Ted Scott

Shooting And Candy Are Always Sweet For Ted Scott

There are certain special athletes in Pro Sports that make a fan stand up straight in their seats in an instance erasing any more interest from their cell phone interactive play with friends when they step on the floor or field. For instance when a Tom Brady has one minute to play and has to lead his team up the field for a come from behind win as he has done 37 times in his career and can dazzle fans with his lightening quick crisp passes, a Lionel Messi who usually looks as interested on the field as a satisfied Lion who can´t eat anymore steaks for a midday snack at the zoo, but can change a game at the blink of an eye with his quick reflections, speed and touch with the ball, or Boston Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz who is known as Big Papi and reminds one of former Red Sox slugger George the bopper Scott with his menacing body structure who has exceeded the 400 home run mark and was given a plaque in 2005 being named the greatest slugger in Boston Red Sox history for having the knack of making the big hit in key situations helping his team survive and get another big victory. Then again there are other athletes that may not have the overall massive high profile in sports society as these legends, but can gain that instant interest from fans when they step on the court. Ex Skyliner Ted Scott was a fairly unknown basketball player in the Beko BBL until he stepped on the court in Trier in 2012 and got those first Trier fans to cringe in their seats as he unleashed  his first jumper finding nothing but net and then making a lay in giving the Fraport Skyliners the 11-9 lead in the first quarter. For the few Skyliner fans that made the trip to Trier it was a pleasant surprise to see his quick production while for Trier fans seeing this explosion could have had some uttering the famous movie words great scott. The movie quote Great Scott is best known from the classic Back to the future movies where the mad professor Christopher Lloyd utters the words when there is a distress moment. The first entrance by Ted Scott had to have had people notice, but when he came on the floor in the second quarter showing that not only ex Bamberg guard Brian Roberts or ex ratiopharm Ulm guard Isiah Swann can score in bunches and hit two consecutive jumpers propelling the Fraport Skyliners on their best run of the game, the phrase great scot would have been perfect if the famous great scott phrase from Christopher Lloyd would have been played in the arena over the loud speaker. The only thing missing was TBB Trier mascot Aggi getting into a fight with the real Aggi to supply some commotion away from the brilliant play of Scott.