Hans Beth Takes A Visit To Fenway Park, Gets A Dose Of Big Papi And Continues Shaping The 2016 Basketball Aid International Tour


The familiarity of German arenas for German basketball ambassador Hans Beth where ex NBA players like Elias Harris and Chris Babb battle to the extreme to get back on the radar of overseas scouts or tiny gyms were American ex NAIA or Juco players play out their dreams just to be able to make a scant basketball living is about equal to if you asked NBA legend Larry Bird to recount specific plays from the 1986 finals where the Boston Celtics dismissed the Houston Rockets to win another NBA title. However for one night in June 2016, Beth left the German basketball court on the back burner and witnessed a totally different sport and breathed in a totally different way of life in the eyes of an American at the legendary Fenway Park. The game had 10 players like basketball, but not on a court, but on grass and dirt. The playing area wasn´t in a arena like the Fraport arena that has a capacity of 5,002, but outside with a capacity of 37,949. The music was totally different as there was no Separate Ways from Journey or current pop songs blaring in the Fraport arena, but classic American songs like Sweet Caroline from Neil Diamond or the song every American knows by heart “Take me out to the ball park. The food was also different as unlike the fewer food choices in the Fraport arena, there was the smell of roasted peanuts or the famous Fenway Franks which is an American Hotdog that tastes best at the ball park. In the Fraport arena, Hans Beth can mingle with people like Jason Boone, Martinis Woody or head coach Steven Key while in Fenway Park, he could come across a totally different type of person with celebrities like New England Patriots CEO Bill Kraft, US secretary of State John Kerry, country singer Kenny Chesney, American writer Stephan King, 80s top model Christie Brinkley, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck or the Wahlberg brothers Donnie and Mark. For one evening Hans Beth who comes over like he could be the lost brother of James Bond as his dapper look is always on as he was able to forget basketball for three hours and catch  America´s pastime Baseball, a sport from a totally different perspective or could he? Hans Beth´s sole purpose  in Boston wasn´t to become a German expert on the sport of baseball, but to continue to shape the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour and get to personally meet and spend time with Northeastern head coach Bill Coen and athletic director Peter Robby. Even if watching that baseball game wasn´t the first time for Beth, basketball will still dominate his heart. “When I am in the states, I enjoy watching baseball and football games. My American friends didn´t only explain the rules, but I also understand the tactical things better and better. I think that when one is in Boston, it is a must to visit the traditional Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox to catch the atmosphere. However if there is a college game at the same time, then you will see me there. Basketball is and will remain my number one sport”, stressed Hans Beth.

Hans Beth has 30 years of experience as a head coach of performance-oriented basketball teams and has had leading positions in investment banking for 30 years He has great expertise in multiple basketball fields like university teams, youth representative teams & professional teams. He was Coach of the year in Rhineland-Palatinate multiple times, three times helped promote teams to the 2nd Pro Division, twice was a German champion of „Youth trains for the Olympic Games, was German champion with the representative youth team of Rhineland-Palatine, took 2nd place at the German university championships, and is a professional speaker for companies, universities and associations on topics such as securities and capital market. As one can see Hans Beth has not only had much success with basketball, but also had done his share of good in the business world. With the Basketball Aid international tour, he has developed something and with the rapid growth of the activity has proven that his heart has been with the program since day one.

At the end of August 2016, the basketball Aid international tour will welcome the prestigious Boston school Northeastern University. Northeastern University will play against  a bunch of professional teams while the proceeds will go to kids who suffer from cancer. Chairman Hans Beth as well as others have put in a lot of hard work in preparation and is pleased with the progress of the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour as it is in it´s final stage. “The project idea was born 18 months ago to get an American college as being one of the main goals of the tour. The German/American friendship is the focus of our activities. Our tour committee of Bernd Kater, Malte Pohl, Thomas Schaarschmitt, Max Wolf, Alex Mylonas and I stand for these goals and are looking forward to when Northeastern arrives on August 23rd.  It will be exciting how the games will be and how much we can do for the good cause”, stressed Hans Beth.

When lauding Northeastern university, it isn´t only the athletics that stand out, but in time, the school has also made a name in the classroom. Northeastern by the Numbers. They are a Top 50 University in the Country; have 17107 undergraduate students, have a 13:1 Student faculty ratio; are number one in Career Services by Princeton Review; and number three in the up-and-coming University Nationally. On the basketball court, the school has produced high profile players like ex NBA player Reggie Lewis or current NBA player Jose Barea as well as numerous guys playing overseas. In the last four years, the basketball program also has performed above standards reaching a CAA final, two CAA semi-finals and winning the CAA title in 2015. The club lost high profile player David Walker who is on the radar of NBA teams and if not taken will come to Europe as well as Zach Stahl and Caleb Donnelly, but will bring very talented players like Qunicy Ford and Jermy Miller to Germany in August who will carry the school this season on the court. “„We had multiple contacts to and applications from Division 1 colleges that were very interesting for us. Accordingly, the choice was a very tough one. After intense discussions with the people overseas and the tour committee in Germany, a decision was made that the Northeastern University would be the perfect fit! A lot of arguments were supporting this decision. The university has an outstanding sports program, maintains close connections to the chamber for German-American student exchange and has convinced us with their detailed and dedicated application. The people from the university have made a very good impression on us and after several calls and conversations we had were sure that this college is as committed to the tour and the idea behind it as we are. It also made me very happy that Northeastern head coach Bill Coen joined the Initiative of USA coaches against cancer”, added Hans Beth.

While his stay in Boston, Beth spent time with the representatives of Northeastern University and continued to get to know each other while shaping the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour. Northeastern University also known as the Huskies will arrive in Frankfurt on August 23rd with 12 players, four coaches and six to eight people from the Northeastern management staff. The university will take part in seven games against German professional teams and the Luxemburg national team. The team will play exhibition games against Beko BBL teams Fraport Skyliners and the Giessen 46ers as well as against Pro A team Hebeisen White Wings Hanau. One further Pro A team will also be added soon. The highlight will be on the weekend of September 3-4 where they will play at the Gezeiten Haus Cup in Rhondorf against Beko BBL teams ratiopharm Ulm who was a 2016 BBL finalist and has ex Boston Celtic guard Chris Babb on the roster, Telekom Baskets Bonn and Pro B team Dragons Rhondorf. Off the court there will be numerous activites taking place that will announced in July. Beth sees the games as something worth watching and sees American schools coming to Europe as a continuing trend that will rise “I think these will be interesting pre-season games with a diverse style of play. I think also the fans of the professional teams are looking forward to seeing a US college team. Many American colleges have an international influence. Many international kids study at Northeastern as well as play for sports teams.18 percent of freshmen in 2015 were international students. The NCAA rules state that a college is allowed to make an international trip every four years. Europe and Germany will lie strong in their focus. Charities and foundations are a big topic in the States. With my visits to the states, I have seen with how much enthusiasm and personal effort is put in for these type of projects. We have been influenced by this and also used some for our Basketball Aid International tour”, stressed Hans Beth. Beth is now back in Germany and will continue to coordinate and shape the 2016 Basketball Aid international tour. Beth once again experienced many new and interesting things while he was in the States. Seeing an NBA final game between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State was surely a highlight, but there is one thing he definitely won´t forget. He can say he witnessed the American version of Jeff Gibbs in David Ortiz not forgetting to mention that Big Papi as Ortiz is called by fans is about three times as wide as Gibbs.

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