Derrick Allen Will Never Be Forgotten

Derrick Allen has retired. He amazed basketball fans in Europe for 16 years including 14 years in Germany. He gave fans in many cities many unforgettable nights as he played two seasons with BG Karlsruhe, one season for the Bayer Giants Leverkusen, three seasons for the Deutsche Bank Skyliners, two years with Alba Berlin and also wore the jersey for teams like the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven, Braunschweig, Rasta Vechta and Science City Jena. At the end of 16 seasons, he won two titles in Iceland and a league title in Belgium. He reached the BBL final with Frankfurt in 2010 and 2011 with Alba Berlin. He played a total number of 474 BBL games and as a professional including his short stint with the Southern Crescent Lightning (WBA) in 2004 a total of 642 professional games.  I sampled tribute messages from teammates, opponents, team employees and fans. The peers of Derrick Allen will never forget him.

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Derrick Allen with hard core Alba Berlin fan Katja Von Der Beeck

Dietmar Haubrich/Natascha Mnich( long time Derrick Allen fans and friends from Frankfurt)

DA is probably the only player that played for 10 teams in his career and stayed in the heart of every organization. He and his family were able to leave something unique in every place they were through their loving and open nature

Katja Von Der Beeck(Long time Alba Berlin fan)

When Alba Berlin announced that he was joining us, I was very happy. The name was already very well known then. I already liked his game style before he came to Alba. I was so happy to see him play every week. After he left Alba, we remained in contact and one was always happy to see the other. I don´t want to lose the contact to family Allen

Murat Didin(Ex coach Deutsche Bank Skyliners)

He ran the ship with pure heart. I remember his first practice. He was doing everthing perfect, but he had some disturbance in his knee. Doctors didn´t let him play the next day. DA was really upset. I then worked with him  a few days. Management said that if there was an injury that his contract would be cut. I told him that that wouldn´t happen. Nobody can stop you. His knee was never a subject again. Then he had some very nice years with Frankfurt. I always thought that if he had had a bit better shot then he would have been a Euroleague player. First he was an action player and then he became a team player where he saw everything. I was very proud to have been able to coach him. I wish him a lot of luck now. He can help young players because he has the experience and heart.

Ahmet Didin(Son of Murat Didin)

8 Years after we moved away from Frankfurt and my father wasn’t coaching him for a long time, but DA still wishes me happy birthday every day and asks how my siblings and parents are doing. This just showed how genuinely nice and caring he was. I always appreciated him, and I still wear my #15 Allen Skyliners jersey when I play basketball just because he was such a role model as an athlete. And every time when I see a big shot and a dribble pull up 15 foot jumper reminds me of him.

Achmadschah Zazai(Hamburg Towers)

A great player has retired. You could always rely on him on the court. He always gave 100%

Stefano Garris(Ex player)

Derrick was always very diligent and very professional. He always put in the extra work.

Eric Taylor (Ex player)

Derrick was a prolific scorer who was always ready to bring fire to the offense. He was a great teammate who supported what was best for the team. Derrick was a consistent, and reliable teammate who knew what was right to make the team succeed. Most importantly, Derrick was a really good person, he had a kind heart and always a beacon of positive energy, always bringing people together off the court.

Pascal Roller (Ex player Frankfurt Skyliners legend)

DA was a workaholic(gym rat) that had the fastest feet in the low post that I ever saw. Because he was always moving in the paint, he was impossible to defend and was always a go to option on offense. He was able to play at a high level for so long because of his role model like attitude and staying in shape so well. But more important was his character that made him such a popular figure. His leadership qualities with that lead by example attitude made him a very valuable building block for every team that he played with

Vincent Yarbrough(Ex NBA player ex Bamberg/Bonn)

“Derrick’s career is a testament to his work ethic. Self starter. Go getter. Look at those years. Look at those teams. Look at the success. I wish you all the success in the world on your next chapter”

Michael Umeh(Polski Cukier Torun (Poland-EBL)

Met DA first summer I got out. One of the guys any rookie would look up to in regards to professionalism and staying prepared. Just want to congratulate DA on a great career.

