Dawan Robinson Scores And Raps The Fraport Skyliners Past The Brose Baskets Bamberg 77-64

The most important thing that is known about Fraport Skyliner point guard Dawan Robinson is that he is a top penetrator that can get to the hoop quicker than Philadelphia native Rocky Balboa could utter the famous words Adrian  and could probably make a good figure if he and ex Skyliner Dashaun Wood were to battle to see who can score more when dealing and wheeling to the hole. However after the thrilling and huge win against five time Beko BBL champion Brose Baskets Bamberg one also learned a different musical side to the friendly Philadelphia native as he joined Fraport Skyliner captain Marius Nolte in the Humba chant with the fans after the thrilling 77-64 win against Bamberg. Maybe it was no coincidence that during halftime rap legend Kurtis Blow who had the first certified gold record rap song with the Breaks in 1980 preformed to the already very excited fans who were Bamberg having problems against the 17th placed team. Perhaps somebody slipped Robinson some information before doing the Humba about how to do it the Kurtis Blow way. His teammates weren´t only impressed with his play on the court, but also his musical ability. “I should ask him for rap lessons. He will hear it all week about his humba effort. He is a perfect rapper and is in his own category”, smiled ex LTi Giessen 46er Ryan Brooks. However others rather keep him busy on the court than in the recording studio. “Dawan still needs some practice. I rather see him on the court than rapping”, added Skyliner guard Konstantin Klein. Larry Wright studied the Robinson showcase and was certain that he needs no assistance. “He can´t help me out. I think I can rap a lot better”, laughed Larry Wright. The play of Robinson on the court was no laughing matter. It was another solid performance where he led his team in scoring with 19 points having 12 at halftime and then making a huge three pointer in crunch time to seal the win. “Robinson is our leader on the court. He is a good shooter though. He doesn´t need to rely on his shot, because he penetrates so well”, stressed Michigan native Larry Wright. Robinson was all smiles when describing his humba debut and gave all the credit to captain Nolte. “Marius told me what to say, but it was nice celebrating at the end”, said Dawan Robinson.

The Brose Baskets Bamberg have been as active on the transfer market this second half of  the season seemingly like never before like an NBA team is always shuffling players back and fourth between the D-league. Jeremiah Massey came not too long ago as well as American Alex Rentroe and Matt Walsh. IF one looks back to the 2006-2007 season, Bamberg brought in highly touted NBA player Casey Jacobson for the stretch run helping win their second Beko BBL title. If one wants to compare the coming of Walsh to the coming of Jacobson 6 seasons ago may be unfair since Walsh only played two NBA Games, but the  30 year old 197cm swing man from Pennsylvania brings a lot of basketball experience who is a skilled offensive player who has the ability to make the players around him better. Bamberg is his 13th professional team after having played in countries like Greece, Spain, Slovenia, France, Belgium and the Ukraine. His two NBA games in 2005 might be a long lasting memory where his teammates were guys like Shaq, Dwayne Wade, Gary Payton and Alonso Mourning, but in his professional career he has shown that he can win as he won titles in Belgium and Slovenia. Walsh who has a knack for other talents besides basketball like tennis and in high school competed in the long and high jump and got life experience dating a playboy playmate is all business on the court as he is a very versatile swingman that at times comes over as a point guard because of his ball handling and passing qualities that has given him unusually high assist rates in the last two seasons in the Ukraine and Belgium. His last team was  Belgacom Spirou in Belgium where he was a teammate of ex Skyliner Mr ballerina Derrick Allen and he put up big numbers in Eurocup averaging  17.6ppg, 6.0rpg, 4.6apg. From a distance, he looks like he could be the twin of Walter Tigers Tuebingen guard Vaughn Duggins with his white sweat ban across his fore head and wavy hair or have doubled for Will Ferrell as Jackie Moon In the basketball comedy Semi Pro. The ex Florida Gator was making his debut in the Fraport arena and was as focused as his home town Holland, Pennsylvania has been for  the last 30 years to finally bring back commuter train service again which has severely hurt the commute of people to Philadelphia and Trenton, New Jersey as Walsh had seven points, nine rebounds and one assist in 24 minutes of duty and despite the loss has ample praise from Bamberg manager Wolfganf Heyder. “Coach Chris Fleming stressed basketball culture and with Walsh we have  a guy that has an amazing way to get rebounds and his ability to pass the ball. He is very versatile can play the positions 1-3 and we need to give guys like Gavel and Jacobson a rest. He is a very good rotation player”, added Wolfgang Heyder. Alone in the first half, there were three instances where one could see that he thinks like a point guard at times. After snatching a rebound he made an incredible quick outlet pass to Bostjan Nachbar, made a fast lob pass to Philipp Nuemann before the Frankfurt defense could react and last but not least set up Maik Zirbes for an ally-op tip in. Bamberg scout Brendan Rooney also sees other attributes that the former Florida Gator has. “His versatility and basketball IQ standout for me. He sees the floor well, rebounds well and reads the ball well”, commented Brendan Rooney. Other Skyliner players didn´t want to comment on the Jackie Moon comparison, but Rooney did. “I didn´t see the movie Semi Pro, but all I know is that Matt Walsh is a lot better player than Jackie Moon”, expressed Brendan Rooney.

