Will Chavis(NBC) Post Game Thoughts To 82-81 Germany Win Over Serbia

Will Chavis is a 28 year old 181 cm guard who comes from Philidelphia and started his basketball learning at New Hampshire in 1998-1999 averaging 9.6ppg, 2.9rpg, 3.9apg before going to Texas to play at Panola Junior College averaging 25 points, 10 assists, 5 rebounds, and 4 steals per game . This gained the interest of legendary coach Bobby Knight at Texas Tech. Knight had only the best to say about the guy he coached two years at Texas Tech. ‘Will takes pride in taking good shots, and is a great shooter. He also takes very good care of the ball. He is aggressive and quick on defense, and can anticipate or put under pressure the opposite point guard’, stressed Bobby Knight. At Texas Tech, Chavis played together with Artland Dragon Ronald Ross and in his senior year, played 33 games averaging 7.9ppg, 2.7rpg, 2.2apg. He started his professional basketball career in 2003 going to Iceland to play for UMFN Njardvikur playing 6 games and averaging 18.3ppg; 3.1rpg; 7.8apg ( 41 assists to 11 turnovers); 2.0spg; 3pts 45.6%; FT 85.6%. The next season, he was tested by Olimpia GE Larisa (Greece-A1), but was not signed and finished the season practicing with Climamio Fortitudo Bologna (Italy-SErieA). In 2005-2006, he started to make a name playing for Mlekarna Kunin Novi Jicin (Czech Republic-NBL, starting five) playing 5 EuroCup Challenge games averaging 15.2ppg, 2.4rpg, 4.4apg, 2FGP: 50%, 3FGP: 50% and playing 44 games in the Czech Rep. League averaging 14.6ppg, 3.4rpg, Assists-4 (5.2apg), 2FGP: 53.6%, 3PT: 40.9%, FT: 85.0%. The next season, he went to top Dutch team Demon Astronauts Amsterdam continuing to show who well he could perform in FIBA EuroCup playing 6 games and avergaing 11.3ppg, 3.5rpg, 2.3apg, 1.0spg, 2FGP: 55.2%, 3FGP: 15%, FT: 78.3% and playing 39 games in the Dutch League and averaging 14.0ppg, 4.1rpg, 3.5apg, 1.5spg, FGP: 40.3%, FT: 87.8%, 3Pts: 40.9%. In 2007-2008, he split time with Omonia Nicosia in Cyprus, but left after 7 games, where he averaged 10.6ppg, 2.6rpg, 1.9apg, 1.1spg, 2FGP: 36.6%, 3FGP: 27.8%, FT: 87.5%, and then moved to MBC in Jan 2008 playing 12 games and averaging 13.9ppg, 2.8rpg, 2.9apg, 1.2spg, FGP: 39.3%, 3PT: 42.9%, FT-1 ( 91.7%). In 2008-2009, he led MBC into the BBL averaging 10.9ppg, 2.3rpg, 2.7apg, 1.0spg, FGP: 37.0%, 3PT: 43.8%, FT: 86.5% in 29 games. Last season, he played for NBC playing 29 games: 19.6ppg, 2.8rpg, 4.1apg, 1.6spg, FGP: 51.3%, 3PT: 47.1%, FT: 88.3%. He will be playing with NBC in the 2010-2011 season and spoke to German Hoops about his views of the 82-81 2OT Germany win against Serbia.

What an exciting thriller double ot win against Serbia. Germany has had many exciting games in last 5 years.Where would you rank this game in terms of excitement to games you have seen in last years?

This Game was very exciting. Of all the games I have seen the German Mannschaft play this has been the most exciting.

How quickly was Germany able to digest the loss to Argentina? How difficult is it to come back 24 hours later and play again especially against a team like Serbia?

I think it was the best thing that could have happened to them because they didnt have long to think about the loss. They just had to go out there and play their style of basketball.

MBC guard Radenko Pilcevic said that this game would be a defensive battle. At halftime Germany led 37-35. What adjustments did the team have to make on defense to keep Serbia at bay?

I think that they really needed to limit Serbia to just one shot each time down the court because they will kill you if you give them second chances. They also cut of penetration lanes with their size and length.

Germany was very strong in the fourth quarter always taking the lead and leading with 65-59, but Serbia went on a 10-4 run to force overtime at 69-69. Why was Germany unable to close the door on Serbia earlier?

I simply think because Serbia didnt quit and sometimes its that simple because basketball really is a game of runs and you just have to be patient enough to execute and understand that you are capable of making a run.

At the end of the first overtime it seemed like Steffen Hamann had been fouled with 1.0 seconds left but got no foul forcing a second overtime at 73-73. It seems like Germany has been neglected a bit from the referees. How frustrating is this for the team to block out while playing?

Its very frustrating and he may have gotten fouled but I think he made the right play by driving to the basket, but the ref also made the right call on a stage like the world championship. No one wants to lose in the last second on free throws. However, they overcame that and continued to play, which is a testament to the team and their will to win. They didnt look for excuses.

As you saw Jan Jagla make the desperation shot from the corner, did you think it would go in?

You know I really did when it left his hand I could tell it would go in or had a chance and I knew at that point they would win the game.

Did Germany have more heart than Serbia at the end resulting in the 82-81 win?

They both showed great heart and it was a great game, I think in the end Germany wanted it more.

After a thrilling win like this how difficult will it be going against Australia?

I think at this tournament every game will be a challenge, when the ball goes up tomorrow I think the game against Serbia will be forgotten. But they have to maintain focus to be successful and I am sure they understand that.

Australia has many tough players. Will Tibor Pleiss and Chris Mcnaughton be able to shut down David Anderson?

You know thats a good question, but I always believe in total team effort and I dont think one player can beat a team. So shut him down maybe or maybe not but I will say that Tibor is extremely long and mobile, and Chris is big strong and mobile so Anderson will have to work.

What kind of game can we await and what will be key to winning the game?

I think it will be an up tempo style, with the PG from Austrailia Patty Mills I think his name is he likes to get out and run so I think he will push the pace, but if the Germans limit them to one shot and controls the boards they can control the pace, and that could be the key to winning.

What wa sthe last DVD movie that you saw?
Salt…..dont ask…lol

Thanks Will for your insight to the German National team at the World Championships at Turkey.

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