Isaac Bonga Controlled His Own Destiny To Get Into The Competitive NBA Door Of The Los Angeles Lakers

It was just another normal late winter evening in early March 2017 as the Fraport Skyliners Juniors had to beat the Giants Nordlingen in a do or die game to secure their ticket for the Pro B playoffs which they did in fine fashion 83-59 and in a way stole the show from young 17 year old German phenom Isaac Bonga who had produced his second rare feat of the season. His first incredible accomplishment was at the start of the season where he became the fifth youngest player ever to get inserted into a BBL game at age 16 and the second happened on this night against Nordlingen. At the 1.29 minute mark of the fourth quarter in a game already decided, ex Bremerhaven point guard Garai Zeeb used the ball reversal zipping a quick pass from one side of the court to the other finding Isaac Bonga on the wing hanging out all alone as he squared his feet didn´t even hesitate for a blink of a second and fired away finding nothing but net at the 1.27 minute mark and thus registering his first triple double as a young professional with a 10 point, 15 rebound and 10 assist game. One could cautiously say after posting stats like this it wouldn´t have been strange if he would have gotten a standing ovation in the Skyliners office Monday morning or at least somebody coming up with the magical phrase and preaching “It´s not a bird, it´s not a plane, it´s Super Bonga. The phrase may be strong, but Superman and Bonga do have one thing in common with the skyscraper link of Metropolis and Frankfurt. Strange as it may be, it was his more fragile three point shot that sealed the triple double and not his bread and butter penetration that more often than not makes him look like a man among kids when he glides to the hoop unscathed and when it counted most, his outside shot stayed surprisingly faithful as he went 2/3 from the parking lot erasing any doubt about the previous nine contests where he had gone a scary 1/21. After the big win and playoff reward, his triple double remained somewhat of a side note as the slick German used his immaculate and positive character making a huge accomplishment look like any other basketball working night not forgetting his deficits. ““It is a very good feeling getting this triple double. I am happy that I was able to find my teammates and that they found me tonight” I know that I have to improve my shot, but when I let that last one go, it looked good and then I was relieved when it was in”, stressed Isaac Bonga. This was just another story of many in the last 24 months of Isaac Bonga as he was slowly approaching the age of 18 and controlling his own destiny looking to get through the competitive NBA door.

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber covered Isaac Bonga for two seasons in Germany from 2016-2018 covering 3 leagues with the BBL, Pro B and NBBL where the German played in. This photo was with Isaac Bonga after the NBBL playoff lost against IBAM in 2017

Isaac Bonga´s family comes from Conga, Africa, but he was born in Neuwied Germany a Klay Thompson long three pointer away from the beautiful city Koblenz which lies on the majestic Rhein and Mosel rivers and in terms of basketball country is far away from huge basketball communities like Frankfurt, Bamberg or Berlin. Bonga comes from an athletic family as his brother Taris plays soccer for Fortuna Duesseldorf´s second team and Isaac also started to play Germany´s most popular sport at age seven before making the jump to basketball at age 10. He started his basketball career and learned his early basketball trade with the Post SV – Luetzel Baskets Koblenz junior team under the guidance of coach Marcel Kastor. It wasn´t hard to see that Bonga had talent, but just how far he could go depended on how much work he would put in. It was obvious right away that this gifted young man wouldn´t just spend a few hours a day, but put in the extra yards and miles and go all out as his work ethic as a 12 year old was already extraordinary and way beyond his years. He was able to let his talent do the talking on the court as he put up mind boggling stats in the JBBL(under 16 youth league) and was garnering the interest of scouts from top Euroleague teams in Spain that have guys like Messi and Ronaldo in the football department as putting up 40 points or grabbing 15 rebounds in a game was just another day at school for Bonga as one could trade the phrase a man among kids with a kid among babies. It didn´t take long before the German was able to suit up with SG Luetzel-Post Koblenz (2.Regionalliga) in the 2014-2015 season as now all of a sudden he was still a kid, but the babies suddenly turned into men. The ambitious team wanted to move up to the Regionalliga and did which cut into Bonga´s playing time. However in the next season 2015-2016 he played a few games as a 15 year old in the Regionaliga for SG Luetzel-Post Koblenz (2.Regionalliga) before turning 16 years old and finishing the season playing 24 Regionalliga games averaging  5.9ppg, 2.8rpg, 2.0apg, FGP: 58.4%, 3PT: 19.0%, FT: 64.1%. One has to remember, Koblenz was filled with talented experienced players so being able to put up such fine stats in his limited minutes was a reflection on his gifted talent. What many didn´t know, Bonga was already in the Fraport Skyliners organization playing for their NBBL(U-19 youth league) team Eintracht Frankfurt averaging 15.9ppg, 7.9rpg, 3.6apg. I can remember a balmy Halloween night in 2015 as the Fraport Skyliners were in Hagen, their second assistant coach Eric Detlev was sent on the mission to watch the young kid play a Regionalliga game in Limburg 70 kilometers away from Frankfurt. The Fraport Skyliners were like many BBL teams very interested in this phenom as a year later Bonga already had made his debut in the EasyCredit BBL.

