Professional Basketball Players Overseas And The Super Bowl Have A Special Bond

The Super Bowl is a day that is part of American culture and a day where surely every American that is in some way football interested can give a memorable story to. It is a day where after 6.30 at night in the states, you can roam the streets in some towns and really see nobody and is the night where retail workers could literally take the night off as there is very little customers venturing into the store except for maybe at half-time to reload on Coke and chips, but then again who wants to really miss the usually interesting half-time show and all the new innovative commercials. Obviously  any Super Bowl that my favorite home team New England Patriots won was special to me, but if I had to look back in my life at a Super Bowl, then it would be Super Bowl 20. It was rather uneventful as I had to see a feisty Chicago Bears team led by slick coach Mike Ditka and the offensive duo of Jim Mcmahon and legendary running back Walter Payton destroy my team as their defense led by Mike Singletary stifled our offense. I will also never forget the tank William the refrigerator Perry who was called biscuit as he was one biscuit shy of 350 pounds barrel into the end zone for a touchdown and later his infamous commercials. I was attending prep school and of course could of watched it at school, but me and a couple of friends decided to sneak off campus and catch the blow out loss at a girls house who was having a party. The whole thrill of watching the game off campus and doing something naughty made the whole experience worthwhile. The score and loss though didn´t sweeten the few hours off campus though. We didn´t get caught and got back on campus without incident.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and New England Patriots Super Bowl champion Sebastian Vollmer at training camp in 2010


Before the Brady era, there wasn´t to many great seasons for the New England Patriots. I remember reading about the 1976 AFC divisional playoff loss to the Oakland Raiders where the Patriots were robbed with a terrible roughing the passer call which cost them the game. The career ending injury to Darryl Stingley in 1978 or the 3-0 win in 1982 where then Patriots kicker John Smith called for a snow blower to help make his kick easier are a few faint memories I have as I was a little kid. The 80´s was a hard time as the Patriots stunk and I instead of pretending to be Steve Grogan and Stanley Morgan on the lawn outside my house playing with my best friend tom, we rather pretended to be Terry Bradshaw and Lynn Swan or John Stallworth or Joe Montana and Dwight Clark as I adored the amazing Steelers teams of the late 70´s and the San Francisco 49ers became my favorite team in the 80´s besides the Patriots as at least they were winning. Except for the 1985-1986 Patriots, there wasn´t too much positive to say about the Patriots so I concentrated more on enjoying the championships of the Boston Celtics and the Larry Bird magic. The 90´s didn´t start any better, but when Bob Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994, the magical turnaround would start to be built. I remember the 1997 Super Bowl where the Patriots were hammered again this time by the Green Bay Packers, but in the next years the playoffs were a common occurrence and it seemed like Drew Bledsoe might get Boston that first Super Bowl. Well the football God had other things in mind. In week two of the 2001-2002 season, Drew Bledsoe and the Pats were facing the New York Jets and the quarterback took a grueling hit from Mo Lewis and had to leave the game. An unknown quarterback out of Michigan came in with the name of Tom Brady. He came on the field and nothing would ever be the same. The rest is pure magical history. The Patriots success of the last 17 and 18 years has very much improved my Boston sports experience along with the Boston Bruins winning some titles. With the meager success of the Patriots in the 70´s, 80´s and 90´s who would ever have thought they would become of the greatest franchises in sports history in the 2000´s. Every new Super Bowl that the Patriots reach, I always say that this could be the last one and enjoy it. But the Patriots keep coming back and with Tom Brady getting older and older, I get more skeptical each year that it could be the last Super Bowl. So far Brady has always positively surprised me with his amazing efforts. It has simply been a massive joy being able to say I´m a fan of the New England Patriots!

Rare memorabilia of the infamous Snow blower kick by John Smith


                The Superbowl is a huge event and it becomes even more special when your team is in it. For American players playing overseas, the Superbowl is right in the middle of their season so getting that whole American experience is gone. They can have a real amazing time in Europe seeing it especially if they are in very big cities where the opportunity to visit a sports bar is a good bet. Especially in the big cities, there are enough opportunities to see the game in sports bars. Especially in Germany, the NFL craze has been growing for years. During the season fans can catch two games per week every Sunday so if your significant other wants your company on Sunday night, there is a good bet that the couch will be occupied and the refrigerator could be empty by nights end.  Football has gotten so huge in Germany, that this years Super Bowl will have two giant public viewing sites in Cologne and Hamburg. Both will take place in huge arena´s the Lanxess and edel optics arena´s. Football in general is a very popular catch for the American players and often their enthusiasm infects the German players and guys from other countries. I can remember back in the 2014 seeing the Fraport Skyliners catching the Thanksgiving games at a sports bar in down town Frankfurt.  If your playing for a professional team in Romania and living in the middle of nowhere, you most likely will watch it in the privacy of your little apartment. There surely have been examples of guys missing it, because of a lack of internet connection or being on the road. Every professional player has had their own special kind of experiences in Europe. I have gathered a list of players that are playing in Europe as well as guys who once played here and asked for their opinions on the 2019 Super Bowl and their experiences in general in the past.

Questions for the players

  1. What is your prediction and score
  2. Where will you be watching it?
  3. What has been your experience with the Superbowl in Europe over the years
  4. 4 If Tom Brady wins where will it put him with the all-time greatest athletes of all-time?

