Kyle Hines (CSKA Moscow) When I´m Nervous I Know I´m Ready To Play

Kyle Hines is a 32 year old 198cm power forward from Sicklerville, New Jersey that is playing his sixth season with CSKA Moscow and currently is averaging 8,8ppg, 4,5rpg, 1,0apg and 1,3spg in the Euroleague and in the VTB is averaging 6,8ppg, 4,0rpg and 1,0apg. He is a powerful player who loves to attack the basket. Has a good 1-vs-1 game and likes to go inside. He is undersized to play the power forward, but his great wingspan (7-1) allows him to guard taller players and to intimidate. He’s also a great leaper and reads the opponent’s game well. He played at NC-Greensboro (NCAA) from 2004-2008. In his senior year, he played 31 games: 19.2ppg, 9.1rpg, 1.4apg, 1.8spg, 3.1bpg, FGP: 55.6%, 3Pts: 12.5%, FT: 62.8%. He was invited to play at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (Pre-NBA Draft): 3 games: 17.3ppg, 7.3rpg, 1.3apg, 2.3spg, 3.3bpg, FGP: 78.6%, FT: 72.7%. He then had pre draft workouts with Sacramento Kings and the Charlotte Bobcats (NBA).  In 2009, he took part in the Orlando Pro Summer League (Oklahoma City Thunder). In 2009-2010, he stayed in Italy with Prima Veroli (Italy-Lega2) playing 40 games averaging 18.5ppg, 8.1rpg, Steals-2(3.5spg), Blocks-4(1.6bpg), FGP-3(64.0%), 3PT: 18.8%, FT: 57.8%. He played NBA Summer League in Las Vegas (New Orleans Hornets) in the summer of 2010.In 2010-2011 he played for the Brose Baskets Bamberg (Germany-1.Bundesliga) playing 10 Euroleague games averaging 12.9ppg, 5.4rpg, 1.1bpg, FGP: 64.3%, FT: 46.7%; and in the German League played 46 games averaging 10.4ppg, 4.6rpg, Blocks-3(1.2bpg), FGP-3(61.1%), 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 52.4%. He won the double with Bamberg. He played for Olympiacos S.F.P. Pireus (Greece-A1) from 2011-2013 winning two Euroleague titles. did it´s 15th interview with the 6 time Euroleague Final 4 player and three time Euroleague winner before the Euroleague game in Munich.

Kyle thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how are you enjoying basketball life at the moment?

I´m at home in Moscow. This year has been so much fun. This has been one of the funnest season´s I have had in my career. The team we have this season is special. One of the reasons why we have been so successful is because we like to play with each other.

Before we get to your season, I have to ask you about your ex teammate Brian Roberts. After being away for more than 6 and a half years, he returns to Germany to play a Eurocup game in Frankfurt. What are you sweetest memories of him as a player and how important was his time in Bamberg for reaching the NBA?

Brian and I had a great friendship when we were in Bamberg. He was one of the closest I was with that year. Our families hung out a lot that season. He won a lot of games for us. When it was crucial times in a game he carried the team on his back. He proved to be a solid contributor for every team he played with in the NBA. Last season with Olympiakos he continued to show that he can carry a team on his back. I always cheer for him and check his stats. He is a great player and person.


Can Ray McCallum (Unicaja Malaga) Make It Back To The NBA After A Season In Europe?

