The Giessen 46ers Tame The Oettinger Rockets Gotha 86-70 In Basketball Aid Game In Mainz

On the court Chris Ensminger won just about every battle in the paint as there was a reason why he was the BBL´s best rebounder for five consecutive years as his knack of always having the right position as the ball was released and correct instinct to where the ball would fall off the rim seemed to be as easy for him to successfully achieve as it was for once the best control pitcher in the majors Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees to seemingly get the ball where he wanted to to get through the full count to his team´s benefit. However one thing that Ensminger couldn´t control after life on the basketball court was keeping his now coaching foe Denis Wucherer of the Giessen 46ers in check while they were battling on the sidelines during their rookie coaching season in 2013-2014 and second season. Both guys are basketball legends in Germany as Ensminger not only made a name as one of the BBL´s finest centers for years, but also belonged to numerous Bamberg championship teams while Wucherer won two BBL titles with the Bayer Giants Leverkusen for Dirk Bauermann and won the silver at the 2005 European championships in Belgrade under Dirk Bauermann once again and alongside NBA legend in the making Dirk Nowitzki. Both Ensminger and Wucherer were head coaching rookies in the 2013-2014 season and in four games Wucherer led the head to head battle confrontation´s 3-1. Three of the four games were decided by 6 points and both games in the 2014-2015 season were intense nail bitters with 61-59 and 67-65 in favor of the Giessen 46ers and Wucherer. In that same season, Wucherer got the last laugh once again as he led his team into the BBL and almost made the playoffs last season. Ensminger is still trying to bring the BBL to Gotha and the only time, these two charachters can meet now on the sidelines is in the preseason. “Gotha is a team that should reach the BBL in the future. They have a good infrastructure now, new arena and Wolfgang Heyder on board. One sees that the club is getting more and more professional. They are very ambitious to get to the BBL and have a good coaching staff with Ensminger and Esterkamp. Ensminger´s team now plays the way he played as a player. He played hard and so does his team. He should have a good season”, stressed Giessen 46ers head coach Denis Wucherer. After the 86-70 loss, Ensminger was very calm on the bench replaying the lost game in his mind one more time as his players were stretching and he had time to reflect on this coaching duel with Wucherer. “Wucherer has a good background and played for Dirk Bauermann. He played tough and so do his teams. I enjoy coaching against him. We always had good games against Giessen and one season lost two games by two points. I respect him and like how he helps players develop further as he got my ex player Marco Voeller”, stressed Chris Ensminger.


The Hebeisen White Wings With Mr Sulliiiiiiiiiiiii Spank Luxemburg National Team 109-66 In Basketball Aid Charity Game

Even if the opening game of the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour is 72 hours old, memories of that game for players and fans will be on their mind radar for a while as fans will relive the alley-oop put backs by Mike Morrison and amazing unending talent of 16 year old Isaac Bonga where not the sky, but space seems to be the limit and especially for Americans Mike Morrison and Quantez Robertson being on American solid and trying to find their home state flags of Florida and Ohio in the beautiful cozy state of the art Clay Kaserne gym for everyone to swoon at. However even if the tour has moved on rapidly in the last days having gone to Luxemburg where their national team battled German Pro A team Dresden Titans and on Sunday still with the Luxemburg national team on board moved to German city Hanau which is 25 kilometers east of Frankfurt, the term that still had a tiny effect was the Frankfurt Skyliners. If Luxemburg national team head coach Ken Diederich who as a player was a nine time Luxemburg all-star and four time league champion with AB Contern, had done his homework the last days, he would have found out that both head coaches that he faced with Steven Clauss of Dresden and Simon Cote of Hanau had been coaches with the Fraport Skyliners within the last 10 years. However on Sunday in game three of the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour, the name Frankfurt Skyliners wasn´t on the menu, but instead good European basketball with an always international flair and not too forgot the Basketball Aid cause always as the main focus as that was what the players were really playing for. As always Basketball Aid international tour chairman Hans Beth who was head coach of the Hanau organization four years ago was present and running around shaking hands and making sure that everything was running along smoothly and as always was pleased with another well-made production that benefited the basketball aid charity as well as bringing fans the best possible preseason basketball action as high scoring was on the menu as the Hebeisen White Wings delighted their fans with a nasty 109-66 spanking of the Luxemburg national team. “I am very happy how everything went in Hanau. It was well organized and the fans saw a good game. Hanau had a very good shooting game. For Luxemburg it was a good test for their upcoming Euro qualifying games. They played against a very physical team with Hanau and that will help them for their upcoming Euro qualifying schedule”. explained 2016 Basketball Aid international tour chairman Hans Beth.