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber(Senior writer for

I believe that this will be the first non-close Super Bowl for the Patriots. New England will win 35-17 and for once all Pats fans can enjoy the second half without no one having to worry to the last second.

I have been living in Europe since 2001 and am happy to have seen every Super Bowl the Patriots were in. I basically only watched the Super Bowl if the Patriots were in it, so the math is easy, I have survived 8 Super Bowls with the toughest being losing twice to the dreaded New York Giants. With the interest for American football growing a lot in the last 17 years in Germany, one has always had the possibility to see the game on national TV and didn´t have to worry about finding that right link online. I usually watched it at home

If The Patriots and Tom Brady win, I believe that this will make him the greatest team sport athlete of all-time. Obviously there are other great athletes like Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer or Raphael Nadal, but it´s about team sports in this debate. Brady would have six rings like Michael Jordan did. Ok you can debate about Bill Russell who won 11 NBA rings with the Boston Celtics who I feel gets lost in the whole GOAT debate in basketball which is a shame. But Winning a Super Bowl is super hard considering the injury risk and all the players coming and going in the NFL. Brady was able to reach the Super Bowl time in and time out with many different teammates. Especially in the last years he did it with not the best receivers. I think if he wins a 6th Super Bowl he will be the GOAT of professional team sports.

Kyle Hines(CSKA Moscow)

The Patriots will win. They have been the strongest team in the NFL since 2002. They will win, because they will be motivated to come back after last year´s loss. Brady and Belichick  won´t loose back to back. I have the Patriots 23-20.

The game comes on a lot later here than in central Europe. I will try to watch the first half. I have kids and have to be up early. WE don´t have any Super Bowl party´s with CSKA because we all have families.

I remember my first year in Italy there was no NFL Pass so I watched it on Italian TV. In Bamberg I remember the area being very USA influenced and watched it in a sports bar. In Greece I watched it in my apartment. Some years ago I watched it in this steak house in Moscow. The owner is a big Patriots fan and had it open longer hours. Last year I was happy to see my home town team Eagles win it.

Brady is on the short list of the greatest athletes of all-time. He is on the MT Rushmore. He is in a league with Jordan and Ali.

Anthony Tolliver(Minnesota Timberwolves NBA former Eisbaeren Bremerhaven)

 I predict that the Rams will win 33 to 21

 I will be watching it at home with the family

 When I was in Europe I had to catch the replay because I wasnt about to get up in the middle of the night. I just stayed off of social media lol

 If Brady wins then I think it will certify him as one of the greatest winners in sports history and one of the most successful athletes ever

Tyrone Ellis(Ex Opel Skyliners now head coach Stockton Kings G-League)

 I predict a 31-27 win for the Los Angeles Rams

 I will watch the Superbowl in my house.

 I remember watching the Superbowl with Chris Williams really early in the morning before a game.

If Brady wins, he will arguably be top 3 in NFL history.

Chase Fieler(Oostende, Belgium)

23-20 for the Patriots

I normally watch it the next day, because it´s on so late.

 If Brady wins he will be the best ever. I believe he is already is without this win. However with another win there isn´t even an argument.

Chris Carter(Rasta Vechta)

 I am going with the Patriots

 I may stay up until half time because it´s so late probably at home

We had a team function with the fans when I was in Chemnitz

 If he wins he will be the GOAT in football

Alexander Blessig(Bayer Giants Leverkusen)

 25-17 for the LA Rams.

  In a sports bar with my friends.

 There has been a big hype around Football in Europe over the past few years. Especially the younger generation is becoming more familiar with the game and has learned to enjoy the biggest sporting event in the world. 4

 Surely, it will. If you are able to perform at that level for such a long time, it lifts you to a legendary status. Particularly, in such a fast-paced and injury-prone sports like football.

Kellon Thomas(EVL Limburg)

 Patriots 31-27

 I will be watching the game at my teammates apartment with some of the team.

 I put Tom Brady as the top NFL quarterback of all-time as as far as the best athlete of all-time he is top 5 most impactful lathlete as far as domination and what he did for an organization.

Erik Murphy(Manressa Spain ACB)

I think the Patriots will win 35 to 28 or maybe 35-21. I´ll say 35-28 to be safe. I have been a life long Patriots fan. I grew up in New England. I remember watching Tom Brady´s first game when he came in for the hurt Drew Bledsoe.

I will probably watch the game by myself. I really get into the game when I watch them.

The craziest game I saw was against the Falcons when I was overseas. I was playing for Strasburg and I remember the Patriots being down 28-3 at the half. They came back and won. I was up to 5.30 AM. When they won, I started running around my apartment. One of my neighbors got mad and knocked on my door and told me to be quiet because it was so early. I didn´t care because the Pars had won. He had no idea what I was saying and I had no idea what he was saying. It was pretty funny.

Tom Brady is undoubtedly the greatest football player of all-time. I don´t know where he stands among all-time athletes. I depends on perspective, opinion and the respective sport your talking about. Being the greatest football player of all-time puts him in the conversation of greatest athlete. When I was in the D-League playing for Austin, I actually went too a Super Bowl. We had a game on Saturday and had Sunday off and didn´t have practice until Monday at 5.00 I had a ticket and told my coach I wanted to fly from Austin to Phoenix for the Super Bowl. He let me go. I met up with my boys from Florida and we went to the game. It was the crazy Super Bowl where the Patriots beat the Seahawks. They won on that last play where Butler picked off the pass. I don´t know why they didn´t run it, bit I´m not mad. I have been lucky that I have had many good experiences with them. I have been luck to see them have such a long successful period. Hopefully they can get it done on Sunday. I think they will.

