Dee Bost

Dee Bost Leads AS Monaco To 70-64 Champions League Gut Out Win Against The Fraport Skyliners

When taking a closer look at the beautiful bustling coastal town of Monte Carlo, one of the last things that one would mention would be their basketball team AS Monaco. The first things that pop into mind about the chic town Monte Carlo is the glitz and money that it has to offer not to mention the sheer beauty of the French Riviera coupled with the picturesque mountains that lend the perfect back drop to a place that many people dream of just being able to visit one day. Other highlights about Monte Carlo is the Formula One race that takes place each year or the posh Monte Carlo casino or spending a free hours in front of the famous Hotel De Paris to see just how many celebrities one can spot. Many also come to Monte Carlo to get a taste of their royal family and to see if they can spot prince Albert. One also can try to come up with a list of how many famous people have lived there over the years to save on taxes as the list is massive as guys like Boris Becker brought it into fashion already in the 80´s while over the years a handful of Formula One drivers have called this dream world home. However Monte Carlo also has a basketball team AS Monaco that after numerous years of having totally fallen in obscurity falling from the France Pro A and having played as far back as the fourth division only five years ago moved back to the elite division in 2015 and right away made a bang winning the regular season crown, but falling in the playoffs in the semi-finals. This season the club has found back to it´s success from last season and is a top the France pro A with a record of 9-2 and in the Champions League is 6-1 . The club is also known as being a type of recluse for former BBL players as their present roster boasts four players where Fraport Skyliner Quantez Robertson has faced two. He could have faced three with Zack Wright, but was injured during the 2013-2014 season embarrassing 73-43 loss in Bamberg . Ex Maryland(NCAA) star Nik Caner-Medley´s first team as a rookie in 2005 was the Artland Dragons. Robertson faced Jamal Shuler in the 2009-2010 season where Shuler played his last in the BBL for Trier before heading to France for good, and had most of his duels against California native John Bryant when he played with Ulm and Munich from 2010-2016. Shuler got the last laugh on Robertson at the 2010 BBL Allstar game slam dunk contest in Bonn winning the crown. Robertson and the Fraport Skyliners split the season series in each season from 2010-2016 with John Bryant but the big man that got the nickname big country during his years in Germany got the better of both in 2015 winning in the playoffs 3-1. AS Monaco came to Frankfurt reeling off a 98-83 loss against Paris, while the Fraport Skyliners entered the game with new focus and life after snapping their 6 game BBL losing streak with an exciting one point win in Braunschweig. AS Monaco was without Jamal Shuler who was nursing an injury and stayed in Monte Carlo and apparently they didn´t need him as they gutted out a 70-64 win in Champions League action.

Quantez Robertson wasn´t only disappointed with the loss but also that he couldn´t get revenge on Jamal Shuler as he also beat him two seasons ago in the Eurochallenge Top 4. The Fraport Skyliners coughed up the ball 22 times including nine times in the third quarter and Robertson had four in the first quarter. “It is always nice to play against familiar faces that you have played against before. You may not know them personally, but it´s always fun. Shuler is a good player. I remember the dunk contest in Bonn. I really thought that I got robbed.Derek Raivio gave him a soccer pass and the crowd went crazy and he caught it on the second bounce. I guess soccer is big in Europe and that helped him. We had too many turnovers. We also were unable to move the ball well in clutch situations. I think I might have had four turnovers in one quarter in college. Tonight I tried to make the big play too much instead of the right play”, stressed Quantez Robertson.