong university system I’m just happy I met my wife at a road game in the Big sky because without her I wouldn’t be who I am today and that means a lot to me family is something I’ve often put above pride or accolades and that is maybe why my career never really took off but I’m happy to accept this fate

You had a 16/13 game against Walla Walla. Was that one of your more memorable games in the NCAA?

My game against walla walla was a game I barely remember but it was against a team much worse than the level of my team so I was given a lot of freedom to do my thing in that game even though I could’ve done more in the regular season as well but I respect my coaches decision. I had a double double against Kham Birch who’s in the NBA now. That was my most memorable game but I remember playing walla walla it felt very easy like most the times I touched the floor at Portland State. I was limited in minutes because I was stubborn in my development in that school. I just wanted to do things my way and I was very inconsistent which is why I didn’t perform. I got down to 258 pounds at Portland state but I am more confident and powerful and able to dominate somewhere closer to where I am at right now which is 300 pounds. 290 to 300 lbs is my go to weight. For example in Iceland I was where I’m at currently in weight. But most of my career I have been above this weight and it’s caused me to be less productive. The game is very mental and I think when I’m not confident from my coach it makes things harder. You can see even though I’m 300 I still was very efficient in the last game against Saarlouis. I’m right where I want to be and I’m improving weekly

How did head coach Tyler Geving groom and prepare you best for a professional career?

Coach taught me a lot.

Who won a 1-1 in practice you or Collin Spickman?

You can ask Collin Spickman about this match up but he will tell you that I killed him daily as well as Japan professional Kyle Richardson. I’ve had my fair share of dominant practices and they will never doubt my abilities if you ask my teammates. Collin was a great shot blocker and could play at a fast pace like coach Geving wanted. He was what I would call a 4

Who was the best player that you ever faced in your life that reached the NBA or a higher league?

The best player was Damian Lillard I can say very confidently he played us a few times while having several injuries in college despite being the leading scorer the couple years he had been healthy. I remember he had 38 points on us at our house in the regular big sky conference match up and 40 against us at their house. We ended up playing them in the semi finals of our conference playoffs. He had 24 points but I would say that game my teammate Charles Odum killed him and earned a mid major all American status in that game along with the rest of the season. Kham Birch Ime Udoka, Mike James, Damian Lillard, and Marcus Smart are among my top 5 best players I’ve played against

Please name your 5 best teammates of all-time?

My best teammates were in my AAU years for sure but I’ve had some very special teammates in my professional career as well but I see the term “best” as all time bests. I have had Mike James as a teammate in AAU, chehales Tapscott at PSU, Charles Odum at PSU, Nicola temperini “sutor montegranero” and John shodipo “ecuador Barcelona serie A” would be my top 5 best teammates overall

Please name your NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present heads?

NBA Mt Rushmore is clearly #1 Dame Lillard, I’m a die hard blazer fan, #2 Kobe Bryant, #3 LeBron James, #4 Tim Duncan, #5 Shaquille O’Neal “my middle School email address was but I loved Arvydas Sabonis and Dirk Nowitzki as well which enticed me to go play overseas. I am confident that If I attempted to tryout for the NBA g league or NBA at this point they would give me shot because I can really back down most of these special athletes in the NBA today tomorrow and the next day

What is your personal opinion of the neverending debate of who is the greatest of all-time Jordan or Lebron?

In the discussion of LeBron vs Jordan I say Kobe Bryant was the best of all time, I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I think in terms of legacy and true impact of the game you have Kobe Bryant but I guarantee that answer will change soon due to the upcoming talent coming into the game now. I don’t consider LeBron and MJ being comparable

Did you see the sequel to thze classic Coming To America movie? Shouldn’t they have left it alone?

Never seen the sequel to coming to America because I never got into American films since I’ve been overseas

Thanks Brandon for the chat.