Seeing His Brother Josh Pervail Early Helped Cameron Delaney(Phoenix Hagen) Believe He Could Do The Same

Cameron Delaney is a 25 year old 193cm guard from Harkers Heights, Texas and is playing his second professional season and first in Germany with Phoenix Hagen (Germany-ProA) currently averaging 16,0ppg, 4,0rpg and 1,0apg. Last season as a rookie he played with BC Raiffeisen Flyers Wels (Austria-BSL) playing 23 games averaging 13.7ppg, 6.9rpg, 2.3apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 52.9%, 3PT: 38.2%, FT: 81.7%. He began his basketball career at Harker Heights High School:. He began his NCAA career at Denver University (NCAA) in 2014 and as a freshman played18 games averaging 2.4ppg, 1.7rpg. He then finished his nCAA career at Sam Houston State University (NCAA) playing 88 games and as a senior played 33 games averaging 13.4ppg, 5.5rpg, 2.0apg, FGP: 50.7%, 3PT: 43.5%, FT: 82.2%. He spoke to during the summer of 2020 about basketball.

Cameron thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been despite the whole COVID-19 effecting the world?

No problem Miles its a pleasure. I am currently in Austin Texas. My summer has been pretty productive with a strict schedule. It’s been pretty enjoyable to get out, get fresh air ,be around nature, go on hikes, and relax at the lake outside of basketball! 

How have you experienced the whole COVID-19 crisis in the States? How much did the last 6 months change your life and how much of a challenge was it finding the time and places to be able to stay in shape and be able to work on your game?

Covid-19 had affected my family and I in different ways. It’s brought my family and friends closer. We’ve had to lean on each other more than ever. It’s changed my life in a productive way, in a sense that it’s made me reflect on my life and to figure out ways to survive, get ahead, and has opened my eyes to other business related things. When it comes to finding gym space’s in Texas it wasn’t really that hard for me because I know a couple of people that owned gyms and I was able to get some work in at their facilities. 

How do you feel did COVID-19 make you stronger as a man?

It has made me stronger as a man because my faith has been tested over and over again. I feel like I’ve prospered through whatever has been placed in front of me. Personally staying the course and keeping my belief’s close to me has continued me on this straight path. 

Congrats on signing with Phoenix Hagen. What do you know in general about Germany and have you had any friends or ex teammates or opponents play here?

I’ve heard a few things about Germany like some of it’s historical cities. Also a lot of military personal come back from being deployed in Germany and they have great feedback about their time being in the country. I’ve known a couple of teammates/opponents play in Germany as well! 

The Pro A club is very high on your abilities and you lauded the talks you had with head coach Chris Harris. What was the deciding factor that made you want to join this club?

ProA Germany has always been a destination for me coming out of college. Being able to get this opportunity I want to seize the moment. Coach Chris Harris and I hit off immediately during our initial conversation. I like the type of coach he is along with his style as well as the type of person he is. He’s a great guy! I was excited to have the opportunity to play in front of an energetic city in Hagen, play with talented players on the team and most important have the desire as my teammates and coach’s to win a championship!!

You had a very potent rookie season in Austria. With what expectations are you going into your second professional season and what are your main goals with your own game?

After getting my feet wet playing in Austria my rookie season. I’m extremely motivated to showcase more of an all around game. Perform at a higher level on a bigger stage. I want to show every part of my game and that it has tremendously gotten better since my rookie year is a main goal that drives me. Winning a championship will ultimately feel amazing for me, being apart of something special! 

Let’s talk about your game. You’re a 193cm guard that can fill up the stat sheet. If you had to compare your game to a NBA player who would best fit the description?

I’d compare my game to Royce O’neale. He’s a player that every team in the NBA would love to have on their team. I feel like I bring those same capabilities that he does. I can do a lot of things on the court at a high level. There aren’t many weakness’s in my game. I defend the best offensive player night in and night out. I rebound the ball at a high level. I can score the ball at a high clip. I’m a pure shooter. I create for others as well! Most importantly I’m a winner! 

You can do so many different things on the court, but if you had to pick one ability that defines your game the most what would it be?

Pure shooter ! 

You made a huge jump in rebounding in the last 2 years in the NCAA. How do you explain the rapid rise in rebounds in the stats?

I’d saying my minutes on the court went up and that’s when the rebounding numbers went up! I love chasing the boards. ‘Board man gets paid’

On what area’s of your game are you working on most this summer so that you can have another productive professional season?