Braydon Hobbs(FC Bayern Munich)

I think the Rams will get the win. I predict a score of 35-28.

 I’ll be watching it with a couple of my teammates.

 I have not been able to watch it too many times in Europe because it comes on so late but I will definitely be watching this year. I will be tired the next day but that will be okay.

 If Brady wins, he will for sure be the greatest of all time in football. Not sure where that will put him all time in all sports, but it has to be near the top 5

Demetrius Ward(Uni Baskets Paderborn)

 I think the Rams will win 28-17

 It´s always nice to watch the Superbowl in Europe. Usually I´m watching with teammates or watching it at a bar.

  If Brady does win then it´s a big accomplishment for him and well deserved, but I´m hoping the Rams win.

Jordan Rezendes(Cuxhaven)

 38-35 Patriots

 Somewhere in Germany

You have to stay up late to watch some games lol

 He will be the goat of all sports not just football

Eric Kibi(Al Mina, Iraq)

45-38 Rams, They getting revenge on the pats from 2001.

I’ll be watching it through a stream in my apartment.

  It’s always been difficult to watch it in Europe these last 6 years because of the time difference and finding a place that shows it but the best has to be watching it in a hookah bar last year in Barcelona lol.. Forced the DJ to turn the music down a little bit too.

.Don’t like Brady so that question will remain unanswered. Lol.

Rickey Paulding(EWE Baskets Oldenburg)

I think it will be a close game. I think the Patriots find a way to win it at the end 38-31

Over the years we had a couple of Super Bowl watch parties. I just watch it at home with my family. But it´s difficult now since our kids have school the next morning.

I think Brady is already among te greats of all-time. Winning this year would just solidify what we already knew. Lol. The win would cap off a great hall of fame career.

Mike Morrison(s.Oliver Wurzburg

New England in a blow out

On my couch

Always fun watching Super Bowl in Europe

Tom Brady would be second all-time behind Michael Jordan

Brandon Shingles(Ex USC Leipzig/EVL Limburg)

I think the score will be 35-17 for the Patriots

My Super Bowl experiences were ok in Europe. I mostly watched the game with my teammates.

If Brady wins this one, it will put him on the Mt Rushmore of athletes for sure.

Nick Hornsby(Bayer Giants Leverkusen)

 I think the rams are going to win the super bowl this year. I think it’ll be a close game maybe 21-20 or something.

I haven’t even decided if I’d want to watch it . I didn’t watch last year but I feel like this year I probably will.

 I don’t really watch football often so I haven’t caught many games . Watching it here is different because not many people know much about football or are even interested in it.

 I’d say if Tom Brady won this one he’d be locked into a top 5 spot.

David Teague(Former player ex Giessen ex Purdue)

My prediction is Patriots 27-24 over the Rams. It will be a hard fought close defensive game. And then Tom Brady is Tom Brady at the end as usual.

This year I will be watching the game at my mom´s house with my wife and three kids. My mom´s birthday was January 29th. Back in the day she would always have a house party/Birthday Party/Super Bowl Party at our house no matter where we lived. People would always come. She decided to bring back the tradition this year since I missed so many games playing overseas. I´m pretty excited.

I remember back in the day watching the Super bowl in Europe and that us Americans always linked up and made sure we had enough food, drinks, music and entertainment. In Giessen we had so many Americans on the team that it made it an even nicer celebration. We had other Americans and other nationalities from our B team in Lich that joined us that year.

Tom Brady goes right up there with Michael Jordan surpassing Joe Montana any other name in all of football.

Mike Taylor(Head coach Hamburg Towers)

Patriots 28 Rams 21

I will watch it with family at home or watch party at Edel-optiks arena in Hamburg

Staying up through the entire Super Bowl is always a challenge. It´s always fun to watch it with friends. My favorite times have been for Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowls

I respect Brady-Belicheck and their great run. 9 super bowls! They have adjusted their offense to so many different game plans: running games, slot receivers, two tight ends, deep threats, Brady has been good in so many ways. I think that versatility is what makes Brady special. He is for sure in the conversation for greatest QB of all time. Always difficult to compare across sports but it makes for fun arguments. Tom Brady is a great one for sure.

Jacob Burtschi(Retired ex Fraport Skyliner)

Tough to bet against Tom. I say 30-28 Patriots.

I’ll be watching at the house with some friends. Host a Super Bowl party every year.

In Europe I remember staying up way too late. Game would kick off at 1 am and finish around 4-5 am. Hopefully we didn’t have practice the next day.

Brady would definitely be in the conversation of top 3 of all time in all sports.

Skyler Bowlin(s Oliver Wurzburg)

 Predictions are always tough. I actually like both teams, and it’s hard to bet against Tom Brady, but I’ll say Rams win 31-28.

 A couple of the guys have talked about getting together but we aren’t sure yet. I’m pretty old now so staying up to watch it may be difficult for me. Haha

 Normally wherever I’m at we will find someone’s house to go to and all watch it. Hopefully that’s the same this year.

