Eric Osmundson Might Take On The Waves One Day, But Now Looks For A New Team

Eric Osmundson is a 26 year old 196cm combo guard that can also play the small forward position. He grew up in Carlsbad, California and BBLpresently resides in San Diego. He played his freshman year at Utah, and then transferring to Pennsylvania and playing there from 2003-2006. In his senior year, he played 29 games averaging 9.9ppg, 2.1rpg, 2.5apg, FG: 37.5%, 3PT: 34.1%, FT: 60.7%. He was Ivy League champion in 2005 and 2006. In 2006, he was drafted by the Colorodo 14ers of the D-League. In 2007-2008, he played 50 games for Colorodo averaging 8.7ppg, 1.9rpg, 2.3apg, FGP: 43.1%, 3PT: 37%, FT: 70.5%.

Last season, he came to Germany in February to play for the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven averaging 5.5ppg, 1.6rpg, 2.3apg, FGP: 34.9%, 3PT: 24.4%, FT: 76.4%. Eric is currently looking for a team. For interest please contact him at

Eric thanks for talking to German Hoops. Its been a tough summer for many players on the transfer market. Did you expect that it would be so difficult for you in finding a club?

I knew it would be a little difficult given our result from last year in Bremerhaven but I am staying positive and working on my game in hopes of signing with a club sometime soon. It is a very tough market and there are a lot of really solid players with good experience still in my position looking to find a club.

Has it had an effect on you mentally and how have you been coping with it and has there been somebody who has helped you along the way?

It definitely has been tough however I try not to let it affect my overall emotional state. I just take each day as it comes and focus in on getting better both on the court and off of it. I have a solid support group around me that help me focus in on my goals and aspirations so in that respect it makes things a lot easier given the situation I am dealing with.

Have you thought about the fact that you could jump in somewhere if a player gets injured’?

Absolutely! I am just looking for an opportunity where ever it may present itself. I am ready to get overseas and find a home. I love to play this game and feel that I could really help a team out whether it is in the short term filling in for an injured player or the long term for the remainder of the season.

How does a normal workout day look for you this summer with running, lifting and basketball?

I usually wake up early and go check out the waves and go surfing. This keeps me in really good shape during the off-season and gets my day going. It keeps me flexible, strong and allows me to stay in the right frame of mind! I try and mix in some agility and strength over at the gym before I get my individual basketball workout on. If I am not playing basketball that night I usually head over to YogaTropics and do some Bikram Yoga. This “Hot Yoga” keeps my core super strong and allows the flexibility I need to play the game of basketball. It also helps me release any negative thoughts that may be surrounding me from earlier in the day. I stay pretty active as you can see!

You came to Germany last season in February to join Bremerhaven. The team was not having a lot of success. You also seemed not to be really enjoying your time there. What were the reasons for this?

It was an extremely difficult situation to come into last season. I took this as a challenge and really hoped to help both the management and the city of Bremerhaven have success. Unfortunately things didn’t meet expectations and we continued to struggle. I am very thankful however for the opportunity the management of Bremerhaven gave me to try and turn the season around. Despite our lack of basketball success I really enjoyed my time in Germany as well as the friendships I made during those five months I was there.

The team had many strong players like Jared Reiner or Craig Callahan, but the team couldn´t find consistency. Why was the team unable to have success?

The biggest issue with us last year was that no one really knew what their role was from a “team” standpoint. Craig and Jared were definitely our go to guys however the rest of us couldn’t really get any consistency going due to the coaching changes and injuries that occurred. It seemed like we had a new starting line up every other week and that definitely hurts the chemistry of any team and it became intensified with the pressures we faced due to our record. However to our credit we continued to play hard for the fans of Bremerhaven but it just never clicked for us despite having a really solid core group of guys.

At times I thought that they saw you as some kind of saviour. You averaged 5.5ppg, 1.6rpg, 2.3apg, FGP: 34.9%, 3PT: 24.4%, FT: 76.4% in 19 games. I guess a lot of people were expecting much from you. Were you feeling pressure?

There was definitely pressure felt and I knew that coming into the situation. It was tough coming into Bremerhaven in the middle of the season like that however I embraced it as a challenge. We had our fair share of solid games together as a group but like I said before we just had no identity. I personally had higher expectations for myself and was playing solid during the beginning of my stay in Bremerhaven. However things just seemed to get worse with injuries and team chemistry soon after the month of Feburary. I was never able to get comfortable in our new coaches system and struggled because of this. It definitely was the toughest basketball experience of my career. .

I saw you more as a shooting guard, but I believe that you played the point guard position in the game vs Frankfurt where Giordan Watson sat out. Were you just misunderstood a bit at what your biggest strength was on the court?

I have always been a great shooter throughout my career however I have never really changed as many positions as I did this past year. In college I was primarily the playmaker and we had great success winning championships and feel this is my strongest position as a pass first point guard. I don’t think I was misunderstood as much as each week it seemed like our guard rotation changed so drastically we could never get into a basketball rhythm individually and collectively. Giordan would start one game at the point guard position and then not play much the next. I would start at point guard the next game and then play the small forward position the next. It was too hard to focus in on what your expectations where as a player when this is going on because you have no idea what your role is. However despite all of this I should have found a way to play better and didn’t so there are no excuses to justify my individual as well as our collective team struggles.

