Ronald Burrell

A Late Ronald Burrell Two Handed Stuff And Smashed Game Board Sums Up Another Frankfurt Crunch Time Loss To Bayreuth 72-64

A very exciting aspect to a professional basketball players season is when two players meet again for the first time as full blown professionals after making the jump from the NCAA ranks. This is something that happens every so often in any league in Europe. Back in December ex NBA player Andrew Rautins of the Fraport Skyliners and 2 time NCAA finalist with Butler Matt Howard met in Ulm and at the end Rautins was standing tallest as he had led his team past ratiopharm Ulm in three over time periods as Howard once again was at the short end of a game departing the floor as a loser. With the season winding down, medi bayreuth more or less was saved form the cellar and the Fraport Skyliners were closing out the season with pride wanting to win as many games as possible. However this wasn´t the only duel for pride, but there were also two guards from both teams that were meeting again after playing in the NCAA head to head. It was on March 14, 2012 on a comfortable evening in late winter in Los Angeles when Cal State Fullerton arrived to play Loyola Marymount. It pitted bowling aficionado and NBA aspirant DJ Seely of Cal State Fullerton against Jarred Dubois who were both juniors. After 40 minutes, it was Dubois and Loyola Marymount that prevailed 88-79. Dubois played 28 minutes netting five points and dishing out two dimes. It was Seeley who had a monster game with 32 points that probably would have needed a Bobby Brown who played at Cal Fullerton before turning professional as a reinforcement at the guard position to help win the game as he can score at an instant. 25 months later, both American guards faced off again in Frankfurt and this time DJ Seeley got revenge grinding out a hard fought 72-64 win with medi bayreuth in Frankfurt. After the game the numbers of 32 and 5 and schools Loyola Marymount and Cal State Fullerton brought a smile to his face. “I remember that game against Jarred Dubois. It was a win or go home game. It is nice seeing guys again and you can see how they have developed over time. Dubois is a good player a lefty that is hard to guard, shifty around the rim and a good defender”, stressed American DJ Seeley. Dubois who had two tough endings to the last two games also remembered the 32 points, but also was quick to reply that Loyola Marymount had won the game. “It is lovely to see a guy like Seeley again. He didn´t get the recognition that he should have, because of playing at a smaller school and it doesn´t surprise me how well he played”, added Jarred Dubois. “I have seen many guys over my career that I played against in the NCAA. I remember playing against Chris Mcnaughton when he played for Bucknell and it is especially nice when you can still see guys now at this stage when so many guys aren´t playing anymore”, stated ex Holy Cross guard Kevin Hamilton.