Bonga Moved to the Fraport Skyliners in the summer of 2016 as Sebastian Gleim now the Pro B coach paid a big part in him signing a four year contract and in his first season had triple service playing for the Fraport Skyliners in the EasyCredit BBL, Fraport Skyliners Juniors in the Pro B, and Eintracht Frankfurt in the NBBL getting the best conditions so that he could develop further while also going to school. He came to the club as a huge talent, but already displayed his unending abilities in pre season in a game against the RheinStars Cologne on the Wiesbaden airbase where he was unveiling fancy no look passes that coupled with his length brought the first comparisions to Magic Johnson and was wetting the appetites of many for more to come from only a 16 year old. Bonga entered the 2016-2017 season at 203cm and a wing span of 2,14 that grew to 205cm and 2,19 as the season went on. The German has stated early on that his favorite player is ex NBA player Jason Williams and his current role model is Milwaukee Bucks Greek beast Giannis Antetokounmpo and not only he had seen this comparison as that name also has come out of the mouths of many others like ex Lok Bernau guard Pierre Bland. Other comparisons also have been to players like big guards Greek legends Dimitris Diamantidis and Theodoros Papaloukas or other NBA players like Shaun Livingston or Michael Carter-Williams. At first glance, it is his body that exuberates sheer athleticism even before one has seen him take flight to the rim like a hungry hawk looking for it´s next prey. Even if you have never seen him play a second just by looking at his stat lines in the Pro B and NBBL where he saw ample minutes, he gave filling the stat sheet a new meaning the way guards like Chris Paul and Dwayne Wade have been proving for years in the NBA.

Even though Bonga is 205cm and still growing he sees himself as a point guard even though guys with that height are usually a power forward or even a center. For those that have watched him closely one could argue what his biggest strength is on the court as he can do so many things well. Obviously his passing skills are unbelievable for his age and one can only wonder what type of passer he will be in 3-4 years. He also excels with his quick drive to the hoop which has been unstoppable in the lower leagues, but how well will it develop and translate at the G-League and NBA levels as his body continues to grow. To be able to pass the ball so effectively also has to do with his fantastic basketball IQ and court vision that is strengthened with his 205cm that allows him to have a lot better view of the court as his opponents constantly have mismatches to battle with. Another big strength in his arsenal is the mental side as he has a very ambitious self confidence on the court. His work ethic also continues to get lauded. He always wanted to learn and get better and never has had that satisfied feeling that young players often get when the hype gets too big or when they simply over train too much and burn out. Bonga has received a lot of hype as he has graced the cover of German basketball magazine BIG and was a projected 2018 NBA first round pick for the whole 2016-2017 season and was only stuck behind Slovenian basketball sensation Luka Donic who became a NBA lottery pick last summer. Bonga coped well with the press and was able to balance three teams and school. It was a lot of fun telling American players before a Pro B game remember the name Isaac Bonga or asking a question about him in an interview. After 40 minutes, the Americans had a better idea of who Bonga was and for the most part were impressed by the 17 year old. “Bonga has a lot of potential. He is very big for a guard and has a good eye for the pick and role. He is something very special”, warned ex Nordlingen Giants American Terence Smith who led all scorers with 26 points, but witnessed Bonga´s triple double lead Frankfurt to the win in the 2016-2017 season. However there were some who have put on the safety brake concerning Bonga´s NBA future as he is only a kid and rushing things too much might be more disadvantageous than advantageous. Many saw him in the NBA next while others saw him taking more time to get there. “He still has a lot of work ahead of him. I see him in the NBA in 4-5 years. He needs to work on his shot and decision making, but he is an undisputed huge talent. He needs to concentrate fully on Frankfurt. He will have some good BBL games, but won´t be consistent. He has a very good self confidence and he needs to continue to play Pro B to get minutes and he needs to dominate there the way Dennis Schroeder did with Braunschweig and take responsibility”, warned  TSV Oberhaching Deisenhofen (Regionalliga) head coach Mario Matic in the summer of 2017. Two time Pro B scoring leader Ricky Easterling played against Bonga once losing 66-63 in Frankfurt with BG Karlsruhe and caught the talented German on an off day as he netted three points in 24 minutes. Easterling is careful about not adding more unneeded hype for the 17 year old. “”I feel Bonga has a lot of talent and potential to be a very good player. I think he could make a name for himself in the BBL If he works hard and is able to reach his full potential then I think he could possibly get drafted in the NBA”, stressed Ricky Easterling in the 2016-2017 season.

