Jerome’s diary entry #12: Rough on the road!

We had another shootaround on Saturday before the game. I did not feel too good. My Jumper is just horrible at the moment. Mike took Jerome Bridgewaterme to his side after practice and gave me some new Coaching points I have to work on. I think my Jumpshot looks ugly as hell. It is just how it is with Leftys. We had a big gap in between the game started at 7pm. So we had like 6 hours to rest.
I started a small warmup with Coleman one hour before the game. He is a good role model, too. We were playing a little bit one-on-one. He helped me with what i could do better in offense and defense.
Wels was playing strong and aggressive this time. they started of very well.

Rocky had a strong game. He was leeading us in every category. Unfortunately, Lee landed on Conleys foot after a deep three in the 2nd quarter and twisted his ankle badly. He was really laying on the floor with pain for a long while and would not return. Mike got a little bit furious with the refs. In this case, the ref does also have to protect the players sometimes. We did really get hacked by the welser squad. But that was why we were here for. Compete on the road against unfair circumstances. They called almost everything on us. Kevin and Basti fouled out in regulation.

The game was always close. We had a comfortable 5 point lead with under 1 minute to go. The Austrians could somehow tie the game. Conley was playing well and did hit the game tieing three-pointer. Overtime! It was very hard for us to stay in the game. With three guys missing already. Christian picked up his 5th with 4 minutes to go in OT. It was hard. I was the only bench sub left. It seemed like the Austrians would control the game. Conley did really put his whole heart in the game and finished the game also withg 35 points. Rocky also did finish the game and he was playing incredibly 45 minutes. I asked him after the game if he got tired. He said sometimes, but it wasn`t bad. It didn`t effect his game at all. But he couldn`t change the outcome. Wels won by four.

But it was great how we did compete against them with the whole gym and also the refs against us. This game had everything. Mike was really proud of us.
I did spend some time with Rocky and Darko after the game in our hotel room. Rocky is a fun guy to hang out with.

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