Tyler Wells Won´t Stop Chasing The Dream Of Playing Professionally

Tyler Wells is an American basketball player dreaming of playing professionally. He played at Silver Lake in the states and recently has been coaching kids in France. He recently played at the Howardhoops tour in Hilden, Germany looking to get noticed and live the dream as a professional basketball player. He spoke to Germanhoops.com about basketball.

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Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Ron Howard of HowardHoops in 2017 who have had a special bond since 2013. Both help young unknown players like Tyler Wells with getting a chance to showcase their game in europe and getting media attention

Tyler thanks for talking to Germanhoops.com. Where are you at the moment and is the heat wave in Germany still minor compared to what you know in Las Vegas?

Right now I am doing pretty fine with the heat. Because in Las Vegas we do not have any humidity and it is a dry heat. I will take humidity over dry heat any day!

You just took part at the Howard Hoops Tour in Hilden, Germany. You went back to France on a 21 hour bus trip. What was in your mind most when you reflected on the last weekend with Howard Hoops?


As I go back to France all I can think about is that there are actually coaches who believe in people and want the best for you. Growing up I did not have that with a lot of my coaches throughout my career. Once I got in contact with Ron it was different. He believed in me and also told me nothing is guaranteed and you have to prepare mentally and physically for this. As well as I was with a great group of guys who wanted to compete as well. It was just a great experience and allowed me to see where I was as a player.


What kind of experience was this for you? How do you feel did the Howard Hoops weekend help you most as a basketball player?


 For me this was a great experience I got to compete against people from other countries. As well as I got to meet new people and be around people who had the same goals. I feel I did pretty good out here in Germany the first few games I was in foul trouble and letting the referees get to me. Once I learned to ignore them all hell broke loose! As a basketball player this helped me gain even more confidence and showed me what I can work on as a player.


You had been coaching kids in France and finished school 2 years ago. With what kind of feeling did you go into the weekend concerning your professional future?


Going into this weekend I was calm about it as well as not nervous. Since this year has started I have been around basketball a lot. I was in the the Dominican Republic back in February things didn’t go how I wanted them to there. That was okay. It motivated me to work even harder. Then from April to May I was invited out to France to coach kids as well as teach them English. While doing that I also was able to work on my craft with a good friend of mine out there and gain confidence as well that I never had in. So coming here I realized that I can play professional basketball and the future is looking very good this year for my professional career.


Exactly what kind of professional experience do you have and why do you feel has it been so difficult for you to find a team?


I do not experience playing on a professional team but I have experience playing against some. During my time in the Dominican Republic I was able to scrimmage against professional teams for two weeks and see the different styles of play. Then going to France I was able to scrimmage teams out there as well as catch the interests of a lot of a few coaches in the lower divisions. For me it was difficult because I did not have good numbers in college as well as I just was not confident in myself. I also would let people get to me and at times I would believe people when they told me I was not good enough.


How content were you with your game on the weekend in Germany. On what phases of your game do you feel were you able to shine?


I wasn’t as content with the first few games because I let referees get to me at first. Until I had to tell myself like Tyler ignore them and play. Once I said that I dominated. I was able to hit mid ranges as well as go to the basket and draw a lot of fouls and get to the line as well.


How were you able to get adjusted to the style of play during the weekend? What do you feel was most difficult for you to get adjusted to?


 I honestly was able to get adjusted easily because I have already been over in France for a few months as well I being around European basketball all day I have been able to pick up on how they play and how I can fit my game to theirs.


There were a lot of talented players taking part on both sides of the court with the Howard Hoops teams and the German teams. What players really stood out for you?


 Everyone on the Howard hoops tour stood out to me because this was a talented group. Everyone brought something to the table and everyone had a positive attitude and wanted to win even though we fell short.


How impressed have you been with the whole Howard Hoops experience. What stood out most for you during the weekend that you will never forget?


I was very impressed! The whole trip its self stood out to me. Being able to experience the German culture meeting new people trying new foods. I will never forget the whole weekend I really enjoyed myself and learned a lot as well too as a player.


What was your impression of Howard Hoops CEO and tour coach Ron Howard. Did you notice quickly that he has extreme passion for the game and trying to help talented guys get noticed?


 He really wants to give people a chance and will push you to the limit. As well as will be honest with you at the same time. You just don’t get a lot of coaches who actually want to get players better.  As well as giving everyone the same chance. So there are no excuses at all and he gives endless opportunities as well.


The Howard Hoops tour has a good rate of placing players on teams. What is the next step for you? Will you test the professional market and would you be comfortable playing in a lower league somewhere?


 My next step is to head back to France to coach and will be starting my career there. As well as I do not have a problem starting in a lower league because we all have to start somewhere.


If you had to describe your game in a few sentences and why you could help any professional team right now how would you describe it?


 My game I am a stretch 4. I can help any team because I am a team player I can post up rebound as well as put the ball on the floor as well as I am coachable.


You played college basketball at Silver Lake College of The Holy Family from 2012-2016. What kind of experience was that for you and what were your fondest memories there?


Playing there was interesting. We traveled a lot and there was only one year where we were actually a team though most of the others years there were a lot of I players. One of my favorite memories was getting a dunk my junior year first play of the game catching everyone’s attention.


How did head coach Derek Domino help groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career?


He conditioned me as well as showed me how to properly play defense as well as well as the coach before him Coach Phil taught me how to shoot the ball good.


If you had to construct your very own NBA Rushmore which 4 heads would you pick old or new?


 I would pick LeBron Kobe Sean Kimp and Kyrie Irving


What is your personal opinion of the never ending debate about who is better Lebron or Jordan?


I am not sure about that one they both played in different eras and were great players.


What was the last movie that you saw?


The last movie I saw was treasure island.


Thanks Tyler for the chat




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