Hans Beth Is The Dapper Looking Basketball Ambassador Combining Basketball And Business For Success

When visiting a home game of the Fraport Skyliners it isn´t uncommon to see a slick and debonaire like looking gentleman who has that combination of James Bond star 007 Roger Moore and Dynasty star John Forsythe sitting in one of the first few rows behind the scorers table and usually is playing that basketball ambassador role as he is usually not alone, but in the company of some important guest from around the world. The man I am talking about is 57 year old Hans Beth who is mostly known as being a basketball coach, but he does so much more as his resume is as long and diverse as that of a hungry American who wants to be the best at everything they do. It seems like for Beth having many jobs is like having different challenges in his career path. Each and every job has taught him a different lesson and has increased his skills as well as knowledge of working in different work cultures. Besides having been a head coach for multiple decades, he has been very much involved with society as well helping the less Privileged in the basketball world trying to find employment as well as doing many jobs well. He is a professional speaker for companies, universities, and associations on topics such as securities & capital market but also team-related matters such as important factors for team success. He studied sports &amp and political science at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. One could sit down with Beth at 8am and talk about how he sees so much issues in life, but he would still be weighing in on so many topics well after midnight into the next day. His duty as teaching talented players has earned him three titles and reaching the next level in German leagues while in his other field of work he has been working successfully as a highly appreciated lecturer and capital market analyst for more than 30 years now. His day usually ends at night with basketball practice while during the day he is an investment consultant and financial analyst which has been on his resume for 30 years. He made a name for himself becoming an investment consultant and financial analyst where he showed his ability to direct employees with financial analyses or customer research. He also lecturer at the “Rhineland-Palatine Sparkassen Academy” and is member of the “German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management. The German has a unique ability to bring together business and sport. He has great knowledge in team building, leadership and strategies for dealing with conflict.

As a head coach Hans Beth has had a long affiliation with ASC Theresianum Mainz where he first coached in 1998 and he also coached in Hanau from 2010-2013. He was German Regionalliga (South-West North Group) Champion in 2008 with Mainz moving up to the German Pro B and he did that same feat again with TG 1837 White Wings Hanau in 2011 where he went from the Regionaliga to the German Pro B. Beth was able to accompany point guard Anish Sharda who played for TV Langen last season in both places in Mainz and Hanau and he remembers both titles well as well as the importance of Beth for him “Mainz was the sweetest run. The expectations weren´t great there as many would just have been happy to remain in the league. Hans Beth made that season so easy. He put together a good team. It was like a big family there and it was a lot of fun building something up there. We talk basketball all the time and have grown together in different aspects of life. He is a very experienced guy that is forward thinking and a visionary. The most important thing that I learned from him was to be a good leader and good example for players”, stressed Anish Sharda.

Even if coaching is a big strength of Hans Beth, he also has been able to be a visionary and bring interesting new kinds of aspects to basketball by helping less privileged players not only find a job while learning about the culture in Germany, but giving them the chance to experience basketball in Europe and combining that with helping raise money for kids with cancer. Beth helped bring the Basketball Aid tour to life recently and organized a tour of 10 Americans that played against teams in Germany last summer. For the 10 Americans only two had ever been in Europe and six others had never left the United States. The players weren´t only on the court and fleeing back to their rooms to play X Box, but they were able to see various land marks as well learning about the German culture and coming into contact with People and seeing how they live. The tour also was able to schedule a game against 2015 Pro A champion Giessen in Mainz where 800 fans were at the game. One player even landed a job in the 2014-2015 season with Detroit native Karl Moore who came from a humble basketball surrounding as his schools where he played at were Schoolcraft Community College (JUCO), Rio Grande (NAIA) and Culver Stockton (NAIA) and playing at these levels didn´t give him a free ticket of achieving a professional contract in Germany, but he did latching on with TV 1872 Saarlouis (Germany-ProB). He had a solid rookie season and should be able to play a second season somewhere. With Saarlouis he played 28 games averaging 16,3ppg, and 6,4rpg and really tore the German Pro B apart as he scored in double figures in 25 games and got three double doubles and had big games with 28 points against Hanau and 27 points against BG Karlsruhe. Obviously Moore cherished every moment of the Basketball Aid tour, but at the end of the day the most important aspect was trying to present himself for agents and coaches and he passed in flying colors.

“ Joining “Basketball Aid International Opportunity Tour 2014 was very important for me because at the time not to many agents was willing to take a chance with me, I finished my senior year of college averaging 16 points and 6 rebounds a game while shooting 68% from the field. I thought those were some pretty good stats but the majority of the agents that I spent over six hours emailing thought differently because I played at a smaller division one college. When it seemed as if no one was willing to give me an opportunity to keep playing basketball after I graduated from college, I never gave up because I knew how talented that I was because of the many hours that I spent in the gym by myself getting better. On the night that I stayed up on my computer for six hours sending out my basketball profile to different people, Hans Beth was one of the few people to find interest regardless of how big or small of a college that I played for. Hans Beth had told me all about his tour on skype. After learning all about his tour, I became excited to be about of it because this was an important opportunity for me to come over to Europe to play against other professional players as I showed coaches, managers, and agents that I can compete on any level. I remember the day that I signed my first professional basketball contract. At first when I came to Saarlouis I was under a three week try out. I faced a lot of adversity but I stayed working hard and kept a professional mindset. After the three weeks ended, I was told by the general manager after practice that he wanted me to stay. The whole team congratulated me and I was extremely excited. At the time, I haven’t felt this excited since I walked across the stage to receive my bachelor degree in psychology. My best experience during the season playing in Saarlouis was playing in a game where I scored 20 points and 7 rebounds in 15 minutes of game playing from off the bench against Iserlohn who was the top team in our conference. This was probably one of my best performances. Being that I was always looked upon as the underdog in life, I always take going up against top teams personal which always ends up being a great experience. I am happy about my personal performance. I averaged 16 points and 7 rebounds a game during the 21 minute a game average for Saarlouis. Shooting 60% from the field with a 18 efficiency average shows me how smart of a player that I am while playing”, stressed Karl Moore.

At the moment Beth is about to head over the Atlantic ocean to take part at the CPB Elite Pro Camp in Norfolk, Massachusetts for women from June 5-6 and men June 6-7, 2015. Beth also will be talking at this event stressing the topics of German Basketball, structure and overview, basketball aid international opportunity tour 2014, bring talent to international clubs, upcoming projects 2016, and German-American friendship. Beth also will be in other places on the east coast in June in cities like (New York /Philadelphia/Boston) talking with colleges and coaches about basketball. Having a basketball aid international opportunity tour in 2016 is also something that is being discussed. Beth is always a very busy man, and has a very unpredictable business and basketball life in that he is always in action and just being active with all his projects and creating new ones that have never been done before, but one thing is always predictable with the German is that his appearance of a dark blue blazer and slick presence will not always be present in the Fraport arena, but everywhere else when he is combining his basketball knowledge, business talent and his expertise about life with other people.

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