That’s always an interesting debate, but it’s really hard not to put him at the top of the list with all that he has accomplished in his career.

Joe Asberry(Former player, now motivational speaker, Alba Berlin youth coach)

I don´t have a prediction, but will say the Patriots, because I know that you love them.

This year I will take it easy, because I´m coaching the kids the next day and don´t want to go to practice smelling like a few Hennessy´s.

When I was playing in Germany, I remember having nothing but nice memories. Of course we didn´t have social media, but I was one of the lucky and smart guys that always had a satellite dish in the houses the teams put me in. I could easily watch all the Super Bowls. My favorite memory of the Super Bowl was when I was playing in Hamburg. I got really cool with two Professional football players Esterus Clayton and Wallace Clay who were playing here at the time. At that time I was bench pressing 225 pounds and now I´m in the 300 club. But many moons ago, it was crazy, whenever I came to the weight room, both those guys were there. Both of them could bench press 400 pounds. It was incredible. We had a lot of Super Bowl parties. You could always find a sports bar there. Back then they actually showed it on the wonderful sports channel DSF that made me famous. They also showed it on Eurosport. I believe that RTL and NDR also showed it. You couldn´t miss it then. The Super bowl parties were great and the German fans were great. NFL Europe was going on then as well. The Galaxy were playing in Frankfurt and football was booming. I also remember having a great time at a Super bowl party with a legendary football player that played at Braunschweig, John Horton. He was a great player and dude. It was an amazing event that I never missed until this year.

I believe Brady is the best quarterback of all-time. You have to mention him in the discussion. My favorite quarterback is Michael Vick. I did some research to show all the haters that Brady is the best of all-time. For all of you that sit on your couch every Sunday eating Pizza and drinking Beer and are out of shape,  I´m not fat shaming here either, let me paint this picture of Brady. Playing in below freezing temperatures against 6´7 guys weighting 270 pounds and can run the 40 in 4,5 and have the intention of knocking your head off, it´s not an easy job that he has had over the last years. I´m not going to talk about his Super Bowl rings or 70 yard bullets, but let´s talk about in below freezing weather, he has a 62% completion rate, averaging 261 yards per game, 62 touchdowns and his overall record is 28-5. We are talking below freezing temperatures. That success rate is incredible. I´m from California and can´t fathom that.

John Bynum(Former easyCredit BBL player TBB Trier)

 LA Rams 34 New England 28.

 I will be watching it at a friends place that I went to junior college with in Redondo beach, California.

 As far as watching it in Europe it usually turned into a gathering of teammates staying up really late sharing a bunch of laughs together. It was always a great way for the team to spend some time together and listen to foreign teammates talk about how much they know about football as well lol.

 I mean one thing about Tom Brady is he is a winner and that goes a lot into being an all-time great. So with that being said I believe he is already up there but this is just a cherry on top.

Chris Frazier(Rostock Seawolves)

 Rams 45-40 

At home.

crazy how the Super bowl is a big deal in Europe.

If he wins this Super Bowl he will be #2 behind Michael Jordan.

Lorenzo Gordon(Ex Deutsche Bank Skyliners)

New England 28 – 20

 I will be in Atlanta for the game

When I was playing in Europe, I was sad because all my family and friends was all together having fun watching the game together and I was alone watching it late at night and I had practice in the morning lol

 Second behind Michael Jordan

Steven Wriedt(Assistant coach Giessen 46ers)

 I think the patriots will win 28-24

I will watch it with some friends at home

I have been to many super bowl parties. They are all good but you have to get a lot of rest before the night because it will be an all night event.

I think if Brady wins he has to be considered the best football player or all time consistently going to the super bowl coming back from a bad knee injury and playing into his 40’s are things that nobody else has ever done.

Kameron Taylor(Pecsi VSK-Veolia (Hungary-A Division)

I’m not sure what the score will be but I feel like Brady will take it. He’s been there so many times.

 It’s been only me and a couple teammates each time. We would watch the Super Bowl together and buy some wings, snacks, and etc. Not a lot of Europeans are interested in American football.

 Very late nights/early mornings. Mostly because of the time difference between Europe and the US. But at the same time I wouldn’t get to bed until about 5am because you have to watch the celebrations and interviews afterwards as well

 Athletes I’m would put him pretty high but in football, he’s probably the best of all time

Evan Mcguaghey(BK JIP Pardubice (Czech Republic-NBL)

I’ll take the Rams 31-27

 Not sure where I’ll be watching. Possibly at a teammates/friends house The only problem with watching it in Europe is that it’s always late in the night. I think it ended around 4:30am last year.

 Brady would be top 5 of all time in sports if he won another one. I’m not sure he is done yet either

Deandre Lansdowne(Baskets Lowen Braunschweig)

Patriots 34 – Rams 27

In a Cinema in BS with teammates

Missing the parties with friends back home. Always having to wake up in the middle of the night to watch. A couple times falling asleep during halftime. 4.

I think he’s already considered one of the greatest athletes of all time. His resume says enough!

Julian Gamble(JSF Nanterre (France-Jeep ELITE)

I think the Patriots will win 34-28

Honestly  I don’t even know if I will watch it or not. I usually don’t stay up that late anymore. Being in Europe I usually just catch highlights of most sporting events the following day. 3

Two years ago I stayed up to watch it in Bonn and went home when the Falcons were up 28-3 on the Patriots. Woke up the next morning to find out they came back and won!