Helge Baues(WWU Baskets Muenster)

I played together with him for one season in Bremerhaven. He was a good captain even in bad times. I was a young player then and he was a super role model for me with his professional attitude and effort on the court.

Chris Ensminger(ex player)

He worked his way up the BBL ladder and had many outstanding years. First time I believe when I saw him was in Karlsruhe where Derrick played in the BBL with a young team. One thing that always amazed me was the amount of work he put into his pregame routine. He made me tired just watching. It was like he was playing a game before the game. Full energy bouncing around, same routine,spinning the ball for his mid range jump shot. Pump faking the air, up n unders, usw…… Undersisized 4/5 that competed hard and seemed to be a GREAT teammate from all of the things I heard from his former teammates. Leader by example, 100percent work ethic. Which explains why he played such a long career. Taking care of his body I’m sure in many different ways. DA as many know him definitely wasn’t the flashiest or most athletic with high flying dunks or Alley oops. Perhaps a PF playing below the rim like myself. but a winner, someone who competed every game and each possession. A teammate who had your back and would like on your team . DA will be successful in his next career after basketball because of this mindset. It is a shame we never had a chance to play with each other but I have many memories competing against him! Congratulations on a great BBl and European career! All the best and sure our paths will cross again somewhere!

Demond Mallet(ex player)

I played against DA on several occasions. He was a high energy guy that could do everything. You had to bring it every time you played against him. He just made his team better. Not only that, he is a great person off the court. I know his second chapter will be just as successful.

Braydon Hobbs(EWE Baskets)

Derrick had a great career. It was always nice to compete against him because you knew he was always going to give 100 percent. He was a super hard worker. He would be the first guy on the court, for a game, and get a full workout in. I have never seen someone workout so hard before a game and still have energy left to perform in the game. It was incredible. I wish him all the best for his future, and we need more people around the game like Derrick Allen.

Adam Waleskowski(MHP Riesen)

Derrick Allen was one of the hardest working, talented guys I have played against. From his intensity during his pre-game warm up until the final buzzer, DA was always working his ass off and playing at 100 percent. Taking pride in being a tough-nosed hard worker like him, every time I played against him I knew it was going be a dog fight. He always made his teammates better and was a great personality that I’m sure fans loved to support where ever he played. I want to congratulate DA on such a successful career and wish him all the best in his next step after retirement!

Velimir Radinovic(Ex player)

Terrific energy guy. You could never take any possessions off against him, otherwise he’d make you pay because he had such a great motor.

Jukka Matinen(Former player)

I played against him when he was In Karlsruhe.. He played really tough and effective every game. He has a way To find the simplest solutions on The court, which are the most effective. When you add really good basketball fundamentals and a tough mentality, it is no wonder he had an amazing career.

Jasmin Perkovic(U.M.F. Tindastoll Sauoarkrokur Iceland-Dominos League)

I don’t know what to say about Derrick, in last ten years I changed so many teammates. I always can say about them something but I really don’t know Derrick personally, only from scouting report. Honestly, I can only remember he was fast in transition and he had fast feet.

Lorenzo Williams(Neptunas Klaipeda Lithuania-LKL)

I played against Derrick Allen for the first time back in 2009-10 season when he was in Frankfurt. I played for Giessen so this was our rival. I didn’t know him but what stood out to me was how hard he worked every possession. He never took any plays off. But the biggest thing I took from him is how well he communicates with his teammates on the court. I could tell that he was a great leader and his guys had a lot of respect for him. Without him even knowing, he has helped me in my career a lot. I’m sure other players feel the same.

Michael Hakim Jordan(ex Player assistant coach Colgate(NCAA)

I’ve always appreciated DA because of how hard he played. He was a guy I never had the chance to play with but always wanted to. Hated playing against him.. He was always a good dude

Steven Wriedt(assistant coach Giessen 46ers)

He was a great player and great guy. He was always one of the fastest players in the league even for his size and age. I would always tell our young players to watch how he would warm up full power the moment he went our on the court, always very professional and focused.

Quantez Robertson(Fraport Skyliners)

DA was always a hard worker and had a great sense of humor. He never made any excuses or complaints about anything. Everybody liked him and were still good friends to this day.

