Sebastian Machowski

Are The Playoffs Still A Distant Dream For The Eisbaeren Bremerhaven Or Could It Become A Reality With Sebastian Machowski?

Back in 2005 the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven stormed into the BBL from the second division and the excitement in the small 108,000 seaside town was about as giant as was the desire for ex German chancellor Helmut Schmidt´s zeal for the polar bear research there. None of the basketball fanatics in the city would of even dared to have predicted that the club would reach the playoffs four times in the first five years of their entry into the first division or have ever thought that they wouldn´t have a free weekend twice in the first three seasons on cup weekend where they reached the top 4. However success doesn´t always continue as there is always a time where things don´t just continue to go up hill, but actually go downhill as one could have asked Bill Russell and then Boston Celtics after their amazing NBA run in the 60´s didn´t continue as drastically in the 70´s. In the last six seasons, the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven have been in a rut never placing higher than position 11 as they continued to have the cash for top class players, but some bad decisions with coaches and never developing chemistry have made Eisbaeren basketball country for fans as sad as it is for zoo keepers to forget the daily fish ration for the polar bears in the zoo for a whole week. Not only would the cute and huggable polar bears be starving, but still not as bad as what the Eisbaeren fans have been going through as starving for success has been a part of life for them for years. If one just sees the list of top players from the last years with guys like Derrick Allen, Darius Adams, Deandre Liggins, Moses Ehambie, Larry Gordon, Kyle Fogg or Tyrus Thomas, one has to wonder what else this club has to do to bring success back to this totally deprived basketball city. Last season the club rewarded the basketball fireman Mulim Katzurin  a chance to start from the start of the season after he kept the team in the league in 2015, but he failed and the club brought in the next fireman Sebastian Machowski who also saved the team. Now he gets another chance, but the difference is he can start from scratch and with a very immaculate track record in Braunschweig where he led the team to back to back playoff appearances and the EWE Baskets Oldenburg into the BBL final, why can´t he do it for a third time in the BBL with the Eisbaeren Bremerhaven? His biggest challenge is shaping a team and building a team chemistry with 10 new players. A few days before the start of the new season, highly anticipated new player ex NBA player Patrick Christopher failed the medical check and had to go. If that wasn´t a bad omen isn´t known yet, so let the season begin and let Machowski get to work.