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber talking basketball with Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka in May 2018 as he came to Germany to personally observe Isaac Bonga


In 2016-2017 in the Pro B for the Fraport Skyliners he played  20 games averaging 11.0ppg, 6.5rpg, 4.1apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 47.1%, 3PT: 23.0%, FT: 71.4%. He scored in double figures in eight games and registered four double doubles and hit the Bayer Giants Leverkusen with 26 points. He didn´t play as much in the NBBL for the Fraport Skyliners due to conflicts in his schedule playing 5 games averaging 11.4ppg, 8.0rpg, 4.6apg, 2.0spg, 1.2bpg, 2PT: 56.8%, 3PT: 16.7%, FT: 50.0. He wasn´t the dominating scorer, but he didn´t have to be as his role was to keep the team together at both ends of the court and his stats demonstrated that. Everybody understood that if the club needed instant scoring or were in trouble, that he would come through. In the BBL, he got some minutes here and there to get his feet wet in the top league playing double digit minutes against Ludwigsburg and ratiopharm Ulm and holding his own on the defensive end getting a couple steals against the aggressive style of head coach John Patrick and Ludwigsburg. Bonga also had some highlight during the season with one being taking part at the Ciutat de L’Hospitalet International Junior Tournament at the end of 2016 (Qualifications to ANGT Finals) reaching the(Semifinals + All-Tournament Team where he played 4 games averaging 12.3ppg, 3.0rpg, 2.5apg, 1.8spg, 2PT: 50%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 82.4%. He also took part at the Kaunas Adidas Next Generation Tournament (Qualifications to ANGT Finals) getting nominated to the All-Tournament Team) playing 4 games: Score-5(14.5ppg), Reb-1(9.5rpg), 5.3apg, Steals-1(3.3spg), 1.5bpg, 2FGP: 43.2%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 64.7%. Here he found some more fans especially NBA scouts and his 2018 NBA draft stock continued to rise in the major mock drafts. His toughest foe there was Frenchman Yves Pons who most likely made a note of Bonga in his mental notebook as they will probably battle again sometime down the road. The next highlight came in February as he traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana to not only breathe some NBA air at the 2017 NBA Allstar weekend, but to also participate at the Basketball Without Boarders Global camp where he dueled against big time prospects like Canadian RJ Bennet, Nigerian Charles Bassey or Angolian Silvio deSouza. He also met NBA players like Wayne Ellington, Justin Holiday, Jamaal Murray who like Bonga is still a kid and Meyers Leonard. Here he was able to gather valuable tips from the NBA players on leadership and character development. Back in Germany, he reached the Pro B playoffs losing to Lok Bernau and led his team to the NBBL playoffs, but his dream of playing in the top 4 in Frankfurt in front of family and friends were halted by future Stanford player Oscar Da Silva and the International Basketball Akademie Munich. In the last month of the EasyCredit BBL schedule he was able to play more minutes because the club had missed the playoffs. He showed his potential against Science City Jena scoring eight points and hauling down four rebounds and scoring six points, getting four rebounds and dishing out three assists against ratiopharm Ulm.