Winning this one will for sure solidify Brady even further in the conversation. He is already among one of the greatest athletes ever in my opinion. His high level of play and numerous championships and records speak for themselves


Pats 27-21

I will be in my apartment in Hanau

Every year it is different but one thing is certain, it is difficult to watch in Europe because the hours it comes on. Always a fun time though

I think Brady is already part of an elite group of all-time greats. If he wins again, it just further solidifies his position at the top.

Marcus Smallwood(Former player)

New England 35 LA 17

At a friends Bar/Restaurant called McArthurs in Lakeway Texas 3

 When I did I was more concentrated on the game so I enjoyed it

 He’s already the best in football so I don’t think he can be placed any higher at this point, but him and MJ will have 6 rings each

Nik Caner-Medley(Movistar Estudiantes Madrid (Spain-ACB)

Of course you know I was born in Beverly Mass and Im a huge Pats fan, especially Brady! The Patriots of course will beat the Rams, no question about it, zero doubt in my mind. 34-24 Pats

 I will be watching it in my house with my wife. I want no distractions. I don’t like being places where other people hate on the Pats and Brady because I don’t react well to it haha.

 I only watch the Super Bowl when the Pats are in it. So in other words, every year!!! Hahaha I have always watched the Super Bowl at home EXCEPT the year the Giants got lucky in the last minute and beat the Pats in 2008 I watched the game at a friend of mines restaurant in Gran Canaria (where I was playing) and I had a bottle of Champagne ready to spray everywhere and then Manning threw a 4th and 17 or so pass and the guy caught it with his face mask!! Was complete BS! So I will never watch the Super Bowl outside my house again haha.

Brady is already CLEARLY the best QB of All-Time. And Top 3 football players of All-Time. As far as All-Time athletes he is Top 15 with no questions. When you start talking about top Athletes you have Golf, Tennis, Boxing, Track, Swimming, and those have some guys you have to put ahead of Brady like Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Ali, Mayweather, Michael Jordan etc So putting him in the Top 10 is tough.

Japhet Mcneil(1. FC Kaiserslautern Germany-Regionalliga)

My prediction. New England patriots 17 – 10. Patriots win!

Usually there’s a cool sports bar in Frankfurt. Called Yours Australian. All the Pro basketball players from the Rheinland- Pfalz area Usually attend. It’s like a family reunion really!! Most likely I ll be watching the super bowl there.

 What mostly surprised me was how many people watched the super bowl. I have met a lot European people over the years. They say I only watch the Super bowl, but I never watch during the season. But understand the time difference is huge. Games start late and people have to work in the mornings!

 I d say!! as far as Q’b’s. He definitely has the GOAT tag. Greatest of all time

Virgil Matthews(Niners Chemnitz)

I think the Rams will win big 42-24 as much as it pains me to say.

 Undecided where, I’ll watch maybe just at home or with some teammates together.

 We’ve had a Super Bowl party my last few years in Chemnitz at a lounge but this year not. It usually a good time though and I watch on German tv so no commercials.

 If Brady wins he definitely elevates his legacy, but I think he is already considered one of the most winning athletes of all time.

Chase Adams(BBC Coburg)

 24 Patriots 21 Rams

 At a Sports Bar in Bavaria

Always fun getting together with teammates for such a big sporting event; past few years it’s been dominated by one team (Patriots) so everyone wants to see them fall! This is one of those teams that just always find away no matter what’s thrown their way.

Ken Horton( BK Astana (Kazakhstan-National League)

I think the Patriots will win 35-28.

 I’ll probably be watching it in my apartment. The time difference is crazy compared to the states so it will be early in the morning when the game starts.

I don’t get to watch it every year because the time difference.

 If the Patriots win it will definitely put Tom Brady as one of the best to ever play football if not the best. He’s definitely an all-time great in sports history as well. Top 5 amongst all athletes, #1 in Football. Hands down

Jestin Lewis(Giessen Rackelos)

The Rams have a Great team but Tom Brady is hard to beat man and the patriots have really experienced players so I think Patriots will Win.

 I may watch it at home and have some friends over to watch it with me.

 When I was in Hungary I watched it with My Daughter and her Mom but I was on FaceTime with my friends and Family throughout the game.

Brady is Definitely the Best QB of All-Time. But this will just be the icing on the cake. Definitely Top 5 Athletes of All Time in sports

Brandon Watkins(Dresden Titans)

I think the final score will be 35-21 Patriots

Probably at a good food spot showing the game.

 Last year was cool, my teammate bought the game and we watched it at his place.

He will definitely be high on the list but obviously he would be the greatest quarterback of all time.

Michael Thompson(Le Mans Sarthe Basket France-Jeep ELITE)

Patriots 28-24

 Le Mans, France

Some years I’m wasn´t able to watch it depending on the time difference and my basketball schedule. This year I will be watching it for sure.

