Siyani Chambers

Siyani Chambers (Giessen 46ers) Has The Winning Mentality And Children Skills To Always Fit In Anywhere

Miles Schmidt-Scheuber and Siyani Chambers in Frankfurt

John Bryant has seen hundreds of point guards in his career and played with hundreds more since he picked up a basketball in San Pablo, California, but he definitely hasn´t come across a player like Siyani Chambers before in his career as he doesn´t possess only extra ordinary fine basketball skills, but also has another skill that definitely not all basketball players have and something that if he and his current teammates really wanted to get on the back of the Minnesota native could possibly rob a lot of free time and even have him moonlighting from basketball on certain nights. Chambers didn´t only have a magnificent NCAA career at Harvard where he won more titles than most college players in a four year career, but he also learned another trade only because of an injury and a service that isn´t usually handed to a man and definitely something that most men wouldn´t feel proud of doing or want to do it, but it has been done not only by women. In the summer of 2015 the American interned at Adidas in Portland. While playing pickup, his left knee gave out and he tore up his ACL. He withdrew from Harvard for the 2015-16 academic year because Ivy League schools don´t allow redshirt seasons. Instead of getting a typical job that a man would do, he did something very untypical becoming a nanny for Reverend Jonathan L. Walton, Harvard’s Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church. It was a route that most men would have cringed at and thought “are you crazy and why would you do something like that”, but Chambers didn´t go against the norm and found the experience very enriching and gave his life new meaning and also helped him get his mind of the nasty injury. “, I want to thank Rev. Walton and his family for their hospitality and allowing me to stay in their home. Caring for the kids, Zora, Elijah, and Baldwin was not only fun but it also helped take my mind of the injury. As a competitor any injury that will keep you away from the game is tough. I had to learn to be patient and understand that my recovery would be a process, and to mentally stay focused and believe during times when things weren’t as fast as I wanted”, stressed Siyani Chambers. This whole experience wasn´t easy having to sit out a year and be away from competing on and off the floor, but his ex Harvard teammate Brandyn Curry knew exactly what he was going through. “Whenever you are faced with some adversary like that how you respond really determines if it was a blessing in disguise and I think that´s exactly how it ended up being for him. He took that year and worked extremely hard on making the most of it. I had a similar situation when he was a freshmen and I had to take a year off so we talked a good bit when he had his. I think as the years go on he will continue to value that year off more and more just like I have”, warned Brandyn Curry. Should a fan over hear a John Bryant whispering something to Siyani Chambers after a hard fought victory to the words of “hey man how about watching my kids tomorrow night while my wife and I check out that new Spiderman movie The New Universe”, then it will be clear that his teammates have exploited the child caring talents of Chambers and given him a new moonlighting job as a babysitter. Siyani Chambers has the winning mentality and children skills to fit in anywhere.