Josh Parker(Mitteldeutscher BC) I Feel This Second Time Around We Have To Work Even Harder Against The Fraport Skyliners

Josh  Parker is a 23 year old 183cm point guard from Harvey, Illinois that is playing his rookie season in Germany for PRO B team Bayer Giants Leverkusen. He played at Drake from 2007-2009 and then played for Dayton(NCAA) from 2010-1012. He played a total of 130 NCAA games. Currently he is tearing up the German PRO B. He spoke to German Hoops before the game against the Fraport Skyliners


A big 76-70 win against Phoenix Hagen last weekend in Weissenfels. I was a bit sad not to see your name in the box score. MBC has the luxury of having enough international players to fill the roster. Was there any specific reason why you didn´t play? Did you have a talk with head coach Silvano Poropat?

Yeah it’s a tough situation especially being a competitor and wanting to be out there with your team. It was just coach’s decision to sit me the last game because of our situation with the extra international player so no specific reason that was it!

It hasn´t been often that you have had to sit during a game as a professional. Were you able to pick up on things during the game as a spectator that you might not necessarily have seen during the hectic of a game when you are on the floor?

Yeah it was a different experience for me, but of course you see different things out on the court that you don’t see while playing. Like things you feel like you could do or help the team in certain situations.

The Mitteldeutscher BC had a big 16 point lead after three quarters, but Phoenix Hagen did make it exciting in the fourth coming back. Did MBC get tired in the last quarter?

Hagen is a team that is known for making good runs and they kept fighting back. The game was at a very high intensity, and they made a big run, but it was good to see the way we responded to get the win.

If Phoenix Hagen had shot their usual high percentage from outside, would this game have been different? How pleased were to keeping highs coring Phoenix Hagen to 70 points? What was the biggest strength on defense? Keeping the perimeter quiet for the Phoenix Hagen shooters?

It was our goal to limit them from getting good looks from the perimeter, we knew that they are a good three point shooting team and we just wanted to limit them from getting easy shots. And I feel like for the most part we did! It was good to see the type of defense we played against them we just have to continue to work at it!

Phoenix Hagen point guard Henry Dugat is coming more and more into his own. He scored 18 points in the loss. What did you like most about his game?

I like his game. I like the way he gets in the lane and attacks the basket he really kept them in the game. He is a good player.

Djordje Pantelic had a monster game with 17 points and 16 rebounds. Was this the first time that he really was able to release the BEAST in him under the boards?

Djordje really played well last game! He has been a force in the paint for us all year on the offensive end and especially on the defensive end! He has been a key part to our success and is really been showing it these last games.

The next game is against the Fraport Skyliners who MBC brushed aside easily by 30 points. What do you remember most from that game? Was that the best performance of the season for MBC?

I just remember how hard we had to play on the defensive end against them they are a good scoring team that has many players that can impact the game! I just feel this second time around we have to work even harder!

The Fraport Skyliners have injuries to Jacob Burtschi, Marius Nolte, Jarred Dubois and Konstantin Klein. This is obviously a team you can´t underestimate as they almost won in Oldenburg with many injured players. What kind of game can we await and what will be key in winning?

I feel like it’s going to be exciting and hard fought game. Fraport is a good team that is going to play you hard no matter who they have on the court we know that they are going to be ready and so are we.

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics? What events do you like most?

Yes I have watched them a little bit. I really like the snowboarding competitions!

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Law Abiding Citizen


Thanks Josh for the chat.


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