Mario Matic

The Super Super Mario Matic Era Comes To An End In Nordlingen




At times one could imagine that the bald figure barking signals and hope from behind the Giants Nordlingen bench could enter the court himself at any time and help push the team forward in some way, but the 37 year 202cm ex player Mario Matic has found a home giving advice from the sidelines instead of on the court in the last seven years as head coach and has done a successful job. However sometimes success and passion for something you cherish is put on the back burner for family love. After seven years of coaching the Giants Nordlingen, the ex BG Leitershofen big man has decided to step down from the job. So often in professional sports the ego far outweighs the rational mind, but for once it hasn´t as Matic has proved. Matic hasn´t stepped down to take a better coaching offer, but has done it for family reasons and has set other priorities in life and  decided to move to the beautiful Starnberg lake in Bavaria to his partner in life.