There are many great things to observe when entering the Brose arena in Freak city Bamberg like the overwhelming and amazing atmosphere that the fans give the players or seeing ex NBA player Dorrell Wright make that next amazing highlight reel memory or just sitting back and reminiscing about the good old days when Marcus Slaughter was finishing alley-op dunks with authority, ex NBA player Casey Jacobsen dropping clutch three´s from the corner or fans spelling Kyle Hines name wrong with Heinz. However at anytime in good times back then or in even bad times now as the Trinchieri era ended recently, fans are always served up a delectable menu with great players during the Euroleague season. Almost every opponent has at least one ex NBA player on board and many great European players. When the big name teams like Real Madrid and Panathinaikos enter the Brose arena you may get lost in the smorgasbord of fancy names or get wrapped up in a tasty German hog dog or pizza slice or even smuggled something in from the REWE supermarket under the arena, you may even mix up a name or two if your NBA knowhow isn´t that advanced the classic Lebron, Steph or Russ names. However sometimes that simple error can arise like recently when Spanish top team Unicaja Malaga played in Bamberg and one read the name Mccallum. For the NBA amateur´s one may have thought that CJ McCollum had taken a break from his scoring tantrum´s and taken a rest from the NBA and moonlighted to Europe, but at closer watch, it was the name Ray McCallum who also played in the NBA, but didn´t reach the notoriety of a CJ McCollum of the Portland Trailblaziers that easily belongs to the top 10 shooting guards in the NBA currently averaging 21,4ppg. Sometimes reading a name right and seeing that only an A and a O separate the names of two players is beneficial as the NBA worlds of CJ McCollum and Ray McCallum are currently about as far away as the Boston Celtics are from winning an NBA title this season with the absence of Kyrie Irving. Mccollum has helped lead the Portland Trailblazers to the third best record in the west behind Golden State and Houston at 49-33 while Ray Mccallum is playing in the best country league in Europe in Spain with Unicaja and trying to lead them to a ACB title. This season Bamberg swept Unicaja Malaga in the Euroleague and won in Bamberg 93-88 despite 13 points from Mccallum. The American remembered his first experience with German basketball 7 years ago. “I definitely remember playing in the World University games with Draymond Green and Darius Miller. I’m happy to see those guys are doing well and having a lot of success in the NBA. Germany along with the other teams in the tournament were challenging. That was my first experience with the physicality of European basketball”, stressed Ray Mccallum. After 4 professional seasons in the States and three in the NBA, Mccallum came overseas to try something new, but like any other player that has gone this path still has the NBA in his rearview mirror. “I feel I belong in the NBA and that’s where I want to be, but at this point in my career I knew that coming to Malaga was the best decision for my career”, stressed Ray McCallum. But before his European basketball vacation started, he first had to mature as a player in the NCAA and get valuable NBA experience that will help his game further in Europe.


Jordan Theodore (EA7 Emporio Armani Milano) Last Season I Was The Hunter And Now I´m The Hunted

Jordan Theodore is a 28 year old 182cm point guard from Englewood, New Jersey that is playing his sixth professional season and first with EA7 Emporio Armani Milano (Italy-Serie A). Last season he played with Banvit Basketbol Kulubu (Turkey-BSL) playimg 31 games: Score-3(18.4ppg), 3.7rpg, Assists-1(7.2apg), 1.2spg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 35.8%, FT: 81.2%; In the BCL, he played  19 games: Score-4(16.2ppg), 4.1rpg, Assists-1(7.5apg), 1.2spg, FGP: 45.7%, 3PT: 29.7%, FT: 76.3% In the 2016-2017 season, he had his most successful season as a professional winning the FIBA Europe Cup with the Fraport Skyliners Frankfurt (Germany-BBL) playing 37 games: 14.5ppg, 3.5rpg, 4.7apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 46.0%, 3PT: 33.3%, FT: 83.1%; FIBA Europe Cup: 18 games: 14.4ppg, 3.4rpg, 4.6apg, 1.7spg, FGP: 47.0%, 3PT: 35.7%, FT: 90.2%. He started his basketball career in 2008 with Seton Hall (NCAA) where he played until 2012 127 NCAA games and as a playing a total of senior played 32 games averaging 16.0ppg, 3.1rpg, 6.6apg, 1.8spg, FGP: 41.2%, 3PT: 32.3%, FT: 82.7%. In 2012, he started his professional career with Antalya Buyuksehir Belediye (Turkey-TBL) playing 29 games averaging 15.8ppg, 3.6rpg, Assists-for Mersin Buyuksehir Belediyesi (Turkey-TBL) playing 27 games averaging 12.3ppg, 3.3rpg, 4.1apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 45.1%, 3PT: 29.7%, FT: 73.5%. In the 2014-2015 season he played for JL Bourg Basket (France-ProA, starting five): 17 games: 12.7ppg, 3.6rpg, Assists-2(6.1apg), 1.4spg, FGP: 54.4%, 3PT: 21.6%, FT: 87.2%. He spoke to German Hoops after the tight 83-78 Euroleague win against Brose Bamberg in Bamberg.

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber with Jordan Theodore after the 2016 Fiba Europe Cup win in Chalon, France

Jordan thanks for talking to German Hoops. We spoke more than a year ago as you were preparing for a Basketball Champions league game in Oldenburg with Banvit. How does it feel to be back in Germany again?

It was great being back in Germany. This was my first time back at Freak City since playing with Frankfurt here. I loved playing for a German team with Frankfurt and love coming back. The Germans always give me a lot of love. I wasn´t 100% since I´m coming off an injury and played only 7 minutes. I was just happy to be back on the court.