Gordon Herbert(head coach Fraport Skyliners/Team Canada)

DA is an awesome person, great family man and a tremendous professional and great teammate. He was a great example on and off the floor. It was an honor to coach Derrick.

Grayson Moyer(former player)

Derrick was one of the hardest working players I have ever played with. He led by example and never gave anything less than 100% at all times. He was a great friend and teammate.

Giordan Watson( CSM CSU Oradea Romania-Liga Nationala)

First thing I remember about Derrick was how active he was on the court. And then noticing, he can do this all game and never look tired. He had a great motor and I think it was infectious to his team. Best of luck in the after life DA!

Nik Caner Medley(Ibaraki R Japan)

I played against Derrick my 1st year as a pro in Germany when I played for the Artland Dragons. What stood out the most to me was his competitiveness and passion for the game. I have always said I am a fighter who plays basketball and he was one of the first guys I played against who had that same approach, it was inspiring to see! Congrats on a great career Derrick you inspired guys that you may not have even known and that is a sign of greatness.

Besnik Bekteshi(Tigers Tuebingen)

He is a fascinating player and a role model. Only a player like him who cares so much for his body can play as long as he did. He was a leader and was always prepared to help the young players. I´m glad that I was able to play with him for one season. I wish him all the best for the future.

Jakob Muziol(Former press speaker Bayer Giants Leverkusen)

I can only say what probably everyone else has said. DA was always nice and you could rely on him and without big stories off the court. As a press secretary you always want a player like that on the team.

Illian Evtimov(Chorale de Roanne Basket)

DA was the most professional player I have ever played with. On and off the court. He would always warm up 100%, then he would always stay in after practice. I have never seen anyone treat the practice the way he did. He sets the tone without even trying. When we played together, we combined on the post, and he played the 5. He was cooking every 5 man we played against even though he is undersized for a 5. Smart, hard working, coachable, and exemplary are the best words to describe him. He is a true example for every kid out there who is trying to make it as a professional.

Pete Strobl(Head Coach Basketball Lowen Braunschweig)

Derrick Allen was one of the most consistent players to ever play in Germany. His passion and professionalism should serve as a role-model for players of all ages. I’ll miss watching him compete and wish him success in the next stages of his career.

Mike Taylor(Head Coach Hamburg Towers/Poland national team)

He has just completed a legendary career. If there is a Bundesliga Hall of Fame, he needs to be in it. It´s not only about being a very good player on some very good teams, but the way he conducted himself. He was first class on and off the court. He was a role model for how you wanted your import big men to be like.  He was successful for several teams and had an impressive run. Now he can move on to the next chapter in his life and left a great lasting impression on the German Bundesliga and German basketball.

Wolfgang Heyder(Brose Bamberg legend)

I witnessed Derrick over 15 years not only as a great player or unbelievable energizer, but a player that always played hard, fought intensively for the win, but was always a fair and pleasant player and even after the toughest fight on the court wanted to have that friendly relationship. I wish him the best now after his playing career.

Jay Thomas(Ex player)

No matter which team he played on, no matter the record of his team or opposing team, no matter who his coach was, one thing was always certain – D.A. would bring it every night!

Rauol Korner(Head Coach medi Bayreuth)

DA is the prototype of a real professional. Someone you can show to the young players and say: „this is how you have to practice, how to be hungry but humble, how you take care of your body, how to be a leader and this is the energy you should bring every night!“ He was a role model to everyone around him and it was a real pleasure and honor coaching him.

Rickey Paulding(EWE Baskets)

DA is the ultimate competitor. I´ve never seen anyone outwork him. From the first time I played against him until now, I´ve always respected the way he played and how he approached the game. I will definitely miss competing against him and his presence in the league.

Skyler Bowlin(s.Oliver Wurzburg)

Man, DA was just a great teammate. He was a good leader, he outworked everyone, he was a great father and husband. He was the total package of how a person should be and I was very lucky to be a part of his journey.