Win or Lose, Brady will be considered as one of the greatest athletes of all time

Thad Mcfadden(Iberostar Tenerife CB Canarias Spain ACB)

 I think 35-31 patriots

 I’ll be watching the game on the road. We play in Greece when the super bowl comes on

 Great experiences, it’s a lot of people in Europe that love American football so I usually watch it with all my teammates at one of our apartments

 Tom Brady win or lose is already the best player to ever play football. Going to 9 Super Bowls is crazy, so win or lose this game nothing will change he’s still will be the greatest of all time

TJ Dileo(Telekom Baskets Bonn)

29-23 patriots

Watching with my NFL Sunday crew at a friend’s house

Usually I can’t stay up until the end. But last year was great to watch my Eagles win it. Couldn’t sleep that night.

Brady has to be on the Mount Rushmore of all time athletes.

Diante Watkins(Union Tours Metropole Basket (France-NM1)

I think the Patriots will win, 37-31

 I will watch it at home.

My years in Germany I watched it at a sports bar but here in France I don’t know a place.

I don’t know amongst all sports but I think he’s the greatest quarterback of all time

Davonty Lacy(PS Karlsruhe)

Patriots 35 – Rams 32

I think I’ll be watching it with the rest of my teammates.

 It’s been positive a new experience was watching it with German commentators.

 Brady is there regardless if he doesn’t win.

Julian Scott(Dresden Titans)

 I have the Patriots winning 35 to 32

That’s still being talked about I’m not sure yet

 I love Football so it’s been great to watch on my sundays

 He is already the goat for American football hall of Famer the guy with the least physical talent but best work ethic.

Aaron Doornekamp(Valencia Basket Spain ACB)

I have the Patriots.

I´m watching it a local bar with teammates.

Every year it depends on where I am, who is playing and our schedule for league/Euro competition.

Brady is already the best QB of all-time, but it´s tough to compare him across different sports, because football has so many players who impact the outcome of a game. He will always be in the conversation of greatest winner of all-time.

Stanley Burrell(Former player ex Eisbaeren Bremerhaven)

 Patriots winning 31 to 24

 At home

I always missed the super bowl while playing 10yrs in Europe. Because of the time difference I would have to stay up too late to watch it.

This win will make him the greatest football player of all time. Not the greatest athlete of all time. Just best in football

Michael Jenkins(BK Astana Kazakhstan-National League)

 45-31 New England

 I will be watching in my apt in Astana, or I will miss it because I may be traveling.

I actually miss the game majority of the time because I either fell asleep or I wasn´t in my apt.

Well he’s already up there as one of all-time in sports so a win won’t do anything but add another layer of cement.

Will Barnes( Ex Hamburg Towers)

 I say 28-24 Patriots

At home!

 I fall asleep by the start of the 4th quarter every year haha

I think he’s the GOAT already.

Rickey Easterling( SG DJK Saarlouis-Roden/BBF Dillingen Germany-Regionalliga)

As much as I don’t want them to win! I predict that Tom Brady and the Patriots will win the Super Bowl. The score will be 24 to 17 patriots.

I will watch it with some friend in Saarlouis! Not sure exactly where yet.

My experience watching the Super Bowl here in Europe is a little bit different then it is in America. Over here I just watch the game like any other. At home in the states the Super Bowl is more like a holiday/party! In my eyes at least. A bunch of food, family friends, and a good time. We Americans make a big deal about this event. Here I feel football is getting more popular. So more people are watching and learning about the game. But it does not compare at all to the states.

Tom Brady is the NFL GOAT. Nobody had dominated the game like him. If he wins another Super Bowl this year I think we have to consider him one of the greatest athletes of all time. I definitely have athletes like Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, and Deon Sanders above him! but I can’t hate on Tom Brady even though I don’t like him. He deserves to be in the Category of greats athletes in sports history.

Jermale Jones(Lich Basketball (Germany-2.Regionalliga)

I think the patriots will win but I’m not for either team. Just want to see a good game. I think the score will be 35-28

I will be watching the game at Champions in Frankfurt.

My experience in watching the Super Bowl in Europe is just the time difference because the game comes on late.

 If Brady wins I will put him in the all-time best for quarterbacks but not all time sports.

Andrew Jones(NINERS Chemnitz 2 Germany-2.Regionalliga)

I officially stop watching the Superbowl when the Atlanta Falcons blew a 21-3 lead coming out of half time lol. Patriots are probably going to win it again, 35 to 28

 I will probably watch it the next day, just the highlights though.

My first few years watching it was pretty tough because you have to stay up pretty late to enjoy it. But it was fun to enjoy the game with my teammates

Statistically he will be one of the most dominant athletes to ever play football. He won’t get too much credit from me, he took my Falcons down lol

Tucker Haymond(RheinStars Pro B)

 I think the score will be close, down to a field goal.

 I’ll be watching it at home

 I’ve never been in Europe when the super bowl was playing

 I think it will put him as one of the best ever

Porter Troupe( SCM CSU Craiova Romania-Liga Nationala)

Rams 27…. Patriots 24

I have the NFL gamepass, so I always watch it at home. This year will be no different

Usually I’ll have some teammates over to my house, and we’ll get some food and beer. We’ll watch the game and have some laughs

If Brady wins, I say he’s the most accomplished athlete of all time, still in my opinion the greatest athletes are Michael Jorda, and Michael Phelps.

Courtney Belger(FC Schalke)

 I’m going to say the score will be 31-24 for LA. Since the Rams used to be in St. Louis I have to stick with the Rams here.

 I’m not sure if I will watch it to be honest. We probably will have morning practice and I will need some sleep. If I do watch, it will be at my house.

