Deandre Lansdowne (Hamburg Towers) I Still Will Look At Myself As A Do Everything Guy

Deandre Landsdowne is a 26 year old 187cm guard from Albuquerque, Mexico that will be playing his third professional season this season with the Hamburg Towers. Last season he played with Hertener Loewen Basketball (Germany-Pro B) playing 27 games: Score-2(22.9ppg), 8.1rpg, 3.6apg, Steals-5(2.6spg), FGP: 61.5%, 3PT: 30.8%, FT: 66.5% He played college ball at Fort Lewis (NCAA2) and as a senior played 32 games averaging 15.3ppg, 4.8rpg, 2.1apg, 2.0spg, FGP: 47.2%, 3PT: 37.1%, FT: 50.7%. He then gained his first professional experience with Pioneros de Delicias (Mexico-Chihuahua Vive) before continuing career in Germany. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.


Deandre thanks for talking to German Hoops.Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been?

Right now I am in Albuquerque ,New Mexico. Summer has been good so far, just working on my game, and running a kids camp.

Your season ended on April 30 with Herten as you lost against Schwelm. How disappointing was not being able to keep the club in the Pro B?

It was a big disappoint. Nobody wants to move down a league, especially when we were in the playoff race around the Christmas break.

You obviously did the most you could averaging 22,9ppg and weaseling into the paint to snatch rebound after rebound to help the team, but what do you feel was missing from the club staying in the league?

I think we just didn’t have a deep enough bench. In the play downs we played 6-7 guys, while other teams played 9-12 guys.

How important was it for you personally getting your feet wet as a professional in Mexico before making the jump to Germany where you tore up the Pro B?

Mexico was a great opportunity, I was given an opportunity to do what I love, and things worked out great after to get me to Europe. But the game in Mexico was completely different to Germany. I’m just happy I’m playing in Europe, where I’ve always wanted to play.

When you came to Herten last summer and practiced with the team and played the first exhibition games, how sure were you then that you might not only have a good individual season but a great one?

I honestly had no idea. In preseason we were getting all on the same page, and figuring out roles and what not, so I didn’t think I was going to have that kind of a season. I just wanted to do what was best for the team.

You scored in double figures in 26 of 27 games and only Stahnsdorf had your number once limiting you to three points in 30 minutes. Overall if you’re your was strict critic how would you rate your season?

Overall it was a good season. Nothing less of what I expect, nothing more of what I believe I can do. The most important was that my team didn’t do well, and that’s the most important factor to having a good or bad season in my mind.

Despite the overpowering numbers, how did you mentally come to terms with the season and all it´s loses? How difficult was it getting prepared for every new game knowing that you had to perform well and put up big numbers for the team to win?

It was mentally challenging, but also a great learning experience for me. I have always been part of a successful team throughout my whole career, so I had to stay mentally focused and strong. Every game was a challenge and had to find new way to get my teammates going and involved as well as trying to score and rebound at a high percentage. But in the end I think it made me a better player, especially mentally, also a better teammate and leader.

Besides your own amazing season, what other positives can you take with the season?

As I said early, it challenged me mentally, and challenged my leadership skills. Also no matter the outcome, every day you have to continue working hard as a team and as an individual.

How do you feel were you able to develop your game further with Herten that you will take with you now to the Hamburg Towers in the Pro A?

I am a better leader, and I got to see the game how a lot of German coaches see it. I am going into the same situation. Don’t know exactly how or where I’ll fit in, or my role to make this team successful.

Congrats on signing with the Hamburg Towers. When did this contact come about? Did you go to Hamburg after the season was over with Herten for the try-out?

After the season finished I went down to Hamburg for a short workout and to meet with the coach.

How do you feel were you able to convince Hamburg Towers head coach Hamed Attarbashi best from your basketball abilities on the court?

I just showed how hard I work, and that every day I step on court I want to get better. I think playing pretty consistent all year around showed the type of player I am as well.

After spending some time with Hamed Attarbashi do you two guys speak the same basketball language? How is your relationship?

I think we do see the game similar, he also has a lot of things that I can learn. I have heard a lot of great things from peers about him, so I am really excited to play for him this season.

Hamburg is obviously a total new world compared to Herten. What have you seemed to enjoy most about the organization and city?

The organization is very friendly and professional and they expect their players to act it. The city of Hamburg is a big populated city, and I’m excited to see more of it throughout the season.

Is a guy like Marvin Willoughby who was teammates with Dirk Nowitzki in the German national team a guy you would seek advice from? What has been your impression of him so far?

With a resume as strong as his, and with one as short as mine, of course I would. They have done a lot of great things with that club in such a short time, it shows they know a lot! It will just be exciting year, and I plan to learn a lot as well as perform well as a team and individually.

This season with the Hamburg Towers you will have more skilled and capable teammates than with Herten. You most likely won´t have any 46 point games like with Herten. Do you see yourself being able to grow into a new kind of role slowly?

Yes I do, I still look at myself as a “do everything guy”. Your role can change from game to game, just depends on the matchup,

On what specific areas of your game will you be working on most this summer to be 100% prepared for the upcoming Pro A season with the Hamburg Towers?

All areas will be the focus. Tuning up some minor things, and continuing to make myself stronger, faster, more athletic. But every aspect of my basketball game needs improvement.

How will a normal work out day look like for you this summer on and off the court?

Well most of the weeks this summer I am running kids camps, they run monday – friday 9-5, then after I would most likely get a few hours on the court and in the weight room, then home for dinner, maybe episode of a TV show I’m watching at the moment, then off to bed. Not all that exciting at all!

If you had to construct an NBA Rushmore which 4 NBA legends would you chose?

 Kobe, Jordan, Lebron, Chamberlin

What was the last movie that you saw?


Thanks Deandre for the chat.

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