The Fraport Skyliners Glide By The RheinStars 77-59 In Basketball Aid Charity Game In Wiesbaden

Around this time of year most BBL coaches are in their offices already scoping together new plays and contemplating which roles each player will perform except for Fraport Skyliners head coach Gordon Herbert who is still looking for a few players to complete the new roster. Even tougher this season is that the Canadian isn´t even at the practices as he has taken a leave of absence recovering from back surgery and given the coaching reigns to assistant coach Klaus Perwass. In the last years the Fraport Skyliners haven´t been complete as their preseason schedule has started and it was no different this season as like last season the club faced German pro A team RheinStars Cologne in a neutral area Koblenz and this season in another unusual spot in Wiesbaden, Germany. Eight year BBL veteran and identity figure of the Fraport Skyliners Quantez Robertson has had his share of photo shoots and checking out runways with a basketball at Frankfurt international airport, but for a change he would also be stepping foot on another airbase in Wiesbaden only 26 kilometers away from Frankfurt international airport as the Fraport Skyliners met the RheinStars in an out of the ordinary place. As part of the Basketball Aid international tour, both teams were taking part in a very good cause to help kids stricken with the horrible disease cancer as all proceeds were going to this charity. The Basketball Aid international Tour had received a blow recently as previously invited touring team Northeastern(NCAA) cancelled their 10 day trip on account of the terrorism in Germany, but Basketball Aid organizer Hans Beth and his crew had done a fine job in a very short period of time finding replacement teams for the Huskies from Boston. It is typical that in the past American players tend to visit American airbases to get that extra special US feeling as well as cleaning out the food markets where they can buy and munch on Pop tarts, Oreo´s or Twizzlers candy and much more, things they would never get in a normal German supermarket. In the past ex Skyliners and two thirds of the then Bermuda triangle Tyrone Ellis and Chris Williams minus Pascal Roller would venture out to Wiesbaden to take in the flair of American culture or a Jimmy Mckinney would make the trip to Heidelberg to visit the army heliport. On a very hot day that had temperatures in the 90´s everyone was relieved to be in the gym at Clay Kaserne as it was air conditioned nicely and after 40 minutes of hard fought pre season basketball, it was no surprise that BBL club Fraport Skyliners had been victorious gliding by the Pro A  RheinStars Cologne 77-59. Basketball Aid international tour chairman Hans Beth was pleased with how the first event of the tour went. “It was a good atmosphere and a good game. It was a good start for the tour. The fans saw many young players competing and both general managers of the teams were present. It was obvious that the fans enjoyed the game. I hope to see them at Fraport Skyliner games”, stressed Hans Beth.


Alex Foster (RheinStars) Playing Against The Fraport Skyliners At The Wiesbaden Airbase And Supporting Basketball Aid Will Be A Special Game For Me

Alex Foster is a 23 year old 203cm forward that grew up in Portland, Oregon and also has the German citizenship and will be playing his second professional season with the RheinStars(Germany-ProA). Last season as a rookie with the RheinStars he played 29 games averaging 9.6ppg, 3.3rpg, 1.4apg, FGP: 41.3%, 3PT: 33.5%, FT: 78.4%He played at Emory (NCAA3) from 2011-2015 playing a total of 108 NCAA3 games and as a senior played 20.1ppg, 7.9rpg, 1.0apg, FGP: 44.6%, 3PT: 39.9%, FT: 79.8%. He was able to improve his scoring and rebounding average each season. He spoke to German Hoops before the exhibition game on August 25th against the Fraport Skyliners at Wiesbaden Airbase with all proceeds goingto the Basketball Aid foundation.




Alex thanks for talking to German Hoops. You are playing your second season now with the RheinStars. When you look back at your rookie season and progression of your German, what was your most used German sentence?