You seemed to enjoy Germany. What made it so nice playing in Germany?

Yes! I loved the lifestyle and embraced the German culture as if it where my own. The people of Bremerhaven where absolutely awesome fans and came out to support us despite our hardships on the court. I met some great guys on the team that I will keep in contact for a very long time. Mike Gansey has become one of my best friends and it is great keeping in touch with him during the summer.

Before you came to Germany, you had only had experience in the D-league for Colorado. You played in the D-League for two years. Was it really worth it? Only few make the NBA and the travel and pay seem not to be the best either?

I really enjoyed my time in the D-league. Money is not my driving factor in playing basketball so I did not mind making little over that two year span. I had an awesome coach named Joe Wolf who played at North Carolina under Dean Smith and then played in the NBA for over ten years. He now coaches with the Milwaukee Bucks of the NBA. He taught me a lot about the game and gave me the confidence I needed to succeed in my second year. It was tough playing behind NBA guys who were sent down but it only helped me develop as a player having a great point guard like Eddie Gill to mirror my game after.

You have had experience in the BBL, but would you be willing to play in the PRO A? It is still a strong league and you would surely get a lot of playing time.

At this point in my career I am open to helping out any team in Europe that I feel would be a great fit for me. Ideally my goal is have success in the BBL within Germany, but if a PRO A team where to become interested I would definitely consider it with hopes of being that key playmaker to getting them back up to the BBL. I would have no problem going to a BBL team as an injury replacement or as a solid backup. I just want to have that opportunity to prove I can play in the Europe at a high level!

What are your biggest strengthes on the court?

I have always been great at running a team from the playmaker position. I am a pass first point guard who enjoys getting my teammates involved. Despite my shooting from three last year I have been a consistent threat from outside throughout my career and use my speed to get to the basket as well as to the free throw line. I am a tough defender who can guard all three guard positions on the court.

What else do you do well on the court that one would not necessarily see in the stat sheets?

Just being a really controlled and intelligent point guard who does not make many turnovers and tries to set up my teammates in positions for them to excel. I also really enjoy taking on the responsibility of guarding the opponent’s best player and trying to shut them down. Overall I just try to play hard on the court and do whatever the coach asks of me.

Your ex teammate from Penn Koko Archibong just signed with Duesseldorf. What will you always remember about Koko from your college playing days?

Koko is a great guy who is an amazing athlete. He has had great success in Europe and I hope to follow in his footsteps. He was always a great defender for us and this attribute as benefited him well over in Europe. He is an extremely hard worker and will bring great experience and leadership to Dusseldorf. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to suit up against him in Germany!

Your from the San Diego area and know new Skyliner Grayson Moyer. He is a very intelligent player, can shoot the three and pass very well. What else can he do that he hasn´t shown yet?

I think Grayson is a great player and will benefit well from the Skyliner’s system. You pretty much summed up his game to a “T” but more importantly he is a great kid who works hard and has great potential. I am a little hurt he didn’t mention me in his article as a player he has played against! I will be waiting for you next summer to play a little one on one Grayson!

If you are not on the court, then one could probably find you on the beach. You love to surf. Does a surfer really get more women than the usual schmo in San Diego?

Well I think being a multi-dimensional individual and an overall great guy helps you more then just being a surfer! But I will say I get to see some really beautiful women out here in San Diego when I do head to the beach to surf!

Is Kelly Slater the real deal. How would you compare to him in the water?

Kelly Slater is the best surfer of all time. Whenever he is surfing a heat in a contest I stop whatever I am in doing during the day to watch him. I would love to meet him one day and is definitely up there with Tiger Woods and Steve Nash as my favorite athletes! It would be equivalent to comparing my basketball skills to that of Michael Jordan when comparing me to Kelly Slater with surfing! He is an amazing athlete who is unbelievable at his surfing! BUT…I can still get out there and throw some water around!

One of your favorite movies is Top Gun. What character in that movie is most similar to you?

I would have to go with Maverick played by Tom Cruise. I am always looking for the “Danger zone” and tend to think my hair looks as good as his in the movie!! Also he ends up with the girl in the end which ALWAYS happens with me!

What was the last DVD that you saw?

I watched Benjamin Button with my buddies the other night. Great movie!

Thanks for chat Eric! Good luck this season!


  1. It really is a tough market this summer.
    It will be interesting to see where Osmundson will end up. I think some 2nd division team should love to get him!

  2. I totally agree with what Osmundson says about Bremerhaven and I think he could ‘ve been in a much better position with another team. It annoys me to see that people judge players by their numbers. Osmundson is a nice player and I hope he will find a good team with a better chemistry.

  3. Eric is a “big” combo guard who would be an asset to any team. He can run a team from the point with his leadership and court vision but can also really stroke the int’l 3. He’s a much better athlete than you expect and if you check his history, when given decent minutes with a defined role he really produced (Colorado 14ers in NBA D League). Here are youtube highlights of Eric from various points of his career.

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