Jeremy Black(BG Karlsruhe) We Still Haven´t Played Our Best Basketball Yet

Jeremy Black is a 29 year old 203cm forward from Tampa, Florida that is playing his fifth season for BG Karlsruhe. He played at Tampa (NCAA2) from 2004-2008 and in his senior year played 30 games: 18.7ppg, 11.0rpg, 1.6apg, 1.1bpg, 1.5spg, FG: 49.3%, 3Pts: 30.8%, FT: 72.1%. He turned professional in 2008 and since then has always played in Germany except last season. He has only played for four teams with Science City Jena and last season with AB Contern (Luxembourg-Total League) 4 games: 12.8ppg, 10.3rpg, 1.8apg, in Nov.’14 moved to BCKE Wallabies (Switzerland-LNB). He spoke to German Hoops after the 74-59 win against the Giants Nordlingen.

Jeremy thanks for talking to German Hoops. Congrats on the 74-59 win against the Giants Nordlingen. The team is 4-0 now. Does one thinking more about the potential of how far one can take that undefeated record with each new win?

Thanks. We focused on the next opponent and of course we would love to extend our winning streak.

It was a tale of two halves. Nordlingen was the better team in the first half leading 39-32 at the half, but BG Karlsruhe buckled down on defense giving up only 20 points in the second half. Was adjustments did the team make?

We pride ourselves on defense and in the first half we didn’t play defense like were capable of! We played with more energy and got really aggressive in our defense schemes in the second half!

How vital was it for BG Karlsruhe taking advantage of the height and winning the rebound battle?

Limiting our opponents to one shot is our goal for every game.

You have been a professional for 8 seasons now and is it still exciting to go up against a player like a Jordan Talbert that you have never played against before?

I love the game; I’m excited just to be on the court still playing.

You had 17 points and 13 rebounds and before the game was averaging 19ppg and 10,3rpg and 2,7apg. After six years in the German pro A, you now are playing your first season in the Pro B. Do you have high expectations at almost 30 years of age on yourself of having to put up even bigger stats because you are playing in a lower league?

I have high expectations for our team but not me personally! I feel like I have a lot of experience and my stats are a reflection of team ball. The league is an adjustment but I feel like we have a team where on any given night someone else can step up and lead the team.

Are you in your best basketball age? Despite averaging double double stats what do you feel can you still improve on your game at almost age 30?

I do feel like I’m in my prime but I’m averaging way too many turnovers! Taking care of the ball and raising my free throw percentage is areas where I feel I can improve.

Your teammate Marcus Smallwood was for many years a top rebound monster in the Pro A. How content are you that in time you guys could be the most lethal 4-5 punch in the Pro B?

Marcus is a great rebounder! We both pride ourselves on rebounding well for the team. Over time I feel like we can, with our experience, dominate the Pro B in the paint!

BG Karlsruhe is 4-0 now and very talented. How much better can this team still get?

We still haven’t played our best basketball yet. The season is very young and we have still a lot of room for improvement.

Can the team average more than 90 points or is it more likely to be able to give up less than the current 71 points per game?

Giving up less than 71 points a game for sure! Our Defense creates our offense. Averaging 90 points a game is also possible but not important as long as we play defense like we can.

This is your fifth season with German Rouven Roessler. What do you continue to appreciate about his game with each new season?

He’s our leader. Its been a lot of ups and downs throughout the years but what I appreciate the most about Rouven is his experience! He is a great at knowing what the team needs! He can play multiple positions and can play inside and out!

What is the state of Lebron James in 2015? Do you feel that he will ever be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan?

Lebron is the Michael Jordan of this generation. He may not have the rings that MJ has but he will be remembered as one the greatest to play the game! The east as always is not as strong as the west but I can see lebron back in the finals next season against the spurs or clippers.

Derrick Rose is injured again. Is there a curse on him? Will he ever be able to play a full NBA season again?

I really feel bad for him because he’s a really great player! I don’t think its a curse more so bad luck in my opinion! I think eventually he’ll complete a full season.

What was the last movie that you saw?


Thanks Jeremy for the chat.

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