One On One With Quinton Mcduffie

Quinton Mcduffie is a 25 year old 197cm forward from Suffolx, Virginia. He got his college basketball experience at Va.Wesleyan (NCAA3), Alabama St. (NCAA) and Chowan Univ. (NCAA2). He started his professional basketball career in 2013 with the Portsmouth Cavaliers (APBL): 6 games: 24.6ppg, 6.0rpg, then moved to TLG-13 NGO S.Tulga (Mongolia-MBA) 21.9ppg, 9.2rpg. Last season he played with La Gallofa Cantbasket 04 (Spain-EBA) playing 18 games: 10.9ppg, 5.4rpg, FGP: 49.7%, FT: 70.8%. This season he played with Parque Sur de Concepcion del Uruguay (Argentina-TFB) playing 14 games averaging 8,0ppg and 3,5rpg. He spoke to German Hoops about basketball.




Quinton thanks for talking to German Hoops. Where are you at the moment and did you catch the 2016 NCAA final?

 I am currently in Huntsville, Alabama training for next season. I had the chance to catch the second half the championship game. I have to say that it was the most exciting game in the NCAA this season regular season and post season.

Where do you rank that finish with Villanova hitting the buzzer beater in all-time best NCAA finals?

I would rank this game probably second to the N.C. State v. Houston championship game in 1983, when Coach Jimmy V’s team won at the buzzer against a stacked Houston team. Both games where very entertaining to say the least.

What do you know about the German basketball scene? Do you have friends that are balling there at the moment?

I know a great deal about the German basketball community. It is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe, no question! I have had a lot of friends who have/ are playing in Germany. From all of the information that I know about German basketball, it is one of the most respected leagues in the world to play in.

If you had the opportunity would want to display your basketball abilities there?

If I was granted the opportunity to display my talents in Germany, I would definitely be excited and prepared to take on the hefty challenge.

Explain your game in a few sentences and why you could be an asset to any professional basketball team?

I am a very versatile forward, who can be a matchup nightmare for taller-slower forwards. A couple things that I can do well on the floor, that can help a variety of professional teams are: Score, pass, stretch the floor, and finish at a high level. I feel as though these attributes can translate on any level of professional basketball.

You have been a professional basketball player now for three seasons that has taken you to Mongolia, Spain and Argentina. Do you already feel yourself as a basketball world traveler at age 25?

Well, In my three seasons playing professional basketball I have played not only in three different countries but on three different Continents as well, Asia, Europe, and South America. I feel like a journeyman at this point in my career. And I love every moment of it. I consider it a blessing to travel and see the globe.

You played this season with Parque Sur de Concepcion del Uruguay (Argentina-TNA), but had to leave in December 2015. Did this end up as not being the right situation for you?

 First off I would like to thank Club Parque Sur for giving me the opportunity to play and display my talents on the court this past season. I just feel as though this past season I played very efficient offensively on court but the team wanted to go in a different direction to start the new year, So we partied ways. I am very grateful for my experience in Argentina this season.

You played 18 games averaging 8,0ppg and 3,5rpg. What overall experience was it for you playing in the second division in Argentina?

 It was great a experience playing alongside alot of older veteran players. I was able to take away a lot of things that can help me next season on and off the court.

How overwhelming was it being the only American on the squad? Did the players already look up to you because you were an American?

It was actually a great experience being the only American on the team. Yes, the whole city of CdelU was amazed to see a foreigner walking around their city.

Last season you played for La Gallofa Cantbasket 04 (Spain-EBA) playing 18 games: 10.9ppg, 5.4rpg, FGP: 49.7%, FT: 70.8%. You had a solid season in the fifth Spanish division. Often Americans that had played in the EBA were able to move up a level or move to better leagues in Europe. Do you feel like you missed a golden opportunity making the jump to another higher league in Europe?

I feel like I had a solid season in Spain last year, but I do not feel as though I missed my opportunity. At this point in my career I feel like my time is coming and I just have to trust God and keep working hard and everything will pay off.

How did you enjoy your first full season in Europe? How do you feel did your game develop further in the EBA?

 I loved Spain. That season I was able to pick up a lot of good habits that I used while in Argentina this season, as far as, dieting and leading a healthier lifestyle.

AS a rookie you played for TLG-13 NGO S.Tulga (Mongolia-MBA, starting five): 21.9ppg, 9.2rpg. What was your wake up call to being a rookie overseas where you knew that you were very far away from Suffolk, Virginia?

My biggest wake up call would most definitely have to be the weather. I landed in Ulanbatar, Mongolia on my birthday, it was -44 degrees. I lived in Chicago, Illinois a little bit growing up and I had never experienced weather that cold.

What one experience in Mongolia on and off the court will you forever keep in your mind?

One of my most memorable experiences from Mongolia would have to be signing autographs with my other American teammates. My teammate and I walked into a local mall and caused a may lay as soon as we walked in. We signed hundreds of autographs and took pictures with all the kids. Very cool highlight in my short career.

You played for three different schools with Va.Wesleyan (NCAA3), Alabama St. (NCAA1) and Chowan Univ. (NCAA2). Do you feel like having had the chance to play for numerous schools that this had an impact on your development as a player on and off the court?

 Yes, I am one of the few players in the country that played on all three levels of the NCAA basketball. This helped me grow as a person as well as a player. I think that God was preparing me for the rigorous grind of professional basketball.

How did head coach Brent Vincent groom and prepare you best for a professional basketball career at Chowan State(NCAA2)?

Honestly Coach Vincent was the best Coach that I have ever played under. He helped me grow as a man, and I cannot thank him enough for what he did. And this year he turned a team that was 0-16 in conference play, just two years ago, into a 20+ win team this past season. He is definitely a Division 1 head coach.

As a freshman you won the ODAC tournament with Va.Wesleyan (NCAA3). What memories do you have of this run?

Such an epic run. I just remember how well our team came together when it mattered the most. We played 4 games in 5 days to win the championship.

Some of the older NBA players that played at different times are having a hard time giving Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors credit for their success saying they might not have had that success 20-30 years ago. Are these former players just jealous or why can´t they just give credit where it´s due?

 I think its a matter of jealousy mixed with a little bit of ignorance. Most of the older guys would have a hard time playing in the NBA today, so I feel there should be NO comparisons either way. We should just sit back and watch GREATNESS as it unfolds. Its a pleasure to watch the warriors this season.

Recently ESPN made a top 100 greatest NBA players of alltime poll putting Lebron at #3 before legends Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and BIll Russell. Do you see that as being justified?

Unfortunately I didnt get the chance to see Bill Russell, Larry Burd or Magic play, but from my vantage point looks like ESPN got it right lol. I’ve watched LeBron James play throughout his whole career and I only seen two people better than him. Micheal Jordan and Allen Iverson.

What was the last movie that you saw?

The last thing that I saw was the OJ Simpson Television series on Fox! Very good watch. Although its not a movie.

Thanks Quinton for the chat.


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