Aaron Nelson Gets Revenge Powering The Dragons Rhondorf Past FC Bayern Munich II 87-63

That Aaron Nelson of the Dragons Rhondorf is the Big Dawg of the German Pro B and can clean up on the boards the way a Russell Westbrook has been hauling down rebounds and collecting dimes this season as if he wanted to give Lebron James a good run for the best in the NBA is no secret, but the Illinois native Nelson isn´t double double perfect this season, a part of his game that belongs to his bread and butter. In the last years not just registering double double´s in games has been a constant, but also averaging that stat for a whole season has been a regular occurrence as he demonstrated at South Indiana(NCAA2) and as a rookie in Chile and so far this season he is averaging 23 points a game and 13 boards. He has said in the past that he is only content with a team win and double double, so when he is stopped from getting that double double, he surely does notice as much as a hawk does his next prey. This season, he has been denied a double double only three times and what is even harder to believe is that the second worst rebounding team in the league FC Bayern Munich held him to only 5 rebounds earlier this season in a 77-66 victory as the Dragons Rhondorf were outrebounded 37 to 26 and hauled down 10 offensive rebounds. Just how long Aaron Nelson had to digest this loss and disappointing team showing on the boards is unknown, but one thing is for sure Nelson didn´t forget that game and wanted to have revenge on the first loss to FC Bayern Munich and finally stop this annoying 5 game losing streak and finally win at home again as the team´s three game home losing streak was getting on every one´s nerves in Dragons country. The 12th of the Pro B south Dragons Rhondorf who were sporting a poor 4-8 record met the sixth of the standings FC Bayern Munich who had a 7-5 record and fans saw a tight hard fought affair with both teams at even eye level, but in the second half, the Dragons Rhondorf had a monstrous 31-11 run that FC Bayern Munich 2 couldn´t rebound from as the Bayern team got hammered 87-63 getting a rude Christmas present. After the huge victory, a very ecstatic Aaron Nelson had witnessed another normal day at the office and made amends for the first loss in Munich. “I remember every game and didn´t forget our loss in Munich. That was a tough loss and we had been without Viktor Frankl-Maus. I went into this game like every other game wanting to leave everything on the court, play good defense and attack them on offense and even wipe the floor if needed. I knew it would be  a tough game at the start as my three wasn´t falling, but I knew it would be ok after my inside game was working and my teammates always found me”, stressed Illinois native Aaron Nelson. After the game, one may have thought that a torn and tattered FC Bayern Munich team that has an average age of 18,5 years fled quickly to their bus and get away as fast as possible, but instead were slowly slouching out of the dressing room one by one with their heads down and hidden under their hoodies as they must have received the most penetrating and hard post-game speech of their lives from head coach Oliver Kostic. 19 year big German talent Karim Jallow wasn´t in great spirits, but tried to explain the downfall of his team as best as possible. “I thought we defended well and played with a lot of energy in the first half. But in the second half, we let them get some quick easy baskets and couldn´t get anymore stops. We only had 10 players and got into foul trouble. We didn´t play as aggressively on defense anymore and our offense was too wild”, added FC Bayern Munich forward Karim Jallow.

FC Bayern Munich 2 got on the board first as German Karim Jallow scored inside, but the Dragons Rhondorf found their rhythm quickly on offense going on a 6-0 run to take the 6-2 lead. German point guard Viktor Frankl-Maus scored twice on the penetration as FC Bayern Munich 2 couldn´t stop his quickness and German forward Florian Wendeler also got aggressive inside getting a bucket. Jallow continued to be aggressive and showed his athleticism on the fast break squirming his way through a maze of defenders to cut the Rhondorf lead to 6-5. Rhondorf continued to execute on offense with their two best players Aaron Nelson who muscled home two points and Frankl-Maus made a steal and went coast to coast for the 10-5 Rhondorf advantage. Rhondorf continued to execute on offense, but so did FC Bayern Munich 2 as they remained on the heels of Rhondorf. The Canadian sensation Mike Lucier got going making a lay in and jumper, but 19 year old German Georg Beyschlag who went into the contest shooting 50% from downtown nailed two shots and 26 year old German Tobias Korndoerfer got FC Bayern Munich 2 the lead back at 17-16. After another Nelson lay in, Beyschlag connected on a 20 footer to even the game at 19-19. The Dragons Rhondorf closed out the first quarter with a Nelson free throw and 18 year old German Anton Geretzki scored at the buzzer on the fast break as the Dragons Rhondorf led 22-19. “Both teams were playing hard, executing well, but also playing tough defense. We stuck to our game plan and limited their offensive rebounds”, stressed Aaron Nelson. The Dragons Rhondorf were shooting 63% from the field and 0% from outside while FC Bayern Munich 2 was shooting 47% from the field and 40% from outside. Rhondorf had the 10-7 rebound edge and both teams had one turnover a piece.

