Jefferson Mason (Webmoebel Baskets): Every Game I Have An Amazing Highlight Dunk Or Two That Will Have Any Person Out Of Their Seat

Jefferson Mason is a 23 year old 198cm guard from Crystal, Minnesota that will start his professional basketball career in the German Pro A with the Webmoebel Baskets Paderborn.  He played at  N.Colorado from 2006-2009.In his senior year, he transferred to Minnesota State-Mankato (NCAA2)playing 33 games: 19.2ppg, 8.8rpg, 2.2apg, 1.2spg, FG%: 55.5, 3FG%: 30.6, FT%: 70.0. Awards/Achievements in his career have been HS: all-tournament team -06, Daktronics NCAA Division II All-Central Region 2nd Team -10, NABC Division II All-Central Region 1st Team -10, 11, NSIC Regular Season Champion -10, 11, All-NSIC 1st Team -10, 11, All-NSIC Defensive Player of the Year -10, NSIC Tournament Semifinals -11, NCAA D2 All-Tournament Team -11, NCAA D2 Final Four -11,and NABC Division II All-America Team -11. German Hoops talked to Jefferson Mason about basketball.

Congrats on the contract with Paderborn. How was this first process for you getting that first professional contract?

It was a fairly smooth process. My agency is one of the best and the staff in Paderborn made me feel comfortable with the situation and it seemed like the best fit for me.

Were you surprised how quickly it happened? Often players have to wait a whole summer before getting the chance to play.

I was surprised being that I thought I’d start getting offers around June or July but I had a great year and got some good exposure. Also like I said before my agency is good at finding great situations and the coaches there saw something they liked in me so the process started a little bit earlier.

With what expectations do you come to Germany?

I think that Germany will be a great place to start my pro career and I expect the town to be different in many ways then from where I’m from but that’s the joy of traveling.

You are from Minnesota. Paderborn is a small town. There might not be as many woods and lakes in the Paderborn area. Is a small place where you can focus on basketball perfect for you?
I think Paderborn is a great place to concentrate on becoming the best basketball player I can be. I’m sure the people there are very kind and I’m excited to show my skill set to the people and coaches there this upcoming year. I lived in a fairly small city in Colorado so it shouldn’t be that drastic of a change.

What was your childhood like?

My childhood was great, I had a loving family and people that supported my every move.

Who were basketball idols growing up and why?

My basketball idol growing up would have to be Michael Jordan easily. He was so exciting to watch and his dedication to the game was amazing! He made his teammates better and he was a constant highlight.

You played three seasons at Northern Colorado. What was your nicest experience on and off the court there?

Colorado is a beautiful place in general. The mountains are indescribable and the weather is always fantastic. I loved playing in front of 15,000-20,000 people on any given night and playing at the top collegic level in The US. I also was able to travel the country and experience many new things.

Why did you transfer to Minn.St.-Mankato (NCAA2) in your senior year?

I transfered my senior year because my step father became extremely ill. I had already lost my biological father to cancer when I was 11, so it meant a lot to my family for me to be closer to home and them to be able to watch me play live.

How would you describe your game on the court?

I would say that I am an exciting player. Every game I have an amazing highlight dunk or two that will have any person out of their seat. Im a player that will play the game fast and work my tail off to win any game for my teammates. I am a great rebounder and overall player that can play multiple positions and also guard multiple positions.

What is a strength in your game that isn´t always noticed right away?

I would say that people don’t always know my shooting ability. I am known for my athleticism and dunks but I can shoot the mid range and three ball at a high clip. What ever the coaches call on me to do I will in order for the team to win.

What are the main things that you still need to work on on your game?

I’ve been told that I’m an extremeley unselfish player and that I need to be more aggressive. I lead my team in scoring for two years and my shot attempts were no higher then my other teammates. I feel I have the ability to be a prolific scorer I just need to assert myself more!

Who was the best player that you played against in the NCAA that might be in the NBA?

I’ve played against Rodney Stuckey (Detroit Pistons), Carl Landrey (New Orleans Hornets), Kris Humphries (New Jersey Nets), Jason Smith (New Orleans Hornets), Austin Daye (Detroit Piston), Jeremy Pargo, Jon Luer (nba draft this year), Derek Rose (Chicago Bulls), playing with Devon George currently on my summer pro am team (LA Lakers) right now

What were the most free throws that you made in a row?

I made 24 straight free throws

What was the craziest shot that you ever made in a game or practice?

In a game I made a 3 quarters court shot to win a game in high school.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading and learning in general. I love to site see and obviously most of my free time is dedicated to basketball and getting better

What was the last DVD movie that you saw?

The last Dvd I saw was the Mike Tyson biography. It was quite entertaining I must say.

Thanks Jefferson for the chat.

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