Kevin Franceshi Fullfills Dream of Coming Home And Playing In Paris

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Kevin Franceschi in Germany in the 2018-2019 season

Only a few months ago Kevin Franceschi was searching for a club and there was a link to him playing in Germany´s highest league easyCredit BBL, but that never became a reality as it would have been another example of how some guys playing in Germany´s third division Pro B are good enough for the first division. It would have been another fascinating Cinderella story and I´m sure that he would have held his own, but soon after something happened that most likely outshined the BBL dream. The 27 year old 193 cm guard from Argenteuil, France played at 3 schools in the States, in Spain, Germany and Greece, but never in his homeland. It has been an interesting basketball journey so far for Kevin Franceschi, but somehow the opportunity to ball at home never came about until now. The versatile player recently signed with Paris Basketball (ProB) and is more than thrilled to start a new basketball chapter in his life. “If I had the opportunity earlier I would’ve been back in France the past years probably. “It’s a great league to play in, and Paris Basketball is a team with ambitions. I’m very close to my actual home, Argenteuil. So a lot of great things combined to make it happen. I love being here, around my family. It’s always different when you know you’re now close to your loved ones and “home comfort”. I can look at the sideline during the game and my mum would be there close to me, smiling, and same with my dad. I’m blessed to have a great team, we all get along really well”, said ex BBC Coburg player Kevin Franceschi. Not only is the ex Oklahoma Baptist University (NCAA2) standout thrilled to be finally playing in his native country, but also to be battling tough opponents in possibly the most difficult league that he has played in as a professional. The talent rate of the Pro B league is high. A lot of great players, the league is competitive and has a lot of exposure. The style of play is different here. It’s an uptempo type of game in the LNB, but very athletic”, stressed Kevin Franceschi.

            Like for so many players world wide, he had to adapt to the COVID-19 situation and despite having been there a few months, he did have to wait a bit longer to play his first game with the team. “I was covid-19 positive on the test prior to the game. I did 3 straight positive tests, 2 of them with no symptoms at all, so I wasn’t with my team for 3 weeks. “Fortunately” I only missed one game and we won it”, answered Kevin Franceschi. Often in life it is connections that helps get one forward and moving into the perfect situation and it wasn´t any different for Franceschi. “I knew the current team captain Amara Sy, and we linked up after a while at his just created summer league in his hometown Cergy. We talked right after the end of it and he told me that he passed some words with the head coach of Paris Basketball Jean Christophe Prat about me joining the team. It started with a tryout”, added Kevin Franceschi. Paris Basket are still wearing diapers as they are only in their 3rd season of existence, but the goals are high. “I really enjoy my teammates and staff. I think we can do something big this year, if we stay mentally fit for it.  The championship is definitely the ultimate goal”, said Kevin Franceschi. He also has been blessed to be able to call Amara Sy a teammate as there isn´t a more experienced French player then him who has 20 years of basketball experience at a high level. “Amara, “French Vino” he gets better with age they say. He’s a basketball emblem in France, it’s a blessing to be around him. He’s like a big brother to me definitely. 20 years in the LNB, how many guys do you know did that somewhere else? It’s a product of his work ethic and love for the game. He always gives great advices and try to keep a great team spirit. He played through different eras of French Basketball, and he won”, stated Kevin Franceschi.

            He has been studying the game of Damian Lillard a lot the last years and this season has a totally different role than he ever had and will need to excel as a playmaker. “I play point guard this year, A different scenario than in Greece and Germany. I have to find a balance between passing and scoring, bring maximum energy on defense and impact the game on both ends of the floor”, expressed Kevin Franceschi. His scoring is a big weapon and won´t change this season despite his new role as a playmaker, but it is his three pointer that continues to be a work in progress. He never shot higher than 31% as a professional. “I made a lot of progress, even during the season I keep my shooting work going and make sure to hit certain numbers when working on it”, commented Kevin Franceschi. He is a player that always plays with a lot of energy and will make his teammates better this season and the fans have loved him where ever he has played. Being that fan favorite could be another possibility this season in Paris even if he isn´t quite sure about the notion. “A fan favorite I don’t know but I definitely approach every game with great energy and the supporters love that. I love that when I watch another sporting event. They pay to watch us, it’s our job to have high energy and perform for them as well. I hope I can inspire the fans in Paris for sure”, added Kevin Franceschi. Even if current times have been difficult with the seemingly neverending COVID-19 crisis and the drama happening in the United States surrounding the presidential election, he is ready for the season. “It’s definitely a crazy time, but I have no control over it, so I try to stay as positive as I can. I have a good rhythm now with basketball but it wasn’t easy for sure, especially this summer. I’ve been following the election a little bit lately, I still have a lot of friends in the U.S and I know it’s important for them.  Besides that I try to not get involved with it, it’s always problems trying to have sound discussions with people over that subject. Most of the time they believe in one thing and one thing only, they won’t change their minds for anything”, stressed Kevin Franceschi.  Even if he might not be able to help change the minds of some friends in the States about who is best, he will always be able to give his best and change the minds of basketball fans to getting on his side with his special basketball game in Paris.

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