Jerome’s diary entry # 11: Basti the Bavarian

Meeting point 10am at Ulm. Austria we are coming. The road trip to Austria should compare us for the away games of the upcoming Jerome Bridgewaterseason. We would face Wels and Gmunden again.
The travelling was very nice. We were using two small buses. We got there (Wels) within 5 hours.

Our hotel was very nice. To be honest it was the best hotel I have had every been. Our room was so big. And we really had everything. LCD-TV Screen, Internet, nice bathroom, toilet etc. This is life.

I was sharing my room with Darko.It was really fun with him. We do really get along. We had a light practice at 8pm. We had a shootaround and were running through some offensive plays.

Afterwards, we had a nice team dinner. Mike told us to go to the Welser Oktoberfest as a team together. We had a great night. They had a couple rides. darko was afraid of riding them. A couple guys went into a tent. Coleman and Basti did really enjoy theirselves. They had a lot of fun. On this night you could really see that Basti is a real Bavarian! The beer tent is his home. He is a good JODLER, too. I left with Darko at midnight. Everybody else got at the hotel got there at the same time as we did. Nobody wanted to be up too long. It was still gameday on the day after.

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