Ron Howard Is Back In Germany Again With His Howard Hoops Tour And 9 Hungry Players For International Exposure

Ron Howard is an ex player that spent many years overseas and since retiring has focused his energy on helping unknown players get exposure by organizing games and in many cases helping them find professional jobs. He founded Howard Hoops in 2013 where he brought numerous players overseas to help them find jobs and since 2018 has started the Howard Hoops academy where he helps train unknown players and help find basketball jobs. has been covering his work since years and have interviewed him again about the current 2019 Howard Hoops Tour in Germany.

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Ron Howard in 2015 in Langen, Germany

Ron thanks for talking to Where are you at the moment and how has your summer been?

Right now I am currently getting on a plane to Frankfurt for the Howard Hoops Summer Exposure Tour. My summer has been UnReal!!

You have been in the States again for many months, but are returning back to Germany to run your well known Howard Hoops tour. What do you enjoy seeing most when you return back to Germany?

Although there are many things I enjoy seeing while coming back to Germany, but what excites me is knowing I have 9 Player’s from America ready to lay it out on the line to earn a roster spot this summer.

You have been running the Howard Hoops Tour now for 5-6 years. With so much experience now, how challenging is it for you with every new tour making it the best possible and most advantageous for hungry players looking for that professional job?

While this being the 6th year running H.H. Exposure Tour I wanted to make it a bit more competitive. This year bringing in 2 Regionalliga Teams Deutz & Olpe, because if my H.H. Team displays everything I believe they are capable of doing. It will be a great turn out for this group. 

In our last interview in November 2018, you stated that the Howard Hoops tour developed further with expanding a Basketball Academy in Santiago, Dominican Republic. How has that been coming along in the last 8-9 months?

‘Let’s not talk about the DR’

Talk a little about this summers Howard hoops Tour in Germany. Where will the games be and what can players expect from the 2019 edition?

This summer we will play a warm up game against EOSC Offenbach then over the weekend we will play in a 4 team tournament in Olpe.

You have to put in much preparation each year into arranging the Howard Hoops roster. Do the player applications grow each year and on what things do you look for most in giving players the chance to be a part of this tour?

Yes they grow each year but this year I really went after character and I feel like I have a great group of young men.

Give a little introduction about what players will be playing in this years tour? What guys do you believe to be able to make the biggest impact?

I think Dorea Wilson & Brandon McElvy & Devin Buckley stand out the most to me. 

Talk a little about some of your ex Howard Hoops Tour players. Which guys have you been following most and is a Chris Miller continuing to climb the basketball ladder?

Yes Denzel Brito is having a great summer of training and can’t wait to see him this season. Chris Miller will be headed to China for a Year of Coaching. 

How are guys like Ivan Vernon and Philipp Jenkins continue to move up the basketball ladder?

They are both doing well and having a great summer of training, I’m looking forward for them breaking that barrier this year and climbing the ladder.

In our last interview you listed some guys like Marquis Jones and Taylor Jordan. How have these guys developed further and did any get jobs?

Taylor Jordan now does skill training & Marquis Jones has a nice youth girls program he has developed and is taking off!!

A thing that I love about you is that you are never content and what to better yourself and help others achieve and get better. What future goals do you have. Are there any new ideas that you are working on to get realized down the road?

Yes I have recently opened up a Howard Hoops Training Facility in Saint Louis Park Minnesota. I am brining in 2 international German player’s/students and to come train their skills and develop their game with me and live in America for 4 weeks. They will understand how college works and go on college tours also have live scrimmages each week. I’m trying to bring the culture together through basketball. International German players coming August 18-September 18 are (Max Montag) and (Alexander Haritopoulos)

You also have been spending a lot of time in Minnesota with personal training of players. How has this task been occupied best in 2019 and what is your biggest goal with continuing to pursue this?

My biggest goal is to be a Collegiate Head Coach, but as for now my focus is to keep reaching kids and developing talent and teaching the game of basketball the correct way.

The 2019 World Cup is coming up and Team USA will be very young. The most experienced veterans will be Kemba Walker and PJ Tucker. How do you see this team doing against the European competition?

I think it’s going to be tough, but we are young and hungry. Team US all the way!!

What was the last movie that you saw?


Thanks Ron for the chat.

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