Marko Pecarski Owns The Paint Leading FC Bayern Munich To 2017 NBBL Title Overpowering IBAM 94-71

The 2017 NBBL final was not even 30 minutes old and if one was roaming the catacombs in the Fraport arena, one would have observed intense sadness as IBAM players had their heads sunk low and others were feeling the sorrow even more like Johannes Klughardt as it was sinking in slowly. 19 year old Klughardt who started his career with TUS Uhrspringschule was in tears and was hugging his teammates like a 8 year old would their parents with that first overnight summer camp departure. He had made a clutch jumper and steal in the last minute to secure the IBAM win against Alba Berlin in the semi-final and the final was the last game for the German in the NBBL with this special group of guys as many will be too old to compete in the NBBL next season. Not only was Klughardt unhappy with the 94-71 NBBL final defeat at the hands of FC Bayern Munich as he also let some frustration out on an empty plastic bottle lying on the floor, but also his teammate 16 year old 186cm shooting guard and game changer Joshua Obiese who had a great semi-final game from the bench against Alba Berlin was feeling the grief of playing a last time with a very unusual  group of guys and was near tears as he described playing that last game with Stanford bound Oscar Da Silva. “This last game was very emotional for me. I had a very special relationship with Oscar. We spent a lot of time together training together a lot during the afternoons. It is really hard to let go”, stressed Joshua Obiese. However for some fellows the frustration and down period after a tough loss escapes a mind quicker as others like Oscar Da Silva was already in future mode as he had an intense talk with German U-18 head coach Alan Ibrhimagic for about 10 minutes listening about how he should prepare for the summer national team time and one could of orchestrated a wet tee shirt contest next to him or had Lebron James walk by him and the 18 year old would not have flinched or lost concentration with his matter at hand. The young German is all business and already has the type of strong mentality that will carry him far at the professional level. For Da Silva, it was just another big game with many more too follow as he produced 19 points, 12 rebounds, five assists and two steals and filled up the stat sheet like a Russell Westbrook. On the other side of the coin, the winners FC Bayern Munich were celebrating like no tomorrow, but one player won´t only remember the win, but also playing that last youth game against Da Silva. “It is always entertaining to play against Oscar. I never had as much fun as today as this was my first final. A guy like Oscar makes me so much better as you always have to play at a high level against him or you get eaten up”, warned FC Bayern Munich guard Nelson Weidemann.

picture perfect 1671

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing 2017 NBBL champion Marko Pecarski of FC Bayern Munich

The 2017 NBBL final was a tale of two halves as the fans saw a very balanced and even game in the first 20 minutes, but in the last half witnessed a fatigued IBAM team fall apart and be unable to withstand the constant FC Bayern Munich pressure on both ends of the floor. IBAM was fatigued and FC Bayern Munich knew that and used it to their full advantage.

“The semi-final game against Alba Berlin was very strenuous. They really pushed us to our physical limit. We weren´t as fit as we could have been, but FC Bayern performed very well. Our intensity was missing a bit, but I felt that we gave it our all on the floor”, warned Joshua Obiese. FC Bayern Munich played their game for 40 minutes and never lost a step on defense, but played it consistently until the end and it also didn´t hurt that their offense was clicking. “This was not an easy game in any way. We figured that IBAM would come out with more intensity in the second half, but didn´t so we didn´t let up either and carried our defensive intensity until the end and destroyed them which gave us confidence on offense”, added Nelso Weidemann. The NBBL final also had many many known figures of the German basketball world eying the biggest German talents like Dirk Bauermann, Ademola Okulaja, Gordon Herbert, Patrick Flomo, Simon Cote, or Marko Pesic to just name a few. Ex Giants Nordlingen head coach Mario Matic was also in attendance and stated that a big factor in the game was the difference in player personnel. “It makes it a lot harder to win when you have guys like Weidemann, Gegic and Pecarski with professional experience. FC Bayern Munich had some problems with the IBAM zone at the start, but then played good defense carrying it to the end. IBAM didn´t play the way they know how and they play with much emotion and when FC Bayern led by more than 10 points, they just couldn´t handle that”, stressed Mario Matic.