After getting their three game winning streak snapped in Ulm last weekend and despite playing an incredible first half last weekend, the Fraport Skyliners went into the game with the Brose Baskets Bamberg as if it was a game five in the finals of the playoffs and gave a strong spirited effort for 40 minutes and even when the opponent rallied in the fourth quarter, didn´t loose their cool and slammed the door shut on the five time Beko BBL champion. “This was a total team effort. We needed everything from everyone. We got key rebounds at the end, eliminated any second chance shots and just executed on offense and defense when we needed it”, stressed Dawan Robinson. The Brose Baskets Bamberg were coming off a bitter overtime loss in Turkey 72 hours early and at times looked heavy on their feet and just couldn´t find a fluid offensive rhythm and hit important shots and be best friends with the loose balls something they didn´t have a handle on all afternoon long. “We found no rhythm at the start and let up too many offensive rebounds. We had good start into third quarter, but Frankfurt went on a run and that just broke our back and we couldn´t come back”, expressed ex LTi Giessen guard Anton Gavel. Giving the excuse that Bamberg was tired from the season and Euroleague travel wasn´t used as a sufficient reason. One can say that we were tired, but we can´t give that as an excuse for losing in Frankfurt. We lost because we didn´t defend well, not hit our shots well and just didn´t go aggressive to the hoop”, explained ex TBB Trier center Maik Zirbes.

Despite horrible weather outside, it didn´t hinder 4,840 fans from making the trip to the Fraport arena. The fans were rewarded right away as the 2004 Beko BBL champion raced out to a 5-0 lead as Ryan Brooks hit a fade away jumper and Quantez Robertson nailed a three pointer over Karsten Tadda. Zach Peacock then grabbed an offensive rebound and hit a pretty two foot jumper over Zirbes as Frankfurt led 7-1. The solid ball movement and aggressive work on the boards were paying dividends. After Gavel scored inside, Peacock got his second foul and had to sit down. However Frankfurt had enough other good weapons to compensate Peacock as Marius Nolte scored on a lay up and Robinson nailed a three pointer. Nolte then scored again running hard to the hoop from the free throw line like well fed race horse taking its rounds at the Belmont. The Fraport Skyliners led 16-7 as Chris Fleming took a time out. Bamberg came out of the time out focused and hit Frankfurt with a 5-0 run cutting the lead to 16-12. American Alex Renfroe from Savannah, Georgia who could pass as a shorter version of TBB Trier forward Brian Harper with his skinny legs dropped a three pointer and ex Phoenix Sun Sharod Ford hit a fade away jumper. Two years ago it was Dashaun Wood and last season it was Jermareo Davidson who would help the team when the opponent was getting closer and this season its usually Peacock or Robinson who can score in bunches as the latter made a fade away and lay up as Frankfurt led 20-12. Ex New Jersey Net Bostjan Nachbar then hit a three pointer in the face of Danilo Barthel, but at the end one quarter, the Fraport Skyliners led 22-15. “It is always tough for top teams, because every opponent is hungry to beat you. Bamberg seemed a bit lackadaisical and just very slow. They were outrebounded badly 18-3 and one could see that they missed blocking out assignments and missed many long rebounds. Despite having their hands on them, they couldn´t get the rebounds”, added ex Telemotive Munich guard Calvin Wooten. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 47% from the field and 33% from outside while Bamberg was shooting 31% from the field and 40% from outside. Frankfurt had the overwhelming 18-3 rebound advantage, but two turnovers while Bamberg had zero turnovers.

