The Miles 2020 BBL Munich Tournament Diary With Lamont Jones Vol 2

Lamont Jones is a 29 year old 183cm guard from Harlem, New York that is playing his 7th professional season and third in Germany and first with the Fraport after having played with MBC and the MHP Riesen. He also gathered professional experience in countries like Japan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, France and Montenegro. He began his basketball career at Rice high school and then played 2 seasons at the University of Arizona (NCAA) and 2 seasons with Iona (NCAA). He is conducting a special diary with at the BBL Munich tournament

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Lamont Jones in Frankfurt in 2018

A tough 82-71 loss against Alba Berlin. How tough is it going back to the hotel after a difficult loss and seeing your opponent walking around?

I haven’t seen them around much. In a tournament setting like this you have to play for the next game. I thought a bit about the game when we left the gym, but as soon as dinner was over and we watched film, I was already focused for the next game.

It is no secret that a basketball game has 40 minutes. Once again the Fraport Skyliners were unable to put together a game for 40 minutes. What is your summary for not being able to get the win?

I think that at a certain point we lost our legs and Bartolo got hurt. We missed some easy shots and we didn’t have that rhythm yet. It was our first game in a long time. But I feel that we played a lot better than we expected. Despite the loss, I’m really excited to see how we will rebound from the loss and play against Ludwigsburg. I think that after that first game we won’t have the jitters and hype that we had against Alba Berlin. I believe that we will be more locked in and focused against Ludwigsburg.

Did the 9-0 run to begin the fourth quarter decide the game?

No because we did come back and were down only 3 points. I had some good looks and shots I usually make. Shooting just felt weird in that first game. For months I shot by myself and didn’t go against other players. We did a good job controlling the game and had chances down the stretch. It was a game of runs and we have to understand that we played against Alba Berlin. They had no run the whole game and then had one in the 4th quarter. We played good, but just couldn’t finish.

What positives could the Fraport Skyliners take form this opening game loss? Perhaps the strong play of Yorman Polas Bartolo?

Bartolo will be on the floor against Ludwigsburg. I thought that we moved the ball well and played together. Freudenberg came out of the gate very aggressive. We fed of Bartolo’s energy early. He had something like 3 steals early. When he went down, our energy went down. A positive going into the Ludwigsburg game is that we know our bodies will feel better and the whole experience will feel more normal on the court.

You had 10 -points, 2 rebounds and 3 assists and 1 steal. How pleased were you with your play?

I didn’t play well. I got a lot of looks, but I couldn’t get to my spots as well because of my legs. It had been 3 months since I last played a game. I always expect to play better even when I played a good game. The whole feeling was worse because we lost.

You played 24 minutes. Do you feel like a team performance like this that you could have been more aggressive?

Yes I should have been more aggressive. I shot too many jump shots. After a while I was 3 point happy. I can always be more aggressive. I shot 2 long jumpers and felt good. I wanted to shoot more and never got into attack mode. The aggressiveness comes with time.

How difficult is it having to prepare for a tough team like Ludwigsburg within 48 hours. What is key in preparation in a short time and are you looking forward to playing your old team?

You try to watch as much film as possible and follow scouting. Important also is to prepare the mind and do things differently. Keys to the win will be to keeping them off the glass and matching their aggressiveness. I’m looking forward to the matchup between Bartolo and Wimbish. I have no real special feelings playing against my old team. We lost to them twice this season. I am very motivated to play them and win.

You have always been a great scorer, but how did you grow on the defensive end with John Patrick as head coach?

It was a tough year for me. I sat out for some time. I learned more about life situations off the floor than anything else. I learned to be strong minded.

How wins a one on one you or Quantez Robertson?

We actually played for the first time a few weeks ago. Tez, Bruno and I played king of the court. I challenged to play him. It feels good to have beaten one of the top defenders in the league

Thanks Lamont for the chat.

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