Easter time is here. What were your fondest memories of Easter as a kid?

My fondest Easter memory as a kid was the candy and the Easter egg hunts. I got really rotten teeth and paying for it now. I did have 2 teeth pulled recently, but all is good. I still have nice white teeth and a nice smile.

Two seasons ago with the Fraport Skyliners you split the season series winning an exciting 88-86 game at home, but then losing in Bamberg 71-58 where you had a good game netting 21 points in a losing cause. With what kind of feelings did you come back too Bamberg?

It was good walking back into the Bamberg arena knowing that I had had a good game my last time with Frankfurt. I felt comfortable being back on the court. Bamberg has been up and down this season. The fans weren´t as active as both teams were playing for nothing except pride. It is always great  playing against a great team that has great players. Being out the last 2 months has been tough. I wasn´t traveling with the team the last months and at times it felt like I wasn´t part of the team. But the team has really stayed behind me during my comeback.


Kyle Wiltjer (Olympiacos S.F.P. Pireus) I Really See Myself Being Able To Score At The Position Four

Kyle Wiltjer is a 25 year old 208cm forward from Canada that is playing his first season in Europe with Olympiacos S.F.P. Pireus (Greece-A1). Last season as a rookie he played with the Houston Rockets (NBA) playing 15 games averaging 1.1ppg, He played also at Rio Grande Valley Vipers (D-League) playing 31 games averaging 20.7ppg, 6.9rpg, 1.6apg, FGP: 47.4%, 3PT: 38.8%, FT: 85.1%. He started his career at Kentucky(NCAA) in 2011 and played two seasons playing 73 games and winning the 2012 NCAA tournament. He then finished his NCAA career at Gonzaga (NCAA) in 2016 playing 36 games averaging 20.4ppg, 6.3rpg, 1.5apg, FGP: 52.6%, 3PT: 43.7%, FT: 85.7%. He spoke to German Hoops  about basketball.

Kyle thanks for talking to German Hoops. You next play Brose Bamberg in the Euroleague. In the first game in Bamberg, you suffered a tough 67-65 loss and could have won the game with a Brian Roberts shot. You played three good quarters, but Bamberg kept you to 7 points in the fourth points. Why did the game end up so close at the end?

It was a tough game for us as Bamberg played really well. We just came up short which was too bad as we want to win every game.

You had 11 points in 10 minutes. How happy were you with your break out game in Europe?

I was very happy I could break out in this game. Seeing shots go in is a good feeling. I just have to shoot my open shots and be confident.

Was this your first time to Germany? What dealings have you had with the country Germany and have you had friends playing here in the past?

It was my first time in Germany. Bamberg is a great city. I have a close friend playing in Bamberg with Augustine Rubit. He has shared his experiences that he has had playing in Germany.


Kevin Pangos (B.C.Zalgiris Kaunas) Winning Is The Most Important Aspect Of Being A Great Point Guard

Kevin Pangos is a 25 year old 188cm points guard that has the Canadian/Slovenian citizenship and is playing his third professional season and second with B.C.Zalgiris Kaunas (Lithuania-LKL) having collected three titles with the Lithuanian team. Last season with  B.C. Zalgiris Kaunas (Lithuania-LKL) he played 47 games averaging 7.9ppg, 2.4rpg, 3.9apg, FGP: 48.4%, 3PT: 30.8%, FT: 78.6%. In the Euroleague played 30 games: averaging 8.7ppg, 1.8rpg, 3.2apg, FGP: 28.4%, 3PT: 45.7%, FT: 86.2%. As a rookie he played with Herbalife Gran Canaria (Spain-Liga ACB) playing 33 games averaging 10.8ppg, 2.3rpg, 4.5apg, FGP: 39.7%, 3PT: 38.2%, FT: 87.5%; and in the Eurocup played 19 games averaging 11.9ppg, 1.6rpg, 4.8apg, FGP: 36.7%, 3PT: 51.2%, FT: 75.6%. He played at Gonzaga(NCAA) from 2011-2015 playing a total of 143 games and as a senior he played 38 games averaging 11.6ppg, 2.7rpg, 4.8apg, 1.3spg, FGP: 47.8%, 3PT: 43.1%, FT: 82.4%. He spoke to German Hoops. about basketball.

Kevin thanks for talking to German Hoops. You have been to Germany the last years playing in Ludwigsburg, Alba Berlin and Bamberg. What has been your overall impression of the country and it´s basketball?