I always say “eben so,” after someone wishes me “ein schönen Tag” at the grocery or bakery. A lot of my German teammates tease me for using that phrase, because I guess it’s more formal than what they’re used to. Or maybe it’s because it’s a Southern-German thing. My mom’s family is Schwäbisch.


Hans Beth Takes A Visit To Fenway Park, Gets A Dose Of Big Papi And Continues Shaping The 2016 Basketball Aid International Tour


The familiarity of German arenas for German basketball ambassador Hans Beth where ex NBA players like Elias Harris and Chris Babb battle to the extreme to get back on the radar of overseas scouts or tiny gyms were American ex NAIA or Juco players play out their dreams just to be able to make a scant basketball living is about equal to if you asked NBA legend Larry Bird to recount specific plays from the 1986 finals where the Boston Celtics dismissed the Houston Rockets to win another NBA title. However for one night in June 2016, Beth left the German basketball court on the back burner and witnessed a totally different sport and breathed in a totally different way of life in the eyes of an American at the legendary Fenway Park. The game had 10 players like basketball, but not on a court, but on grass and dirt. The playing area wasn´t in a arena like the Fraport arena that has a capacity of 5,002, but outside with a capacity of 37,949. The music was totally different as there was no Separate Ways from Journey or current pop songs blaring in the Fraport arena, but classic American songs like Sweet Caroline from Neil Diamond or the song every American knows by heart “Take me out to the ball park. The food was also different as unlike the fewer food choices in the Fraport arena, there was the smell of roasted peanuts or the famous Fenway Franks which is an American Hotdog that tastes best at the ball park. In the Fraport arena, Hans Beth can mingle with people like Jason Boone, Martinis Woody or head coach Steven Key while in Fenway Park, he could come across a totally different type of person with celebrities like New England Patriots CEO Bill Kraft, US secretary of State John Kerry, country singer Kenny Chesney, American writer Stephan King, 80s top model Christie Brinkley, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck or the Wahlberg brothers Donnie and Mark. For one evening Hans Beth who comes over like he could be the lost brother of James Bond as his dapper look is always on as he was able to forget basketball for three hours and catch  America´s pastime Baseball, a sport from a totally different perspective or could he? Hans Beth´s sole purpose  in Boston wasn´t to become a German expert on the sport of baseball, but to continue to shape the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour and get to personally meet and spend time with Northeastern head coach Bill Coen and athletic director Peter Robby. Even if watching that baseball game wasn´t the first time for Beth, basketball will still dominate his heart. “When I am in the states, I enjoy watching baseball and football games. My American friends didn´t only explain the rules, but I also understand the tactical things better and better. I think that when one is in Boston, it is a must to visit the traditional Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox to catch the atmosphere. However if there is a college game at the same time, then you will see me there. Basketball is and will remain my number one sport”, stressed Hans Beth.


BASKETBALL AID International Opportunity Tour 2016 Welcomes The Northeastern University Huskies

Before this week, the biggest link that Northeastern University had to Germany in basketball terms was the fact that it´s alumnist Jose Barea has been playing with German basketball legend in the making Dirk Nowitzki with the Dallas Mavericks for 7 seasons, but now the school and the country that gave the world classical music, the Octoberfest and Boris Becker will be coming together via the Basketball AID International Opportunity Tour this summer. Northeastern University and the BASKETBALL AID International Tour committee announced Monday that the men’s basketball team will travel to Germany to participate in the BASKETBALL AID International Tour 2016.

Northeastern will travel to Germany at the end of August 2016 to help strengthen the German-American friendship and to support the BASKETBALL AID e:V which is a charity to aid children with cancer. The university will be playing against high level professional German teams from the Beko BBL, Pro A and Pro B. The Huskies won´t only be dueling against hungry professional teams in preseason, but also be present and supportive at basketball camps for children and also be active at social events to help the charitable background of the tour.