With his first professional season completed with the Fraport Skyliners, the German didn´t have a few months to sit back and relax, but had the next summer highlights on the basketball horizon. In June 2017  the German took part at the Addidas Eurocamp in Trevisio, Italy and showcased his talent and as usual his passing expertise turned heads right away, but his unending potential and athleticism also remained with the many scouts in attendance. He didn´t put up the massive stats which is what everyone looks at first and this could have been one of the reasons why his 2018 NBA Draft stock continued to fall. He next ventured to Cairo, Egypt to play in the U-19 World championships and he helped his team to a very respectable fifth place finish. The team was stocked with ample talent like Oscar Da Silva, Louis Olinde, Philipp Herkenhoff and Nelson Weidemann and many more, but once again Bonga didn´t play the spoiled child and cried about not being in the spotlight, but played for the team as he always does. He was unable to take over in the tournament playing seven games averaging 6.6ppg, 3.4rpg, 3.3apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 41.5%, 3PT: 8.3%, FT: 69.2%. It is even difficult to say the stats were solid for a guy like Bonga who would rather be in the NBA yesterday than tomorrow and it is usually on stages like this where those future big time players make a name for themselves, but instead the German was one of many on his team that played ok, but didn´t exactly turn heads. Especially his 1/12 shooting from downtown was a sore spot as his shooting continues to be his biggest deficiency in his game that he needs to improve on. However despite the less than spectacular stats Fraport Skyliners head coach Gordon Herbert was happy with Bonga´s development then and felt that stats don´t define the kids game. “One can´t forget that Isaac was a year younger than many at the U-19 tournament. He went through some adversary and had ups and downs, but he fought through it well, At his age now, one can´t measure a players potential by their stats. Many NBA scouts now look at potential more than stats. You can have a 18 or 19 year old talent that put up big stats now, but don´t have the potential. That is just how it works these days. I have been very happy with Isaac´s development in the last five months”, warned Gordon Herbert in late summer 2017. Bonga then decided to withdraw from playing at the 2017 U-18 European championships and return back to Frankfurt and work with the training staff and prepare for the upcoming so vital season in the development of his game.

It was late summer 2017 and the young German talent Bonga was back in Frankfurt for over a month taking in two training sessions a day while having that Gordon Herbert quote ring in his mind every so often with “Isaac is probably the biggest talent Frankfurt has ever seen”. He had a long talk with his family and they came to the decision that it was best for him to drop out of school after the 11th grade and concentrate 100% only on basketball. Bonga knew that the expectations were high so coupled with his immense work ethic, drive and self confidence he continued to work on his pride and joy basketball to continue to become the best possible. Fraport Skyliners assistant coach Klaus Perwas noticed something in his shooting mechanics which most often than not resulted in him flinging the ball more than shooting it and developing that nice arc. Correcting a shooting problem can take time, but the German made steps forward in getting a more stable shot. Another weakness is his ballhandling that many experts have stated isn´t good enough to be a good point guard at a very high level. Bonga is more than content that the point guard is his position and that is another area that he diligently tweaks while also working on his scrawny body to make it stronger. He wants to be the most complete player he can be and also continues to concentrate on improving his footwork as well as his post game something that he hasn´t had to use as much, but maybe he can look at some old Magic Johnson video´s and incorporate some of that into his game. At times Bonga tries to do too much on the court and working on staying calm is another area as a point guard that he needs to build on. Bonga´s goals have been always high with the NBA being on top and right below is being the starting point guard for the Fraport Skyliners. The club brought in NCAA rookie Tai Webster for the 2017-2018 season. One of Bonga´s goals last season was to become that starting point guard. There were games that he started and exceled. Herbert wasn´t surprised by Bongá´s self confidence. “That is a great goal and vision for him. He will play BBL and Pro B. In the Pro B, he can learn by making mistakes and get minutes. It continues to be a process for him and it is important he gets minutes. He has been working on his shot for the last month and has made strides on the physical and mental side and has a great feel for the game. He is great at observing and learning and is the type of kid that when corrected doesn´t need to be told a second time. He has a great basketball IQ and we have seen great improvement. He has a chance to get quality minutes in the BBL this season”, stressed Gordon Herbert in the summer of 2017. The NBA chatter didn´t go away in the 2017-2018 season and as he was trying to develop into a good BBL role player at age 18 in hopes of his NBA stock will rise again and there were more NBA scouts in the Fraport arena in his second BBL season. It didn´t take him to long to arrive in the EasyCredit BBL as he produced 16 points, 10 rebounds and five assists in the first preseason game of the season against Bonn. Granted he didn´t play 36 minutes per game in the BBL, but that little Bonga introduction had to be appetizing for what was still to come.. Fraport Skyliner guard Philip Scrubb was more than impressed by his development. “The coaching staff have invested in him and see his wide skill set. I am sure that he will be able to contribute this season. He has gotten so much better since the last time I was here in pre season 2016. I think that the best I can do will be to push him hard in practice”, warned Philip Scrubb in 2017.