 Overall it seems like a great country for basketball. Each of the games I have played there, the fans have been very supportive of the team and created great atmospheres.

 At Gonzaga you were teammates with Germans Elias Harris and Matis Monnighof. What memories do you have of these guys as teammates?

I really enjoyed playing with both of them at Gonzaga. They were really talented players and good guys to hang out with off the court as well. I had a chance to catch up with Elias when we went to Bamberg earlier this season.

What memories do you have of the tough 92-89 OT loss against Ludwigsburg where you scored 31 points? Do you feel like this was your real professional breakout game?

I remember it being really intense and difficult game. It was an up and down game where both teams were shooting the ball really well and they just happened to pull out the win at the end.  (more…)

Dylan Ennis (Crvena Zvezda MTS Beograd) In The NBA You Look For The Quick Shot And In The Euroleague You Look For The Best Shot

Dylan Ennis is a 26 year old 187cm point guard from Brampton, Ontario playing his rookie season as a professional in Europe for Crvena Zvezda MTS Beograd (Serbia-KLS) after starting the season for BC Mega Bemax Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia-KLS) playing 10 ABA League games averaging 18.6ppg, 4.6rpg, 5.4apg, 2.2spg, 2FGP: 53.5%, 3FGP: 29.8%, FT: 69.0%. He began his basketball career in 2011 with Rice (NCAA) averaging  8.0ppg, 4.2rpg, 4.1apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 46.8%, 3PT: 36.2%, FT: 66.0%. He then played two years with Villanova (NCAA) averaging  5.1ppg, 1.7rpg, 1.6apg, FGP: 35.3%, 3PT: 30.1%, FT: 78.6% and as a junior averaged  9.9ppg, 3.7rpg, 3.5apg, FGP: 48.1%, 3PT: 36.3%, FT: 61.9%. He played his senior season at Oregon (NCAA) playing 39 games averaging  10.9ppg, 4.4rpg, 3.1apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 48.4%, 3PT: 35.8%, FT: 73.7%. Last summer he played NBA Summer League in Orlando, FL (Oklahoma City Thunder): 5 games averaging  8.2ppg, 2.6rpg, 1.2apg, FGP: 41.9% and NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, NV (Golden State Warriors) playing 6 games averaging  9.3ppg, 2.2rpg, FGP: 42.9%. He spoke to Grman Hoops before the Euroleague game against Brose Bamberg in Bamberg.


Dylan thanks for talking to German Hoops. Welcome to Germany. Is this your first time in Germany and what do you know in general about the country and it´s basketball?

Yes this is my first time in Germany. I have visited many countries as a rookie. I was only one time in Europe that was when I was in seventh or eighth grade playing in France with a AAU team from Canada. Guys like my brother Tyler, Tristan Thompson and Melvin Ejim were on the team. We saw so many things that we had never seen before in America and it really opened our eyes.

You started your rookie season with BC Mega Bemax Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia-KLS) playing 10 ABA league games averaging 18.6ppg, 4.6rpg, 5.4apg, 2.2spg, 2FGP: 53.5%, 3FGP: 29.8%, FT: 69.0%. Were you a bit disappointed you started in Serbia and not in the States considering you had a solid NBA Summer league gig with the Golden State Warriors and hit Miami for 35 points?

I thought I had played well at the NBA Summer League and was a bit surprised that I didn´t get more offers from the NBA, but that didn´t deter me to keep working hard as I brought this chip on my shoulder to Europe. I am thankful that BC Mega Bemax Sremska Mitrovica gave me a chance. This is the plan that God has worked out for me at the moment. I always dreamed as a kid to play in the NBA, but I´m happy where I am now and will continue to work as hard as possible on my game


Kenny Gabriel (Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens) Living The Dream Going From Junior College To The Euroleague