Karl Moore (It’s A Good Feeling When Seeing Your Teammates Get An Extra Push From My Energy From The Bench)

Karl Moore is a 203cm forward born in 1987 that recently finished his rookie season for TV 1872 Saarlouis (Germany-ProB) where he played 28 games averaging 16.3ppg, 6.4rpg, 1.0spg, FGP: 60.7%, FT: 73.5%. He scored in double figures in 25 of 28 games including three double doubles. He scored 20 points or more eight times. His bests coring games was 28 points against Hanau and 27 points against BG Karlsruhe. He played college ball at Schoolcraft Community College (JUCO), Rio Grande(NAIA), and Culver Stockton (NAIA). He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.

Karl thanks for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and how have you enjoyed your summer?

Right now I am in my hometown Detroit, Michigan. So far this has been a great summer for me. I hired a personal weight trainer (Juan Mayes). For the last three months he has been putting me through some really good workouts each week (monday-friday). I upload just about every video of me working out unto my facebook page (karl sixfooteight moore). Getting stronger during off season was one of my goals for the summer. Becoming much stronger over the last three months has made my game so much easier for me when being on the court. Over the last two months, I had the pleasure of playing in one of Detroit toughest summer basketball leagues (provin ground basketball). I had the chance of playing against a few other professional players. Drew Maynard who recently finished his season overseas (vaerloese bbk), Derrick Nix who recently finished his season in France (orleans), Deshawn Sims who recently finish his season in lebanon (champvielle), Olaseni Lawal who recently won the super cup, Italian cup, and triple crown in Italy (dinamo basket sassari), Keith Appling who recently signed a two year deal with the Orlando Magics, etc. Playing in a summer league with this much talent made me bring my A game each game. Almost all these talented players came out of Detroit, my work ethic caused me to average higher stats then the majority of the players who participated in this league. I finished the summer league season averaging 23.5 points and 10 rebounds a game while shooting 70% percent from the field (

August has rolled by and you are still searching for a team. How has that process been different this summer after a strong rookie season compared to last summer when you came out of college?

I think that process is sort of the same when looking at this year and last year. Here it is August again and I am still waiting for a good contract. The only difference is that l have an agent now (Sevag Keucheyan) to represent me. Last year coming out of college, I represented myself which was difficult. Another difference between this summer and last summer while searching for a team. Is that while waiting last summer, I could understood why it took so long for an opportunity to get my foot in the door because I came from a small division one college. This summer after having a strong rookie season in Germany and dominating one of Michigan toughest summer leagues, I feel as if I have shown those who didn’t quite believe in me that I could have a good professional basketball career.


Hans Beth Is The Dapper Looking Basketball Ambassador Combining Basketball And Business For Success

When visiting a home game of the Fraport Skyliners it isn´t uncommon to see a slick and debonaire like looking gentleman who has that combination of James Bond star 007 Roger Moore and Dynasty star John Forsythe sitting in one of the first few rows behind the scorers table and usually is playing that basketball ambassador role as he is usually not alone, but in the company of some important guest from around the world. The man I am talking about is 57 year old Hans Beth who is mostly known as being a basketball coach, but he does so much more as his resume is as long and diverse as that of a hungry American who wants to be the best at everything they do. It seems like for Beth having many jobs is like having different challenges in his career path. Each and every job has taught him a different lesson and has increased his skills as well as knowledge of working in different work cultures. Besides having been a head coach for multiple decades, he has been very much involved with society as well helping the less Privileged in the basketball world trying to find employment as well as doing many jobs well. He is a professional speaker for companies, universities, and associations on topics such as securities & capital market but also team-related matters such as important factors for team success. He studied sports &amp and political science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. One could sit down with Beth at 8am and talk about how he sees so much issues in life, but he would still be weighing in on so many topics well after midnight into the next day. His duty as teaching talented players has earned him three titles and reaching the next level in German leagues while in his other field of work he has been working successfully as a highly appreciated lecturer and capital market analyst for more than 30 years now. His day usually ends at night with basketball practice while during the day he is an investment consultant and financial analyst which has been on his resume for 30 years. He made a name for himself becoming an investment consultant and financial analyst where he showed his ability to direct employees with financial analyses or customer research. He also lecturer at the “Rhineland-Palatine Sparkassen Academy” and is member of the “German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management. The German has a unique ability to bring together business and sport. He has great knowledge in team building, leadership and strategies for dealing with conflict.