Super Bowl

Professional Basketball Players Overseas And The Super Bowl Have A Special Bond

The Super Bowl is a day that is part of American culture and a day where surely every American that is in some way football interested can give a memorable story to. It is a day where after 6.30 at night in the states, you can roam the streets in some towns and really see nobody and is the night where retail workers could literally take the night off as there is very little customers venturing into the store except for maybe at half-time to reload on Coke and chips, but then again who wants to really miss the usually interesting half-time show and all the new innovative commercials. Obviously  any Super Bowl that my favorite home team New England Patriots won was special to me, but if I had to look back in my life at a Super Bowl, then it would be Super Bowl 20. It was rather uneventful as I had to see a feisty Chicago Bears team led by slick coach Mike Ditka and the offensive duo of Jim Mcmahon and legendary running back Walter Payton destroy my team as their defense led by Mike Singletary stifled our offense. I will also never forget the tank William the refrigerator Perry who was called biscuit as he was one biscuit shy of 350 pounds barrel into the end zone for a touchdown and later his infamous commercials. I was attending prep school and of course could of watched it at school, but me and a couple of friends decided to sneak off campus and catch the blow out loss at a girls house who was having a party. The whole thrill of watching the game off campus and doing something naughty made the whole experience worthwhile. The score and loss though didn´t sweeten the few hours off campus though. We didn´t get caught and got back on campus without incident.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and New England Patriots Super Bowl champion Sebastian Vollmer at training camp in 2010