The scoring rampage continued in the second quarter as the Fraport Sklyiners continued to display calm offense with their shots sitting pretty. Devin Gibson nailed a three pointer and made free throws and then set up German center Johannes Voigtmann for an easy lay up on the pick and role as Frankfurt led 29-19. Robertson then tested his 27% three point shooting nailing from outside, but was quickly matched by a Gavel bomb as the Brose Baskets Bamberg trailed 32-22. Laquan Prowell then hit a mid distance jumper as Frankfurt led 34-22. However one can never be too secure when playing Bamberg as they rushed out on a 6-0 run to cut the Frankfurt lead to 34-28. Gavel hit free throws and then as did Walsh and the American then dropped a three pointer. Bamberg had stepped up their defensive pressure forcing Frankfurt to some quick shots as well as low percentage shots at the end of the shot clock. Frankfurt then had some fortune as they nearly lost a loose ball, but Dawan Robinson scooped up the ball and hit a three pointer for the 37-28 lead. Bamberg then tallied a mini 4-0 run as Zirbes made a tip in ally-op and Sharod Ford scored inside. Robinson came up big again as he hit a last second off balance jumper sending the Fraport Skyliners into half time with a solid 39-32 lead. “Bamberg played more aggressive and started to knock down shots better and just pushed the ball better. They also switched up on the zone frustrating the flow of the Frankfurt offense”, stressed Calvin Wooten. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 43% from the field and 42% from the three point line while the Brose Baskets Bamberg were shooting 35% from the field and 33% from the three point line. Frankfurt had the massive 25-14 rebound edge. Frankfurt had five turnovers and Bamberg had four turnovers.

It took Bamberg very long to get back on the floor as they had a lot of matters to discuss with head coach Chris Fleming, but when they got back on the floor, they were all business. In the first Fraport Skyliner loss in Bamberg, it was Bostjan Nachbar that nailed three three pointers in the first quarter and in Frankfurt it was the start of the third quarter until the Slovenian motor got heated. Bamberg sprung out on a 8-0 run to take their first lead of the game 40-39. Nachtbar and Gavel hit consecutive three pointers and then the 309 game ex NBA player drove to the hoop and made a tough left handed lay up in traffic. “Bamberg came out with a lot more energy than we did and were getting too many open shots”, expressed Fraport Skyliner guard Larry Wright. However as quick as that offensive explosion came, it also lulled quicker than how Dawan Robinson can get from the free throw line to the hole as the Fraport Skyliners dominated the rest of the third quarter ending it with a 17-5 run. Frankfurt got production from everyone. Robinson scored inside, Peacock hit over Zirbes, Barthel scored inside and then it was Peacock again who made his money shot the mid distance shot as Frankfurt led 48-42. The Frankfurt offense was really rocking on all cylinders as Ryan Brooks connected from outside. Danilo Barthel then got a back door pass from Brooks for a crushing dunk.Jeremiah Massey then got a dunk, but was hit with a technical foul for too heavy celebrating. Peacock ended the third quarter with a free throw as the Fraport Skyliners led 57-44. “Frankfurt played very aggressive defense after that Bamberg run and got into the passing lanes”, added Larry Wright. The Fraport Skyliners were shooting 40% from the field and 40% from the parking lot while the Brose baskets Bamberg were shooting 33% from the field and 31% from the parking lot. Frankfurt still had the huge 45-36 rebound edge and only eight turnovers while Bamberg had 12 turnovers.

