Svetislav Pesic

Svetislav Pesic Is A Special Kind Of Mid Season Fireman

A fireman is someone who saves lives and can also be defined as a member of a fire department who tries to extinguish fires. A fireman not only is vital to fighting fires and saving people, but the term fireman is also seen in professional sports. In the sport of baseball, a fireman is a relief pitcher who can protect a lead in the last inning or two of the game and with guys like Mariano Riveria or Francisco Rodriguez who could put out fires best in late innings getting out of a jam or just retiring the side with no men on base. Firemen have also been as usual in the German Bundesliga soccer league in the last years as head coaches like  Peter Neururer, Jorg Berger or Rolf Schafstall coming to poor teams and saving them from rotting away in the cellar. The most well known fireman in Germna soccer has to be Hans Meyer who is like a nomad just seemingly waiting for that next job somewhere where a fire of balls are falling from the sky with no help in sight. Even the Beko BBL, there have been firemen even as players as Michael Hakim Jordan did it twice saving the Phoenix Hagen season and LTi Giessen 46ers season as his play, leadership and spirit helped the teams remain in the Beko BBL. A special mid season fireman recently also came to FC Bayern Munich with Svetislav Pesic. It is understood that FC Bayern is nowhere near the end of the standings, but the club had a record of 5-5 at the start of December 2012 which was like as if they were sinking in the Isar river as the traditional and most famous sports team is only used to winning and being at the top and there average record was keeping everyone affiliated and close to the team more than depressed. Pesic has come in and has had a more than immaculate record of 8-1. Since the 82-70 loss in Berlin, the team had a 7 game winning streak including winning four games in a row with 100 plus points. Pesic has turned the team around 180 degrees since taking over for the Greek Yannis Christopolous. Pesic that prides an organized defense is still looking for that consistency on the defensive end, but he can´t be disappointed with the potent offense of his team as they have averaged 93 points per game since the arrival of Pesic. Pesic also has in a short time, got the roles untangled as the players are playing with ease and have accepted their responsibilities and come together as a team as the next months will be interesting to see how much more potent this team will get and if they will be able to challenge the Brose Baskets Bamberg for the title in June 2013.  “The team has scored well and the defense will also be come, but it takes time to grow. I believe FC Bayern Munich is a candidate for at least the semi final or final”, warned basketball expert Steven Clauss.


Can Svetislav Pesic Lead FC Bayern Munich To New Heights?

The FC Bayern Munich soccer team is known as FC Hollywood as scandals have been as common in the last years like Pat Riley uttering his famous line Defense wins championships, Arnold Schwarzenegger uttering his famous three word phrase “Ill be back” in the Termainator films or Tom Brady bringing the New England Patriots back from being down in heroic come back wins in his career at least most of the time. Bayern Munich soccer scandals and news stories seem to be a daily ritual as who could forget Jurgen Kilinsman kicking the Kodak advertisement can, The speech outburst he held 2007 at a annual stock holders meeting where he was showing his discomfort of unhappy fans or Frank Ribery giving Arjen Robben a slap last season during a game. FC Bayern Munich basketball department are only in their second season in the Beko BBL, but have had their share of little negative happenings like  rudely dismissing Dirk Baureman shortly before the season, the berlin disco visit by some players and the suspension of Jared Homan for a game. Recently the basketball team named Svetislav Pesic head coach and despite his successful coaching record, the team will more likely have  a better chance of getting on the winning track than escaping the negative scandals that can always happen,  because FC Hollywood is something that is has a patent on FC Bayern Munich sports department. “One really doesn´t really know what happens behind the scenes with FC Bayern Munich. It was very unusual that they got rid of Dirk Bauermann shortly before the start of the season.  It wasn´t like Bauermann wasn´t successful in his time, but he was. I think that the media plays a role with every team in the league, but Munich is simply more in the public eye than other teams and get more focus. One shouldn´t value their scandals too highly. At the end of the day the only important thing is that the players work hard in practice and are successful in games. I think it was tactical that they kept the young Greek so long. FC Bayern Munich had a difficult schedule during this time, but as soon as they brought in Pesic the schedule got a bit easier and I think with wins this could get Pesic roling easier into his new job and get the team forward better. I think one has seen the signature of Pesic so far with his first games. The team has scored well and the defense will also be come, but it takes time to grow. I believe FC Bayern Munich is a candidate for at least the semi final or final”, warned basketball expert Steven Clauss.