Kenny Demouchet(Anybody Can Score 30, 40 Or 50 Points But Who Can You Stop?)

Kenny Demouchet is a 24 year old 193 cm guard that is currently playing in Peru and is the cousin of MBC guard Patrick Richard. Before starting his professional career he played at Opelousas LA (Mountain Valley Community Coll) (Opelousas High School) Missouri Baptist UniversityMountain View College and Jackson St. (NCAA): 22 games: 0.8ppg, 1.2rpg. He started his professional career in 2013 and played in Italy, the Louisiana Soul (ABA) and now in Peru. He currently is playing in Peru and spoke to German Hoops about basketball after the season ended in Peru.

Thanks Kenny for talking to German Hoops. With regular season ending how do you feel about missing the playoffs?

I feel that we started to gel to late and finally have that chemistry. We made a great surge to close the season and finished 1 game away from the playoffs.

You finished the season averaging 20 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assist. What was the cause for your stats to go up since we last talked at the middle of the season?

Well I started being more comfortable with the teammates and playing my game. I also was aggressive and started taking more shots that I was passing up.

You also arguably had the dunk of the year. Take me through that play.

My big man got a rebound, my shooting guard got the outlet pass from him and I ran my lane opposite of him and I pointed for him to throw the alley-oop. I didn’t think he was going to throw it so I jumped late but it was perfect timing because I jumped OVER a 5’9 guy and dunked it with authority. The crowd went crazy!!!

You led the league with 3 steals a game. How do you feel about that?

I feel so great about it. It shows that I am a great defender. That’s something I always have been known for. It also broadens my game by showing that I can score 40 points and at the same time stop the other teams best player from scoring 40.

Why do you love playing defense so much?

In America if you can score many points you are automatically a great player. I disagree. One thing I always ask players. Anybody can score 30/40/50 points but who can you stop?

Who were your favorite players growing up?

I respect players who play both ends so my two favorite players growing up were Penny Hardaway and Gary Payton. In my mind they were really great players. The two players in the NBA now who I feel that are great players are Kawahi Leonard and Jimmy Butler. They play both ends, they are always aggressive and remain humble.

Which player did you like the most growing up? Hardaway or Payton?

Definitely Penny Hardaway, if you look at his highlights and mines it’s very identical. I study his game like four times a week. If he didn’t get hurt in his 3rd year and battle with 6 surgeries throughout his career he would have been the best player ever. 6’7/195 point guard is enough said.

So what’s next for you? Getting back to European market or getting back to the NBA D-League market?

Umm I’ll just go home, rest, work out, take care of my family and whichever call first is where I will be for 2015-16 season. I don’t stress or worry. I just meditate. I be around positive people. I also think, talk, walk, and act positive.Ie think it, see it, speak it, then go do it. The universe knows my heart and my thoughts so it will place me where eye am supposed to be. Life is simple and beautiful.

With all the doubt that people and even your college coaches at Jackson State had in you what made you keep pushing for greatness?

Well that’s the easiest question. three reasons I continue to make history and do great things.. Number one is because of my single parent mother, grandfather and my little 13 year old sister that’s so proud of me. Number two I do it for these kids all over the world. If my story can change just one kid´s life then my purpose in life is complete. Number three, I do it for the city of Opelousas, Louisiana. People don’t make it out due to hatred, drugs, and lack of education so for me to be the role model for many and spotlight the city in a positive way keeps me driven. I always give back to the kids there and will never stop. “Opelousas people have never been around the world but people around the world knows about Opelousas.

Thanks for your time Kenny, hopefully you end up in Germany and we’ll see each other soon.

You are quite welcome. Yes, that would be great. If I don’t see you in Germany physically, it’s okay our spirits already have met soul brother Mr.Miles.

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