Jordan Riewer (Gotha) Coaches Ensminger And Esterkamp Just Told Us To Keep Believing

Jordan Riewer is a 24 year old 188cm guard from Staples, Minnesota that is playing his first professional season in Germany for Gotha. He played at MSU Moorhead (NCAA2) from 2010-2015 and as a senior played 25 games averaging 15.9ppg, 4.8rpg, 5.8apg, FGP: 48.3%, 3PT: 49.6%, FT: 94.6%. Currently he is averaging 8,9ppg, 1,3rpg and 1,8apg. He spoke to German Hoops after the amazing five game come from behind victory against the Hamburg Towers.

Jordan congrats on reaching the semifinals in the Pro A playoffs. If someone had told you before the series started that Gotha would have to win three do or die games and the game would be so close what would you have thought?

Well unfortunately we dug ourselves into that hole falling behind 2-0. But this team just kept believing and in the playoffs anything can happen.

If you had to find the right title for this series how would you have called it?

That’s tough, I just think overall it was a grind. Which it’s the playoffs, so I wouldn’t expect anything else.

How confident was the team at 0-2 that you could still pull out this series one game at a time? How  conscious was the team that the first two loses were close games at that Gotha was mentally a strong team to be able to win the next games?

Very confident, because we had a great team meeting and none of us wanted to go home yet. We knew we were right there we just had to get that first W and take it 1 game at a time.

Gotha was down 66-61 with 3.28 to play in game 4 in Hamburg and closed out the game with a 9-0 run to win 70-66. How important was that comeback for the club putting an exclamation mark in game five?

It was huge! We obviously had some guys make some great plays and at the end of the day we got stops. We knew that Hamburg was 1-11 when they score 67 or less points so we just had to continue to play defense.

Gotha didn´t waste any-time at home in game 5 and came out winning the first two quarters leading 45-33 at the break. What was key in the first half for having the comfortable 12 point lead?

I mean game 5 at home you want to get off to a good start and obviously everyone was really excited to play in front of a sold out crowd. We knew they would make a few runs but I thought we did great job of sustaining those runs and once again we played great team defense.

How important was it closing out game 5 allowing only 7 points in the fourth quarter? Will this be a confidence booster for the team going up next against the offensive powerhouse Vechta?

It’s the playoffs so anytime you can hold a team under 10 points in a quarter that’s huge! Moving on we just have to grind and keep believing.

Gotha had many guys produce in the five game series, but did Carlton Guyton once again solidify that no matter what situation the team is in, he will come through and produce?

He’s made so many clutch shots and plays for us this season.  He’s just one of those guys that makes your job on the court easier. He’s obviously our best 1-1 player and it’s no secret. He’s not only a great player but he’s a great teammate and he has a bright future.

You had your best scoring game in the series with 18 points. Did you sense like you had to step up or did you just take advantage of what the defense gave you?

At the end of the day I just had to knock down some shots. I had been in a little shooting slump but my teammates and coaches put me in spots to be productive and I finally saw some go in last night.

How much credit does head coach Chris Ensminger deserve? What besides keeping the team focused and confident at 0-2 was his biggest asset for the team to the road to victory?

He knows what he is doing, him and coach Esterkamp are extremely prepared. Just told us to keep believing! He’s been in pretty much every situation you can imagine as a player and after that team meeting being down 2-0 we just grinded it out and took it 1 game at a time.

How do you feel Gotha developed further in this intense series and will it have enough energy to battle with Vechta?

Just playing as a team and playing confident. Vechta has a lot of experience but we will just take it 1 game at time and do what we do. At the end of the day, it will come down to getting clutch stops on defense.

Who would win a game today the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls or the 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors?

I have to take the Bulls. Warriors are really fun to watch but if they played in the 90’s the game would be too physical and if they played in today’s game Michael might shoot 25 free throws a game and let’s not forget about Pippen.

Where would you rank the 2016 Villanova NCAA win in all-time best finals ever?

Definitely has to be top 3. That’s every kid’s dream to hit a game winner at the buzzer in the national championship.

What was the last movie that you saw?

Haven’t watched a movie in a while but just watched the Allen Iverson documentary, great stuff.

Thanks Jordan for the chat.


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