A Welcome To Germany Interview With Mr. Assist Jared Jordan

Jared Jordan is a 24 year old 188 cm pure point guard who understands how to run a team and has great court vision and leadership and BBLLogohails from Hartford Connecticut. He played at Kingswood-Oxford prep school before going to Marist from 2003-2007.

He really made a name for himself as he gave the word assist a new meaning as he was leading the nation in assists in his junior and senior years. In his last year, he played 33 games and averaged 17.2ppg, 5.9rpg and led the NCAA in assists with 8.7apg, 1.4spg, FGP: 42.5%, 3PT: 29.8%, FT: 69.0%. He finished as Marist’s all-time leader in assists with 813 and ranks sixth all-time in points with 1,538.

It was no surprise that he was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in the second round at #45.

He was traded to the New York Knicks, but didn´t make the roster so he ventured to Europe and played at Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius and played in the Lithuanian league averaging 5.9ppg, 1.8rpg, 4.3apg, 1.1spg, FGP: 51.2%, FT: 75.0%, 3PT: 45.0%; and in 18 games in the Baltic League averaging 6.0ppg, 1.8rpg, Assists-4(4.4apg), 1.9spg, 2FGP: 47.5%, 3PT: 41.7%, FT: 53.8% in 10 games.

In the 2008-2009 season, he tried his luck again in the NBA landing with the New Orleans Hornets, but not making the team and playing in the D-league for the Rio Grande Valley Vipers playing 36 games and averaging 10.9ppg, 3.8rpg, Assists-2(9.0apg), 2.0spg, FGP: 45.9%, 3PT: 28.0%, FT: 70.3%. This season, he will make his debut in the BBL for The Telekom Baskets Bonn and spoke to us shortly before hopping on a plane to Dusseldorf, Germany.

Jared thanks for taking some time. It is late August and you are still in the States working out before departing for Germany to join The Telekom Baskets Bonn. How does a typical workout day look like for you?

I usually lift three days in the mornings and in the afternoon I will shoot and play pick up games. The other two days, I run and bike. I also try to mix it up by doing other things like Tennis which I really like.

After you graduated from Marist in 2007, you were drafted by The Los Angeles Clippers, but so far have not made the NBA. Why do you think has this eluded you so far?

My rookie year as I was drafted by The Los Angeles Clippers, I was traded to the New York Knicks. The team had all guys with guaranteed contacts and I was unable to make the team since there were no openings and I didn´t really know where I fit in there either. My next year, I was with the New Orleans Hornets and was one of the last cuts. My agent thought that I should of made the team. They were keeping a roster spot open in case someone got hurt and I simply was not in their plans.

Last season, you had great stats in the D-league with the Rio Grande Valley Vipers averaging 10,9ppga nd 9,0apg. I am sure that you had many offers, but why did you decide to come to Germany to play for The Telekom Baskets Bonn?

I thought at the time that it was the best fit for me. Bonn is an established team that has been good the last two years and I also will be able to play Eurocup games which is also exciting for me. My agent also told me that the coach Michael Koch has a lot of faith and trust in his players and I got the same feeling when I spoke to him so I thought Bonn was the right place for me.

What do you know about the BBL?

I know that the BBL is a respected league in Europe. I don’t know too much about the league, but I have been looking at the stats and I know some players that play in the league. Also I know about Alba Berlin. I was in Berlin last year with the Hornets playing in the NBA Europe tournament. My friend Kenan Bajramovic will play in Berlin. We were teammates at Lietuvos Rytas Vilnius and I also know about Jason Gardner who has been in Germany for some years.

The Telekom Baskets Bonn have lost twice in a row in the BBL finals to Alba Berlin in 2008 and The EWE Baskets Oldenburg in 2009. Bonn doesn´t want to lose a third time and you could be the missing piece to bringing the first BBL title to Bonn. Is that a lot of pressure for you?

I am really looking forward to playing for The Telekom baskets Bonn and I am a guy that really cares about winning and am always competitive. I don’t really feel any pressure anymore, it is something I have learned to deal with over the years and am focused always at working hard on the court.

Bonn got many strong Americans with Chris Ensminger, John Bowler, Bryce Taylor, Vincent Yarbrough and Patrik Flomo. What do you know about these guys?

I don’t know any of the guys. I know about Vincent Yarbrough from his days at Tennessee and when he was in the NBA. I have talked with Bryce Taylor, but other than I don’t know much about them.

The BBL is looking forward to your game especially your passing. I already have a nickname for you Jared ”How many assists are we gonna get tonight” Jordan. Passing is your weapon on the court. Did you learn to pass as a child or was it something you learned later in life?

Passing was always in my blood. I grew up with passing. When I was a kid, I remember everyone saying that guys like to play with people that pass the ball and that was the signal for me to pass the ball. Passing is really what I care most about after winning.

Who was your point guard idol growing up?

My all time favourite player was Michael Jordan, but he wasn´t a point guard. Early in my life my idol was John Stockton who might have been the greatest point guard off all time. As I got older, I really liked Steve Nash. When I was in college, I would always watch his game on film.

You are still very young at 24. I am sure if there is an opening through the back door to the NBA, that you will take it.

Yes of course, but there comes a point in time when a player should start to focus on a basketball career in Europe. My focus is establishing myself in Europe and I am not really worried about the NBA now. It is something that I am keeping in the back of my mind, but my number one focus now is being successful with the Telekom Baskets Bonn.

You played basketball against Avon Old Farms School in basketball where I went to school. Avon will always be known as a ice hockey powerhouse. The school has sent numerous players to the NHL in the last years with the most famous being Brian Leetch, the pride of Cheshire, Connecticut. How did you do with your school Kingswood Oxford against Avon?

I remember Avon has being good at basketball and they always seemed to have post graduates on the team. They were our rival and had a real tradition with sports. But I do recall that we beat them more then they beat us.

You are about to start your day. What is your training plan today?

I will run a bit and later play pick up basketball.

Thanks Jared for the chat! Good luck in Bonn!

Thank you!

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