Guy Aud(Finke Baskets) I love To Pass The Ball And Make My Teammates Better

Guy Aud is a 22 year old 188cm guard that has the German and Israel citizenship playing for teh Finke Baskets. He is a hard worker, very determined in defense, has good court vision and able to move the ball with his passing skills, moreover likes to attack the basket, has a good jump shoot from mid distance and solid 3p shot. He started his professional basketball career in 1998 for  the Mevaseret Zion youth team until 2003. He then played for the  Hapoel Jerusalem youth team until 2008. In 2008-2009, he played for  Hapoel Hevel Eylot (Israel-Artzit): 22 games: 19.5ppg, 4.0rpg, 5.0apg. In 2009-2010, he played for : Maccabi Hod Hasharon (National League, starting five): 20 games: 3.4ppg, 1.3rpg. In 2010-2011 he played for Hapoel Afula (Israel-National League, starting five): 27 games: 4.7ppg, 2.1rpg, 2.0apg, 1.0spg. Last season, he played for the  Licher Basket Baeren (Germany-ProB, starting five): 24 games: 10.0ppg, 2.9rpg, 1.9apg, FGP: 41.1%, 3PT: 36.2%, FT: 84.1%. He spoke to German Hoops about Bbasketball

It seems like the PRO A is more competitive than the years before?

This this my first season in Pro A but I can say that from what I see this season the league is very very equal. There is a lot of good players and coaches. Every team can win against every team. We have a lot of Americans but the Germans in this league are strong as well. But what make the league very interesting is the fact that really every team can win or lose every day and I dont know a lot of leagues like that.

After making the playoffs in Lich last season, how sad are you that this season you will have an earlier summer vacation?

I wish the season would go longer, because I still have a lot of hunger to play, we still have a small chance to get the playoffs.  But in any case I will start training in the summer and work hard to get my game better for next season.

What was the biggest success of the team this season? Possibly sweeping Jena and Gotha?

Sure that the two games against Jena was our best results we had. But the biggest success maybe is that even though we had a lot of problems we never made it an easy time to the opponent, we had a lot of close games against top teams and we had bad luck as well a lot of times, with a little more luck the whole picture could look different.

Paderborn was able to score much, but why wasn´t defense able to be on the same page as the club gave up 80 plus points 15 times?

In the first part of the season we didnt put enough attention in defense, but that is one of the things we got better in the last months after we put a lot of work on it and still do.

How happy have you been with your PRO A season? You are almost averaging six assists a game?

My season in personal was a good season, I always feel like I can do better.

You had 12 assists twice against Jena and Heidelberg. Do you see yourself as a classic point guard?

Yes, I love to pass the ball and make my teammates better. I think I am the kind of a PG that the more I will play at a higher level and with better players I will be better as well.

What is a strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away?

I think I’m able to create situations in offense. That is the reason I can find my teammates open. I’m using a lot of fakes in my game in offense and defense, and using this to create some mistakes and TO to the other team, and draw fouls and co.

How much fun is it playing with pure scorer Jason jamerson? What do you like most about his game?

Playing  with JJ (jason jamerson) is a pleasure, he is a great shooter, he understands the game really well and we understand each other good as well.

Last season you played in the PRO B for Lich. Your assists were only at 1,9. What role did you have?

There is two answers for it. First reason is that last season I was also playing as a shooting gaurd because my coach wanted to use more my shooting ability and second, in Pro B (and sometims in pro a as well) they dont always right your assists and rebounds right.

Your ex coach Igor Starkevic had his contract extended until 2015. Does that surprise you?

It’s not surprise me at all, Igor he’s a great coach, he knows a lot about  basketball, and he very professional.

How did Starkevic help you get better on the court? Many players have commented that they developed under him?

The biggest part of my game that Igor helped me with was my confidence in my shot.
He used to tell me all the time that I am even a better shooter then he was lol.

You have the German/Israel citizenship. Why after playing many years did you decide to come to Germany?

I wanted to try something new and to have a new experience and I really liked it!

You played for the Hapoel Jersualem youth teams from 2003-2008 seeing many great players. What player impressed you the most in that time?

There is a lot of great PGs that was there over the years. The two that I liked the most was Adi Gordon who is a big Israeli legend, and Dror Hagag. He like me started in lower leagues and worked hard to make it to the top in european basketball.

Who were your basketball idols growing up as a kid?

Steve Nash and Allen Iverson.

What was the scariest experience that you ever saw in Israel or was your time there always calm?

What people see on TV it’s not really like that in Israel. Most of the people in Israel having a good, calm life.

Who won a one on one last season in Lich you or Blake Young?

We never played one on one.

If you could ask Omri Casspi one question what would you ask him?

If he can put a good word for me in his team lol.

Is the Beko BBL a goal for you or would you like to maybe go to another country in the future and play basketball?

The BBL is a goal for me.

What were the most free throws that you made in a row without missing?

I remember one time I had 99 from 100. I never tried more than that.

What was your most crazy shot in your career that went in?

I had few times a shot from the heafcourt. I also had some winning shots in my life. But nothing really crazy.

Kobe or Lebron? Who is better?

I’m Kobe fan so I will always say Kobi, but what Lebron is doing is also unbelievable.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

I am reading more than watching movies.

Thanks Guy for the chat.

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