Sterling Carter(Dragons Rhondorf) Being A Underdog Is Something I Am Used To And We Have 25 Games Left To Change People´s Views About Us

Sterling Carter is a 24 year old 183cm point guard from Seattle, Washington and is rookie in Germany playing for Pro A team Rhondorf. He started his basketball career at Pacific, then played three years at Seattle(NCAA) and finished at Purdue in 2014. He spoke to German Hoops before the game against the Hebeisen White Wings Hanau

Sterling thanks for talking to German Hoops You have been in Germany now two and half months. What have you learned to appreciate the most about Germany?

What I most appreciate about Germany is how relaxing it is. In Bad Honnef it is very quiet at night and peaceful. I also appreciate all the great views this country has to offer. Every road game I see something beautiful in each city.

After working three jobs last season, now you are a professional basketball player. How thankful are you of having this opportunity and what don´t you miss from working 12 hours a day last year?

I am very thankful for the opportunity I have gotten to live out my dreams of being a professional basketball player it is a blessing and I thank God everyday for it. I’m also grateful to have a great agent to help make all this possible. I don’t miss anything about working those long hour days. I finally get to do what I love as a full time job.

You are playing your first season with Rhondorf and are still looking for the first win. When you started the season and knowing the talent you have are you surprised that the team is 0-5?

Yes it is very surprising but I have faith that we are going to turn things around and surprise a lot people.

The club has an experienced guy with Savo Milovic that was teammates with NBA player Marcin Gortat 10 years ago, but is an experienced American missing?

I feel that the guys we have are more than good enough for the job having more experience would be great but I think this team is fine with the guys we have now.

What have been the biggest problems in games? The club averages only 66 points per game, but is allowing 86 points per game. What do you believe have been the biggest problems on defense and how do they have to be corrected?

The problem that we were having problems keeping people in front of us and making our defense help to much but we have since fixed that problem and we are improving each and every game.

After two blow outs against Kirchheim and Vechta, the team has been giving up only 81 points per game in the last two outings. Is the team making strides on the defensive end even if only slowly?

Yes we have made big strides the last 3 games we played we were in them all till the end of the 4th quarter. We have fixed our bigger issues as a team now we are finding our way we still have some fixing to do but just little minor things but I have faith we will surprise a lot of people by the end of march when the regular season is over.

How have you been viewing the development of forward Antoine Davis. He had a huge year in Regionaliga and jumped up two leagues.

He is a great player and his game speaks for itself he shoots the ball very well and its always great for a PG like me to have a guy like him to go to.

How important has Savo Milovic been for you on and off the court? He is watching you more during games, but I am sure that you watch him closely during practice as he has much experience.

Having Savo around is great for me and he has been playing a very long time and watching him in practice and talking with him I gain a lot of knowledge and wisdom. He is a great guy and he is always there to answer questions of mine when I have them he has be a great vet for me.

Currently after five games you are averaging 12,6ppg, 2,6rg and 3,2apg. How have you been adjusting to the German Pro A?

Now I feel really good after the 5th game. I know it hasn’t gone the way I would like so far but I know that I can only get better from here. Its not always how you start the season but how you finish it.

I know your 5.8 turn overs per game aren´t acceptable to you. What has been giving you the most problems on the court and how are you correcting it?

Well 5.8 T.O aren’t good at all and I would just say my first few games I was called for a lot of traveling calls so now I’m adjusted to the officiating here in Germany so that 5.8 will be down really soon.

You are currently averaging 2,0spg which is very strong. Do you feel you can heighten your defense to another level?

Yes I am a defender at heart and as I get used to the way the games are officiated my defensive stats should continue to be better.

How important were the 26 points against Gotha? Of course you couldn´t enjoy it because you lost the game, but did that game go click in your head that you can play at this level?

That game was a heart breaker for me because I felt I could have done a lot more for my team. I feel like I belong on this level and will continue to get better and better as the season goes on.

The next game is against the Hebeisen White Wings who are also 0-5 One team will be victorious come Saturday night. No disrespect to Rhondorf, but on paper this team is favored, but how much are you looking forward to this game and being an angry and very determined underdog?

Well on paper we are most likely the underdog in every game in this league, however I will go into this game giving my 110percent that I give every game. Being a underdog is something I am used to and I have been very blessed to overcome a lot of adversity and me my teammates will do the same this season. We have 25 games left to change people´s views about us.

Derrick Rose is injured again. Is there a curse on him? Do you feel like he will ever play a full NBA season again?

I think Derrick Rose will be fine and yes I think he will play a full season this year. Its always motivation for an athlete like D Rose to come back stronger when people count you out. I had to deal with the same type of things on my journey.

What was the last move that you saw?

The last movie I watched was Blue Streak.

Thanks Sterling for the chat.

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