In the second quarter, the game became a dog fight as neither team could break away as there were 11 lead changes and at the break FC Bayern Munich 2 was up by three points. Nelson started off the second quarter with a tip in off his own miss, but FC Bayern Munich 2 countered with back to back three´s from young German Luca Burkardt and young Austrian Erol Ersek as they regained the lead at 25-24. Then both teams started to trade buckets and leads at a furious pace as after Burkardt nailed a 20 footer, it was Frankl-Maus making the beautiful perfect full court bounce pass to Will Trawick who was able to make the easy lay in on transition as FC Bayern Munich trailed 28-28. After Korndoerfer hit free throws, it was Frankl-Maus stealing the ball at mid court from Beyschlag and going coast to coast for the lay in as Rhondorf led 31-29. Jallow then scored on the coast to coast run, only for Trawick to score inside muscling through two defenders as Rhondorf got the lead back for the eighth lead change. Then Korndoerfer and Nelson traded free throws as Rhondorf led again 35-34. Korndoerfer had been very productive in the last minutes and carried FC Bayern Munich to the lead at halftime with a hook shot and free throw as the Dragons Rhondorf trailed 40-37. “The second quarter was a dog fight as it went back and forth. Both teams brought so much energy. We were able to stick together and trail by only a few points”, added Aaron Nelson. FC Bayern Munich was shooting 42% from the field and 44% from the three point line while the Dragons Rhondorf were shooting 52% from the field and 0% from the three point line. Both teams had 19 rebounds, but Rhondorf had six turnovers and FC Bayern Munich 2 only three turnovers.

In the third quarter, the Dragons Rhondorf took control of the game and dominated the game outscoring FC Bayern Munich 2 31-11 laying the foundation for the win. Jallow got the visitors on the score board first crashing the offensive boards and making a tap in off his own miss as FC Bayern Munich 2 led 42-37. However then came the unexpected as the Dragons Rhondorf showed offensive execution and heart on defense exploding out on a vicious 20-3 run to retake the lead 57-45. In the run, the Dragons Rhondorf got heavy production from Viktor Frankl-Maus who owned the paint area getting inside whenever he wanted scoring 8 points and Nelson produced seven points. Rhondorf also got needed support from Florian Wendeler who made a tip in off a Nelson miss. The only points FC Bayern Munich 2 got was a trey from Beyschlag, but midway through the run, the 19 year old German was taken out and got a nasty chewing out off by head coach Oliver Kostic that you wouldn´t have even wished your worst basketball enemy to get a dose of. Beyschalg would never return back to the game as he had been reserved a place in the dog house for the rest of the game. FC Bayern Mubnich 2 finally got on the board with Jallow free throws, but still couldn´t muster much on offense while Rhondorf stayed calm and played out their plays to success and also got added support from their bench. German back up point guard Patrick Reusch who also split time at the combo guard position when Frankl-Maus was on the court got some big buckets and German big man Bastian Winterhalder made a beautiful fade away shot over three Munich players as Rhondorf held on to their overwhelming momentum to lead 68-51 after 30 minutes. “Coach Sonnenschein told us at half-time that we didn´t play a bad first half, but if we wanted to win we would have to play even better defense. And that is what we did. We played with more energy and were more active on the defensive end than Munich was. Maus was the man getting big buckets and getting steals. The team rode behind Maus”, stressed Aaron Nelson. “We didn´t play with two important players that are playing with the German and Bosnian national teams at the EM U-18. We can only show our whole potential when we have everyone. That third quarter would not have existed if they would have been here”, stressed FC Bayern Munich 2 head coach Oliver Kostic. The Dragons Rhondorf were shooting 57% from the field and 7% from the parking lot while FC Bayern Munich 2 was shooting 38% from the field and 36% from the parking lot. Rhondorf had the 31-24 rebound edge and nine turnovers while FC Bayern Munich 2 had 10 turnovers.

In the fourth quarter, the Dragons Rhondorf continued to execute on offense and kept FC Bayern Munich 2 at bay and did a superb job closing out the game in a fine fashion. The game had more or less already been decided, but the Dragons Rhondorf came out with the same high energy that they had in the third quarter storming out on a 7-0 run to extend their lead to 75-51. In the run, Rhondorf got big production from German Thomas Michel who scored five points including a fancy finger tip roll lay in like Tina Archibald dazzled the folk in the NBA back in the day and Nelson also scored. FC Bayern Munich finally got their first points of the fourth quarter on their fifth possession as Korndoerfer scored. Jallow followed that up with a runner in traffic to cut the Rhondorf lead to 75-55. Rhondorf continued to pour on the offense going on a thunderous 8-2 run to extend their lead to 83-57. In the run, they got contribution from Trawick and Michel who dropped trey´s and Nelson once again showed why a double team can´t stop him inside as he got an easy lay up. FC Bayern Munich 2 closed out the game with a Korndoerfer old school hook shot and Burkard made free throws. “We stuck together and slowed down the game making sure that we took the best shot and slowed them down on transition. We continued to stick to our game plan and played good defense until the end”, added Aaron Nelson. The Dragons Rhondorf were led by Viktor Frankl-Maus with 23 points. Aaron nelson added 22 points and 16 rebounds. FC Bayern Munich 2 was led by Tobias Korndoerfer with 16 points. Karim Jallow added 15 points and Georg Beyschlag and Luca Burkardt chipped in with 10 points apiece. The Dragons Rhondorf shot 57% from the field and 17% from outside while FC Bayern Munich 2 shot 38% from the field and 29% from outside. Rhondorf won the boards 39-30 and had d 13 turnovers while FC Bayern Munich 2 coughed up the ball 14 times.

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