Deandre Washingtion(I Can´t Quit, Because This Is What I Really Want To Do)

Deandre Washington is a 196cm forward from Powder Springs, Georgia. He played at Valdosta State(NCAA2) and then finished his college career at Washburn. He recently played for the Atlanta Blaze(NCAA2) and took some time to talk to German Hoops about basketball.

Thanks for talking to You played this year in the ABA, but have aspirations of coming overseas. Has the strong play of your ex teammate Logan Stutz made you hungry to come play in Europe?

Ive been hungry to play in Europe since my last game at Washburn. Logan always tells me “man you would do really good out here”. Im proud to see he is doing very well in Germany and its motivation for me to possibly do as well in Germany in the future.

You finished at Wasburn in 2011 and this is your second professional season. Your first experience was playing at the Court Side Eurochallenge Camp in Las Vegas (Sharks team) in 2011. The market in general seems to always be very competitive. How have you experienced it since turning professional? Is it a bit discouraging that its so tough landing a job?

It is VERY discouraging that its so tough landing a job. The market is so small with each team having thousands of options to choose from. Many players have stopped playing and began working regular jobs due to how tough the market is. I cant quit , this is what I really want to do.

Your ex teammate Logan Stutz has been tearing up the PRO A in Germany for Essen. What do you know about basketball in Germany and how much would you like to play in Germany?

I know Germany is a beautiful country to play in Andre very competitive. The German leagues are no push over. I would love to play in such a competitve and historic place like Germany

You started your college career at Valdosta State(NCAA2). Why did you transfer to Washburn(NCAA2)?

I transfered to Washburn because I would be able to showcase all of my abilities. Coach Chipman allowed me to play basketball without over controlling me and he allowed me to lead our team.

At Washburn you played the positions 3-5, but also played some point guard due to injuries. What is your biggest strength as a player?

My biggest strength as a player is my ability to score and pass the ball. At Washburn I had a few games of 10+ in assists. Driving to the basket then dropping Logan off with a nice pass. I can play the 1-4 positions which makes me unique.

What is a hidden strength in your game that doesn´t get noticed right away on the court?

A hidden strength in my game is my basketball IQ. Many many players dont think the game out. Having basketball IQ is a must when stepping on the court.

You played together with Logan Stutz. What is your fondest memory of him on and off the court?

My fondest memory of Logan off the court is him owning this small Yorkie dog. Every time I saw Logan walking the dog it would make me laugh because he is 6’8 and the dog was so small. Plus the little dog hated me. My fondest memory on the court with Logan was the run we made to the championship as the last placed team in the MIAA tournament our first year together.

Who was the toughest player that you had to defend in college that might be in the NBA or Europe now?

Bernard James was a tough matchup for me because he was 6’10 and real strong in the post.

What was the most important thing that you could learn from Bob Chipman that has made you better as a player?

One thing I learned from Coach Chipman was how to lead a team.

What kind of experience was it playing in the ABA for the Atlanta Blaze (WBA)? How were you able to develop your game this year playing there?

Playing in the ABA was fun and game like . The talent level as up and down. some games it was compeititve and other it was a easy win. I hurt my ankle so my ABA run ended a little earlier this summer. My team the Atlanta Blaze had a lot of talent from all over Georgia.

If you could describe yourself in a few sentences as to why you could help any team now, how would you describe yourself?

I feel I can help any team right now because I will help make the current players they have better. I will also help in the scoring/rebound/ and assists category. I will help a team win more than anything.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

The last DVD I saw was Bourne Identity 2 . Pretty good movie

Thanks for the chat Deandre.

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