Who Needs Stockton Or O´Quinn Stories When BG Goettingen Has Pendarvis Williams Making His Own

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Pendarvis Williams after the BG Goettingen guard supplied 13 points in the 72-64 win over the Fraport Skyliners

When Pendarvis Williams got to Goettingen, it probably didn´t take long for him to hear about most likely the two most cherished club anecdotes with them winning the Eurochallenge cup in 2010 which was only the third German international club title in the history of German basketball at that time and that magical evening in Braunschweig where they defeated Turkish club Besiktas Istanbul and Mr practice NBA legend Allen Iverson. But there was possibly a name that didn´t right away ring the alarm bells for the American when hearing Stockton since that is a rather common name, but it probably didn´t take long either for him to learn who the father of his new teammate Michael Stockton is. It isn´t uncommon in the easyCredit BBL to have players with very famous dads as in Frankfurt the Fraport Skyliners have the name Voeller and for anyone that hasn´t been  locked in a closet for a lifetime or been helplessly lost in Berlin city for a while will know young or old that Rudi Voeller is a football legend and in Goettingen Michael Stockton can rarely go a day or two without having to answer something about his dad. So it is likely that Williams has heard something pertaining to Stockton´s dad John or even got an ear full of when the mail man Karl Malone dunked on seven kids including his teammate Michael when he was a kid. Or even more dramatic telling the story of how Charles Barkley declared himself better as a role model than his own dad when he was a mere six years old.  Williams didn´t come to Goettingen empty handed either as he could tell some exciting stories about his ex teammate Kyle O´Quinn who was his teammate at Norfolk State for two seasons before the double double monster with the frightening beard went on the NBA train. In Bayreuth it probably isn´t any different with teammates asking David Stockton the low down on his legendary dad. In Goettingen the Williams O´Quinn stories won´t be able to keep up with the Stockton stories, but the American doesn´t care, because he is the process of making his own special stories that will be told down the road and will be taken with joy by the Goettingen fans.

Williams is a 26 year old 198cm shooting guard from the city of brotherly love Philadelphia that will turn 27 on November 13th and is currently in his fifth professional season with BG Goettingen. He might not have totally come from the lowest leagues, but his basketball path hasn´t been one that has allowed him the best opportunities to present himself, but that hasn´t hindered him to keep grinding and putting up very solid stats in the NCAA for a lesser known school with Norfolk State and shinning in the Italian Serie A-2 while always looking for that opportunity to really showcase his game at a top level. He has arrived in the easyCredit BBL and after a few games has proven that he can perform at a high level and is looking to make his own unforgettable sweet stories that will always be remembered. The American began his career at Bodine High School and then went to school in Virginia at Norfolk State(NCAA) from 2010-2014. He had a stellar career there winning the 2012 MEAC tournament and was MEAC player of the year in 2013. One of his most memorable times was reaching the NCAA tournament in 2012 and upsetting second seeded Missouri 86-84 outlasting future NBA players like Phil Pressey and Kim English while holding his own with 20 points. He probably will never forget his teammate Kyle O´Quinn yelling like a madman after the amazing win “we messed up some brackets”. However the March Madness high quickly became a low as Florida brought them back down to earth with a crushing 84-50 win.

The American was able to improve his scoring and rebounding averages every season and averaged double figures in his last three seasons. He also demonstrated his precision shooting never shooting below 38% in his first htree seasons. He played a total of 132 NCAA games. In his last three years he played 100 NCAA games and scored in double figures in 75 games. Some of his best individual scoring games were against Newberry where he exploded with 38 points, scorched Stillman for 32 points, got Boston University for 27 points and hit Howard and Coppin State with 25 points each. He ended his Norfolk State career as a senior playing 34 games averaging 15.6ppg, 4.9rpg, 2.6apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 60.6%, 3PT: 35.5%, FT: 83.3%. Ex Norfolk State guard Kevin Worseley who played a few years before Williams did there and  briefly in Germany as a professional remembers Williams being recruited out of high school. “He surpassed everyone’s expectations of what he could do for the program. I am glad to see him playing in the BBL and proud of his career”, stressed Kevin Worsley.

