Michael Wenzl

Work Horse Michael Wenzl Powers The Hamburg Towers To First Victory In Their History Over Giessen 66-65

In the world city of Hamburg were just counting swans on the Alster can be seen as a hobby as there are so many, there are many sport clubs with rich tradition like soccer team HSV that has been in service for 127 years, St Pauli have been around for 94 years and the Uhlenhorster hockey team have been competiting for 113 years and now the city Hamburg that was host of the 2010 U-17 World Championships in basketball where Giessen guard Besnek Bekteshi tore up the competition had a new professional basketball team going to start a new era in Giessen that has been around since 1846 as they played their first professional game in the infamous and loud Osthalle. It was a long pre season for the team as they played very much basketball with a roster that was put together in July. It was also not a surprise that both the makers of this Hamburg Towers project ex German national player Marvin Willoughby and Frankfurt Skyliners legend Pascal Roller were on hand to witness history. Despite a frantic and almost successful comeback at the end of the game, Pascal Roller who was sporting a stylish dark black shirt bearing the intials of the city Hamburg HH was more relaxed while the more suave looking Willoughby who is a mix between Denzel Washington and Tyson Beckford was a bit more nervous at the end, but with 0,9 seconds to go another missed Hamburg free throw was left rolling on the rim as no Giessen player seemed awake allowing Terrry „Air Canada“ Thomas to secure the rebound and seal the 66-65 win as both chefs smiled and escaped Giessen with a victory. 40 minutes after the narrow win, Marvin Willoughby was able to summarize the 40 minutes that he had just witnessed. „We found out at the end that you have to play for 40 minutes and not 39 minutes. If you give up 9 points in the last minute, you will get punished. We were lucky that we won, but I am very happy that we won. We had a good phase in the up and down moments to stick together as a team. I thought we played a pretty good defensive game, but lost focus at the end. We have very much potential on the defensive end to get even better“, stressed Marvin Willoughby. „We wanted to win that first game at home. We didn´t execute well in the first half, but in the second half we executed better on offense, but still had defensive break downs. I felt that every player gave 100%. We have to get better and shoot for two wins this week“, added Giessen forward Andre Marhold.