Nino Garris: Pascal Roller Could Read A Play And Knew Things On The Court Before They Happened

Nino Garris is a 32 year old 200cm forward that is playing in the German Regionaliga for TV Salzkotten. He is a very athletic player with a lot of European experience(Euroleague, Uleb Cup,), great competitor, can defend very hard and he´ll gets rebounds in a crowd because he´s tough.
A complete team player, who plays smart and hard. He started his basketball career with Paderborn in 1996. He then played one season for TuS Lichterfelde before moving up to Alba Berlin in 1999 where he played until 2005. With Alba Berlin, he played a total of 132 Beko BBL games and 38 Euroleague games. He was German champion four times and cup winner twice with Alba Berlin. He then played for the Deutsche Bank Skyliners from 2005-2008 where he had to fight with injury woes. He played a total of only 52 Beko BBL games and seven ULEB cup games. He finished his Beko BBL career with his hometown team Paderborn Baskets in 2008-2009. He spoke to German Hoops about the Pascal Roller farewell game January 28th.

It has been a while since you last played in the Beko BBL. Do you miss it?

I wouldn´t really say that I miss it. It was a nice time in my life, but life goes on and I have a new chapter in it now.

How is it playing in the German Regionaliga with TV Salzkotten. Do young opponents sometimes ask you for basketball advice?

After I retired from the Beko BBL in 2009, I took about 1.5 years to see what I would do. I also didn´t play to much active sport, so I gained about 20 kilos and was having back pain. But after a while it was clear that I could never stay fully away from basketball, because I love it too much. I then joined TV Salzkotten which keeps me fit. Here and there people will ask me what is was like as  a player, but I really dont get asked so much.

How do you help young players like Leo Padberg and Til Gloger on the court?

Those two guys are very talented and know what they are doing on the court. If they ask me for advice, then I give it, but really I am on the court to have fun and not act big like I am the ex German national player. We have a good climate in the team. We are having a good run at the moment having won the last 10 games in a row.

Did it take you long to say yes to coming to play at the Pascal Roller farewell game on January 28th?

No it didn´t take me long to say yes. It is an honor to have been chosen by Pascal to compete. It will be nice to go back and see many familiar faces. We play Bochum that weekend, but I won´t participate in that game.

Besides Pascal Roller, what player are you looking forward to seeing again?

I am looking forward to seeing all the players.

What kind of a game can we await to see?

I just want to have fun. Even though there are a lot of ex players there, we still want to compete and give a good effort. When the game starts, we will be ready to compete. The fans just will have to be surprised what happens.

What is your favorite memory with Pascal Roller on the court during the Frankfurt years 2005-2008?

I had a lot of misfortune in my years with Frankfurt, but my nicest memory was winning game 5 in Leverkusen.

What will you never forget about Pascal Roller the player?

Just the way he played and how calm he was. He was one of those few players that was always consistent.

What made Pascal Roller to the player that he was?

He was a very intelligent player that understood the game fully. What I really liked about him was that he could read a play and knew things before they actually happened. He was a very dangerous player and an opponent could never lose him out of their eyes. He was one of the best German point guards.

What was your nicest memory with him in the German National team?

Standing on the podium at the 2002 World Championships in Indianapolis and getting our medals. That experience was the greatest in my career and one that I will never forget.

Where would you rank Pascal Roller in the best German point guards?

Top 5.

Where will the journey of the Fraport Skyliners end this season?

I don´t know. I don’t follow the Beko BBL so much, but more the NBA.

Where did you like it more in Berlin or Frankfurt?

I had a lot of misfortune in Frankfurt. I started my career in Berlin and had the most success there. I started my basketball career in Berlin as an 18 year old, fought my way on to the roster and soon was on the German national team.

How is your music career coming along?

I play the piano and listen to music.

Is your son following in your footsteps as a basketball player?

He is more fixated on soccer than basketball at the moment. I also started with soccer at age eight.He is a little soccer talent.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

New York Giants

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Thanks Nino for the chat.

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