John Fowler(BC Energie Zwickau) I’m A Defense First Guy, But I Can Score.

John Fowler is a 24 year old 193cm forward that was born in Osceloa, Arkansas. He played at The University of Arkansas at Little Rock. In his senior year, he played 31games averaging 10.5ppg, 5.6rpg, 2.0apg, FGP: 42.5%, 3Pts: 35.6%, FT: 71.3%. Some awards and achievements in his young career so far have been , Sun Belt Tournament Semifinals -08, 09, Sun Belt West Division Regular Season Champion -08, 09, and Sun Belt Defensive Player of the Year -09. He is a rookie playing in Germany in the Regionaliga for BC Energie Zwickau. He took some time to talk to German Hoops about basketball.

1. John thanks for taking some time to talk to German Hoops. You are playing your first season in Germany for Regionaliga team BC Energie Zwickau. How do you like living in Germany?

I like living in Germany it is a good country the people are nice and friendly.

2. Was it a difficult transition coming to Germany and then especially to the former East Germany?

It really wasn’t a difficult transition for me. I was just excited about the opportunity to come play professional basketball in Germany, I didn’t care what part of Germany it was!


Kevin Worsley (BC ENERGIE ZWICKAU, Regionaliga) The 1, 2, And 3 Are All Interchangeable Positions So You Should Be Able To Play Them All If You Are A Good Player

Kevin Worsley is a 24 year old shooting guard/small forward from Chesapeake, Virginia that is playing in Germany for BC ENERGIE ZWICKAU. He is a  very versatile player, who started his college career as a point guard at Neosho CC and then moved to the 2 and the 3 positions. He plays above the rim with his 36 inch vertical and has an outstanding mid-range jumper. This is why he can spend time even at the 4 position if needed. Also, he is a defensive stopper that always wants to check the team’s best player. Was top 100 in the nation in steals his senior season. He played at Norfolk Sate(NCAA) from 2006-2009. In his senior year, he played 32 games: 5.3ppg, 3.8rpg, 1.0apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 44.4%, FT: 69.7%. Last season, he played for Hampton Roads Cardinals (EBA): 18 ppg, 6 rpg, 2.0 apg, 1.8 spg. He took some time to talk to german hoops about basketball.

You are from Chesapeake, Virginia. What was your childhood like?

My childhood was like most kids I am the youngest out of 3 kids. I have an older brother named Kenny who has taught me mostly everything that I know about basketball and I have an older sister name Cassandra who is my biggest fan. I was raised with both of my parents living together so I am very blessed if I would say. My parents made sure I have the latest things so I could focus on sports and school instead being in the streets with the guys who gave up on their dreams. I had a strong supporting cast which consists of all the people in Virginia who believed in me and saw that I was determined to be successful. My family and friends never allowed me to get in trouble because they saw potential in me so they kept me on a straight path.


Victor Morris Looking On Returning Back To Germany

Victor Morris is a 25 year old 185cm guard from Inkster Michigan. He played at Cleveland St. From 2003-2007. In his senior season, he played 22 games: 7.5ppg, 2.5rpg, 2.1apg, FGP: 38.7%, 3PT: 34.3%, FT: 84.0%. He came overseas in 2007 and played for TS Goeppingen (Germany-Regionalliga, starting five): 18 games: 20.3ppg, 5.0rpg, 6.0apg. In 2008-2009, he played in Germany and Finland for TS Goeppingen (Germany-Regionalliga): 8 games: 15.5ppg, in Dec.’08 moved to Porvoon Tarmo (Finland-Korisliiga, starting five): 27 games: 14.7ppg, 3.5rpg, 2.5apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 48.3%, 3PT: 39.6%, FT: 64.2%. He Help lead TS Goeppingen to Final Four of the Regionalliga Cup in 2008, led the Regionalliga (South-West) in free-throw percentage 2008,ranked top 5 in scoring in Regionalliga (South-West) 2008, scored a career high 44 points in German BBW Cup Championship 2008, set a career high in assists with 13 against Rastatt 2008, was German BBW Cup Champion 2008, German BBW Cup Final Four MVP 2008 and a Regionalliga All-Star  in 2008. He recently played for Team Amsterdam (Eurobasket Summer League in Chicago). He spoke to German Hoops about his future.

How has your summer been? How does a normal summer workout day look like for Victor Morris?

My summer has been great! I’ve been busy working out and attending international exposure camps. I was invited to Chicago, IL for the Diamond Midwest Exposure Camp. Where I played very well and made the camps all-star team. – Video I was also invited to Atlanta, GA for the Pro One Sports Exposure Camp, where I also played good and made the camps all-star team. Then I received an invite from Eurobasket to come to back to Chicago, IL but this time for the Eurobasket Summer League. I was able to showcase my skills for Eurobasket and again was selected by Darryl Reshaw to the camps all-star team.
So as you can see, my summer has been very busy but beneficial. A normal workout for me varies depending on the day of the week, but I normally hit the gym around 9am with my trainer to work on individual skill work, that usually last about 2 hrs. I rest and have lunch for about an hour then it’s on to weights and cardio, (track or pool). After working out with my trainer, I hit the gym again. I play in a few competitive summer leagues at least 4 days out of the week with other pros that are here in Michigan. Playing with some of the former NBA and current international professionals really helps fine tune my game.


Jermaine Robinson Goes from The Premier League In Israel To The German Regionaliga

Jermaine Robinson is a 28 year old 188cm guard from Philadelphia. Currently he is playing for Bernau in the Regionaliga. He played at Cleveland State with Omari Westley from 2000-2004. In his senior year, he played 29 games averaging 19.6ppg, 4.6rpg, 2.5apg. He went to Europe in 2004 to Norway to play for the Harstad Vikings playing 13 games and averaging 23,6ppg, 4,5rpg, 4,4apg, 2,7spg, 0,3bpg, but left before the end of the season and signed at Haifa/Nesher BC (Israel-Premier L. Gr. 9-12) playing 9 games averaging 6.1ppg, 1.6apg, 1.1spg, 2FGP: 47.6%, 3FGP: 31.8%. In 2006-2007, he came to Germany to play for SV Hagen-Haspe 70 (Germany-Regionalliga, starting five) playing 5 games and averaging 17.2ppg. In 2007-2008, he had his first tour of duty with SSV Lokomotive Bernau playing 10 games and averaging 19.0ppg. Last season, he played in Chile for Provincial Osorno.

In an exclusive interview for German Hoops, Jermaine talks about how he went from playing in Isarel to playing in the Regionaliga.