Larry Wright (Fraport Skyliners Juniors): I Try To Help Young Players Keep The Right State Of Mind In Tough Situations

Larry Wright is a 24 year old 187cm guard from Saginaw, Michigan that is playing his first professional season in Germany fort he Fraport Skyliners juniors(PRO B). He started his NCAA career with St Johns in 2006 where he played until 2008. He played a total of 60 games for St Johns and then transferred to Oakland where he played from 2009-2011. In his senior year, he played 34 games: 9.8ppg, 3.4rpg, 3.0apg, FGP: 43.9%, 3PT: 36.0%, FT: 80.2%. He spoke to German Hoops about the game he loves basketball.

Welcome to Frankfurt Larry. How do you like here?

I am adjusting and grocery shopping can be tough, but I enjoy here.

You came from the NCAA. How difficult was the team finding process?

It was a tough process. There was a time where I thought that I wouldn´t play this season, but my agent did a good job finding this opportunity in Frankfurt.

You have an interesting function as player and as a guy that helps the coaching staff. How are you adjusting?

It has been an interesting process. I like working with young kids. There are good young players here and I am helping them learn how to play the game.

Your 24 and what kind of a feeling is helping coach guys who aren´t much younger than you?

It really isn´t that hard. I like to have fun and Im like a kid myself.

What tips do you give the young players of the Fraport Skyliners juniors?

In games there are always rough phases and players have to learn to move on to next play and not let that last play effect them. I try to help young players keep the right state of mind in tough situations on the court. All players make mistakes and you can´t be perfect. You can always bring a miracle like Michael Jordan did.

What is your impression of young Bamberg player Daniel Schmidt?

He is very crafty and I like his game. He is very good at picking his spots to shoot or find the open man. He can shoot and attack. He is very unique and good at running the team.

What have been the biggest problems of the Fraport Skyliners juniors in the early going?

I think it is confidence. I think that we should not get down. We are making little mistakes that can be corrected. We have to play better defense. It seems like we are just standing around and not playing for a purpose.

How are you adjusting to the PRO B level?

I am adjusting, but I am still getting used to the traveling rule and the 24 second shot clock.

What is a strength in your game that doesn´t always get noticed right away?

My ability to create. I usually play more off the ball, because I shoot so well.

What is your impression of young 17 year German Max Merz?

He is very talented. I would like to see him direct the players more on the court. He is very young and still has a lot of time to learn.

You come from Saginaw, Michigan that is known for breeding many fine players. What was your childhood like?

My childhood was rough since we moved around a lot. But from the basketball side it was great. I was fortunate to play with so many great players and learn so much. The best player that I played with was probably Jason Richardson.

Who were your NBA idols as a kid?

Michael Jordan and Larry Johnson.

Your first two years in the NCAA was spent at St Johns. What was your fondest memories of ex Skyliner Qaaran Calhoun?

I had a great time with him. We were always joking around. We spent a lot of time together and I remember spending time with him in New York city just walking around and going shopping.

You then transferred to Oakland where you played your junior and senior years. Why did you go west?

My mom had had back surgery and I felt it was best that I was near her so I found the school closet to her so I could be there for her.

What did Oakland coach Greg Kampe teach you?

He always told me to be aggressive on the court, because sometimes I shy away at shooting. He taught me to keep my head up. I learned a lot from him on and off the court.

Who won a 1-1 at St Johns you or Paris Horne?

We went back and fourth. He has a great chance to become a top player in the Beko BBL. He is a super athlete that can shoot and just plays hard.

What were the most free throws that you made in a row?

57 in practice.

What was your most crazy shot that you made in a game?

I hit a buzzer beater against Notre Dame with ST Johns in Madison square Garden and a buzzer beater last year with Oakland against Tennessee. Both teams were rated in the top 10 at that time.

What are your hobbies?

I like to cook, watch movies and play video games. I like to cook chicken the most.

Why do basketball players like Entourage s much?

I never really got into that show, but I want to start watching.

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?


Thanks Larry for the chat.

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