I am working heavily on situations over this summer. For instance a lot of pick and roll reads. Also working on reads with out the ball in my hands to be able to be extremely effective as well!

You played your rookie season with BC Raiffeisen Flyers Wels (Austria-BSL) playing 23 games averaging 13.7ppg, 6.9rpg, 2.3apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 52.9%, 3PT: 38.2%, FT: 81.7%. What was your wake up call to being a rookie in Austria where you knew that you were far away from home?

Honestly playing professional basketball has always been a dream of mine. When I first landed in Europe for the first time ever was my wake up call. I was ready to rock then and there. 

You began your NCAA career at Denver University (NCAA) playing 18 games averaging 2.4ppg, 1.7rpg. It wasn’t an easy freshman start, but were you able to gain something positive from the experience?

I was able to learn plenty of actions playing at Denver University. I also learned that I needed to learn how to adapt to my environment early. Main thing I learned playing at DU was ‘it’s not where you start , it where you finish’. That saying stuck in my head all year. 

You then transferred to Sam Houston State University. You sat out your first season due to transfer rules and then played 2 seasons averaging only 4,0ppg. How tough were these first few years and how important was it having your identical twin Josh there by your side?

Transferring to Sam Houston was pretty rough going through a year with out being able to play in any games or get reps in practice. That weighed on my mental a lot. Then red shirt sophomore year was tough for because I felt like I deserved the same opportunity’s the upper class man in front of me was getting but I wasn’t getting that. It really really really drove me to show everybody that was doubting me that I am THAT GUY I KNOW I CAN BE. I’d put in over time hours in the gym crafting so I can be ready when that time comes. Being able to have my fraternal twin and sister Angela DeLaney at Sam Houston State University helped me tremendously. Sharing the court with Josh and seeing how he prevailed early REALLY inspired me and gave me belief that I could do the same. It told me that my time is coming. I was truly happy for him getting that success early in his career. 

How close is your relationship with Josh? How do you feel has this bond made you stronger as a person through the years?

Josh is my guy my TWIN!! I love my twin man I feel what he feels. He feels what I feel. We’d push each other to be the best us. We are the same player honestly. I’m just a little taller. We play with a chip on our shoulder and cannot accepting losing or letting someone get the best of us on the court. 

You finally had your break out season as a senior at Sam Houston State University averaging 13.4ppg, 5.5rpg, 2.0apg, FGP: 50.7%, 3PT: 43.5%, FT: 82.2%. How do you feel did your game mature in your senior year?

I feel like I was given that opportunity I was finally asking for. Once I saw I had that there was no way around it I was going to seize the moment. Also this was the year Josh and I were seniors. Leading up to senior year that summer we’d push each other and tell each other let’s treat this like senior year of high school when we won a championship. So honestly our mentality was championship all year. I worked extremely extremely hard all year I made sure I worked the hardest out of everybody around / in-front of me. 

You had quite a few good games as a senior like your 25 points against Houston Baptist or your 24 points against Lamar. What was your personal favorite game?

My favorite game was the game against Houston Baptist because that was a game we could’ve lost and Josh and I ended up going banana’s to stop us from losing. Josh finished with 30 points and I finished with 25 points, which was the first time we did that in college. Another game that sticks out to me is when we beat UNO to solidly the regular season champs 

How did Jason Hooten prepare and groom you for a professional basketball career?

-He prepared me by showing me that you have to perform at all times or your playing time will not be a lot. He showed me a lot of offensive schemes that I picked up on and stuck with me. Defensively he really elevated me in that area. The cheat codes he gave me during my time at Sam Houston helps a lot transitioning to the professional game. Also the way I was treated at SHSU in program really turned on a light for me to always BE A DOG! 

How won a one on one in practice you or your brother Josh?

I’d win against Josh because I am a big guard and he’s small fry compared to me hahaha! 

Who was the toughest player that you battled in the NCAA that went to the NBA?

Jonathan Motley was pretty tough at Baylor! 

Please list your 5 best teammates of all-time?
Josh DeLaney
Christopher CG Galbreath
Kai Mitchell 
Zach Nutall 
Brett Olson / Cameron Griffin

Please construct your personal NBA Mount Rushmore of past or present players?

Derrick Rose 
Tracy Mcgrady 
Kobe Bryant 
Allen Iverson 
Tim Duncan 

What is your personal opinion between the never ending debate between Michael Jordan and Lebron James concerning who is the greatest of all-time?

I think they’re both great it’s hard for me to answer this one. 

What was the last movie that you saw?

Friday series is the last movie I saw. 

Thanks Cameron for the chat.

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