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Isaac Bonga after a Fraport Skyliners win in Rhondorf in december 2016

Bonga didn´t have the type of BBL breakout season in 2017-2018 that Dennis Schroeder had in 2012-2013, but it was good enough to get drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers and possibly be teammates already this season with the best player on the planet Lebron James and ex NBA allstar Rajon Rondo and live in the glitz of L.A something that the German surely would have had a laugh attack or accidently chocked on his food had someone predicted this happening only three years ago when he was playing German Regionalliga for Koblenz at the age of 15. It was August 29th when I reached Fraport Skyliners head coach Gordon Herbert at 1:30 in the afternoon and he seemed to be his typical self having that relaxed tone in his voice no matter if it was an off day, before a do or die game or pre season as was the case then. It had been a little more than three months since his team´s season ended and more than two months since the German wunder boy Bonga was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers. A lot happened in that time as the guard rotation had changed as Tai Webster and Bonga are gone while Frankfurt will go with experienced Jason Clark this season and Canadian rookie Trae Bell-Haynes. One does feel it in the voice of Herbert that he would have liked to have Bonga around for another 1-2 years in Frankfurt, but as is always the case basketball is a business and one has to accept it. But at the same time one also notices the utmost respect from the Canadian coach for Bonga in that he earned getting drafted and one has to respect that. “Isaac is a great example for all young German players in that he had a vision of where he wanted to go and he put in the work to get there. You can´t do the work and have no vision. I am so proud of what he achieved with us”, stated Gordon Herbert.In his second season with the Fraport Skyliners he concentrated mostly on playing BBL, but did have the one or other moment where he played Pro B and didn´t even play NBBL(U-19) anymore simply because he was too good. In his second full BBL season the German national player played 34 games averaging 6.0ppg, 3.1rpg, 2.2apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 44.4%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 90.0%. It was statistically a rapid rise to the season before, but then again not so much where one could predict that he would be an automatic NBA first round draft pick. But people that watched him closely in his second season with the Fraport Skyliners saw rapid improvement and head coach Gordon Herbert didn´t do it all alone, but shared the credit. “Klaus Perwas did a great job working with him. He made huge steps in the last two months of the season. If he hadn´t broken his ribs and been out 3-4 weeks, he could have been our starting point guard then. He was playing at a very high level then. He has a very good basketball understanding and worked on his weaknesses. If he had stayed another year in Europe, he could have been a top 15 NBA first round pick in 2019. That is what I was told as I´m not knowledgeable to make that judgement. He still has a way to go and we will see if it was a good move”, warned Gordon Herbert.

During the 2017-2018 season there weren´t only international scouts of NBA teams in the Fraport arena each weekend, but at times even NBA Gm´s found the need to check out what all the hoopla was about the German boy. The massive interest from the NBA really picked up in the latter part of the season and hit it´s peak during the playoff series against FC Bayern Munich as there were at times 8 official´s or more of NBA teams watching him strut his basketball magic and even had Danny Ainge´s son Austin at the game as well as Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. At this moment it must of occurred to most basketball experts that there was some serious interest from the Los Angeles Lakers. It´s one thing to see a scout of an NBA team in attendance, but when the GM takes the time to be there in person it is definitely a big deal. During halftime, Pelinka remained reserved and didn´t want to be quoted and instead of giving his two cents about Bonga, but asked my opinion of my thoughts about Bonga. Bonga had some nice plays in the game and showed that his athleticism was at another level. It was difficult to really look through Pelinka and what his thoughts were after that game in Frankfurt, but only a month later when Bonga was drafted in the second round by the Philadephia 76ers and traded to Los Angeles, one came to the conclusion that he must have been impressed. Most basketball experts in Germany had speculated pretty much throughout the whole season that he would remove his name from the NBA draft and play another season in Germany, but when he didn´t do it, some thought that he must have had a firm promise from a team that he would get drafted. “I know that there was interest from two teams and that the Lakers was one of them, but I didn´t know if he had a promise from one of them”, expressed Gordon Herbert.

