Antonie Davis(Dragons Rhondorf) As A Team We Have To Give Sterling Carter Better Passing Lanes To Get Us The Ball

Antoine Davis is a 195cm forward from Rustburg, Virginia that will play his second professional season. Last season as a rookie he played for SG Sechtem 1971 where he tore up the Regionaliga west averaging 26,4ppg, 7,2rpg and 2,3apg in 25 games while shooting 42,0% from outside. His stats from last season were amazing as he scored in double figures in all 25 games including a 42 point game against Grevenbroich and he scored 30 points or more in eight games including 36 point efforts against Munster and Duesseldorf. He started his basketball career at Louisburg JC (JUCO) and then played three seasons at Carson-Newman (NCAA2) and as a senior played 28 games: 19.0ppg, 6.0rpg, 3.0apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 51.9%, 3PT: 45.4%, FT: 84.1%. He spoke to German Hoops before the game against the Hebeisen white Wings Hanau.

Antoine thanks for talking to German Hoops. You have been in Germany now two and half months. What have you learned to appreciate the most about playing in the German Pro A?

I’ve learned a lot the speed of the game and talent level is a lot higher than when I played with Secthem last year.

You are playing your first season with Rhondorf and are still looking for the first win. When you started the season and knowing the talent you have are you surprised that the team is 0-5?

I didn’t think we would be 0-5 but we are making strides as a team to get better.

The club has an experienced guy with Savo Milovic that was teammates with NBA player Marcin Gortat 10 years ago, but is an experienced American missing?

Savo is a really smart guy and he is a leader on this team and I don’t think we need a experienced American we just have to play the right way.

What have been the biggest problems in games? The club averages only 66 points per game, but is allowing 86 points per game. What do you believe have been the biggest problems on defense and how do they have to be corrected?

Our defense has to get better and it will get better. That’s what we have been working on the offense will get better once we get more stops on defense.

After two blow outs against Kirchheim and Vechta, the team has been giving up only 81 points per game in the last two outings. Is the team making strides on the defensive end even if only slowly?

I think we are but we still have a long way to go to be where we want to be as a team.

How important has the arrival been of American Daquan Holiday who played the last two games. Will his play give the inside that needed presence that was missing in the first three games?

He’s a big presence on the court and we missed him the first 3 games and I’m glad he’s back.

How have you been viewing the development of point guard Sterling Carter? He has had solid stats, but do you see him heightening his game in the next months?

I think he will perform better as he gets used to playing in the pro A.

Sterling Carter is averaging 5,8 turnovers per game. How is the team trying to help him on the court get those down?

As a team we have to give him better passing lanes to get us the ball.

Currently after five games you are averaging 10,4ppg, 3,0rg and 1,4apg. How have you been adjusting to the German Pro A coming from the German Regionaliga?

I think I can play way better than I am right now and I will play better the more I get adjusted to my team and this league.

How is the game and your role different this season? With Sechtem you were the main go to guy and averaged 7,2rpg. This season as expected your stats are way down.

My role is different I play a lot more off the ball than I played I Sechtem so I’m just trying to adjust more to that.

What kind of things are you doing more on the court this season that you didn´t have to do last season in the Regionaliga?

Just playing more off the ball that’s the only real difference.

Your shooting only 22,0% from outside. Is your three pointer something that you are working extra on after practice?

I have confidence in my jumper and it will not stay that percentage. I work on that all the time.

The next game is against the Hebeisen White Wings who are also 0-5 One team will be victorious come Saturday night. No disrespect to Rhondorf, but on paper this team is favored, but how much are you looking forward to this game and being an angry and very determined underdog?

I really looking forward to this game and me and the team will practice hard this week to get ready for it.

Derrick Rose is injured again. Is there a curse on him? Do you feel like he will ever play a full NBA season again?

I think he will be fine but he won’t get back to being the old Derrick Rose.

What was the last move that you saw?

The other guys.

Thanks Antoine for the chat.

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