The American began his professional career in 2014 and before he even thought about a European career, he was already knocking heads with future NBA teams in the summer league. He played with the Houston Rockets that reached the NBA Summer League final, but he hardly got playing time as he got into three games averaging 0,7ppg and 1,0rpg. It is always tougher coming from a lesser known conference and lesser known school in reaching the NBA, but Williams definitely had NBA range with his shot, but so did hundreds of other guards and many more that played at bigger and better known schools. “I don’t feel like he was in the shadows of Kyle O’Quinn because NBA Teams noticed him and the Houston Rockets picked him up on their Summer League team. The NBA is about being the right fit and I don´t know what he was missing as far as making it to the NBA but he might be able to get into a workout if he keeps doing good in Europe and especially the BBL”, stressed Kevin Worsley. His professional career took him overseas taking him to Italy. In his first season he played with Moncada Solar Agrigento (Italy-A2 Gold) playing 45 games averaging 14.5ppg, 4.6rpg, 1.9apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 53.8%, 3PT: 37.1%, FT: 80.7%. Even if he played in the second Italian division, it had been gaining in reputation and was a league that had very nice budgets which was always a target for Americans. He was able to come out and play good minutes right away as there were only two Americans with him and David Dudzinski. He gained some early attention as a professional as he hit Biella with 26 points and Torino with 24 points back to back. After a very solid rookie season, he made the next step up signing with Virtus Obiettivo Lavoro Bologna (Italy-Serie A) and played 11 games averaging 7.5ppg, 3.2rpg, 1.5spg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 27.6%, FT: 86.7%. His season was cut short and he then gave it a go in the G-league with the Maine Red Claws, but played only 10 games averaging 0.6ppg, 1.1rpg. Here his season was cut short again in December 2016 and for the second year in a row he was at home during winter. He returned back to Europe in 2017 with a huge chip on his shoulder and wanting to prove all doubters wrong and returned to an old stomping ground in Italy with the A-2 Serie A returning to his old club where he had had success with as a rookie and didn´t disappoint anyone at  Moncada Solar Agrigento averaging 12.8ppg, 5.9rpg, 3.8apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 52.8%, 3PT: 31.1%, FT: 82.2%.

Now after a season of finding his game again, he doesn´t want to falter again the way he did in the Serie A with Bologna, but have success with BG Goettingen and keep rolling with his game in the BBL. So far he hasn´t disappointed anyone in Goettingen yet as he is leading the team in scoring and helped contribute to a cup upset over the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg. He shot 15-20 from the field in the first two BBL games and has shown that he can be a leader on offense. His third BBL game against Wurzburg resulted in a tight 91-87 victory where he didn´t shoot as consistent as in his first two games, but was still good with 22 points on 8/18 shooting. He is an athletic shooting guard who can spend time at the 3 position too if needed. He can defend on all perimeter opponents, reads the game situations well and has a good shot selection. “He is a really good player and reminds me of another Philadelphia player that I played with who has had a pro good career with Akeem Wright. They are both 6’6 and can play a various of different positions”, added Kevin Worsley. Other´s have compared him to a Michael Carter Williams on account of his physicality and ball handling expertise. But he actually received the biggest compliment that a player could ever become. Ok so it wasn´t Lebron or Kobe, but who wouldn´t take being compared to Penny Hardaway? There also has to be a reason that a guy like Williams was called Penny at Norfolk State. “He reminds of Penny Hardaway hence the nickname. He’s a great guy and has always been himself since the first day he stepped on campus. Everybody loves Penny so I could see him being a fan favorite for any team that he plays on”, warned Kevin Worsley. It has only been two BBL games and he only mustered 7 points in the big cup upset against the MHP Riesen, but the season is long and there will always be ups and downs for players. But with the experience and skill set that Williams has, he could very well turn many heads and surprise others with his stellar play this season. “I am confident Penny will make himself a household name in the BBL. He’s a hard worker and very versatile so he will be able to adjust and play in any system. He has a high basketball IQ and doesn’t shy away from work”, stressed Kevin Worsley. Williams and O´Quinn brought certain Dream Team comparisons at Norfolk State and this season BG Goettingen fans will be happy with their own little version of Dream team magic to a degree however one wants to look at it. “Pendarvis and Kyle was like Penny and Shaq, but now the BBL is bringing back history of the 1996 USA Dream Team with Stockton and Penny in the backcourt once again. No matter if the coin lands on heads or tails you will always have good luck with that Penny” Behold the Green and Gold”, stressed ex Norfolk State guard Kevin Worsley. One thing is for sure, Williams may still have the green and gold colors of Norfolk State in his heart, but at the moment he has the purple and white colors of BG Goettingen bolted into his mind as he is creating new memorable stories in Germany this season.








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