Maurice Jeffers(Ex player)

First of all DA is just a good, high character person. Treats everyone with respect. Just a really solid dude! On the court he was the ultimate pro. I always enjoyed competing against DA because you knew he was going to do everything in his power to help his team win. I always respected how he went about his business. It was a pleasure to compete against him. He’s a real pro and I congratulate him on a great career!

Moses Ehambe(Vostok-65 (Russia-Superleague)

Derrick Allen was a leader beyond leaders. A true professional on and off the basketball court. His tireless work ethic is one I will never forget. Truly inspiring!

Ben Perkins(Ex player)

Derrick was a Pro’s Pro! During my years playing in Germany even though he is my age he had been in the League for a few years and I truly respected. There is no surprise he had such a long successful career, his approach to the game is a example all Americans should learn from! Huge congrats on a great career!

Jacob Burtschi(Ex player)

I do remember Derrick Allen. DA was the ultimate professional. From his pregame routine to how he competed on the floor. The guy never quit and he was relentless. Definitely one of my toughest battles during my time in the BBL. I’ve always had great respect for Derrick and cheers to a great career!

Deandre Lansdowne(Germani Brescia Leonessa (Italy-Serie A)

I heard about his career from many. He was such a competitor on the court, but a great leader and person off the court. He left a huge mark on the BBL, and his name will forever be in the history books.

John Bynum(Ex player)

Derrick was one of the hardest working players that I played against in Germany and it is one of the reasons why he lasted so long. He had an elite game and I always remember what a tough match up he was for other bigs around the league to defend. Off the floor he was a class act and many young players should look at his career and use that as a tool of motivation of what success is.

Stefan Letzelder(Former athletic coach Frankfurt Skyliners)

Where to start? Warrior on the court, gentleman off the court. Fun to be around. Hard worker and great overall athlete. I remember clocking him sub 11 in the 100m during a pratice at Nidda park.

Dan Oppland(Lok Bernau)

He was a great player and the ultimate competitor. He had a great career.

Dashaun Wood(Ex Alba Berlin/Frankfurt Skyliners)

He was a great professional and a great leader. He’s the kind of guy you want as a teammate He gave the game everything he had and you have to appreciate a guy like that.

He’s a great example of being a true pro.

Kevin Johnson Jr(Ex Giessen 46er)

I will always remember Derrick as a fighter on the court. He was always light on his feet and tough to guard. He always turned it up a notch for the Frankfurt vs Giessen derby games. Congrats to Derrick on a great and extremely long career!

Carlos Medlock(Trefl Sopot (Poland-EBL)

Man I wish I could’ve played with DA more than that one year in Vechta. He was a high class professional and a great captain for our team. Showed me how to lead a team the right way. A person who is willing to help out anyone still to this day I call and ask him for advice. He’s definitely going to be a good coach in his next chapter of his life.

Quentin Pryor(Ex player)

DA was the ultimate pro. His motor was unmatched. Probably the fastest big from end to end. Off the court, he was full of knowledge and advice that  younger players needed.

Jared Newson(Ex player)

Me and DA met in 2006 working out in Atlanta. He was my teammate for Bayer Giants Leverkusen my first professional year of basketball in 06-07.’ From day one I saw professionalism and work ethic. A person who worked on his craft and perfected it. DA was known for “putting people in the blender” with his spinning foot work in the post. DA was a bucket getter, a actions speak louder than words leader, and a model teammate off the court. Congratulations DA and best of luck to your next endeavors.

Jimmie Hunt(Luxuris Celje (Slovenia-2SKL)

Congrats to a great career. D.A. was a great player, tremendous competitor and even better friend. Much love and respect to you and your new chapter in life. God bless

Radenko Pilcevic(KK Lovcen Cetinje (Montenegro-Erste Liga)

Derrick is easy to describe, which is the hardest thing to do. I played against him when he was in his best basketball years and we played together when he was near the end of his career. Derrick is synonymous with professionalism. His attitude towards training at the age of 36 will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. It showed everyone what kind of relationship you have to do if you do something you love, if you want to do something at all. simply, Derick is a positive example!

Sotiris Gioulekas(SELLBYTEL Baskets Nuernberg)

I think that he played in Karlsrue when I played in Nurnberg. And we played together at the All star game in Koln. He had very good career and played with good teams. He was a very good scorer and was a strong and difficult player to play against. And he was a player that took the big shots.