Kenny Gabriel is a 28 year old 209cm forward from North Carolina playing his sixth professional season and second with Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens (Greece-A1). Currently he is averaging 2,3ppg and 2,4rpg in the Euroleague. Last season he started with club  Lokomotiv Kuban (Russia-VTB) playing 5 Eurocup games averaging 6.8ppg, 3.0rpg, FGP: 52.3%, 3PT: 40.8%, FT: 77.8%. In the VTB United League, he played 5 games averaging 3.8ppg, 4.2rpg, 1.2apg, 1.2bpg, in Nov.’16 moved to Panathinaikos Athens (Greece-A1) playing 21 games averaging 6.6ppg, 3.3rpg, FGP-1(73.2%), 3PT-3(47.1%), FT: 60.0%. He also played 23 Euroleague games averaging 5.2ppg, 2.2rpg, 1.2apg, 1.2spg, 2FGP: 61.5%, 3FGP: 33.3%, FT: 60.0%. Previously as a professional he played two seasons with Pinar Karsiyaka SK Izmir (Turkey-BSL), a season with  A.G.O Rethymno Aegean (Greece-A1), a season with The Good Home Taranaki Mountain Airs (New Zealand-NBL), Proteas Danoi AEL Limassol (Cyprus-Division A) and Maccabi Ashdod (Israel-Premier League). He started his basketball career with Paris JC (JUCO) and finished at Auburn(NCAA) and as a senior played  31 games averaging 12.2ppg, 7.3rpg, 1.0apg, 1.1spg, 2.3bpg, FGP: 52.6%, 3PT: 32.3%, FT: 64.6%. He spoke to German Hoops before the Euroleague game against Brose Bamberg in Bamberg.


Kenny, thanks for talking to German Hoops. Welcome back to Germany. What do you know about the country Germany and its basketball and do you have any friends playing here?

I don’t think (to my knowledge) that I have and friends playing basketball here. But I know that German teams like to get up and down and run and they play hard.

You have a 2-1 record against German teams Bamberg and Ulm. What memories do you have of the loss to Ulm last season in the Eurocup?

I can’t remember. It was a while ago and I’ve played a lot of games since then. But I know that they played really hard.

Bamberg have been underachieving in the BBL, but been a surprise in the Euroleague reeling off some exciting come from behind wins.  Panathinaikos Superfoods Athens (Greece-A1) won the first game this season in Athens 93-83. What kind of game can we await this time, what will be key to winning and  could Dorell Wright make a difference this time around?

I expect a tough game. Dorell Wright is a great player!! He can do a lot of things on offense! He brings a lot to Bamberg!


Othello Hunter (CSKA Moscow) When I Got To The NBA I Always Thought That I Would End Overseas Someday

Othello Hunter is a 31 year old 203cm power forward/center playing his 10th professional season and first with CSKA Moscow. As a professional he has played for top teams Olympiacos S.F.P. Pireus (Greece-A1) winning the Greek league title in 2015 and last season with Real Madrid reaching the Euroleague Final 4 playing 39 games ACB games averaging  6.2ppg, 3.9rpg, FGP: 60.7%, 3PT: 16.7%, FT: 73.9%; and 35 Euroleague games averaging 7.6ppg, 4.5rpg, FGP: 65.5%, FT: 68.3%. In Europe he also gained further experience in the Ukraine and Italy where he played with teams like Dinamo Ford Sassari and  Montepaschi Siena. He also played in China for the Shandong Flaming Bulls and Jiangsu Tongx. He turned professional in 2008 and played in the States until 2010 playing for the Anaheim Arsena and played 23 NBA games for the Atlanta Hawks. He started his basketball career at  R.J. Reynolds High School and in 2004 played at Hillsborough CC (NJCAA) before making the jump to Ohio St. (NCAA) in 2006 where he reached the NCAA final in 2007 and won the NIT title in 2008. In his senior year he played 37 games averaging 9.9ppg, 6.5rpg, 1.5bpg, FGP: 59.6%, 3Pts: 25.0%, FT: 54.5%. He spoke to German Hoops before the Euroleague game against Brose Bamberg in Moscow.

Othello thanks for talking to German Hoops. After winning your first 10 games in the VTB, the club is riding an untypical three game losing streak, but is continuing to play well in the Euroleague where it has a 3 game winning streak and blew two teams away by 100 plus points. Why has the team been struggling in the VTB?

We didn´t come in prepared to the last three Euroleague games and were to relaxed. We had that mentality that we could easily win the games. It was something that just happened. It has been tough games. We have to come into the game against Bamberg with more intensity.

You face German team Brose Bamberg in Moscow tonight. You didn´t play in the first game in Bamberg. Rebounding was a huge key in the first game. What will CSKA Moscow be focusing on most in this game to come away with the victory?

For us the most important thing is always starting well on defense. There have been many games this season where we started games and quickly were down by 10 points. Coach screamed at us and then we turned it up. Against Bamberg we have to do a good job guarding their guards and bigs, run the floor and just play our game.