picture perfect 1672

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing Stanford bound and 2017 regular season MVP of the International Basketball Academy Munich Oscar Da Silva after losing the NBBL final to FC Bayern Munich

FC Bayern Munich got off to a quick start leading 5-2 as the they got massive guard production from Bosnian Amir Gegic who didn´t shy away from the inside presence of Fynn Fischer making a tip in off his own miss and connecting on a 15 footer. FC Bayern Munich did a good job early keeping Oscar Da Silva in check while Fischer got a feed from Da Silva and Okao hit a 20 footer to dead lock the game. Gegic wasn´t done yet with his early game romp as he connected on a trey giving FC Bayern Munich the 8-5 advantage. But IBAM came back and quickly went on a brutal 8-0 run totally surprising FC Bayern Munich to claim the 13-8 lead. In the run, it was Da Silva who gave the name scoring in bunches a new name as he scored twice inside, nailed free throws and Klughardt made a lay in. IBAM also did a great job totally limiting the touches of mega talent Marko Pecarski who wasn´t a factor yet. FC Bayern stepped up their defense in the last minutes and also did a fine job getting to the free throw line and came back to tie the game at 15-15. Both teams exchanged leads in the last minute, but FC Bayern Munich led 19-18 after one quarter as 18 year old Mario Vazquez Hack who started his career at SBDJK Rosenheim snuck inside and scored. “The big difference in the first quarter was that the high intensity that FC Bayern Munich brought on defense carried over to their offense which forced them to lose rhythm and miss more shots”, stressed ex Dresden Titans head coach Steven Clauss. FC Bayern Munich was shooting 28% from the field and 17% from outside while IBAM was shooting 38% from the field and 0% from outside. FC Bayern Munich had the 14-11 rebound edge and both teams had four turnovers a piece.

picture perfect 1663

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber interviewing 2017 NBBL champion Nelson Weidemann of FC Bayern Munich

The second quarter remained close with IBAM retaining the lead once only to give it up again, but FC Bayern Munich couldn´t get way from IBAM yet. In the first few minutes it was the Pecarski and Bessior show as both got going. The Serbian Pecarski who gets compared a lot these days to Denver Nugget Nikola Jokic and had a huge 2016 U-16 European championshsip leading the tournament ins coring at 25,0PPG and 14,0rpg  finally got going and showed his solid inside out game hitting a trey getting a friendly Fraport arena bounce and then using his biggest weapon his rebound getting a ball and making the put back. On the other end it was Bessior who is a 17 year old 203cm forward and averaged 6,5ppg and 3,5rpg this season in the Regionallige for Schwabing came from the bench and gave the needed spark hitting a trey and then displaying nice mobility getting away from a defender with a behind the back dribble and laying it in off the glass as IBAM had the lead again at 26-25. However FC Bayern Munich used their depth getting production from Weidemann and Gegic from the free throw line, a trey from Jannick Jebens who played 4 Pro B games this season. Hack and Pecarski also scored as FC Bayern Munich led 35-30. IBAM continued to battle away getting free throws from Fischer and the passing magician Dimitrije Mrda who made the pass of the 2017 top four making a full court bounce pass in Rajon Rondo manner in the semi-final and this time tip toed to the bucket, but made a last second shovel pass that Okao threw down with the two handed dunk as IBAM trailed 37-34. Gegic and Da Silva traded buckets in the last minute as FC Bayern Munich went into the break with the slim 39-36 advantage. “FC Bayern Munich got Pecarski into the game and continued to have that defensive intensity, but didn´t have that restlessness on offense anymore, but were more poised”, stressed Steven Clauss. FC Bayern Munich was shooting 32% from the field and 25% from the three point line while IBAM was hooting 39% from the field and 9% from the three point line. FC Bayern Munich had the slight rebound lead 32-21 and both teams had eight turnovers apiece.