In the first five minutes, the Fraport Skyliners did a great jon never letting the Brose Baskets Bamberg get closer than nine points as they displayed consistent offense and just keeping any Bamberg comeback attempt at bay. Sharod Ford tested his 45% three point shooting percentage hitting from downtown, but Danilo Barthel returned the favor with a bank shot form the parking lot as Frankfurt led 60-47. The heart and soul of Bamberg Anton Gavel answered with a three pointer cutting the Frankfurt lead back to 60-50. Brooks then scored inside and Gavel hit from the free throw line as Bamberg trailed 62-52. Frankfurt was defending ferociously in the post and just annoying Bamberg in the set play. Robertson stole the ball from Walsh at center court scoring easily as Frankfurt led 64-52. With crunch time slowly approaching, Bamberg went on one last run scoring eight unanswered points to cut the Frankfurt lead to 64-60. Ex Clemson tiger Sharod Ford who led the Serie A in rebounds for three straight years hit a three pointer and then Gavel showed some quickness getting to the hole and scoring on a fingertip role as the Fraport arena was as quiet a turkey barn on Thanksgiving. Walsh and Renfroe then hit free throws. Frankfurt had been forced to bad shots and all of a sudden were up by only four points. However when you need a savior none better to call then Dawan Robinson who nailed a three pointer. Peacock then followed with free throws as Frankfurt led 69-60. “My shot put game away. I was so wide open. I was just waiting to get the ball. I couldn´t wait to shoot the ball”, smiled Dawan Robinson. With time running out, Bamberg only really had Anton Gavel who was trying to save the ship as he nonstop penetrated for points and to the free throw line. After Gavel cut the Frankfurt lead to 70-63, the Fraport Skyliners got closer to victory with free throws. Brooks put an explanation point on the win with a steal at mid court and dunk as the Fraport Skyliners beat Bamberg for the second straight year at home. “We can´t let teams get a lead like that on us. It just makes it a lot more difficult to get over the hump. Frankfurt played a very good game, but us losing had more to do with us than their aggressive defense”, stressed Matt Walsh. “We just buckled down on defense in the fourth quarter. We got stops limiting them to one shot and just executed on offense”, added Ryan Brooks.

The Fraport Skyliners were led by Dawan Robinson with 19 points. Ryan Brooks contributed 13 points and eight rebounds. Zach peacock produced 12 points and 10 rebounds and Quantez Robertson had 10 points, six rebounds and four assists. The Brose Baskets Bamberg were led by Anton Gavel with 22 points. Bostjan Nachbar added 10 points. It was one of the seldom games where the Fraport Skyliners hit 40% from the field and from outside while Bamberg couldn´t find their touch shooting 33% from the field and 31% from outside. Gavel had the reason for their poor shooting. “We shot only 33% taking bad shots. We made them look good on defense”, stressed Anton Gavel. Frankfurt produced perhaps their best rebounding game of the season outrebounding Bamberg 45-36. “Our focus has always been rebounding. We know if we get the rebound then we can go out and run and just our athleticism. The key is always that first rebound to be successful”, added Ryan Brooks. “Bamberg was very physical on the glass, but we did a good job hitting glass and boxing out. I give a lot of credit to Marius Nolte. He played excellent”, stressed Dawan Robinson. The biggest strength of the day was keeping Bamberg to 64 points who usually average 79 points per game. “We stuck to our defensive principles. We knew that Bamberg would have  a lot of energy after the loss in Hagen, but we had double as much energy keeping our hands on the ball and setting good traps. Peacock and Barthel did a great job defending the penetration and helping”, added Ryan Brooks. The Fraport Skyliners look for their second win in a row Friday against the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven.

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