Chris Carter(Ninners Chemnitz)

He was a fierce competitor and took his pregame routine very serious to make sure he was ready to play. A true testament of what being a professional is all about.

Igor Perovic(Head Coach ScanPlus Baskets)

Derick was a great player and he is even a greater person. I played for Wûrzburg and Tübingen when he was in Karlsruhe and I remember him very well. He was extremely active on the court. He always gave 100%. I have coached against him also when Derrick played for Frankfurt, Alba, Braunschweig and Vechta. He was a night mare for other players that have to play against him. He was an excellent fast break player, great mid range shooter, always went for offensive rebounds, very good low post game. Definitely he was one of the best 4 man in Germany in last 15 years. But he was always nice to other people. I remember his smile and friendly charachter. I wish him all the best in his new life without playing pro basketball.

Adrian Breitlauch(Eisbaeren Bremerhaven)

Derrick was a player that stood out. He was always the first one on the court when we faced him. Hours before the game, he was working on his shot, his post moves and other parts of his game to go and get ready for game time. A true professional. From his time with the Eisbären Bremerhaven, the team manager and physio still talk about him to this day and always point out, what a great guy he is. A true BBL-legend. I wish him all the best.

Elijah Allen(Tigers Tuebingen)

I scrimmaged Derrick Allen when I played for Lich in Pro B. At the time he was with Vechta Pro A. He was a player that I remember played with a great motor. I remember him being very vocal on offense and defense. I respect his game very much. He was the type of player that could impact the game without always having the ball in his hands. He made a great career here in Germany and I hope he enjoys his retirement.

Jannik Freese(Hamburg Towers)

Derrick seemed to always be ready 24/7. He was the first one to be on the court to get his shots up but always had a quick minute to chat it up before the game until he hustled back to his spots to shoot. He dominated the league with his hustle and persistence and had great stats up until his last year. That alone speaks for all the hard work he put in to get where he is and he deserved all of it!

Chris Oliver(Ex player)

First I want to just say congratulations to DA on a blessed and successful career. Playing against him was always a battle. We brought the best out of each other. I’m very happy for him as he embarks on this next chapter of his life. Blessings and happiness to him and his family.

Jahmar Thorpe(Earthfriends Tokyo Z (Japan-B2 League)

DA was a great player! Hard worker. And had tremendous energy! He was a leader on and off the court! A true professional!

Deandre Haynes(Ex player/ assistant coach Illinois State)

Derrick Allen was one of the toughest players I’ve played against overseas. I tell my players about him every year. He was a relentless rebounder and was always going to outwork you, and you couldn’t stop his jump hook. He had a successful career from being a great teammate and outworking everybody on the floor. He was a winner! He was the guy you wanted on your team, because that’s all he cared about was winning from what I seen and heard from coach Murat Didin. I wish him nothing but the best with his next career.

Reggie Redding(ex FC Bayern Muenchen (Germany-BBL)

Nothing but respect for DA and his career. Was always a cool dude to me and played the game with the live and passion it deserves!

Tory Walker(Ex player ex Giessen, Artland and Braunschweig)

My man DA was the hardworking energizer of his team. His Love and commitment to the game of basketball showed throughout his successful career. And his durability is something that we as athletes admire because we know the grind year after year can wear a body down. The Captain has cemented his name as one of the best Americans to play in the German League!

Tim Abromatis(Zenit Sankt Petersburg (Russia-VTB)

Derrick was obviously a great player, even late in his career when I played with him, or else he wouldn’t have had such a successful career. But I remember him more for being an incredible teammate and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. He went full speed 100% of the time in practice, and his pregame workouts were insane. He approached the game as a true professional and I am lucky to have had one year to learn from him.

Tyron Mccoy(Ex player EWE Baskets/Leverkusen)

I would like to say congrats to D. A. on an awesome career!! You will go down as one of the all time greats in the BBL. you were always a fierce competitor who led with hard work. Bro, I wish you nothing but blessings as you begin your new chapter in life and good things come to good people!

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