picture perfect 1673

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber doing play by play commentary with ex BBL player and Young Rasta Dragons head coach Florian Hartenstein during the 2017 NBBL final between FC Bayern Munich and the International Basketball Academy Munich in Frankfurt Germany

The turning point of the game arrived in the third quarter where FC Bayern continued to play their game and play with a high intensity at both ends while IBAM caught fatigue and just couldn´t stay at pace with their opponent. FC Bayern Munich came back on the court and went on a furious 16-2 run to extend their lead to 55-40 and were in cruise control. Da Silva got IBAM the first points of the second half with a lay in, but then it was all FC Bayern as they got solid production from Gegic who scored 8 points in the run and Pecarski continued to work on his stats and giving 8 points. Gegic continued to do as he pleased getting inside and destroying the IBAM one on one defense three times while Pecarski did his usual damage inside outmuscling any guy that got in his way and finishing with two dunks. FC Bayern Munich continued to outwork IBAM as Weidemann started to get hot dropping two three´s and Gegic continued to wreak havoc inside getting more points and getting to the free throw line. Da Silva was the only real bright spot for IBAM getting two buckets inside in the last two minutes, but IBAM was looking at a 67-47 deficit after three quarters. “FC Bayern Munich came out with the same intensity in the third quarter and we tried to also, but were unable to. We just couldn´t come to terms with their physicality”, stressed IBAM game changer Joshua Obiese. FC Bayern Munich was shooting 40% from the field and 31% from the parking lot while IBAM was hooting 35% from the field and 6% from the parking lot. FC Bayern Munich had the 33-32 rebound edge, but only 10 turnovers while IBAM had 15 turnovers.

In the fourth quarter, FC Bayern Munich was able to continue to keep a huge lead and close out the game in style while fans saw an energizing three point shooting clinic from Mrda that didn´t really help IBAM´s cause at all. IBAM got on the board first as 18 year old ex Basket Vilsbiburg guard Daniel Raisc scored, but FC Bayern Munich stormed back getting baskets from Jebens and Austrian guard Erol Ersek to extend their lead to 71-51. IBAM then had two good possessions on offense getting a 4-0 run as Fischer and Mrda got production inside cutting the FC Bayern Munich lead to 71-55. 2005 European silver medalist and FC Bayern Munich head coach Demond Greene took a time out and his team quickly responded as Weidemann hit a deep three from the corner. Mrda then hit three back to back trey´s, but IBAM was unable to take advantage of it as they allowed Jebens and Weideman three´s to stop any last quarter comeback from IBAM as FC Bayern Munich led 85-66. FC Bayern Munich closed out the game well with a Bruno Vrcic put back and Jebens pretty old school baby hook shot while Da Silva scored his last basket for IBAM with a typical lay in. FC Bayern Munich then cheered twice as the buzzer sounded as not only had they won the 2017 NBBL final, but little used Robert Merz who is a 17 year old 193cm guard who started his career at TSU Etting hit a buzzer beater for added joy. “IBAM gave all they had, but I believed that we were fitter and deeper. After our last game against Breitengussbach in April, we really worked hard on our fitness. I thought that we defended better in the second half than in the first mainly because we were still fit”, warned Nelson Weidemann. “We usually play good guard defense, but today we left the middle open too much”, stressed Joshua Obiese. FC Bayern Munich was led by Amar Gegic with 24 points, Marko Pecarski had 22 points and 12 rebounds and Nelson Weidemann contributed 17 points. IBAM was led by Oscar da Silva with 19 points and 12 rebounds. Fynn Fischer had 15 points and nine rebounds while Dimitrije Mrda supplied 12 points. FC Bayern Munich shot 43% from the field and 33% from outside while IBAM shot 40% from the field and 25% from outside. FC Bayern Munich won the rebound duel 43-41 and had 11 turnovers while IBAM coughed up the ball 19 times.

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