Tyler Honeycutt (BC Khimki Moscow Region) I Want To Be More Of A Point Forward

Tyler Honeycutt is a 27 year old 203cm forward playing his third season with BC Khimki Moscow Region (Russia-VTB). He started his basketball career at UCLA (NCAA) and as a senior played 33 games averaging 12.8ppg, 7.2rpg, 2.8apg, 2.1bpg, FGP: 40.6%, 3PT: 36.2%, FT: 73.6%. He was drafted by the Sacramento Kings (NBA,2rd(35) in 2011 and played two seasons with them playing 22 games while also playing in the G-League for Reno and Rio Grande. In 2013 he made the jump to Europe joining  Ironi Nes-Ziona (Israel-Winner League) playing 29 games averaging 15.6ppg, Reb-2(9.1rpg), 3.8apg, Steals-3(2.1spg), 1.2bpg, FGP: 51.6%, 3PT: 36.2%, FT: 66.9%. Last season he played with Anadolu Efes Istanbul (Turkey-BSL) playing 27 games averaging 7.7ppg, 6.1rpg, 1.8apg, FGP: 50.0%, 3PT: 31.9%, FT: 67.3%; In the Euroleague, he played 35 games averaging  9.2ppg, Reb-3(7.3rpg), 2.0apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 46.7%, 3PT: 30.3%, FT: 68.0%. He spoke to German Hoops before the Euroleague game against Brose Bamberg in Bamberg.

Thanks Tyler for talking to German Hoops. Welcome back to Germany. You have a a 1-5 record against German teams. What memories do you have in general of playing against Brose Bamberg?

The first thing that stands out is the tough arena. The fans really support their team. It feels like a college atmosphere. They are really well coached and fight until the end. I watched the game against Barcelona. It was amazing how they came back and won.

What do you know in general about the country of Germany and what is your impression of its basketball?

German teams in general are always tough nosed. I remember playing against Munich a few years ago and those were tough games.

Your back at BC Khimki Moscow Region (Russia-VTB) for a third season. How good does it feel to be back and playing again and is it like a second home? 

I would say so. Being in Russia is the longest that I have been in one place outside of California. The first two years with Khimki were tough. I didn´t really know what to expect and I had a tough coach. But this season all is well and I know what is going on. The coach has been good, and we have one practice per day. It has been an enjoyable experience for me.


Cory Higgins (CSKA Moscow) We Have So Many Great Scorers That I Need To Be Able To Do A Lot More To Leave A Mark

Cory Higgins is a 27 year old 196cm forward from California that is playing his seventh professional season and third with CSKA Moscow (Russia-VTB). He played at Colorado (NCAA) from 2007-2011 playing a total of 132 NCAA games and as a senior he played 38 games averaging 16.1ppg, 3.3rpg, 2.5apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 43.4%, 3PT: 34.0%, FT: 86.6%. He played his first two professional seasons with the Charlotte Bobcats (NBA) playing a total of 45 games and also played with the  Erie Bay Hawks(G-League. He came to Europe in 2013 playing with Triumph Lyubertsy (Russia-VTB) playing 22 games: Score-2(20.3ppg), 4.0rpg, 3.5apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 48.9%, 3PT: 37.9%, FT: 85.9%;In the  EuroChallenge, he played 15 games: Score-2(17.9ppg), 2.5rpg, 2.4apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 46.5%, 3PT: 46.5%, FT: 80.2%. In the 2014-2015 season he got further European experience with  Royal Hali Gaziantep (Turkey-TBL) playing  29 games averaging 16.0ppg, 3.4rpg, 2.6apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 49.6%, 3PT: 38.8%, FT: 78.7%. With CSKA Moscow he won two VTB League titles and the 2016 Euroleague title. He spoke to German Hoops before the Euroleague game against Brose Bamberg in Bamberg.

Cory thanks for talking to German Hoops. Before we start I have to tell you a interesting story. In 1983 I was a kid. I was a big autograpth collector and along with Orlando Woolridge, Quintin Dailey and Reggie Theus I also got the signature of a Mr Rod Higgins. Is this the first time that someone has told you a story of them getting an autograph of your dad?

You aren´t the first that has told me that. When I was growing up in the Bay area, he was very popular there and had fans.

Welcome back to Germany. You have a lifetime 4-1 record against Brose Bamberg? With what kind of feeling are you heading back to Bamberg?

It is always exciting to play in Bamberg. The fans and atmosphere is amazing. As a player you always want to play in an atmosphere like that in Bamberg.

What stories have you heard over the years about the city Bamberg and organization from your teammate Kyle Hines?

He hasn´t told me too much. But the main one is just how passionate the fans are there. They are very knowledgeable fans and appreciate the game.