 Last year I woke up late and watched with my childhood friend Bryant Allen who plays for Wulfen this season. He loves the Patriots so he was going crazy. Yelling the whole night. Everybody watched in Shawn’s room. The energy was at an all-time high.

 He is in the discussion for one of the best win or lose but if he wins another one this year I can’t hate on Brady anymore lol. I admire his leadership the most above all

Michael Stockton(BG Goettingen)

27-24 Rams

No big plans, at my apartment with some teammates

 When the lights went out at the Super Dome(Ravens/49’ers), the game took so long it felt like I went straight to practice without sleeping

Brady is already one of the greatest to ever play, in any sport. A win only adds to that legacy

Kaimyn Pruitt(SC RASTA Vechta 2nd team Germany-Regionalliga)

I´ts very hard to go against Tom Brady but I have the Rams winning 27 to 23

 I think I will be watching the game with some of my teammates

Being from America it´s not the same to hear commentary from a different country and staying late to watch it but it´s still a great experience

No but win or lost he is the greatest football player of all time

Scott Eatherton(Basketball Lowen Braunschweig)

 28-24 patriots

 I’ll be watching it in Braunschweig maybe at the local movie theatre with the Braunschweig football team

 I couldn’t watch it last year since it was on so late being televised on the west coast but this year it should be easier since it’s in Atlanta with an earlier start time.

 If Brady wins I think he will be top 20 greatest athletes of all time. It’s difficult to say but you have to think of athletes like Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Wayne Gretzky

Kruize Pinkins(Novipiu Casale Monferrato Italy-Serie A2)

42 to 35 Rams

We have a road game so probably on the bus home.

It´s been good but it is always better to watch it at home with your friends and family but I still enjoy watching it

 He will definitely be the best football player of all time if he clutches this one out!

Miah Davis(Former player Telekom Baskets Bonn)

The rams will win

I will be watching it with family and friends

 My experience watching the Super Bowl in Europe was watching my Seahawks lose to the Steelers. Still not happy about that game lol

 I would put Brady as a top 10 competitor of all time not a top 10 athlete of all time

Brandyn Curry(ESSM Le Portel Cote d’Opale France-Jeep ELITE)

Rams 31- Patriots 28

 I will either be watching it at my apartment on my laptop or at one of my teammates apartments if we decide to do a Super Bowl party as a team

I have had some really good experiences watching the Super Bowl in Europe. In almost every season we have done something as a team and some of the local players have been there to watch as well, which I thought was really cool since they normally don’t follow American football.

 I think even if he doesn’t win he is still the greatest football player of all-time and therefore has to be considered one of the greatest athletes of all-time. Another Super Bowl win would only strengthen his case but his body of work throughout his career with the 5 Super Bowl wins is already enough for him to be in the discussion in my opinion

Devon Moore(Ex Ehingen)

 My prediction of the Superbowl is it will be a great game. Two great team’s I think the underdog are going to Win which is the Rams. Brady is a great player, but just going with the underdog on this one. I don’t know the score I hope it’s a great game no blow out.

 My experience watching the Superbowl in Europe has been great. You can always find a link or one of my teammates has it on. You don’t always get it in English but you still get to watch it.

 Since I have been in Germany we always had it at one of the teammate’s house who has the biggest TV and living room.

 Win or Lose Brady is already up there with the greatest in any sports

Jefferson Mason(Former player)

 My prediction is that the Rams will win with a final score of 27-24.

 My plan is to watch it at my friend´s house with a big group of people. We’ll try to make it a party and have some fun with it!

 When I was playing it was very difficult because of the time difference and most of the time it was by myself. I still enjoyed it but it wasn’t as extravagant as the experiences back in the states.

 If Brady wins the whole thing again it would be impossible to argue he’s the best of all time in football but as far as all sports I think that’s a stretch. Michael Jordan is one of the greatest and most transcending athletes in my opinion!

Chris Hortman(Ex FC Schalke)

My prediction is 34-28 patriots

 Honestly I probably won’t watch it. I’m in Germany and will be asleep

 Haven’t had the experience of watching here in Europe yet , haven’t met anyone here who wants to watch it

 I think if Brady wins this one and the next one , the best athlete of all time will always be Floyd Mayweather unless he looses

Alex Herrera(Phoenix Hagen)

28-24 patriots

A couple of teammates and myself will get together at one of our houses and stay up and watch it.

 Experiences have been good since I’ve been to Europe always seem to do something with teammates, only down side to watching the super bowl in Europe is staying up late haha

 I think that Brady is already up there as being one of the best athletes of all time with a 6th ring to that I think he just puts an extra exclamation mark to his legacy.

Terry Black(Former player EWE Baskets, Baylor(NCAA)

35-21 patriots

Will be watching with “ The Compound” ( 30 of my closets friends) we hangout at “The Apartments” where some of my friends live

 I loved watching in Europe because football is a long season and the best of the best meet head to head for that final game, I always struggled the next day in practice in Europe because the game came on really early in the morning but missing the game wasn’t an option

 Brady he will Be at the top of the GOAT list, they have done some amazing things in Foxborough

Trent Weaver(AB Contern Luxembourg-Total League)

 I predict another Patriot’s Super Bowl victory, adding to their already unbelievable dynasty. The game will be close in the first half, with both teams trading scores to keep it close. The final score will be 38-24 (Patriots).

