Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson Makes A Name For Himself In Ehingen

On paper the ProB is just the third league in Germany. But in recent years many great players were able to leave a mark and make themselves a name in this league. The best example is probably Spot Up Medien Baskets Zack Wright. The American playmaker made it from Braunschweig’s ProB team to an All-Star in the first division in France.

This season many great point guards entered the league and their stats could serve them as a stepping stone to a great career in Europe. One of these promising players is former Northern Arizona playmaker Josh Wilson. The 22-year old point guard had a nice college career (All-time Assist leader in NA history) and started his pro career with Erdgas Ehingen this season. On a young team full of german talents Wilson had to show his leadership skills and had an impressive rookie season in Europe.

He took some time to talk to German Hoops about his first experiences in Europe.

After 4 years of NCAA basketball with Northern Arizona you turned pro last summer. Was that something you always planned to do? And how did you end up in Germany?

Becoming a professional basketball player is something that every basketball player dreams about. It’s something I strived for every day in my high school and college career. To be able to see it happen here in Germany has been a very fulfilling experience. I ended up here in Germany through my website, that has video and information about me and I sent the information out to teams. Nico Drmota saw my website and asked my former teammate Kristian Kuhn on the team about me. It ended up working out well and I got the opportunity to come to Ehingen.