Stories Like Jordan Brangers Is Why Naqwan Crowell Still Plays The Game Of Basketball

Naqwan Crowell is a 185cm American basketball player looking to live the dream of being a professional basketball player. He played recently at the HowardHoops Tour in Hilden Germany. He got experience playing at Sullivan CC (JUCO) reaching the NJCAA D3 Elite Eight in 2013 and playing two years with Bridgeport (NCAA2) and winning the ECC Tournament in 2014 and 2015. He took some time to talk to German Hoops about his basketball career.


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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Ron Howard have a special basketball relationship helping players get signed to pro teams through HowardHoops. Howard organizes professional games in europe and let´s hungry and lesser known players get that chance to showcase their skills. While Schmidt-Scheuber gives the players media exposure



Naqwan Crowell thanks for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and was the heat wave in Germany still minor compared to what your used to in the states in the summer?


Greetings miles it’s a pleasure to be talking with someone who represents At the moment I am currently in Stuttgart, Germany and the weather has been very hot out here in Germany. This heat here in Germany is very different from the United States but I keep myself dehydrated at all time.




You just took part at the Howard Hoops Tour in Hilden, Germany. What kind of experience was this for you? How do you feel did the Howard Hoops weekend help you most as a basketball player?



The Howard hoops tour was a great experience for me! I got to play basketball against a few teams and experience Germany as well. I personally think the tour did help me because I was able to play in 4 scrimmages against live European defense. So I was exposed to the different playing styles out here in Germany.




You have little to no professional experience. With what kind of feeling did you go into the weekend concerning your professional future?


Yes I have yet to play professionally somewhere but I am confident in my abilities to play the game of basketball at a high-level. I didn’t know what to expect coming from the states but I knew the Germany teams would play hard as I heard.





Exactly what kind of professional experience do you have and why do you feel has it been so difficult for you to find a team?



Like I said earlier I have little experience professional but I am confident in my game and worked very hard at improving my game daily. It has been difficult to find a team because I think my experience of having yet to play overseas.




How content were you with your game on the weekend in Germany. On what phases of your game do you feel were you able to shine?



I was very excited to get out there and play this past weekend here in Germany! I was able to create for my teammates and play great defense. My game is always on the attack. Never settling on my opponent


Talk a little about you game. What are your strengths and if you had to compare your game to an NBA player who would you chose?


My strengths are passing, defense and scoring. I would compare my game to Jrue Holiday.





How were you able to get adjusted to the style of play during the weekend in Germany? What do you feel was most difficult for you to get adjusted to?



I was able to adjust to this past weekend but it wasn’t easy I had to observe what worked consistently. I had to adjust to the running clock and pace of the game.




There were a lot of talented players taking part on both sides of the court with the Howard Hoops teams and the German teams. What players really stood out for you?



A few players stood out to me and played extremely hard on the defensive end and helped their teams when it counted the most.






How impressed have you been with the whole Howard Hoops experience. What stood out most for you during the weekend that you will never forget?



The Howard hoops experience was great and I am extremely happy to be a part of five years of it. The thing that stood out the most this past weekend? Had to be Ron Howard and the opportunities he provides to young-men like myself trying to start a basketball career



What was your impression of Howard Hoops CEO and tour coach Ron Howard. Did you notice quickly that he has extreme passion for the game and trying to help talented guys get noticed?



I noticed after this past weekend that Ron Howard is an extremely passionate guy who loves the game of basketball and enjoys helping others better themselves. Special thanks to Ron Howard for the opportunity too


The Howard Hoops tour has a good rate of placing players on teams. What is the next step for you? Will you test the professional market and would you be comfortable playing in a lower league somewhere? Did you get a try-out with Regionalliga team Dortmund?



I want to try the professional market and play somewhere. I am aware that playing in a lower league isn’t the end of the world because it isn’t about where you start at all it’s where you finish. I haven’t gotten any tryout with any Regionalliga teams but I am trusting the process and keeping hope alive




If you had to describe your game in a few sentences and why you could help any professional team right now how would you describe it?




My game is very exciting and I’m full of heart. I play the game the right way. Always staying positive and looking for teammates.



You played at Sullivan CC (JUCO) and reached the NJCAA D3 Elite Eight in 2013. What kind of experience was this run and year?


The run to the elite eight back in 2013 was great and I had a blast partaking in the run. Each player that year played for each other and our coach




A Juco player Jordan Brangers made waves at the Miami pro league and got signed by German top division team Eisbareren Bremerhaven. Does a story like this keep your dream alive that anything is possible that even guys from the JUCO can reach the top?


Stories like Jordan Brangers is why I still play the game of basketball and stay ready. It’s great to hear things like that actually happens to players. It keeps me motivated to keep striving




You played at Bridgeport (NCAA2) from 2013-2015 winning the ECC Tournament in 2014 and 2015. Which title was the sweetest?


Playing at the University of Bridgeport was great. I was able to play at basketball at a high level and Both titles were awesome to win while there




What stories do you remember hearing at Brdigeport about the legendary Manute Bol and Japhet Mcneil who has enjoyed  a long career in Germany and is still playing now-


I heard great stories of the two players Manute Bol and Japhet McNeil. They were great players who in their era at Bridgeport were fun to watch. They are remembered for their accomplishments and stellar careers.



How did you benefit from head coach Mike Ruane in your years at Bridgeport? How were you a better player when you left?


I benefited from coach Mike Ruane´s system while at Bridgeport. He is a big hearted guy who challenges his players. Also assistant coaches Kranthi Senahi and Will Logan did an amazing job with player development. I became a better player while at Bridgeport because of my teammates and competitive drills we did regularly.





Who won a one on one in practice you or Ernest Rouse?




I won one on on drills that’s one of my most favorite things to play. Nothing like a good sparring match!





If you had to construct your very own NBA Rushmore which 4 heads would you pick old or new?


If I had to build a NBA Mount Rushmore it would consist of Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Lebron James and Julius Erving






What is your personal opinion of the never ending debate about who is better Lebron or Jordan?




I personally think both players played in two different eras and were great in their prime.



What was the last movie that you saw?


The last movie I saw was mission impossible.


Thanks Naqwan for the chat.

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