 I will be watching the game in Luxembourg City at an American sports bar.

 While in Europe, I have kept it pretty low key for the game. I definitely miss the big parties back in the US. The snacks and commercials are the best part.

 If Brady comes out victorious, it will be difficult to keep him off of the top 3 athletes of all time club. His resume speaks for itself.

Terrell Everett( Golden Eagle Ylli Kosovo-Superliga)

Pats 31-21 over Rams

I´ll be watching in Suhareke, Kosovo

The Super Bowl is always exciting. The two best teams going for it all. There have been a lot of interesting games since I have been playing in Europe.

He will definitely have to be top 10. If we’re talking all time. But in football maybe number 1. He wills his team to the Super Bowl year after year and Wins most of the time. Top 10 all time for sure

Jervon Pressley(BC Zaporizhye-ZOG Ukraine-Superleague)

I predict the game to be very close and it coming down to a final play win. Both teams had a very successful season.

I will be watching the game at a local pub.

 I have had limited live game watching experiences due to travels during games and early/late showings.

 If Brady wins he will go down in my opinion and the best football player ever

Ryon Howard( Hertener Loewen Basketball Germany-Regionalliga)

I have the Rams winning 27-24.

 I plan on watching it in the comfort of my on home. With the time difference, it’s always been the most practical way to watch for me.

 As of late, the experience has been getting better. More Europeans seem to be interested in American football in comparison to when I first got to Europe in 2009. Not sure when it started but now one can watch the Superbowl on free tv here in Germany which is also a testament to how well the sport is growing in Europe. The buzz around the Super Bowl is definitely improving year and after year but obviously still no comparison to the buzz around the Superbowl in the states.

 Hard to say as it is hard to compare accomplishments across different sports but if I had to rank him after another Super Bowl win, I would have to say top 20 greatest athletes of all time. In football, best QB of all time, if he´s not that already.

Murphy Burnatowski(Saigon Heat (Vietnam-VBA)

Pats 27-20, sadly we will be flying back from a road trip in Philippians.

I remember staying up to 7am in Cyprus after almost going to bed the last time Patriots won.

If Brady wins I think it puts him in the same conversation as other greats MJ, tiger woods,

Patrick Richard(New Zealand Breakers Australia-NB)

31-21 patriots

I’m going to be watching the game in New Zealand at home.

 Watching the Super Bowl in Europe is pretty difficult. Staying up all night is a problem lol but I usually would do it.

 If Brady wins I don’t think it matters because as of now he is the best NFL quarterback of all time! All time athlete would have to be Muhammad Ali for me!

Seger Bonifant(Team Ehingen)

I think the patriots will win 28-27!

 I will be watching it at a friends house close to Ehingen.

 I haven’t watched much football while I’m Europe, but I did watch both the AFC championship game and the NFC championship game!

 Yes for sure. I think Brady is already one of the greatest athletes of all time, not just one of the best football players of all time.

Byron Sanford( BC Silute Lithuania-NKL)

Patriots 31 – Rams 24.

 I will be watching it in Lithuanian. Probably with my other American teammates at one of our apartments.

 I watched the Super Bowl last year in Germany at a bar in the city and it was intense because I watched it with the cities Futbol team. So it was very fun. I was surprised how many people stayed up to watch it considering the big time difference from the States.

 I think when or lose he is already in the top tier of greatness athletes ever but another super bowl win will just boost him even higher Nd spread the gap between him and other players mentioned as the best ever. It will be very hard to argue why he isn’t the best ever if he gets another ring in 2019!

Elijah Allen(Tigers Tuebingen)

 I think the score will be 14-21 New England

I will watch the game in my apartment. Plan on having a few teammates come over.

 In Europe I don´t often keep up with the NFL in general. But I try to watch the super bowl every year. Always a good experience and a good game.

To me he already is one of the greatest to play football. It’s even more impressive that he isn’t as athletic as most if the other players

Brian Harper(Ex Tigers Tuebingen)

 I have the Rams win in a close game 24-21

 I will probably be watching at my place with my wife. The game comes on at 12:30am my time so she probably won’t make it through the whole game lol but I definitely will.

It´s always been fun! Gives you a chance to experience a little bit of home!

 He already is going down as the best QB of all time, and if he continues to win championships he definitely will have to be considered one of the best athletes ever

Michael Holton(BC Zaporizhye-ZOG Ukraine-Superleague)

31-38 Patriots

 I will most likely be at my apartment here in Ukraine watching it, maybe with some teammates.

 My experience watching the Super Bowl in Europe so far has been a lot different than back in the states. You basically have to pull an all nighter and watch it through the early morning hours, and it’s something you’re really only going to be able to talk and be excited about with fellow American teammates, versus in America where the Super Bowl pretty much feels like a national holiday that everyone is tuned in for and taking part in.

 If Brady pulls it off and wins the title, it will just further cement his name in history books as one of the best athletes ever. I think there’s some other athletes in different sports I’d have higher on my list, but he’s definitely the g.o.a.t. when it comes to football.

Jordan Talbert(Rostock Seawolves)

I predict the Rams will win. 31-27

 I will be watching at home, if I decide to stay up that late.

I’ve only seen 2 Super Bowls since I’ve been in Europe.

I think he’s already in that category. He’s definitely the best quarter back of all time as of now.

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