Josh Parker (Bayer Giants Leverkusen) I Have To Keep Working Hard To Live Up To That Name Mini Rose

Josh  Parker is a 23 year old 183cm point guard from Harvey, Illinois that is playing his rookie season in Germany for PRO B team Bayer Giants Leverkusen. He played at Drake from 2007-2009 and then played for Dayton(NCAA) from 2010-1012. He played a total of 130 NCAA games. Currently he is tearing up the German PRO B. He spoke to eurobasket after the 107-67 loss against the Fraport Skyliners.

A tough 107-67 loss against the Fraport Skyliners. What was the main reason for the loss?

I have to give them a lot of credit. They played very well. They executed their game plan and hit shots. It was a bad loss for us, but it was simply their day. We have to keep battling and playing hard, because we want to reach the playoffs.

You hurt yourself in the third quarter. What happened and are you all right?

I rolled my ankle, but I am ok. I wanted to keep playing, but coach thought it was better I didn´t and not to risk anything. I have a week now to get ready for the next game.

You weren´t hitting shots in the first quarter, so as a scoring point guard was it your nature to set up your teammates like Mathias Goddek who hit some three pointers?

Yes it is my instinct to do that. Frankfurt did a great job defending me and doubling teaming me and not allowing me to get into a rhythm. My shots weren´t falling so I had to try to get my team going by setting them up.

The Fraport Skyliners juniors got a lot of easy points inside in the second quarter. Leverkusen went to zone, but why couldn´t you stop their easy buckets?

They had very nice ball movement and our rotations weren´t working as we wanted to. They made big plays and big shots and we just couldn´t match it.

You only scored two points in the first half. What would your ex teammate Josh Young had told you to help motivate you?

Josh would have told me to keep up my head and get ready for the next game.

Have you ever scored so little points in one half?

I don´t think I knew. Frankfurt knew exactly what I was going to do. They did good trappings and just did an excellent job on their game plan on me.

When shots aren´t falling in a game what do you do during the game to stay focused? Do you recall what former coaches had told you in those situations?

Yes I do that. Coaches have told me no matter what is happening to always keep playing hard. I try to play good defense and get my teammates involved when my scoring isn´t on. It is important to keep pushing my teammates, because if I get down then they get down.

You got going in the third. What adjustments did you make in your game?

I got more aggressive and things opened up for me. I was able to get better to the hoopp and drew fouls getting to the free throw line.

How important is a game like this where you see reality that you can´t always score 44 points?

This was a good game for me to see that despite everything I stayed aggressive. I continue to go against different defenses which will make me better. Now I have to see what went wrong in the Frankfurt game and do things differently in the next game and be better.

I called you mini Rose in the broadcast. Is that a nickname that you like?

Yes mini Rose is fine. It is crazy since I watch Derrick Rose all day long and always try to become better when watching him. It is a great honor to be called that and I have to keep working hard to live up to the name Mini Rose.

What player of the Fraport Skyliners juniors impressed you?

To be honest, I can´t single one out. They were all good. They played very well as a team and were very well coached.

What is your impression of the Fraport Skyliners? Can they reach the playoffs?

I think that if they keep working hard then they could make it. They play very well as a team which is important.

Where will the NBA season of the Los Angeles Clippers end?

The Clippers are playing very well and Chris Paul is leading the show there. Blake Griffin is there and there is a reason why they are called lob city. They are playing well and could go far. The Chicago Bulls are my team, but my second favorite team are the Lakers. Kobe will get going. The Lakers just need time to gel. They will be there at the end.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

Flight with Denzel Washington. It was a great movie.

Thanks Josh for the chat.

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