Bonga had an unspectacular NBA Summer League with the Los Angeles Lakers playing 7 games averaging 2.1ppg, 1.0rpg. He didn´t really get a chance to present himself as he played sparse minutes, but here and there he had some nice plays, but not really enough time to showcase what he can do. It is most probable that he will play his first season in the G-League with the Lakers farm team South Bay and here and there get some minutes in the NBA. A big plus for Bonga is that club president Magic Johnson is extremely high on him seeing a bit of himself in him in that both are tall point guards. Another reason why Bonga will most likely receive extensive grooming in his rookie season with the Lakers is the unending abundance of guards with Rajon Rondo, Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Sviatoslav Mykhailuk, Gary Payton, and Alex Caruso. A big plus is that Bonga will not only get minutes in the G-League, but also be able to practice with the Lakers a lot since the G-League home court is also where the Lakers practice. Not too mention having the chance to be on the same court with Lebron James on a daily basis is something where he can only pray to God every night and say thanks for being so blessed. Head coach Gordon Herbert isn´t sure where Bonga can fit into a team that´s goal is to win a title right away and knows that having fellow German Moritz Wagner won´t really have an impact on him because he has a character that is ready for this challenge. “It is tough to say where Isaac fits into a team that has to pressure to win right away. He will have to earn his minutes just like he would any other place. Having Wagner around might help at first, but Isaac is a worldly person that gets along with all. He will have no problems going to a new culture”, added Gordon Herbert. The Fraport Skyliners groomed Bonga into a point guard, but critics always reminded him that he doesn´t have the ball handling to be a point guard as he just didn´t have that consistency in the BBL. But when you have a mentor like Magic Johnson behind you that loves his game and length then it can only be fitting that the Lakers will do all possible  for him to continue to develop into a solid NBA point guard. “It is tough to say where he will play with the Lakers. I see him as a 1 on offense guarding a 3 on defense. But that could change. I also could see him being a point forward. He is still very young and only time will tell”, warned Gordon Herbert. What many people tend to forget that Bonga was the youngest drafted in 2018 at age 18. The sky is the limit for him and being around so much talent and experience will be the best environment for the kid. Ex Middle Tennessee State (NCAA) standout Nick King was Bonga´s teammate with the Lakers in the Summer League and sees a good future for him. “He is a talented kid. He will be a good NBA player in a few years”, stressed Nick King.

After two years with the Fraport Skyliners, Isaac Bonga is gone, but he will never be forgotten. Head coach Gordon Herbert has one very fond memory and that goes back to the first time he shared the floor with him. “When we worked him out for the first time one could see right away that he was a kid that wanted to learn and absorb as much as possible. He was no kid that had an ego or knew everything better, but simply a kid that wanted to get better. That was a reason why it was so good to work with him. My first impression wasn´t good, but great”, warned Gordon Herbert. While Herbert was preparing for the Gezeiten Cup and wondering if Brady Heslip will be the next Phil Scrubb, If Clark and Bell-Haynes will be able to replace Webster and Bonga and if they have a deep enough rotation up front with Wohlfarth-Bottermann and Erik Murphy, the Canadian mastermind who played at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles won´t forget his last conversation with Bonga while he was in Frankfurt in August. “I told him that if you really want something in life, you have to go get it. I told him to be aggressive and that it is a learning process and that he should take everything one day at a time. He has the motivation to get better. If he wants something, he needs to get it. We were tough on him and he earned every minute with us”, warned Gordon Herbert. It is very exciting times in Fraport Skyliners country as the club is in it´s 20th season and want it to be a memorable one while all eyes will be on Isaac Bonga as he lives his NBA dream with the Los Angeles Lakers. It won´t surprise anyone this season when the club sells out the game of the year against FC Bayern, but who knows with all the amazing moments that Bonga will have this season having Lebron James as a teammate, learning from Mr triple double Rajon Rondo and battling against a Lonzo Ball in a practice, the Koblenz native will surely have unending stories to talk about when he returns back to Frankfurt in the summer of 2018. Having all those unforgettable stories of the NBA could even fill the 5004 seat Fraport arena if he does mention in good time before the date that he will have Lebron James as a side kick by his side helping him recount his rookie season in the NBA. Then again dreaming of something like this is always possible for anyone that loves basketball and was something Bonga did for years about reaching the NBA and now it has come true for the kid who was able to control his destiny in Frankfurt and get into the competitive NBA door with the Los Angeles Lakers.



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